7/2/09 at some fashion show

Sometimes I like to get as far away from baseball as possible, and yesterday was one of those times. Instead of watching the Yankees-Mariners game and contemplating my upcoming Beat The Streak selections, I went and saw a friend modeling in a fashion show at an obnoxious/overpriced club on West 27th Street.

Here’s what the inside of the club looked like. Note the thin runway between the two rows of couches:


For the record, when I said the club was overpriced…how shall I say this? I really meant it. Check out the prices on their menu for bottles of alcohol, and note the selections on the lower right:


I don’t know about you, but if I found myself on West 27th and happened to have that kind of money at my disposal…yeah.

The show didn’t start until after midnight (and this was on a Thursday night, mind you), but it was worth the wait. Here’s a screen shot from the videos I took:


Good times, I tell ya.

In case anyone is wondering, I’ll be avoiding major league baseball throughout the holiday weekend (but you never know, I might still find something to blog about). I’m heading upstate later today to spend some time with my parents, but I’ll be back with a vengeance on Monday, July 6th. I’ll be at Citizens Bank Park that day for a Watch With Zack game with Joe, and we have big things planned…


  1. bigglovebob

    I would love to be the waiter to sell that $40,000 bottle of booze. With the automatic 20% tip you would walk with 8 grand on just one sale. I would have to be Bill Gates rich to blow that kind of dough.

  2. joshscards

    the people that go to that club are the people sitting in the good seats at yankee stadium. anyway, i’m flying up to new york (from florida) and going to the met, dodger game on the 8th. any chance ill see you? also, i know you mentioned somewhere that citi is terrible for autographs and that down the baselines are the only semi-good places for autographs. is it worth it trying for autos if its my first trip to citi?…or should i do the rotunda, the old apple, the bullpens, shake shack…

  3. baseballexperiences

    joshscards- id do the tour of the stadium, but u can go to the playerrs entrance early and get loads of them, if you have lots of free time before hand

  4. redsfan101

    Wow! $40,000!

    Zack, my game a GABP was a… SUCCESS! I snagged 2 balls. Thats nothing compared to your 32!

    Heres how I got them:
    First 1: I was the first one in line at one of the gates. When they opened it and fans were allowed in, I ran to foul territory. I wasn’t trying to catch a foul ball, but I was looking for balls from earlier that were waiting for me. ( Found out later that ushers do that before fans come in! Thats cruel ) But I didn’t know that at the time! I went down one of stairs in a section and a usher stopped me. He said: ” You want a ball?” and I answer “Yes” Then he spoke ” I hid one down in the corner, go find it!” I quickly found it, thanked him, and went to the crowded right field to try to catch homeruns.

    Second Ball: I went to right field. At first all the balls feel short. Then all the homeruns started to come. From watching and being at Reds game, I had an idea of where to go in right field. I decided to go up to section 144 row Q. I was up there all alone where, down below me were LOTS of fans. All the homeruns fell short! I was waiting and waiting when finally I heard the crack of the bat. I saw the ball coming towards me. It was coming RIGHT to me! “Ok, I’m all alone I have a chance!” I thought. I held up my glove,knowing where it was going to land. I literally only had to go to left one step!
    SMACK! It hit my glove! I GOT IT! I held my ball up for a moment of victory.

    Funny thing: Right after I caught, fans went up to where I was.

  5. zackhample

    I have no idea. There’s no justification for that price, or for spending that kind of money, as far as I’m concerned.


    Do you think it really works that way with the tip? I didn’t even consider that.

    There’s a good chance I’ll be at Citi Field on July 8th if (and only if) the weather is great. I want to see Manny, although I might be there on July 9th instead…or possibly in addition. I’d go for the tour of the stadium, but that’s just me.

    Congrats on the two baseballs. Both of them were really cool. (Nice usher!)

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