Two books (and other news)

when I said back in March 2008 that I was writing the foreword for a
baseball book? Well, that book is finally out. It’s called Major League Baseball: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports. If you visit the book’s page on Amazon,
you’ll see an old version of the cover without my name on it. That’s
because I agreed to write the foreword at the last second and Amazon is
very slow to make updates. The new cover, as you can see here on the
right, does have my name on it. I should warn you that the foreword is
short. The authors only wanted it to be about 500 words, so if you buy
the book for the foreword alone, you’ll probably be disappointed, but
if you love numbers and stats and random anecdotes about baseball
history, then you’ll probably enjoy it.

The other book you need to know about is called Miracle Ball: My Hunt for the Shot Heard ‘Round the World. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m about to. I picked up a copy
not only because I’m interested in All-Things-Ball, but because I’m
soon going to be interviewed on the radio with the author, Brian
Biegel. He and I have never met, but we’ve both been booked as guests
on the Joey Reynolds Show on June 23rd. I’ve been on with Reynolds
before. He’s super-nice and very accomplished. He’s in the Rock &
Roll Hall of Fame as a DJ, and for a number of years he’s been doing a
talk show that I think is nationally syndicated. In New York City it’s
on WOR 710 AM. I’m not sure if/where it’s broadcast elsewhere in the
country, but it almost doesn’t matter because you can listen live
through the station’s web site.
I’ll be doing this interview from the studio, and I’ve been told to
arrive at 10:40pm. The show doesn’t start ’til midnight (so technically
that would be June 24th), and I have no idea if I’m going to be on
during the first hour. (Good thing I’m used to staying up ’til 4am.)
Maybe Reynolds tapes an hour of the show starting at 11pm and it airs
later? I have no idea, but anyway, in case you’re interested, now you
sort of know when/where to listen.

In other news…

1) My profile on is now up. At this point, there’s still some data missing, but I’m working with the webmaster to get everything up to date.

2) I’m leaving today for Kansas City, and I’ll be at Kauffman
Stadium for three games starting tomorrow, and I have a nice little
trick up my sleeve. There’s no guarantee that I’ll get to use it, but
if I do…whoa-ho-ho, just you wait.


  1. Txbaseballfan

    I too have been intrigued with Miracle Ball. Almost bought it this weekend, but passed on it, may get it now. Looking forward to you KC entries, whatever this “trick” is, I hope you get to use it so you can tell us what it is.
    BTW- Does my 20 ball prediction carry over to this trip? I think it should.

  2. gjk2212

    i was thinking about ys tomorrow but decided against broke.

    i should be in philly friday weather permitting, and some point at citi against the cards the next week (i graduate that wednesday though which sucks)

    clif-you get my email?

  3. cubbies1945

    Is your trick a fishing net, or something like that, for the new fountains in KC?


    hey hample, look for the mailman in KC, his name is Chris,he is the left field line ballhawk.he travels alot too.ill tell him to look4u…Try and get MitchMaier 1st hr good luck.or TonyClarks 250th get to see the other Zack pitch wed nite .Grienke.get me a t shirt tues.the Ace shirt..when is the royal flush t shirt nite?im calling a no hit ter wed.Go swimming, make a diving catch


    hey zack im planning on going to the june 22nd mets cardinals game at citi field when does bp start for the home and visitng team also any tips on getting some balls?

  6. padreleigh

    Oh rats. I got knocked out of the top ten on I knew it would be coming as soon as more people signed up. I get to go for Griffey, Ichiro and Russ “the bomber” Branyan in BP today. Looking forward to it. Have a great time in KC.


  7. cougars94

    congrats. hey this may be irrelevant and you probably already knew this but i just learned that Pedro Feliciano is somewhat fluent in Japanese and is friends with Ken Takahashi

  8. ceetar

    Enjoy KC!

    I’ll be making my inaugural trip to the House That Ruth Cursed today for Batting Practice. Maybe I’ll grab a batting practice home run. I’m not as gung ho as you though, I’ll be wearing my Citi Field shirt, can’t touch the Yankees stuff.


  9. dhbball

    Ceetar- Good luck in there with your Citi field shirt man. Be careful, haha.

    And Zack have fun in K.C

  10. makinplays

    Hey Zack, good luck in K.C and have fun. I hear that the ballpark looks even better now cause of the renevations. Can’t wait to hear what trick you got up your sleeve for this trip. should be good as always. Also, i’m glad to see that you made your way onto That really is a great site to keep track of not only your own collection but to keep up with fellow ballhawks. so again have fun in K.C and i’ll catch ya later.
    -Tony B.

  11. mikeindetroit

    I too am interested in everything/anything to do with the history of milestone “baseballs”. This book caught my attn after a mention on XM radio. I rec’d the book on Wednesday at 11:30 a.m and finished reading it on Thursday at 9:00 a.m. Reads like an awesome suspense novel. Could not put it down. A great book. Would love to get an autographed copy from the author Brian Biegel. When will the movie be out on DVD? This book is a MUST have for any true “baseball” collector…../historian….
    You may also have an interest in the “Baseball Authentication Book” on this website (
    Mike in Detroit

  12. zackhample

    I have an update. I finished Miracle Ball and really enjoyed it. I read half the book on my recent flight to Kansas City. I recommend it. Now, on to all of your questions…

    I think the prediction did carry over. :-)

    Good call. The trick, as you may have already read, did involve the fountains.

    I saw no other ballhawks in KC. I seemed to be the only one, or at least the only one who *really* had a plan for putting up big numbers.

    No big glove. I think that trick might be retired.

    Quite simply, the author got in touch with me and asked if I’d be interested in doing it.

    Not sure about the DVD, but I really want to see it…and you’re right about the book being suspenseful. It was…amazing how it all came together like that at the end.

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