Ball No. 4,000

No, I haven’t yet snagged my 4,000th ball, but I’m getting really close, and I’ve finally decided when and where I’m (hopefully) going to get it:

May 18th at Dodger Stadium

This coming weekend, I’m going to be flying to LA for a big family event. The Mets will be at Dodger Stadium on Monday the 18th, and I’ll be there with a bunch of Hamples. Just the other day I bought *ten* tickets from StubHub in the left field pavilion, so that’s where we’ll be.

Dodger Stadium is a tough place, especially when one is trapped all day in the outfield, so I don’t expect to snag THAT many balls. Therefore, when I get on that plane to LA, I want my lifetime total to be 3,997. Maybe 3,996. But not any less than that. Right now I’m at 3,979 so that means I need to get 17 or 18 balls in the next four days.

I’ll be at Citi Field tonight, and I might go back tomorrow. I’m also considering going to Philly on Wednesday and/or Yankee Stadium on Friday.

The reason why I don’t want to show up at Dodger Stadium with 3,999 balls is that I’d like to get No. 4,000 from the Mets (ideally a David Wright BP homer on the fly) and of course the Dodgers will be out on the field for the first half-hour, during which time I expect to snag at least one or two.

My fellow ballhawks John Witt and T.C. said they’re gonna try to make it to this game. A former Watch With Zack client named Evan will also be in attendance, in addition to my friend Brandon who’s gonna make the trip from San Diego. (He’s the guy who helped me build the pyramid of balls.) Are YOU going to be there? Let me know, and if possible, please bring a camera and try to document the milestone snag. I’d love to have both a video and a photo that captures the moment that I get it.

As for why I’m picking Dodger Stadium…

I snagged my 1,000th ball at Shea Stadium, my 2,000th ball at Olympic Stadium, and my 3,000th ball at Yankee Stadium. I thought it’d be nice to reach the next milestone on the road, and since I’m going to be at this game with my whole family, it seemed like a good choice. Anyway, wish me luck this week (I just contacted the Dodgers to let them know what’s up) and give a shout if you’re gonna be there on May 18th for BALL4K.


  1. brewfan87


    Best of luck to you in LA, and in the upcoming days to get close, but not too close, but not too far from 4,000. It’ll be a whole new challenge to get a certain number, and not get tempted to get more on a given day to keep you from reaching 4,000 too soon. I’ll be anxiously waiting to read the blog to see how it all works itself out.

    ~ Ben

  2. boblheader


    I was wondering if you knew what day of the week is most productive for snagging? I’m looking at a Mon., Tues., or a Wed. night game. Let me know thanks.

    Phill in Utah

  3. Howie


    Are you planning on getting the ball signed by the player who threw/hit it to u? If it is the bullpen catcher, will u get it signed by him? Good Luck


  4. zackhample

    Thanks very much.

    Oops. I seem to recall that you asked this in a recent comment which I neglected to answer. Sorry about that. I don’t think it makes THAT big of a difference, but I would say that the first game of a series is probably a little better. The players might be trying to see how far they can hit balls during BP, and they might be more generous in terms of throwing them into the crowd because they haven’t yet been there long enough to recognize fans. I could be way off, but that’s just my hunch.

    Yes, absolutely. Bullpen catcher, whoever. I just hope I know who actually hits (or throws) it. Even guys on my hometown Mets can be tough to recognize from 400 feet away.

  5. Cole

    May 18th is my birthday!!! I hope you can snag #4,000 on that day! It would be like a baseball related semi-present. Randy Johnson threw me a perfect game back in ’04, so that’ll still probably be my best baseball birthday memory (no offense lol), but this would definitely be cool.

    On another note, is there any chance you’ll swing by AZ while you’re on the west coast? If so I could probably hook you up with some fantastic tickets, but lemme look into that a bit further. If not, I guess we’ll just have to wait until next time!



    Hi zack its me andre and i was wondering if you can consider going to yankee stadium on friday because last time i went i got shutout due to the fact you cant go to the field level seats and I need your HELP!!!!

  7. Stuart Jon

    Best of luck in LA for number 4000! The last 1000 seems to have gone by pretty quick. Why David Wright? Have I missed something?

  8. districtboy

    It looks you’re zeroing in on your 4000th ball at the same time your blog is zeroing in on 400,000 visitors (or hits). However, I sort of think that every milestone ball should be “natural”. For example, when I predicted how I was going to snag my 300th career ball, I made sure I didn’t intentionally miss balls or not go after them 100%. Amazingly, my predicted player actually DID toss me up 300 (Jeff Bennett) but I felt better knowing it was natural. Of course, that was just ball 300, and not 4000, but still…

  9. thebestballhawker

    Go to philly on wednesday! I’ll be there taking pictures of you and watching/snagging ill email you the pictures if you go

  10. Txbaseballfan

    So what are you gonna do if you get to Citi or Philly & you start to have a day like 4/10/08 at National? Might be far-fetched, but you never know. Either way, 4K is in sight, & I’m glad I got to see you add to that # in person this year. Truly amazing!

  11. phillieswschamps

    Noooooo dont listen to zachconfalone come to the Phillies game on Tuesday I might go to the game with my dad.

  12. Kylie

    Aww crud. I got all happy when I saw you were going to Dodger Stadium, but alas, I’ll be there in June, not May. Also going to the Big A for a Rockies game or three.
    Go Zack! You got this.
    Kylie —

  13. Alex

    Well if you usual average holds true, I’d say you’d get 8 balls each night at Citi, 9 balls at Philly, and 4, maybe even 5 balls at Yankee Stadium (it has gotten a lot less snaggable. If you really want to increase you odds, buy a ticket for 15 dollars from stub hub on game day on field level) so you would enter Dodger Stadium with 4,008 balls. So 4,000 balls seems a little bit unlikely in Dodger Stadium.

  14. playball999


    I actually wanted to go for this game, but my dad is going out of town. You let me down. I’m sad now. )-:|.


    PS.- Most of this is a joke, except for the going out of town. He actually is. (-:|

  15. makinplays

    Hey Zack It’s Tony Bracco. Ya know that crazy kid with the green shirt on at last nights (5/11/09) Met game. Well i finally got the chance to meet you and it was awesome that you took some time out to talk for a lil while. hopefully i’ll see you at tomorrow night’s Met game and see you snag number 4,000! Best of luck and i’ll catch ya lata.
    p.s. i have a great picture of you doing THE GLOVE TRICK at the game as well. i was in center-field when you were doing it in left-field. If you’d like to have the pic for the blog just let me know how i can send it to you.

  16. bigglovebob

    Zack- Good luck with number 4,000! I had fun with Matt up this past weekend at the Dome. He got some nice commemoratives and got to see indoor baseball for the first time. I have a couple of new entries over at my blog, including a “deal” I made with a Twins pitcher. Curious to hear your thoughts on that one. Take it easy!


    check your email regarding a game in Philly tomorrow night.


    check your email regarding a game in Philly tomorrow night.

  19. dodgerduder

    Zack- I will be there on monday! I am going to have tickets in the All you can eat Right field pavillion. I should be in Left field for the first half hour, before the eating bonanza begins!


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