4/15/09 at Citi Field

Two weeks ago I attended a college game at Citi Field, but let’s pretend that never happened. As far as I’m concerned, THIS was my first real game at the Mets’ new ballpark and I was there with my friend Leon Feingold:


Leon is rather tall–6-foot-6 to be exact–and if he looks like a baseball player, that’s because he is. He pitched in the Indians’ minor league system in the mid-90s, and his fastball at the time was clocked in the mid-90s. For the last two years he’s pitched professionally in the Israeli Baseball League, and just last week he had a tryout with the Newark Bears. (Leon has made several appearances on this blog since last year. He and I played catch in a cramped gym, attended two games at Camden Yards, and checked out the NYC Scrabble Club.)

The funny moment of the day took place as Leon and I were walking toward the left field gate. I noticed that several Padres players happened to be walking right alongside us, so I ran ahead and pulled out my camera, and this is what they did:


That’s right. They hid their faces. The guy with the leather jacket (I wish I knew who it was) came charging right at me as if he were going to knock me down. The guy on the right (whose jacket is pulled over his face) had a shaved head. I think it might’ve been Kevin Kouzmanoff.

Now…one thing you have to know about Leon is that he’s a total troublemaker, and yet he never seems to get IN trouble. That said, he brazenly walked past the security guard outside the 3rd base VIP gate, then told the guard on the inside that he was one of the players and that he was looking for the press box. Incredibly, the guard waved Leon through and I got to tag along as his “guest.” (Leon does have an active APBPA card, which is supposed to get him access anyway, but he wasn’t asked to show it.)

We walked past the guard and found ourselves in the concourse underneath the seats. It was bustling with employees (including security guards) but no one paid any attention to us. They probably figured we belonged there. I was scared to death that we were going to get busted (half the people who work for the Mets recognize me and would’ve been suspicious if they’d seen me down there), but Leon insisted we weren’t doing anything wrong.

“What’re you gonna say if someone stops us?!” I shouted in a whisper.

“Don’t worry,” he said calmly. “I’ll think of something.”

I noticed that there were security cameras all over the place, and I didn’t want to draw any attention to myself by stopping to take a photograph, so I waited until the concourse cleared out and took the following shot on the move. That’s why it’s blurry:


We kept walking and the concourse kept getting emptier, and eventually there was no one else in sight. I had no idea where we were, but I figured we must’ve walked halfway around the stadium. The concourse just kept going and going, and the way I saw it, we were getting unsettlingly deep into enemy land.

Eventually the concourse spat us out though a couple metal doors…and oh my God…we were behind the bullpens:


I could see the field to my left…


…so naturally I walked up for a closer look:


Here I am, just slightly happy:


I reached down and ran my fingers through the dirt on the warning track. (Heaven!) Then I poked my head out and looked to my left:

Leon and I hung out there for about five minutes, and no one said a word. I was feeling too giddy at that point to worry about getting caught, so I kept my camera out and took dozens of photos. Here’s a shot of the visitors’ bullpen…


…and here’s a look at the space between the bullpens. Aside from getting to hang out with major leaguers, I would hate to watch a game from there:


We headed back into the concourse and made our way toward the exit. Of course this story wouldn’t be complete without a photo of me standing right outside the Mets clubhouse:



We made it. We were back outside. No one had said a word.

Leon and I headed to the left field gate and played catch for about 20 minutes. (I’m so sore right now.) We long-tossed for a bit, and when we got so far apart that I could no longer reach him, I started rolling the ball back to him. We were SO far apart at one point that when people walked past me I got some strange looks, presumably because they couldn’t figure out why I was standing all alone with a glove, staring into space. A few passersby looked in the direction that I was looking, and when they saw that there was another guy way off in the distance, they had to stop and see if he could actually throw the ball that far. The answer is yes, he could, and this was after he’d pitched the day before. (Freak of nature.)

