Playing catch with Kyle Farnsworth

Remember my blog entry from 6/17/09 at Kauffman Stadium? I talked about playing catch with Kyle Farnsworth, and I just put the video on YouTube. Check it out:

BTW, I finished reading the book “Miracle Ball” and loved it. Easy read. Very engaging and suspenseful. Consider this my official recommendation.


  1. baseballexperiences

    and thats just part of the great trip. wow. did farnsworth have good movement, or was he just lobbing them.whens the other vids gonna be up?

  2. gregb123

    That’s so cool. And the best part about the catch was that it didn’t interfere with your snagging.

    Anyway, I snagged 10 balls at Citi Field last night (woop-dee-doo!) and I’m about to leave my hotel here in Phoenix for Chase Field. First of three night games against the Rangers. I am SO PUMPED!

  3. redsfan101

    Thanks Zack! I left a comment on the YouTube page, and my username on YouTube is NunzioCorb…

    I am going to Cleveland tomorrow and might be going to a Reds vs. Indians game!

    Great Video by the way!


    Nice. The book also sounds interesting. I think I will pick it up. Any other recommendations for other baseball books?

  5. zackhample

    Haha, no, he was just lobbing the ball to me. I’m not sure I’m going to share the post-game video from down in the gap. I think I could really get in trouble, but I’m going to share the Royals interview soon…

    Thanks for watching.

    I just asked him if he wanted to play catch. I ask guys all the time, but usually they just ignore me.

    10 balls…very nice. And you’re so right about the snagging non-interference.


    Actually, he chucked one ball over my head that nearly killed me on the ricochet, but I edited that out. In all fairness, I made one bad throw too on an attempted knuckleball.

    Thank you, Sir.


    Thanks for sharing that.

    Wow…I appreciate that compliment.

    “Ball Four” is a must read. I’d probably start with that.

  6. goislanders4

    how did the catch end? did he just randomely stop and say he was done oer what? BTW, i saw a couple of kids at Citi field the other day have a catch with livan hernandez and then with a guy on the cardinals. the guy on the cardinals was trying to teach them a good knuckleball.

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