7/17/09 at Yankee Stadium

When Yankee Stadium was getting ready to open yesterday at 4pm, there were at least 1,000 fans waiting to get in at Gate 6 alone. The fans (myself and Jona included) had formed mini-lines in front of the dozens of guards and doors. For some reason, however, only TWO of these doors were opened, causing 10 minutes’ worth of congestion while everyone was forced to head to that one spot from various directions. Look at this mess:


I truly don’t understand it.

To make matters worse, I felt a few raindrops as soon as I forced my way inside, but thankfully the grounds crew left the batting cage in place. Batting practice hadn’t yet started so I headed toward the Yankees’ dugout, picked a spot behind that horrendous partition, got the attention of hitting coach Kevin Long, and got him to throw me a ball. Here I am reaching for it (with a red arrow pointing to the ball):


I was hoping that the ball would have a commemorative logo…and it did…but it wasn’t the one I wanted.

Check it out:


I’d already gotten a bunch of these Metrodome balls earlier in the season. (Here’s a better one.) What I really wanted was a ball with the new Yankee Stadium logo. I’d only snagged one of those all season (on May 21st) and it ended up getting water-stained because of a terrible mishap. Quite simply, I needed another.

Nevertheless, I was still glad to have the Metrodome ball because a) any commemorative ball is cool and b) it was my 300th ball of the season. Here I am posing with it:


Finally, at around 4:25pm, the Yankees started taking BP. I headed to right field and briefly had the last few rows to myself:


Five minutes later, the whole section was packed and I had to fight (not literally, although that wouldn’t be a stretch at Yankee Stadium) for both of the balls I caught out there. The first was a home run by Hideki Matsui with another Metrodome logo, and the second was a regular ball hit by Nick Swisher. Here I am catching one of the balls:


The photo above might make it look like I’m trampling that poor woman, but that wasn’t the case at all. At Yankee Stadium, there’s a good amount of space between rows, so I was able to step carefully in front of her and reach up at the last second. She’s not flinching because of me; she’s flinching because she was scared of the ball and didn’t see it coming. Even though it wouldn’t have hit her, she thanked me on three separate occasions for saving her life. You 5b_zack_signing_ball.jpg
know whose life I *did* save? Jona’s. As you can kinda tell based on the photo above, she was sitting two rows directly behind the spot where I reached up.

After the catches, several fans recognized me and asked me to sign their baseballs and to pose in photos with them. I obliged their requests only when right-handed batters were in the cage.

I moved to left field when the Tigers started hitting, and it was nearly a total waste. The only ball I snagged during their entire portion of BP was a fungo that sailed over an outfielder’s head and landed in the third row. And, of course, since the Tigers are too cheap to use real major league balls, this is what I found myself holding:



(In case you’re wondering, this ball counts in my collection because it was used by major league players in a major league stadium.)

Last season, at the Red Sox home opener, the Tigers were using Pacific Coast League balls. What kind of garbage balls will they be using next year?

At the end of BP, I noticed that there was a ball sitting in the corner of the left field bullpen:


I’d been planning to take Jona for a scenic tour of the stadium, but once I saw that ball, I had to stay and wait until someone came and got it. While I was standing around, I saw a teenaged kid hurdling seats and running toward me.

“OH MY GOD!!!” he shouted. “ZACK HAMPLE!!! ZACK HAMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

At first I thought he was making fun of me with sarcastic enthusiasm, but he turned out to be totally serious. He was just…excited to see me, apparently. His name is Jon Herbstman. (We’d met once before on 7/8/08 at Yankee Stadium.) Here we are:


Fifteen minutes later, a groundskeeper wandered into the bullpen, and Jona got a real action shot of him handing me the ball:


It was another International League ball, and yes, it counts. As long as another fan doesn’t give me a ball, it counts, and would you believe that that actually happened yesterday? One of the guys who’d been waiting for my autograph snagged a home run ball that I would’ve gotten had he not been standing there. He obviously felt guilty about getting in my way (it was my own stupid fault for having misjudged it) so he scooped it up and flung it to me in one motion.

