Five random things…

1) I got a nice email the other day about my second book, Watching Baseball Smarter. Check it out:

Hey Zack, my name is Dan, I’m a SSgt in the US Air Force. I just
read your book Watching Baseball Smarter; what a great read! I’ve
played ball for about 15 years as a pitcher, so I thought I knew ALOT
about the game, and I learned a few new things, and this book helped me
explain the game to my wife, (who is a Boston fan, I’m all Tribe), she
finally understands the infield fly rule. Anyways, thanks for the book,
and I plan to get your first book next; I’ve been to about 500 games at
the Jake, and have never caught a ball, so I guess I need help. Later!

2) Earlier this week, a fellow ballhawk in Toronto named Danny
sent me a short article in the “Toronto Star” that mentioned me. (The
article is pictured here on the right.) He asked me if I’d already seen
it, and the answer is no. I was never interviewed for it. I had no idea
I was gonna be in the paper, so that’s pretty cool.

3) I’m still holding onto 1st place in Erik Jabs’ ballhawk league. You can see the standings and the Week 11 stats here.

4) I uploaded a few pics to my profile on,
and it looks like all my main stats on that site are finally up to
date. If you’ve EVER snagged a ball and you haven’t yet joined this
site, what are you waiting for? It’s free, and it’s a great way to
connect with other ballhawks.

5) I hadn’t heard from Heath Bell for a while, but he recently
texted me to say hey. I texted back and asked him if he could bring the
WBC ball he’s been saving for me to Philadelphia on July 23rd (when the
Padres will be there for a makeup game), and he said he would.
So…it’s ON.


  1. redsfan101

    Cool newspaper article! That is a nice email! Congrats on holding first place. I will check out your pics later… I’m going to a Reds game on Tuesday at GABP. Wish me luck!!

  2. ladod4ever

    Are you gonna count your ball with heath?? Thats cool yoi got another article under your belt

  3. joshscards

    it must be pretty cool getting a text from a major leaguer. and you’re not in that picture, are you?


    Go Tribe! and people named Dan! and people that still call it the Jake! Cant wait to read about Heath Bell later on in July

  5. texas4baseball

    Got Heath Bell Autograph on a ticket tonight at Rangers Vs Padres Game in Texas. Wish I read this post before the game. I also got a batting practice ball today!!!! I feel so Zack Hample.

  6. Txbaseballfan

    Well, I didn’t get to talk to Heath, but I did get a photo of him kicking his glove like a field goal into the stands. Funny stuff! Will have the entry up tomorrow (6/30).
    BTW– Got my 1st glove trick ball ever yesterday!

  7. dhbball

    Hey is anyone from San Francisco or going to be at AT&T Park Sunday and through next week? I will be there for a game or two. Also if anybody has any tips they are appreciated. Thanks


  8. redsfan101

    Sorry Zack I forgot to put this:

    Heath Bell is awesome. Period.

    I was in the car on my uncles iPhone so I couldn’t really make out the words.
    Also, is there a certain rubber band you use for the glove trick?

  9. zackhample

    Thanks and good luck. I use size 117A rubber bands, but that might not work for you because every glove is different.

    I will definitely count that ball, as long as he gives it to me inside a major league stadium.

    It really IS cool. I never dreamed that that would ever happen. And no, I’m not in the picture.

    Nicely done.

    How do I know?
    Because I went here…
    …and did a search for Zack Hample.

    Kicking his glove into the stands…wha-WHAT?!

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