Royals interview

On 6/17/09 at Kauffman Stadium, I was interviewed live on FSN during the 3rd inning. Unfortunately, because MLB is so strict about not letting anyone do anything with any of their footage anywhere or anytime for any reason, I can’t put the interview on YouTube. So it’s now on quicktime_logo.jpgmy own web site instead. The only problem is…it’s a really big file (about 66 MB) and it’s in .mov format, so if you’re using a PC and you want to watch it, you might need to download QuickTime. But I think you can get it for free. I don’t know. And if you’re using a Mac, the file will likely take several minutes to load, during which time you should see the blue QuickTime “Q” (pictured here on the right), so please be patient. (Thanks to Bob Buck for recording the interview and getting it to me in a digital format.)

As for the interview itself, I had been told that it would take place in the top of the 3rd inning, and since Zack Greinke was pitching, I assumed it’d be done three minutes later. I just KNEW he was going to retire the Diamondbacks in order…and I was right…but luckily (and totally unexpectedly), just after the third out was recorded, I learned that my interview was going to be extended into the bottom of the 3rd.




  1. skikola

    If anyone has MLB.TV, and doesn’t want to or can’t deal with the Quicktime, I suggest just pulling up the archived game and watching the interview that way. I did this the other day when you mentioned the interview, quick and easy, and btw, great interview!!!

  2. .

    Zack, if you were nervous at all before doing this interview, (even though you said you were gonna rip it) you didn’t show it once. You stumped Ryan Lefebvre a couple of times in the beginning of the interview and a few more throughout. Seriously man, props. If I’d say so myself, I believe this series was the best series you’ve had in quite some time, if not, forever. Snagging thirty-two baseballs in one game is un-heard of, and taking your chances with a ballsy move of collecting several in the gap after dodging security forty-five minutes after the game ended put that entry over the top and extremely suspenseful. Congratulations. Now, when the hell are we meeting up again brotha?!

    – Donnie


    Hey Zack!

    What’s goin on? I read this thing every day!

    Using your tips I donned a Pirates hat and yellow shirt with my girlfriend and we both got baseballs on our first trip to Citi Field!

    I have a question about traveling to Baltimore. Coming from NY, you have any tips/tidbits about going to Camden Yards? What to make sure I see at the park and are they glove trick friendly? I’ve heard it’s one of the best so we’re trying to make it down there soon!

  4. jobajr26

    Zack just a quick hypothetical question: Let’s say when you were doing your interview, a home run ball was struck in your general direction. Would you take the headset off and dash for it? Or would you stay put? Just wondering…

  5. redsfan101

    Zack, I am trying to make the glove trick. Does it matter what kind of rubber band I have to use?
    Also how much string do you usually put attached to the glove?

  6. dennisox


    Very professional job! Thank you for sharing!
    I can see you making the rounds to every broadcast booth commenting on games. It would be like your book came to life. Most commentators don’t share enough about the game.

    Well done!

  7. cookandsonbats

    Nice job, Zack. But I still intend to wear M’s gear at Yankee Stadium this week — in the bleachers. I’m gonna rely on the good graces of your fellow New Yorkers to take it easy on me, Tim and my folks. Actually, I’ve never had a problem wearing M’s gear at old Yankee Stadium or Shea. Admittedly, I was never in the bleachers with my M’s gear. But I think we’ll be alright.

  8. yankeekid

    Todd- I think you’ll be alright. I don’t think they will get at you since you have Tim with you.
    Btw When are you going to Yankee Stadium? I’ll be there the 30th, Maybe I’ll see you there.
    Great interview Zack. Good sutff!

  9. cookandsonbats

    YANKEEKID – we?ll be there Thursday, July 2nd. Then its up to New England for two M?s games against the BoSox. My prediction: total Mariners domination, multiple Ken Griffey, Jr. bombs, and good times had by all.

  10. yankeekid

    Todd- Too bad we wont be seeing each other. But hope you and Tim have a blast. Looking forward too a Griffey bomb as well maybe and Ichiro blast too. Anyways Have a Great Time!

  11. zackhample

    Thank you all for watching. Sorry I didn’t answer comments sooner. To answer your questions…

    Yes, two games in August of 2005. As for the trick, use any band that is tight-ish when you stretch it over the glove. The string should be about 10 feet longer than the highest spot you’ll be using the trick from.

    I don’t know when we’re gonna meet up, but I hope it’s soon.

    You can usually get away with the trick in the gap in right-center. Left field is iffy. Usually no one will notice, but if they do, watch out. There’s one usher who freaks out when he sees the trick. Other than that, all my tips are in my blog entries about the place, so comb through my archives and read up. You’ll learn a LOT that way.

    Maybe if they pay me.

    I would’ve gone for the ball. I was actually joking with the announcers about that before I went on.

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