My friend and bellow ballhawk Gary (aka “gjk2212” from the comments) was the first one in line at the gate. As the crowd continued to grow, we didn’t see any security guards getting up, and we began to worry that the gate wasn’t going to open. Long story short: At the last second, we had to run over to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda and wiggle our way into line and enter there. Look how crowded it was:


The gates opened 10 minutes late, and as soon as security finished looking inside my bag, I made a beeline for the left field seats. (Leon was already there. He’d wandered off and talked his way into the stadium half an hour earlier. Don’t ask.) Less than a minute later, a right-handed batter on the Mets launched a ball toward the empty seats in left-center field. Thanks to the fact that I had to deal with those cheap, non-juiced International League balls last week in Toronto, I misjudged this one and watched helplessly as it sailed five feet over my head. Luckily it did
13_citi_first_ball.jpgNOT take a crazy bounce, and I was able to grab it off the steps a moment later.

I was on the board! First ball ever at Citi Field! I was hoping it would have the Citi Field commemorative logo, but no, it was just a regular ball (pictured here on the right). I hadn’t yet seen the logo, not even in a photograph. I’d made a point of not looking at it throughout the winter. I knew I was going to snag some of the commemorative balls eventually, and I wanted to be totally surprised when I got the first one.

A couple minutes later, Fernando Tatis sent another ball flying in my direction. The seats were still fairly empty at that point, so even though I wasn’t close enough to catch it on the fly, I was still able to grab it off the ground. Another regular ball. Bleh.

It felt great just to have room to run for home run balls. Shea Stadium had plenty of quirks and provided a few advantages, but overall it was a dreadful place for batting practice. There were hardly any seats in fair territory, so all I could do was beg the players for balls. Yeesh. I don’t even want to think about that. Quick…I have to erase the memory. Here’s what BP looked like yesterday out in the left field seats:


The biggest problem with BP at Citi Field is that there’s not a great place to go for left-handed batters. The second deck in right field swallows up some of the balls, but it’s a pain to get up there (Gary was kicked out of that section during BP), and the seats on the lower level don’t get much action because of the overhang. The only other option is the section way out in right-center, which unfortunately sits next to a “415” marker on the outfield wall. When you’re out there, it might look like a good spot, but in reality it’s a loooooong way from home plate, and there won’t be too many balls that reach the seats. Here’s the view:


Carlos Delgado did manage to hit one ball out there, and I snagged it. I was in the third or fourth row at the time, and it landed several rows behind me, so it was quite a shot. Did it have a commemorative logo?! No, but at least I had my third ball of the day.

Toward the end of the Mets’ portion of BP, I was able to use my glove trick to pluck a ball off the warning track in straight-away left field, and let me tell you, it’s a long way down. I think that wall is 16 feet high. Commemorative ball? Nope.

The Padres took the field and started hitting. Another ball rolled onto the warning track in left field. I rigged my glove, lowered it to the field, pulled up the ball, and took a look at it. WHAT?!?! I did a double-take when I saw it. There was a different type of the logo on the ball. Was that…it?! THAT?! The logo was tall and narrow and generic. All it said was “2009 inaugural season.” No mention of the Mets or Citi Field or New York. Nothing. Just a little piece of artwork that I gathered was supposed to represent the outside of the stadium. Have a look for yourself:


It was so disappointing. Of all the commemorative balls I’ve snagged over the years, this is the worst. By far. Only the Mets could possibly manage to screw up a ball. Am I being too harsh? What do you think about this new ball? Does anyone actually like it?

Heath Bell came out and started throwing with the rest of the pitchers…


…and I got his attention.

A little context: I got to know Heath five years ago when he was a Quadruple-A reliever for the Mets. I played catch with him from the seats at Shea in 2005, and he’s always been really cool to me whenever I’ve seen him. Last year, when I saw him at PETCO Park, he hooked me up with a very special ball and also gave me a cap. I can’t explain it, but the man is truly looking out for me. Most players who recognize me won’t give me baseballs, and in fact some have even gone out of their way to prevent me from getting balls, but Heath is just the opposite. I guess he likes the fact that I’m such a big fan, and he gets a kick out of adding to my collection. I’d heard from a few friends (who know that I know him) that Heath was looking for me two days earlier, but I wasn’t able to go to that game. (Too expensive.) One of my friends (I think it was Gary…or maybe it was Gail…too many emails…ahh!) told me that Heath wanted me to give him a call. But I didn’t have his number. I’d mailed him a letter during Spring Training and given him MY number, but I never heard from him. I once talked to him on someone else’s cell phone. So close…and yet so far. I still didn’t know how to get a hold of him, other than showing up at a stadium and waving him down. Anyway, on this fine day, he told me that he wanted to talk to me, but he said he had to throw and run first, and that when he was done he’d meet me out in that deep section in right-center field.


