5/21/09 at Yankee Stadium

For months and months, I’ve been hearing that the seats from the old Yankee Stadium were going to be on sale for nearly $2,000 a pair, and I couldn’t believe it–not just from a financial standpoint, but because I couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact that THE stadium was really going to be demolished. Well, yesterday, as my No. 4 train approached 161st Street, I got a glimpse inside and saw that the seats are indeed being pulled out:


It was strange and sad to see the field devoid of grass, and of course to see the seats stacked up on the field itself.

I headed over to Gate 6 and saw a couple familiar faces. In the photo below, I’m with Brian (aka “puck collector” in the comments section) on the left and Eric (the ultimate bobblehead/autograph collector) on the right:


The stadium opened at 4pm (wow!) and to my delight, a few Yankees were already on the field, taking an early round of batting practice. I headed down to the right field seats…


…and noticed that there were more righties than lefties taking turns in the cage, so I ran around to the left field side. (I love being able to run behind the batter’s eye. It only takes a minute. At the old stadium, if you wanted to move from right field to left, you had to run all the way around home plate and then head back out along the foul line. It took such a long time that it usually wasn’t even worth it.) The seats were pretty much empty. I had two sections to myself out in left-center. I was all set for a monster day when a security guard came over (oh no…) and gave me advice on how to get a ball.

“Sometimes,” he said, “when they hit one to the wall and the player comes over to get it, you can get him to give it to you.”


Moments later, one of the righties connected on a deep fly ball that was heading to my left. I started running through the third row, then judged that the ball was going to fall a bit short, so while it was still in mid-air, I climbed down over a row of seats and lunged at the last second over another row for the thigh-high catch. (I have no idea who hit it.) I opened up my glove to take a look at the ball, hoping that it would be commemorative, but the sweet spot was facing up, so I grabbed the ball, not expecting much, and turned it over, and Oh My God:


It was a BRAND new commemorative ball. I mean, it was newer than new. Right-out-of-the-box new. One pitch, home run, into my glove, yay. That pretty much made my entire day right there. I figured I was going to end up snagging a bunch of these balls before the season was through, but I hadn’t gotten one yet and I was officially antsy.

I caught another homer on the fly in left field. So easy. All I had to do was move five feet to my right and reach up over a gloveless fan who was ducking.

Time out…

Let me quickly say two things now so I won’t have to keep repeating myself:

1) Every ball I snagged yesterday except for that first one was standard.
2) I have no idea who hit any of the balls I got, so don’t ask.

Time in…

The Yankees finished their early round of BP, and then the whole team came out to stretch and run along the right field foul line. I had a little time to kill, so I slowly made my way around the field level and stopped to take the following photo. It shows the gigantic/awful partition as well as the netting that protects the fancy seats:


FYI, the netting doesn’t stay up during the game–not that it matters because neither you nor I will ever get to sit there.

I met up with Brian along the right field foul line. He’d already snagged four balls, including one with the commemorative logo, but within the next 10 minutes, I tied his total for the day by snagging two more of my own. The Yankees had begun playing catch, and when they were wrapping up, I got one thrown (over the netting and partition) by Jose Veras and then got Nick Swisher to toss me another.

When this stadium opened last month, fans were not allowed into the field level seats without field level tickets, even during BP. Now that the Yankees have eased up on that moronic policy, anyone is allowed to get down close to the field (as it should be), at least until 5:40pm, and as a result, the seats were packed while the Yankees were hitting:


The sun was brutal in right field, so if you’re planning to spend any time out there during BP, you better wear a cap and/or sunglasses. I managed to catch another home run out there–my fifth ball of the day–when everyone around me got blinded and ducked out of the way at the last second. (I’m sure my own retinas suffered some damage, but whatever, it was worth it.) The ball was hit by a righty (mighta been Jeter). I was in the third or fourth row, and it was falling short and tailing to my left, so I scooted down the steps, hopped over a knee-high metal bar, stepped into a little open area (which is probably meant to be a camera well), and made the catch. I was proud of myself for that one because it actually required some skill.

At 5:40pm, security kicked everyone out of the seats who didn’t belong there. I changed into my bright orange “RIPKEN 8” shirt and found my way into the left field seats. Amazingly, I didn’t get a single ball thrown to me by the Orioles, but I did catch another homer. Nothing fancy about it. I had to move about 20 feet through an empty row, and after I made the catch, a security guard (there were about two dozen guards out there) complimented me for having gotten a great jump on the ball, and he asked me if I ever played. I told him I played some college ball and that I could probably play left field better than Johnny Damon. He laughed, but I was serious.

