brief life update

Several things…

1) Let me start with the bad news: it looks like I’m getting screwed out of batting practice yet again. The sun is shining right now here in New York City, but I probably won’t be going to Yankee Stadium. Why? Because the power is dead in half my apartment (fridge included) and my landlord is supposedly sending an electrician to fix it. I would have to leave by 3pm to get to the stadium, and the guy is supposed to get here “at around two o’clock.” Fabulous.

2) I’m leaving for Baltimore tomorrow morning, whether or not my damn power comes back on. My food can rot and grow mold for all I care. Baltimore is happening. I’ll be there for three games.

3) I’ve been working on a chapter called “Foul Ball Lore” for my new book, and I’ve found some really bizarre/funny stories. So…I’m having fun with it, but it’s also stressing me out. I can’t believe I have to finish writing the entire book in less than nine months.

4) Is there anyone from Kansas City who reads this blog? If so, leave a comment or send me an email. It looks like I’m gonna be on TV when I’m out there next week, and I want to find someone who can tape it (so that I don’t have to rely on the Royals or beg anyone else in the media to do it). The interview/segment has the potential to be GREAT, so assuming it happens, I absolutely must get my hands on a copy.

5) I’m having major problems with that Beat The Streak game. I’ve been playing for a week, and the longest “streak” I’ve been able to amass has been ONE game. Technically, that’s not even a streak. If you add up the performances of all the players I’ve picked, they’ve gone 2-for-24 combined. That’s an .083 batting average. I suck.

Goodbye for now.

UPDATE #1 — It’s 4:08pm. No electrician. Not even a phone call.

UPDATE #2 — 4:53pm. The electrician is here! My ice cream is melting. (Ben & Jerry’s “Cinnamon Buns” and Häagen Dazs “Pineapple Coconut.”) I’ve written 206 outstanding words for my book so far today. Probably won’t get too much more done. Gotta do laundry, watch the Yankee game (even though it’ll make me miserable to see a game on TV that I should’ve been at), and prepare for my trip.

UPDATE #3 — 5:15pm. The electrician is gone. He made a quick fix that’ll hold me over until ConEd can get here, and get this…he did it from the basement. I live on the 8th floor. In other words, I didn’t even have to BE HERE. Unreal. I missed out on a game (and Pitch In For Baseball missed out on a couple hundred bucks’ worth of donations) for no good reason. I think I’ll get back to work and write about Jay Gibbons hitting his wife with a foul ball. (I’d like to hit a few people in the balls right about now…)


  1. Txbaseballfan

    Hopefully that electrician knows what he’s doing, & can get in, get it done, and get out. Just hope it’s something simple and you should be fine. With Beat the Streak, I’ve just picked the team that is going against the pitcher with the highest ERA, and then gone with the guy who has the most hits on the season. Sounds simple enough, but it’s working for me, I started last week & I’m up to 5 games. Tear ’em up in Baltimore!

  2. playball999


    I went to the Dodgers game last night. I ended up getting 2 baseballs. (I wasn’t in the Left Field Pavilion) The first one was a BP homer 2 rows above my head that rolled down through the crowd to me. The last ball was from Phillies bullpen coach Mick Billmeyer. Before the game, we got bumped up to the Baseline Box Club, section 40A Box 5, ended up going to the Stadium Club and getting food.

    Stinks about the power issues. Along with the weather, situations kepp popping up and ruining games you’re going to. Hopefully, you can have good luck in Baltimore 2morrow if you go. :-)

    playball999, or dealwatcher

  3. yankeekid

    That Sucks Zack.
    As for me im waiting for the gates to open to get into yankee stadium now. (Would Be great if you were here)
    Anyway see you around

  4. ladod4ever

    That sucks!!! You know what would be more horrible if they hit a homerun where you gonna be seated…..good luck in Baltimore

  5. jere80

    Don’t know if this would fit into your chapter, and I’m sure you know about it, but just in case, here’s a 1997 story on the 1982 game when Jim Rice saved the life of a kid who was hit by a foul ball. There’s a picture of it on

    Rice also once got his hat stolen by a fan after going for a foul ball at Yankee Stadium. More on that here.


  6. Howie

    That sucks. But that’s life. Have fun in baltimore. In the ballhawk league, you are still way ahead, and somehow everyone snagged over 1300 baseballs in 3 months. WOW!


  7. rkbuck

    Hey Zack,
    I’m a kc resident, and would love to help you out. I’m expecting to go to the games on Tuesday and Thursday. Would love you meet you and say hey. My wife and I are big fans. Let me know what your interview is like. Let me know.

  8. bfuhrious


    I’m from the KC area too. I’ll only be at the game on the 16th. Many of my friends can DVR the game, but an actual tape… I think I’ll have to leave that to rkbuck.

    I’m planning on tailgating. I know you’ll want to be in for batting practice, but with the awesomeness of the K letting you bring food in if you’re interested I could meet up with you and hand over some food to ya.

    Hope to see you snagging balls with abandon, also… last time I was at batting practice Willie Bloomquist was the player who threw the most balls into the crowd.


  9. zackhample

    Thanks for the comments. I’ll answer them later. Right now, I have to leave for Baltimore. OF COURSE the weather sucks…


    Is anybody going to the Yankee game on the 16th?
    If so just kill me please.

  11. baseballexperiences

    Puck- im not gonna kill you, it wouldnt look good on record. :). but srry to give you bad news, im goin and probably clifs going with me on the 16th.

    clif- if you read this, email me immediatly, i NEED to know if your going, it has to do with the tickets.

    Zack- I give you all the luck in the world for the weather to eventually go your way.

  12. zackhample

    That sounds like a great strategy.

    Yep, that should work, too.

    Congrats on the two baseballs.

    Very cool to be getting a comment from you while you were there.

    That would be the worst.

    Thanks for those links. Great stuff.

    I doubt I’ll be back at Pittsburgh this season. I probably won’t go back unless there’s a milestone homer that I really want to catch.

    Wow indeed. That’s a nice group effort.

    Good to hear from you again. I just sent you an email…

    I know humans need water to live, but this is getting ridiculous.

    You are too kind. I see that you just emailed me, so I’ll answer you there…

    You know I won’t be there.

    Thanks but so far that luck hasn’t reached me. :-(

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