I could’ve kept trying to snag balls, but I didn’t want to miss him, so I immediately headed out there, and of course I missed a few snagging opportunities as a result. But I knew it was worth it.

Sure enough, about 10 or maybe 15 minutes later, Heath started jogging out toward my section in right-center, and I had to convince some fans in the front row to let me in. When Heath got close, I leaned over the wall as far as I could, and he jumped up and gave me a little handshake in mid-air. Then he just stood there on the warning track and talked to me for…I don’t know, at least another 10 minutes:


I can’t remember everything we talked about, but basically I congratulated him on becoming the closer. He asked me how I’ve been. I asked him if he happened to save any balls from the World Baseball Classic. He said he got a whole bunch and would give one to me…but he said the balls are in San Diego. He asked if I was planning to head out that way this season. I said no, but that I might have to come out just to get one of those balls. He said it wasn’t worth it, and I explained that it IS worth it. I told him that I only count balls from major league players at major league games, so the only way that I could ever possibly have a WBC ball in my collection would be if he gave one to me at a regular season game. He asked me if I’m going to be seeing the Padres on the road, like in Philly or D.C., and I said I wasn’t sure. So…he was like, “Well keep me posted and let me know where you’re gonna be, and we’ll try to figure it out.” I told him that I still didn’t have his phone number and that I had no way of getting a hold of him. He said he had my number. He was like, “That number you sent me is your cell?” I said yes, and he said he’d text me after batting practice. I wasn’t sure if he really had the number, so I grabbed one of my contact cards and wrote my number on it and gave it to him. Then we started talking about other stuff.

“So you’ve heard about my charity?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “someone was talking about it. What’s the deal with that?”

I told him all about it, how the charity is called Pitch In For Baseball, and how it provides baseball equipment to needy kids all over the world, and how I’m getting people to pledge money for every ball I snag this season, and how every ball I snag is already worth close to $16 for the charity, and that it’d be AWESOME if he were to pledge something, even a teeny amount, just so I could say I had a major league player on board.

“Send me the info,” he said, “I’ll check it out.”

“I won’t charge you for the balls you give me,” I told him.

He asked me if I’d gotten one of the commemorative balls yet. I couldn’t lie. I told him that I *had* just gotten one about half an hour earlier, but that didn’t stop him from giving me another. When a ball rolled onto the warning track about 50 feet away, he went over and picked it up and inspected it to see if had the “special” logo, and when he saw that it did, he walked past all the screaming fans in the front row and tossed it right up to me.

Heath Bell is THE MAN, and the Mets were stupid to let him go.

I can’t even remember what else we talked about. Like I said, it was a long conversation, but we wrapped it up with my saying “thanks sooooo much” and “congrats again.” He said he’d text me after BP and we said we’d talk soon.

I only managed to get one more ball during BP. I snagged it with my glove trick near the LF foul pole, it was commemorative. Very strange that the Padres were using those balls and the Mets weren’t. (Does anyone know Mets equipment manager Charlie Samuels? I’d really like to talk to him and ask him a few questions.)

After BP, I met up with Leon behind the Padres’ dugout. Dave Winfield was down there, and Leon shouted at him and told him he played with him in Spring Training one year. Here’s Winfield’s reaction:


Here I am with the seven balls I’d snagged (I gave one of them away to a kid after the game):


As promised, Heath texted me after BP, and he included his email address. Obviously I can’t share that address here, but I will say that it contains the word “heater.”

It was Jackie Robinson Day. Here are all the No. 42’s being worn in his honor:


After the ceremony, when Heath walked back in toward the dugout, he spotted me in the seats and asked if I’d gotten his text. Coolness.

Game time!

This was my view in the first inning:


When David Wright struck out to end the bottom of the first, I bolted down the steps and got Padres catcher Nick Hundley to toss me the ball on his way in. So easy. No competition. And finally, I had a commemorative ball that was actually rubbed up and game-used.