Then something really bad happened…

I had a half-empty water bottle in my bag that had somehow leaked. Everything in my bag was soaked. (This is the Yankees’ fault, by the way. They don’t allow backpacks into the stadium, so I had to cram all my stuff into a little drawstring bag, and it all got jumbled together and messed up.) My commemorative ball? Soaked and waterlogged. Wallet? Soaked. Cell phone? Soaked and totally dead. (I still need to call T-Mobile.) Pens? Markers? Baseball cap? All soaked. My camera?! Soaked, but at least it was in a case that protected it, for the most part, so somehow it still works.

I was so upset about this that I considered leaving the stadium and just going home. I actually had to leave the seats for 10 minutes DURING BATTING PRACTICE to deal with it. I had to wrap up my cell phone in some plastic bags from a souvenir stand because it was overheating, and I went to the bathroom and got some paper towels to put around the commemorative ball. It was a true disaster.

The rest of the night? Whatever. I stayed for the game, but I was too bothered by everything that had happened to enjoy it.

Adam Jones was one of four players who came out to play catch before the game started…


…and I managed to get him to toss me the ball on his way in. (He’s now the eighth “Jones” to have thrown me a ball, joining Andruw, Bobby J., Bobby M., Brandon, Chipper, Chris, and Todd. This is important stuff. Only the Johnsons have more entries on my master list.)

Another thing the Yankees messed up was the info on the jumbotron. Brian Roberts is NOT 25:


I sat behind the dugout during the game and proudly wore my orange Ripken shirt:


I was hoping for a third-out ball, but the players kept tossing them to a specific little girl in the front row. She ended up getting SIX balls. It was so ridiculous the way she kept getting them that all the fans around her kept throwing their arms up in disgust every time she got another. Who ARE these kids, and how the hell do they get to sit down there? Whatever. I shouldn’t be complaining. I did fine for myself, and as Mariano Rivera put the finishing touches on the Yankees’ ninth straight win, I handed a brand new ball to a little boy who’d been wearing a glove and sitting near me all night. The way his face lit up…let’s just say it brought some nice closure to an otherwise unsettling day.


• 8 balls at this game


• 4 gorgeous, gold-stamped ticket stubs collected at this game, pictured on the right. (These are for the seats right next to the 3rd base dugout.)

• 190 balls in 24 games this season = 7.9 balls per game.

• 593 consecutive games with at least one ball

• 474 consecutive games in New York with at least one ball

• 131 consecutive Yankee games with at least one ball

• 4,010 total balls


• 106 donors (click here and scroll down for the complete list)

• $23.95 pledged per ball

• $95.80 raised at this game

• $4,358.90 raised this season for Pitch In For Baseball

One final thing…and normally I wouldn’t do this…but it’s for a friend who did an incredible set of favors for me, and by extension those favors helped me snag more balls for the charity, so I owe her. Remember Kelly from Chicago? She’s the Cubs fan who let me crash at her place last month. She gave me her season tickets (for free!) to Wrigley Field on April 21st and 23rd and drove me back to Chicago after that game in Milwaukee. Yes? Remember now? Anyway, she asked me to help spread the word about a contest that she’s in. If she wins, she’ll get to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley (something she’s always dreamed of) and she needs everyone’s help. All she has to do is get the most people to sign up for a Cubs-related newsletter, and she’s currently in the lead. There’s a new restaurant inside Wrigley called the Captain Morgan Club. Kelly says:

“Please go HERE and sign up for the Captain Morgan newsletter (you can easily unsubscribe later). Put kelly_mcmahon@yahoo.com in the “Who Referred You” field. Ideally, you can just use an old email address to sign up, but make sure it’s still active because you have to click a link in a confirmation email for your entry to count. This email will most likely go into your junk folder, but it will come from Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group, so you can easily find it. Don’t forget to go in there and click the activation link, or your entry won’t count!!”


  1. jacoby1993

    This…my friend is why I root for the Red Sox.

    The Yanks are inconsiderate.
    The Red Sox obvisouly aren’t.

    For example: Those Yankee fans, the ones that you mentioned in this blog….are rude. I know there’s nice ones out there, but isn’t it always the same when you go to the Stadium? Rude people??? … Now, the Red Sox…are good people. Example: David Ortiz’s lack of home runs till two night ago. We stood by him, supported him, and eventually he hit a home run.