“I don’t want this,” I said as I tossed it back to him, “but thanks.”

I’ve probably had 10 to 20 fans randomly try to give me balls over the years. I’ve never accepted a single one, although I now realize I should’ve taken them, NOT counted them in my collection, and used them for my own BP in Central Park.

Shortly before the game started, I got Adam Everett to toss his warm-up ball to me over the partition. (That was my sixth ball of the day.) The four-part photo below, starting on the top left and then going clockwise, shows how it all played out. The arrows in the final three photos are pointing to the ball in mid-air:


This ball had the regular MLB logo.

My goal during the game was simple: Hang out behind the Tigers’ dugout and try to get a 3rd-out ball tossed to me over the partition. Having seen the Tigers for four games in April, I remembered that their first baseman, Miguel Cabrera, had a habit of tossing balls deep into the crowd. I felt good about my chances. All I needed was a third out to be a ground out.

It didn’t take long. With two outs in the bottom of the first, Tigers starter Lucas French induced Jorge Posada to roll one over to 3rd baseman Brandon Inge. I crept down the steps as Inge fired the ball to first base and waited for Cabrera to jog in.

He tossed me the ball!!!


But it turned out to be a regular ball. GAH!!! Cabrera, as some first basemen have started doing, pulled a little switcheroo and threw me the infield warm-up ball.

It was a major letdown.

But at least the game itself was entertaining. The highlight was the 57-minute rain delay in the bottom of the eighth because it chased away 90 percent of the “fans.”

Here’s a photo I took during the delay when everyone was hiding under the overhangs and in the main part of the concourse:


The way-too-narrow center field concourse was eerily quiet:


I love having a stadium to myself, or at least feeling like I do, especially when that stadium is typically packed beyond belief.

I was in left field when A-Rod came up in the bottom of the 8th. If EVER there was a time when he should’ve hit a home run in my general vicinity, this was it. I had empty rows on both sides of me. No one else was wearing a glove. Blah blah. But of course he struck out to cap his 0-for-5 performance.

Mariano Rivera pitched the ninth:


He allowed a one-out double to Placido Polanco, then retired the next two batters on two pitches. He’s so good. And classy. It pains me that he’s on the Yankees because I’m forced to root for them whenever he’s in the game.

Final score: Yankees 5, Tigers 3.

During the game, I had used Jona’s iPhone to look up the box score. I learned that Tim Tschida was the home plate umpire. After the final out, I moved one section to my left, to the approximate spot where he’d be exiting the field. I was still trapped behind the partition, so I shouted “MISTER TSCHIDA!!!” as loud as I possibly could. To my surprise, he actually looked up, at which point I took off my black, MLB umpires’ cap (thank you very much) and 13a_i_heart_tim_tschida.jpgwaved it at him. Was I going to be able to get him to pull one of the Yankee Stadium commemorative balls out of his pouch and chuck it to me over half a dozen rows of fans from more than 50 feet away? It seemed unlikely, but I went for it and continued shouting my request. While walking toward the exit, he pulled one out and under-handed it to me (!!!) but it drifted to the right, and I leaned way out over a side railing to try to make the back-handed catch, and I watched helplessly as it sailed less than a foot past my outstretched glove. NO!!! I looked back at the field, figuring he’d be gone, but he was still there…and he was watching! He had seen some other fan get the ball, so he pulled out another. At this point all the other fans realized what was going on, and they all crowded toward me, so I climbed up on a little concrete ledge just behind the partition and waved my arms. Tschida flung the second ball toward me. It was heading in the right direction, but it was sailing too high, so I waited until the last second and then jumped up off the ledge and made the catch and landed right in the middle of a big puddle in the drainage-challenged front row. Water splashed everywhere, mostly on me, and I was over-JOYED. I was holding a game-rubbed commemorative ball:


As soon as I caught it, a little kid three rows back started chanting, “Give it to the kid! Give it to the kid.”