Gary Sheffield, stuck on 499 career homers, was getting his first start of the year and batting sixth. When he came up in the bottom of the second, this is where I was sitting:


It wasn’t ideal, but that’s Citi Field for ya. There’s no cross aisle, so if a game is crowded (as it will be all year and probably for all of eternity), there’s no way to run left or right for a home run ball. If Sheffield had gotten a hold of one, he would’ve had to hit it exactly in my direction, and my range would’ve been limited to that one staircase. Not good. But at least I had a chance. Sheffield, though, didn’t do his part and struck out swinging.

After that I moved up to the club (aka “Excelsior”) level. Good foul ball spot. This was the view:


If the guards had actually let me stand in the aisle, this is what it would’ve looked like on my left…


…and this is what it would’ve looked like on my right. Notice the baseball writers in the press box and the blue SNY booth in the distance:


Here’s a closer look at the booth. Keith Hernandez is on the left, Ron Darling is in the middle, and Gary Cohen (whom I adore) is on the right:


Here’s at look at the ESPN booth. Rick Sutcliffe is on the left, Joe Morgan is sitting next to him, then Rachel Robinson (Jackie Robinson’s widow), and Dave O’Brian on the right. Not a shabby group. Security didn’t appreciate the fact that I took this photo (and yet they had no problem with the fact that I was practically standing on the field five hours earlier…go figure):


I kept moving around between the left field seats for Sheffield (who went 0-for-2 with a walk and got pulled for a pinch hitter late in the game), the club level for foul balls (there were none), and the Padres’ dugout for third-out balls. Leon, who told me he’d run out onto the batter’s eye to grab a ball during BP, spent the entire game sitting in the second row behind the dugout. (Oh, and I forgot to mention that he ended up snagging three balls, including a Sheffield BP homer that was heading right into my glove; I need shorter, less athletic friends.)

The following photo shows my view in the seventh inning:


Once again, it was David Wright who ended the frame, this time with a fly out to right fielder Brian Giles. By this late point in the game, all the fans in the section knew there was a chance to get a ball every inning, but they were too dumb to figure out why. They all charged down the steps and yelled at first baseman Adrian Gonzalez as he jogged off the field, and as soon as he was gone, they all dispersed and headed back to their seats. Fifteen seconds later, Giles jogged in, and since I was the ONLY fan standing in the front row at that point, I had no trouble getting him to toss me the ball. That was my ninth and (unfortunately) final ball of the day.

After the game, I got a photo with Gary (pictured below on the right) and a fellow ballhawk named Donnie (aka “donnieanks”) that I had finally met for the first time earlier in the day. Here were are:


And that’s about it.

I hope the Padres win the NL West and Heath Bell saves 74 games.


• 9 balls at this game (8 pictured here because I gave one away)

• 40 balls in 5 games this season = 8 balls per game.

• 574 consecutive games with at least one ball

• 339 consecutive Mets games with at least one ball

• 45 major league stadiums with at least one ball caught

• 3,860 total balls


• 78 donors (click here and scroll down for the complete list)

• $15.87 pledged per ball

• $142.83 raised at this game

• $634.80 raised this season for Pitch In For Baseball


  1. boodleheimer1@aol.com

    FANTASTIC entry today! And a great adventure, as always. You’re the Huck Finn of snaggers. And BRAVO on your PIFB stats. That’s a marvelous thing for you to do. I’m in awe. Keep on snaggin’!

  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    Great entry, Zack! Behind the scenes AND another unique Heath Bell encounter. Totally awesome, man. Congrats on the nine… if I’m not mistaken, you consider ten to be your mastery of a stadium goal, so I understand why you mentioned you were unfortunately stuck at nine. Crazy enough… I’ve been in e-mail contact with Sammy Wu out here on the West Coast. I found him via your blog entries and he’s been cool enough to provide me with some helpful autograph tips. Isn’t this internet thing amazing?!? :-)

  3. evilempire93

    good stuff zach….I actually got Heath to sign my team USA hat while you were talking to him, so thanks man..and congrats on another good day of snagging!

  4. li7039@yahoo.com

    Zack where was your ticketed seat? Did ushers check your ticket to get onto the club level? I have tickets in the club level saturday but i don’t think i can get into the “club” but if there not checking tickets i guess i can.