    Go Red Sox GO!


  2. gregb123

    Did you notice the two fans in the background of the pic entitled “9_asshole_fans1” giving you the finger as well? Were they part of the group too?

  3. goisles

    Send those nasty fans to Gitmo! I also can’t believe how old the middle finger guy was–a grandfather no less with the kid right there! After one f-bmb, I might have asked the grandson if the family spelled that with an “f” or a “ph”.

    I’ll let Puck Collector tell about our near miss on the Matsui HR–but except for that and BP (which was light yesterday), I hate RF second level seats in Yankee Stadium. Unless you are in the front row, you are completely screed of from a good portion of RF towards a good distance in front of the wall–with the obstruction continuing towards CF. The view is so bad, these should be sold as obstructed view seats!

    I will say this–warm weather and winning makes for a packed stadium. Except for the luxury seats, this was the most crowded I have seen the Stadium all year. While a couple of big pockets in a section here or there seemed unsold, there were very few empty seats in the sections that could afforded by the masses.

  4. MLBallhawk

    Hey Zack! That ball you caught on the fly at Dodger Stadium was hit by Sheffield. It seems that those guys didn’t care for you. …. lol

    Gotta love New Yorkers! Jk

    I made it out to Petco last night …….. take a look ……..

    Baseballs 4 MADD – MLBallhawk

  5. Txbaseballfan

    That’s why New Yorkers get such a bad rap down here in Texas. Although you did have a run-in with a jerk down here too, not to that extent thankfully. Nice commemorative! The Yankees are coming down here 5/25-5/27 & I’m going to try & make at least one game to try for one of those bad boys. BTW, signed up to help Kelly, hope she gets it! Great recap my friend, keep up the awesome work!

  6. tcarantit@yahoo.com

    You said:
    Finally, I walked over to a nearby security guard, filled him in on everything that had just happened, and said that if these fans threatened me one more time, there was “going to be a serious problem.”

    Zack, usually I would say walk away, but if it wasn’t for the water bottle incident you should have stayed around a little bit longer for them to threaten you again, just to see how “serious” it would have been.

    I understand their Yankee Pride, I guess I just don’t understand their need to berate you like that!

  7. baseballexperiences

    Thats really funny how it was the grandpa who was cursing.
    And howd u get down to the seats were u sat? Did some1 get you tix?

  8. thomasb.

    Zack, my neighbor has company tickets in the first row behind home plate at Yankees Stadium and he said that he could try and get me the tickets over teh summer. He has 8 of his compnay has 8 of them, so hopefully I can get to a game.

  9. thomasb.

    Sorry about the last comment, my computer was really slow for some reason, and I meant to say that his company has 8 tickets, and hopefully I can get some of them for a game over the summer.

  10. ceetar

    I’m sure I could say some derogatory things about Yankee fans here. But it’s pretty self explanatory. I wonder if it would’ve pissed that guy off more if you told him you weren’t an Orioles fan. heh. I hate the Yankee backpack policy. I have one of those drawstring bags I can shove in my pocket, but the strings keep breaking on me. I need to check out the stadium, if only to laugh at it.

    My comment about the playoff teams/WS balls was just a guess out of LF, but it _does_ make sense. They probably roll them out for every game of the playoffs, so you might even be better off with the phillies, as they were unfortunately around longer and had more games and all. I’m sure you’ll be able to confirm sooner or later once you have a couple of games with some of those teams.

    I’m trying to save money, but hoping to get to a Citi game this homestand. hmm..


  11. bambam807

    Yankees fans absolutely amaze me! They invade Baltimore,completely take over Camden Yards,and that’s perfectly fine to them.But,the first person wearing an Orioles shirt in their Stadium,gets threatened with violence.It really makes you wonder!!! Way to go Zack,you handled it great.That old,wrinkled idiot,was just upset because his Viagra supply ran out.

  12. Charlie

    What those fans did is just so disgusting, I just won’t even talk about. Just remember, we all know you’re doing the right thing… Thanks for pointing out that contest, I’m sure that will help your friend. Let us know how that ends up.

  13. skikola

    Congrats on that sparkling commemorative!
    Sucks about those riDONKulous fans…….
    Always a few bad apples. Especially in the Big Apple.
    How are the Glove Trick opportunities looking in the new stadium? I won’t be going there til August. I’m really hoping they relax the policies even more and allow fans in those areas up until game time.