“I don’t think so,” I told him, then headed up the steps and handed one of my regular baseballs to a different kid who happened to be walking past with his dad (and with an empty glove on his left hand) at that exact moment.


15_the_seven_i_kept_07_17_09.jpg• 8 balls at this game (7 pictured here because I gave one away)

• 4 different types of balls at this game (might be a world record)

• 307 balls in 35 games this season = 8.77 balls per game.

• 604 consecutive games with at least one ball

• 133 consecutive Yankee games with at least one ball

• 4 consecutive games at the new Yankee Stadium with at least four balls

• 4,127 total balls


• 114 donors (click here and scroll down for the complete list)

• $24.59 pledged per ball

• $196.72 raised at this game

• $7,549.13 raised this season for Pitch In For Baseball


  1. bettencourt

    stupid kids who dont even try want a ball, good you gave it to the other kid. today at a minor league game i snagged 6 balls, and my first ever home run on the fly. i now have over 30 balls this season. any big league park is to far away and to expensive. fenway and yankee stadium. live in RI.
    -bettencourt http://yankeefaninri.mlblogs.com/

  2. joltinjoe9@gmail.com

    hey Zack, how many balls fit in one garbage bin thing at your parents house?

    Max V

  3. nymetsgrrl94

    I hate everybody who yells at people to give their baseball to a kid. I like how you do at random times to kids who have gloves and therefore had thoughts of getting baseballs. But I hate seeing kids get multiple baseballs because they hide the previous ones and adults think they are little and unable to get one any other way. I guess I hold a grudge because I never got a baseball when I was a kid (even though I brought my glove starting when I was 2 1/2 years old) and now I’m too old for people to consider me a kid even though I’d be a kid in the rest of the outside world. I’m just so sick of 8 year olds getting 5 balls a game because they look cute and hide everything with their parents. I was really happy when a boy got 2 baseballs in BP last week and his dad made him give one away. He was chatting with my brother at the time so my brother got the other baseball.

    that was kinda long, sorry.

  4. nymetsgrrl94

    wow. i was reading my comment and the second sentence makes no sense. *I like how you give the baseballs to kids at random times when nobody is hawking you to do so.

    I think that makes sense now

  5. mikeindetroit

    Hay Zack,
    Awesome story. Hey it loks like you were useing a Rawlings Heart of the Hide H Post type glove at Yankee Stadium. Earlier you told me your glove was a Mizuno. Do you use seperate gloves for the glove trick and regular BP/Game snagging?

    Mike in Detroit
    (I am a huge fan of the 1970’s Wilson A2000’s myself (L, XL and XLC models.)

  6. yankees42294

    and also how do you get down to the field level areas in yankee stadium cuz everytime i try they dont let me

  7. Kylie

    WOW. That is epic. Way to make that little kid’s day :D
    I’m TRYING to get out to NYC sometime before I leave for school, and if not hopefully before the end of the season. I have a few softball bats I don’t need anymore that I was wondering if Pitch In For Baseball would like, and if I ever make it to NYC, where do I take them?
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  8. Kylie

    Having forgotten that PIFB is actually in PA, the question still stands: what do I do with the bats?

  9. texas4baseball

    Hey Zack,

    Did my first ballhawking today at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington since the stadium opened in 1994. Use your tips wearing my Red Minnesota Twins hat in hopes of getting a Metrodome ball. I only got a shiny clean official MLB ball from Anthony Swarzak# 51 of the Twins. First Ball Hawked ball. I could have use the ball trick today, with some balls falling in cracks. and I could see them when I was at the park, but could not get to them. Keep up the good writing.

  10. .

    Alright, so I didn’t know you go over to Central Park to play ball. Then, my next question of course has got to be — when the hell are we all getting together for an exhibition? There’s enough of us to get eighteen participants together and have some fun. You got my number, you know when to call lol. I’ll be down for this at any point and time.

