If you’ve seen Mark Newman’s blog recently–specifically the entry called Snagged!–then you probably saw the press release that was issued by Pitch In For Baseball. It mentioned that I’ll blue_jays_schedule.jpg
be in Toronto for the first four games of the season. One person even left a comment about it on my last entry, so it made sense to announce it here for everyone to see.

I booked the trip last week. I wanted to begin the season with a bang and jump-start my charity drive, and since the Tigers are going to be opening the season in Toronto, and since Gary Sheffield is on the Tigers and currently has 499 career home runs, the decision to go to Toronto (where flights are cheap and where I have a friend I want to visit anyway) was a no-brainer.

The official first-game-of-the-season countdown is now at 22 days. Unfortunately, the last game I’ll be seeing in Toronto is a day game, so there probably won’t be batting practice, and I just remembered that the gates at Rogers Centre don’t open until 90 minutes before game time (C’mon Canada, get it together!) but hopefully it’ll still be a good trip. Twenty balls in four games? That might be pushing it, but that’s what I’ll be aiming for.


  1. Greg

    90 minutes? Man, you probably won’t even get to see any Blue Jays take BP, or just the last group. Oh well, good luck and hope you snag his 500th.

    Look forward to seeing your TV Show on MLB Network as well. ;)

    Red Sox Ramblings:

  2. goisles

    The competition shouldn’t be too bad. Even though the Maple Leafs won’t be there, it’s hockey playoff time in Canada, so no one will care about baseball.

  3. rockiesfanatic14

    Hey Zack,
    Thats cool that your going to Toronto. I don’t think that there will be very many people to compete with. I hope you catch Sheffield’s 500th. Are you coming to Coors Field this year?

  4. zackhample

    I know. The 90-minute rule is garbage. Management should at least open the stadium early enough for fans to watch the home team take BP. The Blue Jays *do* open up two hours early on weekends, but that won’t help me on this trip.

    D’oh! Don’t tease me like that.

    I hope you’re right. As for Coors Field, I’d say there’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll visit this season. I really want to check out the humidor so I can write about it my new book. (I’ll be able to write about it anyway, but a first-hand account would be better.) If the Rockies let me in, I’ll be there in a flash.

  5. gregb123

    I’m in FLORIDA!!!! Yay.

    I’m about to leave for Dolphin Stadium for the first of three straight WBC night games, followed by spring training games in Ft. Lauderdale on Wednesday (Cardinals-Orioles and Port St. Lucie on Thursday (Astros-Mets).

    I’m not counting the WBC balls, so my basic goal for the first three days is to just get a perfect WBC commemorative I can be proud to own. I’m gonna take a bunch of pictures and post them in a full report when I get back to NYC on Friday.

    Clif — Are you still going to that Thursday Mets game down here?

  6. stlfan

    Well that’s cool Zack. Except for that stupid 90 minutes rule. Geez who are those Canadians. It sounds like it’ll be lots of fun though. I predict about 25 balls.
    Just a question, are you coming to St. Louis sometime. From what it looks like you haven’t had great success here, from what i’ve seen from past blogs. But maybe, ya never know.
    It is almost $10 in the donations per ball. It’ll get higher I know.

  7. baseballexperiences

    What show will you be on next for catching GAry Sheffields 500? Maybe late night with david letterman? Or get interviewed on espn, possibly. Have fun

  8. goislanders4


    yes i’ll be down for the astros game. the berm is usually empty for batting practice so i guess i could take one part and you take the other part. but the astros are there, unfortunatley. lets just hope the wind is blowing out to left field. it was like that last year, and i’d say nearly every 3rd pitch made it to the berm or the gap between the berm and outfield wall.