  14. cookandsonbats

    That guy is a perfect example of why the Happy Youngster shouldn’t feel bad. That is the type of guy writing all the negative and unprovoked hate-filled comments on this blog. Not cool, mean fans.

  15. .

    …and THIS is why Yankee Stadium itself sucks, Yankee fans suck, and police officers/security guards suck as well. Of course, there are nice and respectful people in the world (including police officers) but here, at Yankee Stadium, there is no such word in the English language that is remotely close to defining the word, “respectful.” I absolutely hate rude people, and honestly Zack, you have balls for taking as much crap as you did from the old man you put on display here. There is no way I would have stood there and let him call me what he called you. No way in hell. I received similar behavior from Yankees fans in the bathroom the day before, as I got a whole bunch of, “Orioles suuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” comments, but other than that, yesterday was pretty much silent regarding myself and my O’s hat. I guess yesterday was the day they decided to pick on you? Who knows. I just don’t understand what kind of pleasure they get yelling out rude comments at the opposing teams fans and/or their players. For example, yesterday when I was on the third baseline, a Yankees fan yelled at Jeremy Guthrie, “Hey Guthrie! You f***ing suck man!” And then the fan asked Alan Dunn for a ball, in which he received at the end of the pitchers warm-up session. I don’t get it man. And another thing — the rude fans comment about Cal Ripken Jr. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! This guy can’t be a serious baseball fan, can he? It was nice seeing you again, and I’m looking forward to it at Citi this week, that is, if you decide to make an appearance. Give me a call brotha!

    – Donnie

  16. Crazy Baseball Stuff

    Hey whats up Zach, first comment ever. Thats one of the reasons why I hate the Yankees their stupid and they stink. Fenway fans are way better. Boston people are the best. Go Sox! Zach Bo Soxs are coming at the Mets and were taking them down. And Also congrats to Happy Youngster for making it on Sportscenters top 10 plays with an amazing homerun catch. Props to you happy
    The Shu

  17. bettencourt

    that guy was a total Jack*ss. people like that just piss me off. but i thougt it was funny that security was telling you to get a ball. i did not think you could ask for a ball(ha ha). also how did you get those tickets did you have seats for them or do you have to ask people for the the tickets. just want to know because when i go to my game in August, we have e-tickets, and i want to get a real one.

  18. skikola

    Boy, a lot of generalizing going on in some recent comments….
    Not all Yankee fans are a-holes!!! When the Stadium sits in one of the biggest melting pots in the world, and the fan base is larger than any other, you are going to have your crazies. Just remember that there are just as many well-mannered, respectful Yankee fans as there are for any other team.

  19. dennisox

    Some people just plain suck. I’ve dealt with White Sox fans who suck (I’m a Sox fan). I’m sure you were glad you at least said something back to them. It’s a shame there are people like that.
    My 80 year old uncle, (a Cubs fan living in Ft. Lauderdale and a Marlins fan by default) who’s been to every MLB stadium, was in Philadelphia for a Marlins game had a Phillies fan throw a unopened can of beer at his head after telling him to go back to Florida. He won’t wear visiting team gear to games anymore.
    I’m sorry that ruined your day.


  20. bigglovebob

    That pristine Yankee commemorative is just like a Metrodome I got earlier this year. Right from the box, hit once and into my big glove. Good stuff.
    I got a big laugh out of those idiots harassing you. That is some funny stuff. I don’t see that happening up here in Minnesota. As long as it was just lip service, you did the right thing in letting it go.
    I just finished watching your clip where you asked for balls in different languages and writing down the phrase for can I have a ball? in Japanese. I think I have it down. There are Japanese players coming into town with both Boston and Cleveland so I hope I can parlay that phrase into a ball or two.
    I have games the next couple of nights at the dome versus the Brewers. I hope to run into Happy tonight since he had told me a while back he was going. I don’t know if his plans changed or not though. Because of my seat location tonight, I am going to try for my first ever ump ball. If I keep up my average of two balls a game over this well attended border series I will be very happy.
    On another note, has anyone ever seen one of the baseballs with the 2k9 logo on it or is that just lore?

  21. jerseyboy

    Gotta love Yankee fans. But on this day, I’m not gonna feel bad for you about THAT. I had to deal with 20,000 Cleveland Cavs fans screaming in my face cause I am a Magic fan. Cleveland fans are actually the worst I have encountered in any city, especially cause of the Browns, and these people are truly bitter. Sucks about your bag, I thing at that point you should have tried to get the guy kicked out to make yourself feel better. Ridiculous how people always scream to give kids a ball, when all a child has to do is be noticed by a player.


