Gustavo Watch, Part 18

Ahh yes, Gustavo Chacin, the guy who stole a baseball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium and promptly fell victim to the Hample Jinx

The latest piece of Gustavo news broke last week when I was snagging baseballs in Toronto. I didn’t get a chance to blog about it then, but hey, it’s never too late to discuss the misfortunes that befall him.

Do you remember, back in December, when I was chillin’ in Ireland and making fun of Gustavo for getting signed by the lowly Washington Nationals? Well, it didn’t take long for the Nationals to release him. (Tee-hee!) Here’s the story on

Now…don’t be fooled by the fact that he ended up signing with the Phillies; it was a minor league contract and we all know that the entire Phillies organization is going to fizzle in ’09.

But enough about the Phillies. Yuck. It’s all about the Mets right now. Last night, in honor of the official opening of Citi Field, the Empire State Building was illuminated with orange and blue. Here’s the view of it from my apartment. It’s way off in the distance (more than two miles away), right in the center of the photograph:


There’s a 50 percent chance of rain tomorrow, but I don’t care. I’ll be at Citi Field even if there’s a monsoon. Bring it on. I’m so ready…


  1. ladod4ever

    That’s good for him he can sign with the phillies but the worst is still to come do I hear retirement…nice picture of the empire state buliding

  2. Howie


    You are in luck. You probably know this, but Sheffield’s first start in RF is scheduled for wednesday. I was at opening day, they put in special baseballs when he pinch-hit. At opening day all I got was a Doc Gooden autograph at about 3. I was there that early. Get there early. Go to the Left Field gate. Go to the far left side of the gate. There r many tables. Thanks for listening.


  3. Charlie


    Nice job in Toronto, Zack. That sounds awesome to stay in that hotel.

    There’s no Hample Jinx on any other player, correct?


  4. zackhample

    So true.

    Retirement! I love it.

    I doubt he knows about it. But who knows? Maybe he’s Googled his name and found my blog.

    I know…I heard. I’m so happy about that. Thank you, kind sir.

    Yeah yeah, I know. There’s always SOME unavoidable ugliness.


  5. ssweene1

    Good luck tomorrow!
    Although I believe in the Hample Jinx, I think part of the reason he has sucked is well, because he sucks. haha


    Hey man,

    I am a long time reader, but this is the first time ever leaving a comment. I am a huge fan of your blog and love following it during the season. I was reading the other day about how Litsch was the guy who was throwing to you up in your hotel room in Toronto. I was just watching ESPN and saw that they put him on the DL for a forearm injury! Wonder if that had anything to do with him throwing to you haha. Thought you might find that interesting, I thought it was funny. Take care.


  7. evilempire93

    sweet pic zach! and gustavo is a mess..with the hample jinx on top of it all, retirement is in the near the way im going to citi field tomorrow, reccomend any hot spots for ball snagging?

  8. zackhample

    Thanks and excellent point. I’m going to email you soon, I promise. I’m really far behind on all my emails at the moment…

    MARK #1-
    Thanks for reading and for finally getting in on the comment action. It’s good to hear from you. That IS funny about Litsch. I saw last night that he was on the DL, but I didn’t put it all together. Hmm…

    Hot spots? Not really. I’ll be trying to figure it all out myself. Even though I was there for that dopey college game, there wasn’t BP that day, so I have yet to see firsthand how balls fly and bounce around at Citi Field. Of course…standard snagging strategies always apply, so just use all the basic techniques. As I go to more games there, I’ll have a better idea of where to go, and of course I’ll pass along all the tips here on my blog.

    MARK #2-
    Haha, blame the GM. :-)

    Hey, thanks for noticing. And I did it all with my little rinky-dink digital camera.

    See you in a few hours…

  9. Txbaseballfan

    Hey Zack! Gustavo is clueless, & you’re a genius! This is bmpowell74 (Brian) by the way, I just set up my 1st mlb blog. Figured I’d give it a try. Plus, I needed a place to vent my frustration about these stupid Rangers fans down here! Have fun on your midwest swing! Brian

  10. baseballexperiences

    David Wright just hit a foul ball into that useless 8 seat or so section down the right field foul line and there was 1 seat occupied. It was an usher. Haha what a joke, so much for selling out the expensive tickets mets management!

  11. padreleigh

    I need another orange cat to run on the field. A “rally cat”. I am getting really sick and tired of seeing all the people waving to the the camera too. It’s happening all over baseball. They have the PRIVILEDGE of sitting in the “good seats” behind the plate and behind the dugout and they incessantly wave while on their cell phones. Honestly, what’s the thrill? It’s really annoying in HD too.


  12. gregb123

    Leigh — You are so right about all these fans waving for the camera. That is the most annoying thing to see on TV during a baseball game. Why do people feel the need to do that crap?

    Also, I like the “rally cat” idea. That could be like the Tigers version of the rally monkey or something.

    By the way, I saw your Henry Blanco HR catch live the other night (don’t ask me why I was watching a random Giants/Pads game), and as soon as it came down right above the left side of the Wells Fargo sign, I knew you were gonna catch it. That was pretty cool. Nice work. How many game homers is that for you lifetime?

  13. padreleigh

    Thanks Greg…

    That was number 14. First one was in 2000. No rally cat action for us tonight. I can’t BELIEVE the person that got Adrian Gonzalez’s number 100 homer tonight threw it back. Uggh. Wish he hit it here. Oh well. Maybe Peavy can get it going tomorrow.


  14. zackhample

    Vent on, brotha!

    I’m hoping we can make it 20 by season’s end.

    Yeah, it’s really pathetic.

    Rally cat…I like it.

  15. vonfosco1

    There are 3 Phillies Jerseys buried in the ball park. As a The jerseys are:

    1. Under the Fanwalk bricks.
    2. Jackie Robinson Rotunda in the vicinity of the Ticket Office window.
    3. Near the vicinity of the ’47 Shop near right field.

    I understand how some may not believe that jerseys are buried beneath Citi Field. Is this an original prank? No, but who cares? Did you invent every joke you ever told?? When your at Citi Field, say hi to the Burrell, Howard, and Utley jerseys beneath your feet.

    I realize that it must be hard to be a Mets fan and watch one of the highest paid teams in sports lose year after year. Here is a link that I feel will help you this September.

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