Stalking Livan Hernandez

Livan Hernandez threw me my 4,000th ball on 5/18/09 at Dodger Stadium. I’d love to get him to sign it. Any advice on how I might go about making that happen? If the weather is nice on August 4th, I’ll be at Citi Field, so my questions (for all you New York-based autograph collectors) are:

livan_hernandez_2009.jpg1) Does Livan ever sign on his way into the stadium?
2) If so, where and when does he usually arrive?
3) Does he sign baseballs on the sweet spot?
4) Does he ever sign inside the stadium?
5) If so, when and where? (After BP at the Mets’ dugout?)
6) Does he ever sign on his way out of the stadium?
7) If so, where exactly does he exit?

I’ve only been to Citi Field six times, and I’ve never tried to get autographs there.


  1. royalsfreak

    Hey Zack. I don’t know about Livan, being a Kansas Cityian. However, you could always write him a letter explaining the situation if all else fails.


    First time commenting. Livan sometimes signs after batting practice near the mets dugout.
    By the way I’m also going to this game. Any advise on getting pujols autograph?

  3. dbacks1985

    Livo used to be a DBacks player, and he was always cool about signing. Ask him in espanol, I’m sure he’ll appreciate it now that he’s pretty far removed from the Southwest!


    hey, I’m from baltimore and we’ve seen eachother at a couple camden yards games recently if u remember me. I have been to two games where the mets were playing this year and what i remember about Livan is that whenever somebody tried to yell something to him during bp, he always turned around and made sure to respond. I specifically remembered him as being one of the most fan friendly players that I have seen. I’m pretty confident that if you just yell out to him during bp and ask him to sign the baseball, he would.

  5. limatt

    Answers to the following questions that I have answers for.

    #3 Yes
    #4 & #5 Yes he has signed inside this season. I have seen him sign down the line during and following BP, and near the dugout post BP.
    #6 Yes, not religiously but he has signed.
    #7 The right field exit, next to the gated off lot. The area is gated so the general public can’t see who is leaving. But where there is a will there is a way

  6. bigglovebob

    Livan was with the Twins last year for a couple of cups of coffee and even though I don’t go for autographs, I remember him signing liberally.
    Any chance you are going to swing by Minnesota and try your luck at the dreaded Metrodome. Greg Barasch(sp) who comments as Gregb123 was here last week and got 8 balls in two games. His assessment was that the dome sucks for ballhawking. However if he got 4 balls a game he did really, really well. I am still waiting for his rundown of how he got that many balls. Target Field is destined to be better….it certainly could not be any worse.

  7. joshscards

    i do know where his house is in miami, but i dont think you wanna fly down here just to get his autograph

  8. doubleadrew

    Hey Zack, I know this is off-topic but do you or any of your readers have tips for AT&T Park in SF? I’m going to be around for the Giants playing both the Reds and Dodgers and would like some advice.

  9. mrespot

    DOULBEADREW: watch out for the ballhawks in SF. the ballpark opens 3 hrs early on Friday & Saturday nights for BP.


    Zack, I thought you didn’t get balls autographed. Would this be your first one to get signed? I would recommend getting Livan pre-game as he’s going into the stadium. It would be a bummer to have him sign the ball in a rush and not give you a nice signature.


    MCHAKRIN-The easiest way to get pujols is wait outside the stadium before the game in houston im not sure if it works there but he signed for all 6 of us and i heard he didnt sign for the rest of the homestand but good luck

  12. Txbaseballfan

    Mr. Z-
    You need to check out my entry from 7/30 vs. the Mariners. I mention your name in reference to a jinx I give of my own. Tell me what you think.
    BTW– The Rangers have stopped taking BP on the field because supposedly they’re trying to save money. What kind of crap is that? Talk to you later….

  13. santanaf

    Hey Zack, can’t believe I’ve been so scarce posting here this season, been reading the entries consistently though.

    Anyhow, I caught an Opening Day 2005 commemorative baseball in Philly for the Nats @ Phillies first Nationals game. I decided I would get every player from the Nats starting lineup to sign the ball as a truly one of a kind commemorative item. So I was looking at the 9 starters +1 of Frank Robinson (because he was the manager, but also because he is just “Frank”). So away I went, 1-6 were easy and I knocked them out by August 2005, then came the hard part, the last four were Jose Guillen, Jose Vidro, Frank Robinson, and Livan Hernandez. I took that damn ball with me to games for almost 2 full seasons to get all of the autographs, always stalking

    Jose Guillen I caught off guard during BP and somehow got him to walk over.

    I ended up having to pay for Frank’s at an event, he won’t sign otherwise.

    Jose Vidro will NEVER sign when he is on an active roster of an MLB team, and I’ve never seen him at an event. So I waited for a rehab start at the local single A affiliate. I ended up in the hospital after a terrible wisdom tooth removal complication, and my buddy Doug, the guy you met at Nats Park with me last year, took the ball down to Potomac and got him to sign it down there.

    Then there was Livan. I ended up having to go to Baltimore during an interleague game. I stood patiently by the dugout until I saw him, then I yelled out “LIVAN, I CAUGHT THIS BALL OPENING DAY 2005 AND HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET THE WHOLE STARTING LINEUP FROM THAT GAME TO SIGN IT AND YOU ARE THE *LAST* ONE I NEED. MAY I PLEASE HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH.” He slightly ignored me, so when he walked back to the dugout I yelled the same thing along with “I’VE BEEN TRYING TO GET YOUR ATTENTION FOR 20 GAMES!!!”

    After that, he walked over, took the ball and pen, and walked away. He was messing with me, but I almost couldn’t handle it. A few minutes later he walked back out of the tunnel and threw me a ball with his autograph… a training ball, with JUST his autograph, and my pen. I couldn’t believe it. I said “Wait, no, this isn’t my ball…” As I started to try to explain myself, Ryan Church walked out of the tunnel and said “Check out this ball I just found.” and flipped it to Brian Schneider, it was my ball. I think Brian saw the slight look of controlled terror in my eyes, and decided enough was enough and handed it back to me. He said, “That is a pretty cool souvenir to have, you should hang onto it.” A couple other players took a look at it too and passed it around the dugout, some were asking me who each autograph was from. At that point Frank also saw it, saw he had signed it, heard what the story was, and asked me if I wanted him to add a date to it under his sweet spot signature. So he dated it 4/4/05, the date of the game.

    The moral of the story is, connect with Livan, let him know it is an important item that he is signing, he will probably sign it, but he might screw with you a little too.

  14. cookandsonbats

    BRIAN – did they also stop taking care of the field? The OF grass looked pretty rugged in places during the M’s-Rangers series.

  15. Txbaseballfan

    TODD- Yes, they did to an extent. They still turn the sprinklers on at night, but supposedly can’t fix the dead spots. I don’t know if you heard, but owner Tom Hicks had to borrow money from MLB a couple of months ago. Nolan Ryan is rumored to have a group together to buy the team, hopefully in the off-season.

  16. zackhample

    Thanks so much for all the advice and info on Livan. Very helpful. I just got home from Citi Field an hour ago. Look for a big blog entry about it later today (August 5th). Not sure what time I’ll have it up. Definitely not ’til the late afternoon…

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