  9. baseballexperiences

    Zack or anyone thats interested- for the 2nd regular season game at the new YS Friday 4/17 vs cleveland, i probably have an extra ticket. Its a print @ home ticket, got three others but because of the yankees making a friday game at 1:05 pm, {its a longgggg story} i probably cant use one unless they change the time. I would sell it for 10 bucks if anyone would want it. Email me if your interested: Thanx- Joe

  10. gjk2212

    joe-i might want it, ill see. day after day so should be bp, dont know if i can miss school. ill check.

    everyone writing up a big report from my past week down in florida, in which i went to 7 spring training games in 7 days. it was awesomeeeeeeeeee. hauled in a bunch of balls, youll see when im done.

    greg-i stole your format from your write up last year, since it was easy and i liked it. dont hate me haha

  11. snagfan

    I hope you catch Sheffield’s 500th HR. I was there at the COPA for the final gmes of the 2009 season. No dice.. I am sure you have already downloaded the Rogers Ctr spray charts for Sheff’s career HR’s.. Best of luck to you my snagging brethren…

    Mike in Detroit

  12. zackhample

    Good luck down there. I’m looking forward to the report.

    Twenty-five balls?! Wow, you’re giving me lots of credit. Normally I average seven balls per game, but I think this series will be tougher. I’m hoping to make it to St. Louis for the Home Run Derby, but I probably won’t go unless someone pays for my trip. (MLB Network, how about it?)

    If he’s there, hopefully he and I will have a sportsmanlike snag-off, but I have no way of knowing if I’ll see him; he doesn’t have an MLBlog anymore, and he hasn’t contacted me for quite some time.

    I hope you’re right.

    If I get on some major show, it’ll be great for the charity drive, but I’m not counting on that. Thanks for the ticket offer, but I’m going to pass. I hate early afternoon games, and it looks like I’ll be at Yankee Stadium the next day. I hope there’s BP.

    Looking forward to your report as well.

    Are we going to see a report from you too?

    Thanks. I don’t expect to catch THIS milestone homer, but the way I see it…if I keep putting myself in a position to catch milestones, eventually luck will be on my side and I’ll catch one. There’s no cross-aisle in the outfield seats in Toronto, so unless the rows are empty (starting on Day 2), the ball will have to be hit right to my staircase, and the odds of that are pretty slim. Still, it’ll be fun just to be there. Oh…and no, I haven’t looked that the spray charts yet. I’m too busy working on the new book to even think about it.

  13. zackhample

    JONNNNNN (and everyone else)-
    I’m not getting a show on the MLB Network. I mean…not yet, anyway. I mean…maybe someday (if the people at the network know what’s good for them). That first comment from Greg was just meant as a joke.

  14. .

    You are ridiculous. I shoot for 15 – 20 baseballs in 15 games this season and you say you’re going to try and pull off a “Zack Hample”, and go for 20 baseballs in four games. You already know you can have some of my wishes if you’d like. The Netherlands were JUST eliminated. Nice…

    – Donnie

  15. zackhample

    Sorry, didn’t see your comment ’til after I’d answered “jonnnnnn.” I do have some other plans in the works, and I’ll be sharing them soon.

    Well, who even knows if 20 balls in 4 games there is possible? Maybe I’ll get shut out in Games 1 and 4 and go home with three balls total. I’m always afraid that I will have lost my touch during the off-season.

  16. baseballtourist

    Zack..We need to get you into the stadium earlier than the regular 90 mins opening time.

    Shoot me an email when you have a chance. I worked at the SkyDome/Rogers Centre for 10 years and have friends on the Jays clubhouse staff and the Jays network TV commentator team. I believe they will love the charity angle and along with your own story, it should be a done deal. chris (

  17. bigglovebob

    Zack, I like how you aim high. I just don’t have your touch. I think my ballhawking got a little better towards the end of last year so I am hoping for better results this year. I have a great snagging seat for 20 of the games in the Metrodome so that will make a difference I hope. I might try to do some old fashioned snagging this year. Last year, most of my balls were as a result of the big glove and asking for them. I didn’t do to much chasing of balls. Reading your blog I am thinking that a fair share of what limits my snagging is the Metrodome and it’s rules and configuration. I am still going for 50 balls though.
    Any plans for you to come out to the Dome during the final season. Let me know and hopefully I can steer you in the right direction. That is nice that you are snagging for charity. I will be making a donation in a few seconds.

