On April 15th I’ll be at Citi Field, on April 18th I’ll be at Yankee Stadium, and a few days later I’ll be heading out of town…

I’ll be at Wrigley Field from April 21-23, U.S. Cellular Field from April 24-25, and Miller Park on April 27th. I won’t be flying back to NYC until the 29th, so I’ll either be going to a second game in Milwaukee on the 28th or I’ll be back at the Cell. (One of the best things about this trip is that I’ll be staying with friends and won’t have to spend a single night in a hotel.)

In other news, I’m in the current issue of American Way, which is the official magazine of American Airlines. Click here to read the online version.


  1. stlfan

    Yo Zack,
    Sounds like fun. Here’s an idea. It’s an awesome midwest trip. But…….. YOU’RE MISSING A CITY!!! St. Louis!! C’mon man. They’re in town from the 21st til the 26th or sumptin. Get a ticket, and there are great chances. I went, and got a ball in BP, and I am not a baeball snagger. Just think about it.

    Have fun in CHi-town. I love that town, but give the cubbies some boos for me. :D.

  2. fdfd45

    Hello Zack

    Long time reader, first time poster. I live in Chicago and the White Sox are my team. Though I am sure you will research this, you should know people with tickets for the Upper Deck are forced to stay there. No lower deck access, which is needed for snagging. Be sure to have a ticket in the 100’s. Security is tough and there aren’t any nooks where balls hide either. Good luck, cant wait to read about it.

  3. zackhample

    What’s luck got to do, got to do with it?

    Doubtful, but thanks.

    I won’t hit up St. Louis on this trip because I was just there two years ago. I haven’t been to Miller Park since 2003, U.S. Cellular since 1999, and Wrigley since 1998. Plus, I know a bunch of people in Chicago. I don’t know anyone in St. Louis.

    Hi. Welcome to the comments section, and thanks for the heads-up about security at the Cell. Is that true even for batting practice?!

  4. cubs0110


    I’ll be there on the 21st for sure, and maybe the 23rd. I’ll consider going to one of the sox games just to watch you work (if I can find a cheap enough ticket)

    Today was my first game of the season, and there was no bp, but Ryan Dempster threw me a ball that I later got signed by Rich Harden and Geovany Soto.

    Good luck in Chicago, and I’m looking forward to those entries.

  5. .

    HAHAHAHAHA! Yo brotha..I know you’re groovin’ right now! You gotta be in some kind of good mood after saying that. You’re “Lucky” because of the trip your going on. After you snag the projected amount that I think you’re going to get, which will remain a secret :x, THEN you can say, “what’s luck got to do, got to do with it!

    – Donnie

  6. cookandsonbats

    hey, i’m taking that same trip this summer except i’m also throwing in the Metrodome. Have fun!

  7. cubs0110

    And Zack…. Yes it IS true about BP at the cell.

    If you have a print at home ticket, e-mail me and I can tell you a method I came up with (not yet tested, I don’t go to many Sox games)

    If it’s a hard copy, you might be out of luck, but I’d run right to customer service and tell them you didn’t know the policy and just want to go down for BP. That worked for me, and they gave me some special stamp that gave me access. (I ended up with my record of 3 balls that day.. you could keep picking balls out of the Sox bullpen until the cows come home.) That was my first day using the glove trick, so I was a bit timid, but you could have picked 10+ out of there.

  8. Txbaseballfan

    How awesome are connections? Really hope you have great success. Sure wish you could make a trip to Arlington. Got a place for you to stay! Well, tear ’em up bro!

  9. cubs0110

    rockiesfanatic14, if you’re talking to me…. sort of. I found a way to edit print at home tickets.

  10. padreleigh

    Hey Zack…

    That sounds like a pretty cool trip!! I like both the Chicago ballparks. I haven’t been to the new Miller Park, but I really want to go. You and Happy will have a fun day fo shizzle.

    Donnie Danks….

    Dude, what was up with that cat tonight? Our announcer said it was a mountain lion. Ha ha. Sorry about the outcome tonight, but…….I will take it. How about all the “firsts” for Jody Gerut?


  11. ladod4ever

    Zack good luck in your trip make Alot of money for you charity….what happend with you in the ball hawk league try to catch up…oh and the story with you and the usher that’s funny cause you are know for giving jinxes would you have him jinxed if he didn’t let you get the ball or would you think about it??? Just asking it’s funny


    Hey Zack, can’t wait to read the write-ups…

    Hey you gotta get back to Kauffman! The renovations this year made it possible to walk all the way around the stadium in the outfield (instead of being blocked by fountains), and also has a nice little porch now in front of the fountains where people stand and can catch home runs. Would love to read a write-up of the K.

  13. dennisox


    You can get to the 100 level via the Fundamentals Deck in left field. You can say you’re picking up your little brother. I always say I’m getting my sons. The cheapest seats are $19.00 at the box office.

    I’m looking forward to your Chicago report!



  14. .

    LEIGH – I have no clue what it is with cats constantly finding the urge to run out on a baseball field in New York during a game. A lot of people were scared though when it jumped up in front of them lol. Um, let’s not talk about Jody Gerut, even though he was the All-Star of the game. But, his catch wasn’t as magnificent as BJ Upton’s last night in Tampa. If you know what I’m talking about, he basically tied Mays with a ball he barely looked for, having no room to run after catching the ball, and falling into the wall after the catch. It was awesome and I can’t believe it was SportCenters #2 Top Play out of 10. It deserves #1.