  5. johnster75@comcast.net

    hi i was wondering if u were doing anything on may 27? I m going to be at citizens bank part the day befor my birthday! Last year i happened to see you there, so if u have nothing going on it should be an easy to snag game right befor mamorial day weekened with not much croud! if you could cam u please e-mail me back at johnster75@comcast.net! P.S. great job at the game and i think that is the best of all of the commaritive balls! but that is just meeeee!
    Thanks ,

  6. Txbaseballfan

    Cool 1st Citi Field entry! Pix, reports & everything. 9 balls might be somewhat of a disappointment, but consider it a tune up for your midwest swing. The Padres are coming to Arlington by the way, in June (26-28). Just FYI. Brian

  7. cookandsonbats

    Maybe Leon should start a company, “Snoop around with Leon.”

    I think you should use Heath Bell’s email and/or text to tell him to hook ME up with a ball in Philadelphia this Sunday. I’ll be the dude with the blonde-headed boy on my shoulders who looks a lot like this: http://cookandsonbats.mlblogs.com/assets_c/2009/04/cheesin-thumb-550×412-1043532.jpg

    CitiField looks great in those picts, but I didn’t like the beige/tan wall behind home plate as seen on TV. looked like it should be the padres’ field, not the mets.

  8. Howie


    What time were you at the stadium? And also where were you so the Padres would be right next to you? Congrats on stadium 45.


  9. .

    Zack, it was good finally meeting you man. Since we won’t see each other before you hit up the Chi as we discussed, I’ll see you at Yankee Stadium on your next game back from your trip. Good luck.

    – Donnie

  10. dannymb87

    Hey Zack, awesome entry.
    You think going to the college game before this game made a huge difference?

  11. thet206kid

    wow, nice to see you had a good time zack, that was so cool you got in the tunnels of citi, it was probably because the guy your with looks like he could be on the team, I wish the mets kept bell too, Stupid Rick Peterson didnt know what to do with him, he screwed the pitching up.

  12. batboy1927

    hey zack great job with citi today. I was able to get a ball trown up to my by Joba during the Yankees batting practice. One thing I have to tell you though your consecutive game record may be in danger. The only reson i got one is because I was sitting in the right feild upper deck and I was the only kid in that area. The lower levals you ca’nt get in there with out a ticket. The section right near the feild is blocked off by a ten foot gap. But if any one can do it I know you can. Good luck on the 18th.

  13. puckcollector@optonline.net

    I actually think the logo is pretty good. and it cant say citi field on it because MLB prohibits any form of advertising on any uniform or equipment

  14. baseballexperiences

    Anyone who wants a 10 dollar ticket for tomorow’s yankee game- friday 4/17, can email me from now untill 6:30 tomorow.

  15. baseballexperiences

    * thats a.m.

    Zack, i am sooooo happy now that i hear how easy it is to get down to the field level at shea. i was about to buy an expensive ticket for next sunday, but am sticking with my printat home one and “sneaking” or leisurly walking down, maybe i should wear i sign that says ” i dont belong here.” then an usher MAY ask me where my ticket is. :)

  16. panzz

    hey zack its me again andre i think you should really go to the mets game friday because if shefield doesnt hit the 500th homer than you have a chance of catching it tommorow.

  17. sportzfreeka

    That’s great you know Heath like that. I’m actually going to Saturday’s game (not a bobblehead game) against DETROIT which means there may be a chance at 500 Saturday!

  18. ladod4ever

    Hey zack!! Great entry can’t you use the charity to tell players the go for charity!!! Good idea right??? Unless the player wouldn’t want to support charity??? That’s good you have always have supported a certain player because you might need him in the future….well are you thinking of going to san diego for the ball?!!

  19. cubs0110

    Zack, did you see Heath Bell’s interview on BBTN?

    He seems really cool and down to earth. I’ve read about him from you, but to hear an interview is humbling. He seems like an average guy. It’s cool that you have a sort of friendship with him.

    He made a point to say that the Mets never thought he could be a closer, but look at him now.

    He also said that being interviewed for BBTN was one of the coolest things he’s ever done, which almost confused the hosts.

    If you haven’t seen it, look for a replay or something.