  18. padreleigh

    Hi Zack….

    I MISSED Korea’s first home run tonight by approximately 18 inches. UGGGGHHH!! Stupid railing got in the way and I just didn’t have the reach to get it. I’ll have to check the video to see just how close. Some guy barehanded it. I’m surprised he hung on to it, but he did. No rebound snag. I’m going to go the same direction as Greg. I’m not counting these snags for the season. They’re pre season stats as far as I’m concerned. I’ve snagged four WBC balls and two regular balls so far. Two BP home runs from Mexico, two bp homers from Cuba and one bp homer from Korea. Also had one “toss up” from Miguel Ojeda tonight from Mexico. Saw TC make a nice catch on a BP homer in right tonight from Karim Garcia and saw MLB Ballwawk at the WBC workout on Saturday. I believe he got one. Well, looking forward to tomorrow’s game. Can’t wait to see Greg’s pics.


  19. stlfan

    I’m also trying to get to the Home Run Derby. I hope you get some deal with MLB Network, that would be huge. In other ideas, you should put the Pitch in for Baseball link up top of your blog page. Just easier for people to donate. :D

  20. zackhample

    Wow. Thanks soooo much. I’m gonna email you right now…

    Thanks for the pledge! No web site for you? If you have any site or blog or Facebook page (or whatever) that you’d like to share or promote, send me the link and I’ll slip into into the list of donors next to your name. And if not, that’s okay too. You were the 50th donor. Very cool. I know the dome is a tough place. I didn’t do very well there when I visited in 1999, but I hope you have a great final season there. I might make a visit if I can’t snag a commemorative ball anywhere else.

    Oh noooo! I’m sorry to hear that, but at least you got a few commemorative WBC balls. Karim Garcia is evil.

    That’s a good idea, but I’m not sure how to link to it any higher. I still think a lot of people will see it, though, because I’ll probably be mentioning it throughout the season.

  21. gjk2212

    Here’s by obnoxious spring training report. You probably won’t want to read it, but I’ll give you the choice. Enjoy!

    Spring Training 2009

    Basically, I was flying down to Orlando and my aunt, uncle, cousin, her husband, and their 3 yr old son were meeting me down there. They drove a motorhome down from Michigan, while I simply boarded a plane at 7 AM on Saturday. Seems unfair, huh? Anyway, my flight landed at 9:49 AM, they picked me up, drove 20 minutes to the Fort Wilderness campground inside of Disney (Oh, how fun!), unhooked their van, and gave me the keys. Snagging was underway.

    Game 1, 3/7
    Astros vs. Cardinals, Osceola County Stadium, Kissimmee

    After driving over to Kissimmee, it was about 11:30 after traffic and parking and whatnot. I ran inside to see the place absolutely flooded with Cards fans. Great. Sellout crowd. I got there as quick as I could, since the plane landed late.

    Ball 1-I picked a corner spot down the left field line and when a ball was hit that way, I got Kat Maekawa to toss it over.
    Ball 2-The place was insanely crowded for BP, and to make matters worse, you weren?t allowed in the first 4 rows behind the dugouts, as you can see guarded here: I got a random Cards coach to toss up a ball sitting on the warning track, over the 4 rows. Hah.
    Ball 3-Chris Duncan grounded out to end the top of the 4th, and Lance Berkman threw it to me on his way in.

    And that was it. Three balls at a spring training game felt awful. I mean, it *was* a Saturday and it *was* the Cardinals and I *did* miss the first half hour. I guess I was rusty from last season. Oh well.

    Game 2, 3/8
    Braves vs. Phillies, Champion Stadium, Orlando

    Disney provides free transportation buses for anyone staying in their complex, so I hopped on one to the Wide World of Sports. I was even early for the 10 AM gate opening, three hours before first pitch! I was a little wary because it was a Sunday afternoon at a Disney area including last years World Cham-no, I cant accept that one yet.