    – Donnie

  15. ssweene1

    If you trick includes E-Tickets, I know what you are doing and trust me, It works like a charm.. I used it 10 times last yeah.. All on 8 dollar value days.. I won’t say it here but it works. haha
    The Cell security is actually really easy to beat, and they are pretty nice. You just need to get to the hundred level. And as Cookandsonbats said, there are ways to beat the system; even with a hard copy… I explained it all in an email to zack but if you wanna know just email me ssweene1 at gmail dot com
    @Zack I sent you an email about some things I have picked up on over the last couple years. Plus I am going to Wrig 3 times this week and already been at the Cell this year. Ya need any pre-recon, let me know! And just to go back a little off what Cookandsonbats said, The glove trick will get shot down for sure in the left field pen cause the security guard is crotchity and old. He stopped us several times at several games.. Left field is where you can do it and get away with it..

  16. gjk2212

    hey everyone, went to citi field last night

    i started my own line at 122 pm, 3 hrs and 18 mins before the gates would open. i was the first one in, didn’t get anything special, and ive never seen a longer line, not even for last yrs derby. the side line went from the lf gate to the rotunda and near subway platform, no exaggeration.

    anyway, ran in and snagged one early from bobby parnell, and got shut out jody gerut, edward mujica, and some coach to spot my pads hat and throw me balls, all to miss over my head and get swallowed up by the crowd. so, contrary to popular opinion, gerut DID do something wrong last night. haha.

    zack-just sent you an email..

  17. .

    Zack, I’m not sure if this is your exact photo you took and edited as an example you used in a blog from last season, but this person definitely stole the photo and/or your idea and created an article about your rant over at the NY Times. I’m not sure if you ever came across this article, but there’s no mentioning of you at all, being that it’s *possibly* your photo and story. Check it out, let me know what’s good. It was posted back in September 2008.

    – Donnie

  18. brewfan87


    Heading to Miller Park on the 27th, eh? I haven’t commented in a while but have been reading, busy with school and what not. I may have to head over to meet up with you. No competition here, as I don’t really go for BP balls anymore, I might sit in the outfield once in a while but not much. I did get a foul ball off the bat of Aramis Ramirez (booo) on Sunday when the Brewers played the Cubs on ESPN, and the Brewers walked in 4 runs in one inning, so exciting!! hahaha, not really. Well, You’ll have to keep me posted so we can meet up and get my copy of Watching Baseball Smarter signed, (if it’s with me here at UW and not back home). Great job on all the recent snagging in Toronto and talk to you later.

    ~ Ben


    Zack…I haven’t left a message for a couple of years probably, but with you coming to Milwaukee, I jumped back in. I was planning to go to a game at Miller Park that week….going on Monday would give me chance to meet you and get a signature on my copy of your book. Where do you plan to be at Miller once you’re inside? I always head in right when they open the gates and try to get a ball. I could keep my eyes open and see if i can spot you.

  20. zackhample

    Sounds great. Hope to see you at several of those games.

    Wow, yes, that IS my photo. Everyone should leave a comment there and give that guy hell. (Not really.) See you tomorrow. Finally. Left field gate? 4pm or so.

    I’m hoping I can get one of those Twins commemorative balls without actually going to Minnesota.

    Awesomer than awesome. Thanks for the offer. We should discuss…

    Thanks. I’m not too optimistic about Wrigley. I feel like I’ll be lucky to get 10 balls total in three games there.

    The blog looks good. You just have to add some photos and you’ll be on your way…

    Nah, I don’t jinx guards. Only players. Mister Happy Youngster outsnagged me last week, plain and simple. His numbers were slightly better than mine in Toronto, and then he went to a few more games back in Milwaukee. It’ll be interesting to see how the league standings shape up over the course of the season.

    I would love to get out and see the New K, but I’m not sure if it’ll happen this year.

    Doubtful. Wrigley is a really tough place.

    Thanks for that info. Very helpful.

    Thanks for the email. I got it and read it, and I’ll respond soon. Gotta try to get some work done on the book this afternoon first…

    Sounds rough. I appreciate the recap.

    Hey! Hope we can meet up at the game on the 27th. I don’t have tickets yet, so I can’t tell you where I’m gonna be. I might go for a spot in the second deck behind the plate and try to catch a foul ball. Are those seats easy to buy?

    Yo! Good to hear from you again. Hope you can flag me down that day. Email me closer to the date of that game (you too, Ben) and maybe we can make a plan to meet up somewhere.

    Lookin’ good!

  21. jobajr26

    Hey Zack, I’m going to Yankee Stadium on Thursday, do you know if you can only go to your assigned seat during Batting Practice, or are you free to head to the outfield seating?

  22. batboy1927

    jobajar i was at the game on April 3rd and I spoke with on of the usher’s in the lower deck for like 20 mins and he said for now no one is alowed in the lower deck unless you have a ticket fr the lower deck and even then you can only go in that section.

  23. batboy1927

    jobajar i was at the game on April 3rd and I spoke with on of the usher’s in the lower deck for like 20 mins and he said for now no one is alowed in the lower deck unless you have a ticket fr the lower deck and even then you can only go in that section.

  24. thomasb.

    I don’t mean to be intrusive or nosey, but how do you afford all of this traveling!? Plus with buying tickets and the food prices have gotten ridiculously high these past seasons at stadiums. But hey, it’s a sacrifice that is made for the love of the game (and charity). Good luck on this long road trip!

  25. ssweene1

    how were you not in position to make a play on Bruces homer?

    you must not have stayed in your seat.. lol there were what, 10 people total in the bleacher box??

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