    Also, look for an e-mail from me soon, I’ll be sending some pics from Wrigley with whatever insight I have.

  20. Jake

    Hey Zack, another great entry on your part. I liked the way that you and Leon went snooping around Citi Field. I know if that would’ve been me I would’ve been nervous about being caught. I envy your cool ballpark experiences :)
    That’s also very cool about you and Heath. Nelson Figueroa was my pitching coach last year before the Mets signed him. When they were in town last year I had a nice conversation with him. I redeemed myself of the misjudgement I had last week by catching 3 BP homers in two games this week, feels good. When you go to Wirgley, are you going to go out to Waveland and Sheffield before the gates open?
    Good luck and keep on raising that money!

  21. padreleigh

    Hi Zack…

    The guy with the jacket over his head is rookie Everth Cabrera. The guy laughing in the middle is Scott Hairston and the other guy with the coat over his head IS Kevin Kouzmanoff. Funny stuff. At first glance your friend Leon looks a LITTLE like OF Drew Macias, but Leon has a bigger nose. His size and the timing worked out PERFECT for you guys to just walk into the stadium. That was AWESOME!! You two probably could have walked right into the Padres clubhouse and Heath would have vouched for you. Now, THAT would be a story.
    That was a great entry. I kind of like the commemorative balls myself. I’m glad you snagged a few. I hope the Padres bring a few back with them to SD so I can snag them! That’s really cool about Heath hooking you up with the contact info. We’d love to see you out here again for a visit. 9 balls is a great day at a new ballpark no matter what and I am LOVING the fact you want my Padres to win the NL West and for Heath so save 74 games. Both are longshots for sure, but I appreciate the love. It’s too early to wish for anything just yet. Good luck at your next snagging game!!


  22. goisles

    Zack- Your entry on breaching security before the game is pretty interesting , but probably will lead to tighter measures if someone in authority reads it. It also looks like the ushers/security were lax in your ability to roam–so I would reiterate the question above about where your ticketed seat was located.

    My only other question is this: Do you recall any foul balls reaching the first rows of the Upper Deck?

  23. ceetar

    Couple of quick things. that commemorative logo _is_ the logo for Citi Field by the Mets. I’ve got a shirt with one on the sleeve for instance. Guess they just assume you realize you’re at Citi Field, home of the Mets that they don’t need to say it.

    Bell seems cool enough, and I don’t think the Mets gave him a completely fair chance, but either way, he’s fast on his way to being near the top of the hated list for many. (Although I heard him on ESPN radio yesterday and he was ranting about East Coast Bias and killing ESPN)

    My guess is the only reason the left field entrance was opening earlier earlier in the year is because the rotunda wasn’t 100% finished and all. The Rotunda will likely be the entry point for every other game now. btw, I saw you yesterday. I was online behind you while you were buying a ticket and seemed to be of a nervous wreck about where to go in, so I didn’t say hello. next time.

    which ticket did you have for this game? I see you on both the field level and the excelsior level, which as far as I could tell are both levels they try to make you have a ticket for. Especially to walk down towards the dugout. I couldn’t even get into the Excelsior seats during the exhibition when my hat blew off my head from the promenade and landed there.

  24. zackhample

    I went to Citi Field last night, and I’ll be posting an entry about it within the next 12 hours (or so). I’m really pressed for time right now, so I’m only going to answer the comments with questions. And finally, my name is spelled “Zack” and not “Zach.” Thanks.

    I had purchased a cheap seat, but I knew someone with tickets RIGHT behind the Padres’ dugout, and he gave me one so I could move around. As for the club level, I have a certain connection up there as well.

    Anyone can get into the field level during BP, but you can’t go down to the dugouts during BP unless you have a ticket for the sections behind the dugouts. Security checks tickets for those sections all day long. It’s horrendous.

    I just emailed you about that. There’s a chance I might be there.

    Definitely in the Top 10.

    I was there at around 2:45pm, and I ran into the Padres players between the Rotunda and the LF gate.

    The only difference it made was that I didn’t need to spend this whole game wandering and taking pics, but as far as helping me get extra balls…not at all.

    That’d be a cool way to get balls: Make the players feel guilty about not supporting charity and get them to toss a bunch of balls to me.