    Ball 1-Some random Phillies coach started throwing with Pete Mackanin in front of the dugout, and the random guy turned down my request for it. I lingered for a few more seconds, since nothing else was happening on the field, and the guy bounced it off the dugout roof towards me. I wasn?t ready, and I grabbed it just before it was out of reach due to the obnoxious netting on the dugout roof:
    Ball 2-Paul Hoover finished throwing with Lou Marson. Marson spotted my Single A affiliate Lakewood BlueClaws shirt, whom he played for, and told Hoover to give me the ball.
    Ball 3-This is what the berm looked like at 10 AM: Pretty glorious. This is more of a taste towards the middle to end of BP: That was taken in the first inning, but it was an obnoxious, Philly filled mob earlier as well. Some fans bobbled a foul BP slice into the bullpen which I retrieved with my cup trick.
    Ball 4-Joe Blanton finished long tossing and went into the pen to start actually throwing. Rich Dubee flipped him a new ball to pitch with, and Blanton gave me the old one.

    That was my final of the day. This one didn?t feel as bad as yesterday, since it was impossible to move at this one.Whatever. I felt like it couldn?t get any worse, and since my remaining five games were weekdays, the attendances would get lower and my ball count would get higher. Also got Raul Ibanez to sign a ticket pregame, and Terry Pendleton and Brooks Conrad after the game.

    Game 3, 3/9
    Mets vs. Orioles, Tradition Field, Port St. Lucie

    The 2 hour drive, alone, was boring, hot, and uneventful. Plus, I had to pump my own gas! What?s up with that, right? (Sorry, I?m from NJ, we don?t have to here. I love it.) Anyway, I finally got to the stadium and was told with a seat for the bleachers/berm, you couldn?t enter the main stadium. I had to be in the berm for BP, and we?re off?

    Ball 1-Fredy Deza hit me right in the chest in right center field.
    Ball 2-Some Orioles righty sliced a ball into the bleachers. It fell through an opening and landed in a bush on the berm side of the bleachers. I hopped a fence and grabbed it before the other three guys in the bleachers got there, then got scolded for jumping the fence. Turns out the guy didn?t even work there, and apparently yells at people often, thinking he?s an employee.
    Ball 3-Someone hit a bomb over my head, and I grabbed it on one bounce.
    Ball 4-Dennis Sarfate flipped one up from the warning track, barely clearing the gap.
    Ball 5-Someone hit a ball in the gap, and just as I got my cup from my bag, an employee was already down there and he flipped me it.
    Ball 6-Gregg Zaun hit a homer that I had to judge back and forth between a light pole, and eventually grabbed it on the fly.
    Ball 7-This is the award for ?Weirdest Ball Retrieved?, for me personally at least. A home run during BP hit the connnecting concourse and rolled down the back part of the berm, where a fence encloses the area fully. I ran to the concession stand and saw it had rolled to the other side of the high fence. I waited for the end of BP and went to it. It was about 6 feet away on the other side of the fence. The holes in the fence were too small for shoes, so I took them off and climbed it in socks, but didn?t go over due to the three signs saying ?Beware of Alligators? and the water behind them. I swung my cup out and knocked it as close to the wall as possible, tough since it was still slanted, and eventually reached under and got in in my fingertips. It took about twenty minutes and was exhausting. This is a view after I knocked it closer a few times. I got a drink and decided I would go for foul balls and homers during the game, rather than paying another fifteen bucks to enter the main stadium.
    Ball 8-Alan Dunn finished watching starter Koji Uehara warm up and after my request, he found a dirtier ball from the bag and gave me that one.
    Ball 9-Ronnie Deck finished guarding the bullpen for Alberto Castillo as he warmed up (in case a foul ball came that way), and Castillo gave him the warm up ball as he entered the game. Deck gave me it on his way to the bench.

    Things were looking up. I finally felt like it was the weekend games that did me in the first two days, and it definitely seemed the case after getting a very fun nine balls.

    Game 4, 3/10
    Astros vs. Braves, Osceola County Stadium, Kissimmee

    So back to this place, which I wasn?t too keen on because of the lack of outfield seating/berm. Hopefully I could turn in a better performance than the one from my first game.

