Just wanted to officially announce that I’ll be at Coors Field for four games from August 24-27.

(I didn’t mention this yet, did I? Also, I’m glad to say that I should be able to avoid Yankee Stadium for the entire month of August.)

That’s it.

Now, back to work on the book (yes, on a gorgeous summer Saturday night in Manhattan)…



    Actually, a while back when talking about the baseballs with the “dogertown” stamp on them, you said that you hoped to get one when you saw the Dodgers in Denver, you just never mentioned a date, and nobody (except me) picked up on the subtle hint..
    And also, Thank God you’re not going to YS in August. Maybe, just maybe, there will be almost no ballhawks there when i go to a game

  2. bettencourt

    darn, i will be at yankee stadium and citi field those days. i was looking forward to meeting you. to bad. have a good time.

  3. teemo

    Aloha Zack ?

    Tivo-ed the Jr Dodgers show this morning for my son and first segment up we see Zack Hample giving hints on snagging balls and in the end snagging ball 4000. We enjoyed the interview and segment. Was great to see you do it and and re-read your entry (yes getting 4000 looked pretty anti-climatic ? I guess its better than being stuck on 3999 while they filmed you).

    Have fun in Denver and look forward to hearing how you are going to haul a bunch of Rockies balls back to New York. Todd in Hawaii

  4. dhbball

    Greg- I absolutely hear you on the Metrodome i was there two years ago to see them play the Angles, and it is aweful for snagging, You cant do anything in RF its way to high and no one hits it there. Although in LF you sometimes get good bounces of the turf. Going to any games soon?

    Zack- I know what i think of the idea of an open air stadium in Minnesota but I am curious what is your opinion?

  5. ijwx87

    I have a question. Which Yankee Stadium do you like more, the old Yankee Stadium, or the new one?

  6. rockiesfanatic14

    Hey zack,
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ll be at Coors for at least one of those games most likely, so hopefully we can meet eachother.

  7. zackhample

    Good call. I was wondering if anyone had gotten that.

    Aww, man, sorry I’m gonna miss you.

    Very cool that you got to see that. I’m still trying to figure out how to convert it in iMovie so that it’s not all distorted and smushed.

    Moronic. How’s THAT for an opinion? But hey, if the cold weather keeps other people away when I’m there early next season, then maybe it’ll be a good thing.

    The old one BY FAR.


    Glad to hear it. Let me know if you pick a specific game.

    Not really. I booked the trip early in the season, back when I didn’t know that Manny was a cheater. I was really excited to try to catch one of his homers and to get a ball tossed by him. Now I don’t care. Although I have a bunch of friends in Denver that I’m looking forward to seeing, there are other stadiums I’d now rather visit, all things considered.

  8. baseballexperiences

    Uve got to have a decoy ball- perhaps a training ball- and write mannys a bum on the sweet spot. then when u catch the homerun, wait till hes back in the field and throw the decoy @ him, say its the real one

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