    No, unfortunately, I missed Heath’s interview.

    I’ll probably hang out on Waveland & Sheffield until the gates open, or until I feel I ought to get in line. But once the stadium is open, I’m IN.

    Security never said anything, but I was smart about it. I only went for balls that were right below me, and I made sure no one was watching, at least not up close.

    I answered the ticket question above. As for the upper deck, I didn’t see any balls reach the seats, but a few did hit off the facade, so it’s definitely possible.

    You totally should’ve said hey. Meeting friendly people (especially from the blog) will reduce my stress, not add to it. As for the ticket question, I’ve answered it above.

    I love you deeply.

  25. jaybird1604@msn.com

    This is my first time leaving a comment but i have been reading your blog for over a year now and i must say i love it. I learn something new everytime. Well what I was wondering is if you plan on attending any games in New York during Fleet Week. I am in the Navy and my ship is scheduled to be there. If you remember in the news where a US ship caught pirates off of Somolia well that was my ship maybe that is why we are going. Anyway, I was hoping to meet you while I am in New York. I can even arrange for free tickets to both stadiums. Thanks for your time.


  26. Kylie

    Wow, Zack. Wow. Not only did you manage to wriggle your way “backstage,” as it were, but you had yet another magnificent Heath Bell encounter. I love it when the good guys get the good jobs–closer, for instance. He seems like a genuinely great guy.
    You’re surprised that the “commemorative” logo is so ugly? Have you seen the Domino’s Pizza orange-and-blue rectangle logo?
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  27. mlbpro12

    Remember me from the line at the St. Johns game and at the Mets game yesterday and I got the Cliff Floyd batting gloves. You asked me if I blogged. Well I just set one up. I can’t wait until you write about yesterdays game.

  28. cubs0110


    I missed an easy throw that sailed high of the person that Rich Harden was playing catch with in BP today. It just hit the heel of my glove, bad luck. He held onto the ball the whole time, so I thought he would give me another shot at the end of BP, but nope.

    The baseball gods were looking out for me though, I ended up with a Pujols-hit ball that someone ELSE botched.

    I’ll take it.

  29. bigbrouse23@msn.com

    Zack, i,ve been reading this blog for about a year or so and its awesome. I don’t know if you know this but the Minnesota Twins are using COMMEMORATIVE baseballs this season, i havent snagged any but i’ve seen pics of the baseballs online and they’re pretty insane. Our website rocks.

  30. baseballexperiences

    Wrap up of my first trip to yankee stadium today; first GAME i should say since i got a tour; i could take an hour on this but will just some it up. I beat my recors of 4 and got 5. This is my first FULL year of snagging.
    With 15 min to spare i got to gate 8 and was able to make my way up to first in line. Ran straight to the bleachers and decided on right field. Emidiatly made friends with an usher, who let me sit in his section the entire game. 1st ball came from Phil Coke after he fielded one and threw it to me over the bullpen. 2nd came from yanks coach Mike HArkey after ANdy Pettite’s session. [ not the warmup ball] 3rd was in left field with my indians hat on from Vinnie Chulk over the visitors bullpen. 4th was from Dan Williams who threw a ball that landed in the bullpen during bp. CLiff Lee threw two to me that both fell 30 feet short, while he was trying to throw them behind his back during bp.The game was great and the Stadium is BEAUTIFUL. Only flaw is that the field level seats were only 2/3 full, and you CANNOT get down without a ticket into them during the game NO MATTER WHAT. I asked 5 ushers and got turned down each time. One of them had two empty rows were two homers were hit, i probably would have ended up with one. My fifth ball was kinda wierd. I was over the bullpen as Mo finished the game and everyone left the bullpen. AFter 30 second the last three pitchers were leaving, and without asked Damaso MArte turned around pointed to me and threw me my record breaking fifth ball. It was great!

  31. Alex

    Hey Zack. What gate are you gonna be at? I recommend Gate 2. It’s the happening Gate that has nobody on line if you get there early. If you need help, I can get you down to field level I think on Saturday. I’ll be at Gate 2. Stop by section 130.

  32. Clayton

    You’re kind of a dick for saying other fans were “too dumb” to realized what was going on. Keep on keeping on though.

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