    Ball 1-I ran back down the left field line, because that?s where a good majority of Astros were shagging. I looked down an empty row on my way over and picked up an?H? ball.
    Ball 2-Humberto Quintero fielded a ball in left field and lofted it my way. Also an ?H?.
    Ball 3-Zach Schreider (sp?) threw me one in right field. I just held up my glove and he hit me. His back said ?SCHREIDER 92? which wasn?t on any of my rosters of Braves. I saw his glove later on which had ?Zach? stitched into it. Any help would be great.
    Ball 4-This one was fun. I was going through the wide aisle from right field to the Braves dugout. Kelly Johnson picked up a ball at the second base bag, and I gave it a shot. I yelled, flapped my glove like a moron, and he hit me absolutely perfectly while I was about 8 rows back. Cool.
    Ball 5-Glenn Hubbard finished hitting grounders to infielders and gave me that ball on his way in.
    Ball 6-Omar Infante threw me a fielded ball in right field.
    Ball 7-When the Braves finished BP, I pointed to an abandoned ball in right field that Chino Cadahia flipped to me.
    Ball 8-A foul ball landed in the highly fenced in players lot outside the stadium. A lady was already trying to get it, when an employee came to get it for her. At that moment, another foul came over and almost hit the elderly man. I told him to watch out, which he did, and tossed over that one.
    Ball 9-Braves catcher JC Boscan gave me the final out ball on his way to the clubhouse, which is in right field.

    Fun stuff. Much more enjoyable this time around, with a minimal crowd. Also got Jeff Francoeur to sign a ticket before the game.

    Game 5, 3/11
    Yankees vs Tigers, Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland

    I was pretty worried about this game, simply due to the fact that the Yankees were participating. But, no other games were close enough on this day, and I didn?t really want to go to a Disney sanctioned park or something. Anyway, I looked for a spot Greg had recommended for pre-gate balls when I stumbled across the minor league fields. I had plenty of time, and that?s when I saw Dontrelle Willis, Nate Robertson, and Jeremy Bonderman throwing with a ton of other guys. Here?s D-Train: Since I saw major leaguers, I decided to count any potential balls.

    Ball 1-I turned for a quick second to look at the other fields. I was behind the pitchers hoping for an overthrow. I heard a ball hit the ground, and I went and grabbed it. Nobody on the field asked for it back or even acknowledged it was gone, so I felt pretty good. It was an official ball, too.
    Ball 2-They started hitting BP and a bunch of men with gloves joined me behind the right field fence. I felt like I was snagging at a Little League game, competing with bushes and being one of the few there. I caught a homer on the fly, and this one was an official ball also.
    Ball 3-Someone ripped a homer that ricocheted off some guy?s glove right to me.
    Ball 4-I grabbed a ground rule double in front of a few other grown men.
    Ball 5-Caught another one on a fly, on the run, battling the sun. After this one, I went inside.This and the previous two were International League balls, and I counted them because they were under the same criteria as the first two. Cheap? Oh well, maybe, but I was there trying so I count them. Major leaguers were noticeably there, so whatever.
    Ball 6-I was considering running to the front of the berm to ask Edwin Jackson for a ball, but then I noticed Gary Sheffield stepped in the cage. Sure enough, he hit one near me. A whole HS baseball team was there, gloveless, and I jumped and caught it above their hands.
    Ball 7-Jose Veras finished throwing and flipped me the ball.
    Ball 8-Colin Curtis threw one blindly over his head, and I caught it just as people started realizing what had happened.
    Ball 9-Alfredo Aceves came to retrieve a ball from the warning track as I was lowering my cup onto it. He looked in the cup, and shoved the ball in.
    Ball 10-A few balls rolled near the warning track, and Mark Melancon picked them up. The final one I was still lowering my cup over, so he let me keep going. As I raised it up, he started laughing and gave me a thumbs-up.
    Ball 11-Cody Ransom ended the top of the first with a pop out, which Adam Everett gave me on his way in.