    – Donnie

  11. bigsmooth170@yahoo.com

    Zack, wanted to thank you for this blog. It’s always an entertaining read, and it got me motivated at the White Sox/Rays game today to get a ball for my eight year old nephew. I got to the stadium first, ran to the right center stands, and right in the front row was an Easter Egg of a game used (it had the rubbing mark on it) Metrodome ball. Just as I was picking it up, Carlos Pena blasted a ball to the stands. I had time to run it down as it bounced down the steps, and it was a mint World Baseball Classic 09′ ball in beautiful shape! Then I got my third ball of the day on a ground rule double in batting practice that I had to jump up to snag with my glove. My nephew was a happy camper. Thanks again for all the tips man, and if you ever swing by Chicago, I will definitely be there to see you in action (unless you come to Wrigley, I refuse to step foot there.)

  12. zackhample

    I was at Yankee Stadium last night for a Watch With Zack game. The blog entry should be up at some point this afternoon…

    Nice job on the six. Sorry you’re stuck with Fenway. That place is nice and historic and blah-blah-blah but it’s also cramped and crazy.

    I just checked it out. Close calls are so frustrating. I feel your pain.


    MAX V-

    Thanks for the heads-up on Lids.

    Long stories are fine, as long as they’re good, and the one you told here is definitely good…and I’m glad you know what I’m talking about with the kids.

    I almost always use a Mizuno, but since I *knew* I wasn’t going to be able to use my glove trick (which is rigged on that glove), I brought my better and more comfortable Rawlings.

    Yeah, that was scary, and coincidentally it happened as I was working on my “Death By Baseball” chapter for my new book. I knew someone with a field level ticket…and once you’re in, you can pretty much go anywhere except in the Legends area…meaning, you can walk through the seats from section to section.

    Well, as you know by now, I was there.

    You could just mail the stuff directly to PIFB. You can find their address here:
    Tell ’em Zack Hample sent you. :-)

    Congrats on the ball. Sorry it didn’t have the Metrodome logo…but hey, that’s still cool.

    I don’t go there often. Every once in a while, I’ll take a bag full of old non-MLB balls to the park and try (usually unsuccessfully) to find an open field with enough room for me (and a couple friends) to hit bombs, but there’s always some dipsh*t sunbather in the outfield. Or there are just 8 million people all playing softball at once. Sometimes there are 8 million people AND dipsh*t sunbathers who think the 8 million people are obnoxious for playing ball so close to them. New York City is rough. Everybody wants some.

    Awesome. You’re very welcome. I love hearing stuff like that, but now of course I’m jealous about the World Baseball Classic ball. That was being used during regular BP? Damn. I might make it back to Chicago within the next year or two because I have some friends there that I can’t get enough of.

  13. bigsmooth170@yahoo.com

    Yes, they were using it during BP. When I first picked up the ball, I was disappointed because the first thing I saw was a Practice stamp, and figured I might have a crappy International League or Pacific Coast League Ball. When I turned it over and saw the World Baseball Classic 09 in gold on the front, I felt like I had just won the lottery seeing as how this was my first game out there this year. Thanks again for all the tips, Chicago is waiting to see the master in action!

  14. royalsfreak

    Hey Zack it’s Conner from KC. Good entry. I was wondering if there was any special way that you coil up your string. It just seems like it’s never tangled for you.

  15. Zack Hample

    It’s such a great feeling to discover a commemorative logo on a ball you’ve just snagged. You must still be excited about it, five years later.

    I used to wrap it around my hand and then carefully remove it and tuck the entire coil inside my glove. Now, five years later, I’ve changed my system. I keep it coiled and attached to a carabiner, which I clip to my glove (via a lanyard) only when I have an opportunity to use the trick.

    I don’t give away commemorative balls, and I don’t give away *any* type of balls to people who ask for them. Also, why don’t the players give me their money? They’ve made so much of it.

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