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Do you remember when I was interviewed by FLYP Media on 5/12/09 at Citi Field and on 5/18/09 at Dodger Stadium? Well, the story is finally up, and it’s amazing. I’m not saying *I’m* amazing. No no, don’t get me wrong. What I mean is…the way FLYP put it all together is amazing. It’s interactive, and there’s a video segment, and it’s just…cool. You can check it out by going to and then scrolling through the images on the main page until you see this:


Or you can just do a search for “hample” and the story will pop up.

On an unrelated note, don’t EVER use They lie and they suck. They told me I’d have free parking at my hotel here in Baltimore, but when I arrived, I learned that there’s valet parking only for $30 a day. And there’s no WiFi in my room, even though that had been promised as well.

That’s it for now.
Off to Camden…



    How come no mention of the Mets bullpen catch (his name slips my mind now) for best pperson to throw you balls?


    Joe: I kinda guessed that you were gonna be there because i remember you and clif talking about that series but i didnt remember that date that you guys has said. All right then, it a battle of the teen ballhawks

  3. jere80 tried to charge me an “extra person fee” ($30) for what was a two-person room anyway. I was fully prepared to just lie and say it was for one person, then have my buddy wait in the car while I checked in, but then I just went to the hotel’s own site, got the same room, same price, but no extra person fee.

  4. .

    Z, the online story is pretty sweet. The video, story, your baseball flip-card, etc. It sucks about the “slight” parking fee they charged you over in the dirrty B-A-L. Good luck to you this series brotha, I mean, Jeremy Guthrie might try to make you look like a jerk in front of Ken Rosenthal again but, so what?! Lol, have fun man.

    – Donnie

  5. dansnov10

    Goodness, what as awesome, well put together piece. I think this is my first comment, but we met last year in Pittsburgh, I was there with my dad. You and I spent the last couple innings together and then we all walked out together.

  6. padreleigh

    Hey Zack…

    Most of those third party booking channels online do suck. You’re better booking through the hotel chain’s website. It’s a case of “you get what you pay for” with those sites most of the time. When we see those type of reservations coming in, we usually put them in the “not so good” rooms. They aren’t paying as much as a normal guest is. You know what I mean? Hope you have a great two games in Baltimore. You always seem to do well there. Going to Anaheim on Friday and Saturday for some interleague action. Padres vs. Angels. First game outside of PETCO this year. Later…



    Don’t EVER use them? Really? I’ve used them multiple times and haven’t had any problems. Perhaps you could have, you know, called the actual hotel to make sure.

  8. cubbies1945

    WOW!!!! What a great piece. I really liked the vido of you. It went nicly with the article. It was well put together. And had some interesting stats. I liked the interactive part of it. Very nice:-)

  9. zackhample

    Dave Racaniello. That’s his name. I don’t know. I wanted to avoid naming bullpen catchers and stick to players and official coaches.


    That’s awful.

    Thanks for checkin’ it out.

    Thank you! Welcome to the comment section. And hello again. :-)

    Why am I not surprised that you hit me with some hotel wisdom? I like it, though. Thanks. Have a great time away from SD this weekend.

    Yes, perhaps I could’ve, but then…what would’ve been the point of using a third-party web site in the first place? The way I see it…if you ever have to check up on someone to make sure they’re doing the job, then they’re NOT doing a good job.

    Thanks very much.

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