  22. padreleigh


    Check out the highlights for Adrian Gonzalez’s HR last night. So damn close it hurt!


  23. gjk2212

    bigglovebob-though i have yet to snag one, ive seen them in person at citi caught by other people (as well as gregb123 on here) so yeah theyre out there, not too common though.

    ill be at citi tuesday, and possibly friday..i was at yankee stadium wednesday for anyone who cares and got balls from a groundskeeper, jamie walker, and mark hendrickson..

  24. cubs0110

    Haha Leigh, I saw you live when I was watching. I knew it would be close to you.

  25. yankees42294

    hey does anyone know if the yankees would have batting practice tomorrow because of the fox game today

  26. goislanders4


    Im going to citi monday. are you?

    And zack…

    I’m with donnie, you should’ve wrecked that guy. i bet if you had said something back like ***** you *******” and got in his face, he would shut up and you’d be able to laugh at him all you want. haha

  27. phillies_phollowers

    Wow…what a story! I am going to the game on Sunday and have been debating between my Jeter jersey or my Utley jersey. Now I am a bit frightened….had a similar experience at Yanks spring training….people were rude, security was rude…I was NOT impressed. Really hoping this game will be different. I am so looking forward to seeing the new stadium! Think I will go with Utley, just to see what happens :O) I am a tough chick…I can handle it…ha!! Also hoping to get a ball, but I totally suck at that :O( Wish me luck!


  28. puckcollector@optonline.net

    I ended up with 7 balls, including one brand new commemorative. Also, i was a foot away from Matsui’s homer in the 5th (i think) but got boxed out by two kids in the 1st row.

    And can i get a game in NY where there is no snagging competition?!

    I was at YS on the 15th and Greg was there. I was at YS on Thursday, and Zack decides to come.
    Now I’m was all excited for an empty BP on Mon., but Cliff and Joe are coming!

    Well, i guess it will be one big competition out in left. (and it might also be the record for the most islanders fans in spot)

  29. baseballexperiences

    Wow. donnie, puck, greg, clif, me, its a good thing its a monday, what competition. ill be there atleast 30 min early. My dad will save a spot for any of you in the line. Ill be roaming around, maybe having a catch at the rotunda.

  30. twibnotes


    That’s a big downer about the Yank fans and even worse when something like your water bottle adds to your misery.

    I was able to snag Cuddyer’s GR-2B of his cycle last night.


    I’m not much of an author, but it was all about wanting to show the ball.

    BTW This is Rich. I sent you the Bonds card a few years back.

    Keep on snaggin’.

  31. Alex

    For anyone going to a Yankee game soon (monday), there was something unusual at the Great Hall yesterday. Apparently 3 Yankees were in the Great Hall, giving out hats and signing autographs, for the first couple minutes of gate opening. I am not sure if it will happen again, but you could see.

  32. zackhample

    I know there are good Yankee fans out there, and in fact I’m friends with quite a few of them. Hope I didn’t offend anyone with the photos and language. I thought very hard about how much of the story to include on my blog, and ultimately I decided that the story needed to be told. If you’re offended reading this blog, then obviously you would be offended to actually hear that language in person at Yankee Stadium, so don’t go there. Consider this a warning. See? I’m doing everyone a service. And to everyone who is NOT offended or scared, I encourage you all to wear opposing team’s gear to Yankee Stadium and stand up to the maniacs. Now, to answer your questions…

    I didn’t notice that, and of course I’m not surprised. Good find. Too funny.

    I have people offering me tickets fairly regularly, and I also have a few tricks up my sleeve. Sometimes you can sneak down early in the game if you slip onto the end of a line of a small group of fans…if one person is holding all the tickets. That’s a really good trick…hard to use at the new stadium, but anything is possible.

    Excellent point about Camden.

    Not too many glove trick opportunities. The players guard the wall pretty well, and of course there are a TON of security guards all over the place.

    You’re talking about the stubs I showed in the entry? I just asked people for them after the game, and of course I got warned/scolded by a security guard who thought I was going to use the tickets to try to get down closer. What a fool. The game was already OVER at that point.

    The 2K9 balls are very real. I’ve seen a couple in person, and I’m gonna freak out if I don’t end up snagging one.


    I’m leaning toward going to Citi on Tuesday, so I guess I’ll see you then.

