New ballhawk site…?

Yesterday I got an email from a guy named Alan Schuster who’s a
software developer in Virginia. He has launched a new ballhawk web site
that he hopes “will bring together Ballhawks from around the country and provide a central location for Ballhawking stats.”

Here’s the link:

What do you think?

Mr. Schuster also wrote the following in his email:

“I am an avid baseball fan and although not a Ballhawk myself, I
spend time daily reading Ballhawking blogs. Having observed the detail
to which Ballhawks document their Ball Collections, months ago I
envisioned a website that would utilize a database of Ballhawking data,
allowing for quick entry of data, automatic updating of stats, and
complex database searches.  I also envisioned the site functioning as a
central location for Ballhawks to not only publish their own ball
collection but to view others from around the country.

“I am happy to say that the site has come together exactly as I
envisioned it.  Having the feel of a social networking site like
mySpace or Facebook, it allows Ballhawks to create a profile, upload
pictures, and record detailed Game data (teams,stadium,attendance,etc)
and Ball data (stadium,location,method used to obtain,etc).  Website
visitors can quickly browse through member profiles while viewing
statistics and searching members’ ball collections.

“Please keep in mind that in no way do I want this site to replace
Ballhawks’ personal blogs, but rather supplement them.  When entering
Game data, you can include a link to your blog entry for the game, and
hopefully your blog entry will also provide a link to your page for that game.

“Please take some time to browse the site.  I have set up a Demo member
page that demonstrates the powerful functionality that the site
provides.  What is great about the site is that when a member enters
Game and Ball data, all of the statistics on his member page are
updated instantaneously.  Also notice the powerful search capabilities,
especially with the “Advanced Search” function.  Check out the FAQ page
for answers to some commonly asked questions.”

So yeah, what does everyone think about this? Is it cool? Is it lame? Should we all get behind it? Again, here’s the link:

I have a bunch of thoughts but I’m going to wait to hear everyone’s
opinions, and then I’ll respond in the comments section. Let me know if
you actually sign up and test out the site. That’s obviously the best
way to judge it.

In other news…

I decided to skip today’s Mets game for this reason:


Right now, it’s 4:51pm and sunny, so I’m feeling pretty stupid.

Next game for me? I don’t know. Maybe June 2nd at Yankee Stadium. Maybe June 3rd in Washington, D.C. And then I have a couple trips planned after that…


  1. .

    Um, I turned on the Mets Pregame and the first thing they showed during the introduction was BP. Kinda sucks that that just happened..It’s like a smack in the face brotha. I was planning myself to get to YS on Tuesday and hopefully if I can find a ticket tonight, I’ll be headin’ to Citi Field tomorrow afternoon. See you soon, Z.

    – Donnie


    I signed up and i like it.

    There are a few quirks that need to be fixed, and i emailed Alan about it, so we’ll see

  3. Txbaseballfan

    I also signed up. Being somewhat of a ballhawk rookie, I don’t have a bunch of experience to compare this too, but it seems cool to me. The more seasoned ‘hawks may have a different opinion, but the casual snaggers should jump right in & enjoy it. Hope you make a game soon, I like reading your recaps.

  4. padreleigh

    Hi Zack…

    I like the site, but to load pre 2009 stats it’s going to be time consuming. I don’t have exact dates or attendance numbers on balls I snagged from pre 2009. I have over 800 career balls and there is no way I can go back and fill in all the info on them. I don’t keep detailed stats like you do. I am this year, but I haven’t in the past. I think he definitely needs to get rid of the attendance requirement for the pre 2009 balls and maybe add a section to note any particulars about a certain ball. Was it a commemorative, all star ball, standard, etc? He’s on the right track. It just needs tweaking.


  5. MLBallhawk

    I was the first to sign up and also gave Alan a lot of feedback on it. He said that right now there is no way to override the lifetime totals but he knows that many of us do not have a Zack Hample game by game log of who hit what etc. Obviously if you have that you can input it but he is working on a solution to fix it soon.

    It could be pretty cool and will make keeping track of stuff easier. I guess the biggest thing for me is seeing where he goes with it!

  6. gregb123

    I love the idea behind this site. I signed up and entered all my 2009 stats, then sent the guy some suggestions.

    In other news, I’m in Chicago! I snagged 4 balls at Wrigley last night, and I’m going to the Cell on Monday and Tuesday. Can’t wait!

  7. RusselC

    I think there should be a way to count Minor league balls in a separate category.

  8. RusselC

    I think there should be a way to count Minor league balls in a separate category.

  9. goyanks229

    ya. i think it sounds cool. seems fun too. try zack. if you don’t like it, you can always dropout of it.

  10. padreleigh


    Dude….Anna Faris (the actress) is at my hotel tonight! I just talked to her on the phone. I loved her in the movie “Just Friends”. I actually do have a baseball in the car she could sign, but I don’t think she rates a baseball. Arnold Schwarzenneger YES, her NO. When’s your next game? Also, why can’t the Padres win a game in Colorado?


  11. zackhample

    I’m glad to see that everyone seems to like the idea behind this “mygameballs” web site. Ultimately, the more ballhawk-related blogs and sites that are out there, the better. Our hobby can always benefit from having its visibility raised. (After all, how else will we be able to convince Guinness World Records to create a new category in the book for us?) My hesitance to join this site mainly has to do with the fact that I’m so busy, and that I really don’t have the time to input details for over 4,000 balls, but Mr. Schuster said he might work with me to get my profile up and running, so we’ll see. I’ve looked at the site. It definitely needs some tweaking, but that’s to be expected of anything that’s brand new. I’m concerned about people who lie about their stats. There’s really no way to verify anything on the site, but that’s something we can all deal with if/when the time comes. At first, I didn’t think there was a purpose for my being on the site. I already have my own site and blog. But now that I’m seeing a bunch of people signing up, I’m seeing that it really is becoming a big communal project. So yeah, just give me some time. I think I’ll get my stats on there eventually…

    Dude, it’s killing ME, but I just addressed this in my latest entry.

    Ugh, I was still almost trying to have a good day until you pointed that out.


    Also cool. I’ve seen your name on there along with some other people from this blog. I’ll probably get on that site eventually, but right now I just have too much other stuff going on.

    I’m upset about Heath Bell’s performance last night, but even the greatest closers blow saves. I just hope he bounces back and stays strong.

    It’s good for his site to have an elite ballhawk like yourself on there. Hopefully that’ll get other people on board.

    Very nice. (Aren’t you glad you don’t have to deal with Wrigley on a regular basis?)

    Uh oh…might have to revisit the Gustavo Watch soon.

    I agree, that’d be cool, but I also think that it SHOULD be a separate category, rather than just having everything lumped together.

    I’m strongly considering it.

    Who are you? I’ve never heard of you before. No offense. I’m sure you haven’t heard of me either.

  12. baller98

    Hey everyone, this is Alan, the creater of the site. Zack, thanks a ton for helping to publicize this. The membership is growing pretty rapidly.

    I created a new blog,, where people can go and leave comments about the site. Especially since I am not a ballhawk myself, I really need to gain as much feedback as possible about the site in order to really make it good. I do not settle for mediocrity so I plan on working tirelessly to make this a top-notch website.

    Also, if any East Coast people on here want to talk about the website in person, I’ll be at Nationals Park on June 13 and July 3.

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