    I predict one of the two teams will take BP. Probably the Phillies. Let me know.

    This is New York City. There will always be competition.

  33. braves04

    Brian, I loved the Islanders comment lol.
    Zack, your logic for posting the story about the “fans” was perfect. I’m really dreading the Yankees’ trip here next month.
    Anyway, I was able to snag 3 at Turner Field tonight against Toronto. At one point, Marco Scutaro’s long toss went too high and nailed a kid on the forearm. It was really thrown on a line and left a nice bruise. I’ve never seen so many close calls with fans as I did tonight. Left field was packed, so I just stayed in foul territory and had a good number of chances. It was finally a day where my decisions actually paid off.

  34. padreleigh

    The Shu….

    I was positive that ball was coming right down to me once it started its descent. I was lined up perfectly. I was standing in row 2 and it just carried a little past me. The guy behind me in row 3 said he barely got a finger on it and the guy in row 4 had it full on hit him in the hands. So, I’d have to say I missed it by about 4 feet. Oh well. We’ll get the next one.



    The Cubbies were pretty stingy at BP on Friday night. They didn’t throw many up at all. I did manage to catch a nice Derek Lee BP Homer. These Cubs fans that made the trip out here are no Yankees fans, but they were pretty loud, rude and vulgar on Friday. A bunch of drunks basically and girls that claim to be Cubs’ fans that can’t name three players on the team. I’m glad we sent them home with a loss. I thanked them for spending their money here though! I want to visit Wrigley again sometime. We’ll have to meet and go to a game if I come. Later…


  35. devinu

    hey zack, how come you didnt say anything to that guy? I would have wrecked him up!

  36. goislanders4

    wait…. so everyone here who said they’re going to the game monday……you mean citi field right??? cause puck, i wasn’t sure if you though i said i was going to yankee monday or something like that.

  37. mikeindetroit

    Signed up for Kelly. Hope she wins. Again, I am soooo glad that Yankee Stadium is NOT my home park.
    Lets face there are rude/drunk fans everywhere. I usually just ignore them and move on.
    Nice commerative that you snagged. I was hoping to get one when the Yanks were in town at the COPA. No such luck.
    I love it when people want to sit eighty rows back with their kids and then rag on you for a ball for their kid who comes with no glove and is not even trying to get a ball themselves..Is’nt that the “NEW” American way, let someone else do all the work and give the rewards/profits to the lazy folks..Uggghhhh.
    Keep your chin up my Ballhawk Breathren..Remember all of the kids in the charity will be happy when they get that huge donation at the end of the year…

    Mike in Detroit…..

  38. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Yeah Cliff, i meant Citi Field. And is anybody who is going on Monday making a cheat sheet w/ faces (Greg?) If you are, does anybody mind printing an extra copy for me? Im so not in the mood to make one.

    I’m surprised that you addressed the comment to Brian and not Puckcollector. I like it though :) And i know that there will always be competition, but I’m just complaining that very game i decide to go to, another ballhawk is there, or the yankees change there rules, and let everybody down into field level for BP AFTER i bought a ticket down there so i could get down there early and have the place all to myself (5/15)

  39. nm_rockhound@yahoo.com

    You can’t ask for autographs at yankee stadium? That is sooo unAmerican. I’ll personally put the Hample jinx on steinbrenner and his pinko commies.

  40. gregb123

    Puck — Yeah, I’ll print you an extra roster. But I know a lot of the Nationals already, so it probably won’t have all the faces. Will you be at the JRR early?

  41. cubbies1945

    Ok, I signed up 6 times for Kelly. I used my brother and sister’s emails, my Dad’s, both of mine, and both of my mom’s. GOOD LUCK KELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE I SEE YOU ON WGN ONE DAY. BTW I’m going to the June 19 game vs. the Indians.

    Zack, nice commemerative ball. Sorry to hear about those scumbag Yankee fans. You are a better man than me. I think I woul’ve lost it and screamed at those people like there is no tomorow. Those guys need to get a life. I hate people who shout those things at players; but HECKLING A BALLHAWK? REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Those people are the ones who need to get a life.

  42. puckcollector@optonline.net

    And yes i will be at the JRR early, but shouldnt we meet at the gate we met at for the college game, or does the JRR open early too?

  43. gregb123

    Puck — The JRR is the first gate that opens now. And I know all the Mets, so I never make a Mets roster.

  44. royalsfreak

    Ouch, rough game Zack. The yankees know nothing of giving the fan a good baseball experience.

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