    So, my highest total so far while seeing the Yankees? Odd. I did get 5 before entering and 6 inside, but it was extremely fun.

    Game 6, 3/12
    Braves vs. Nationals, Champion Stadium, Orlando

    I was so pumped for this one. No huge Sunday Phillies crowd, and the whole open berm to work with.

    Ball 1-Things started slow. Nobody was hitting anything over, and finally I grabbed a ground rule double to get things started.
    Ball 2-I saw a ball land in the bullpen, and headed over with my cup. On my way across the berm, an unidentifiable righty hit a homer which I grabbed on the fly.
    Ball 3-I got over to the pen the same time Mike Hinckley did, and before I could even get the cup out of my bag, he tossed it up.
    Ball 4-Kris Medlen spotted my Braves hat and flung one up the berm to me. An older man jumped in front of me for it, and it slipped through his hands to me. It was intended for me, but he fell pretty hard on the slick grass and had a young girl (with a glove) with him. I gave him the ball, Medlen saw and gave me another.
    Ball 5-Buddy Carlyle picked up a wall on the warning track where he was unseen, and messed with the fans a few times by faking a flip before finally flinging it right into my waiting glove.
    Ball 6-A Nationals coach with ?88 ROBLEDO? on his jersey flipped me a ball lying on the track at the dugout. It was a training ball.
    Ball 7-A ball was right in the players entrance to the dugout, and Wil Nieves gave me it on his way in. Another training ball.
    Ball 8-I went back out to the berm and caught a homer on the fly. I was in the clear, and when I brought it down, an overaggressive ten year old ran straight into me, and his father yelled at him.Training Ball again.
    Ball 9-A random employee got a ball from the gap between the wall and the batting cages, seen here: It?s where the big lightpole is behind the fence. I?m not too sure why he gave it to me, but no complaints here.
    Ball 10-Randy Knorr was transfering balls from the bucket to the bag, and tossed me a really filthy training ball.
    Ball 11-A Nationals coach ?89 JO. MARTINEZ? gave me a ball laying in the bullpen under a chair.
    Ball 12-A ballboy gave me a ball at the dugout after the game.

    What a day. On top of the fact that this was my highest total of the trip, I also got tickets signed after the game by Freddie Bynum and Hittting Coach Rick Eckstein. And my first ever lineup cards, of course from Manny Acta (my favorite manager, the guy is awesome). I also took a picture for Clif Sorry, I had to, I like the 85 though.

    Game 7, 3/13
    Mets vs. Tigers, Joker Marchant Stadium, Lakeland

    The final game of a great trip, and of course I headed over to the minor league fields again.

    Ball 1-Caught a homer on the fly, again an official ball. Went in after this because they stopped hitting.
    Ball 2-A ball rolled over to the warning track in front of the bleachers. I went over, knocked it in with my cup, and leaned over the wall to grab it. I turned it over and found it to be a pristine Yankee Stadium ball from last season. Sweet.
    Ball 3-Rocky Cherry threw one up to me on the berm. Nice guy.
    Ball 4-A ball rolled to the wall, and then another. Cherry went to get the first, and Dave Racaniello to the second. The ball Cherry had was an ?08 All Star Ball. Racaniello went to flip me the normal ball after he recognized me as ?that kid from Shea?, but I politely asked him if an All Star ball came his way, if he could toss it up. He fielded a few, looked them over, and finally tossed me a decent looking 2008 All Star Ball.
    Ball 5-I was over by the Mets dugout, and Razor Shines flipped me a ball that was sitting in the dugout. Faded Yankees ball from last year.
    Ball 6-Andy Green and Jose Valentin finished pre-game throwing, and when I asked Green for the ball, he ignored me, prompting Sandy Alomar, Sr. to toss me one he was holding, a smeared Yankees ball from last season.

    I also got tickets signed by Jerry Manuel, Razor Shines, Jose Valentin, Bobby Kielty, and Sandy Alomar. Fun day to end the trip, getting some very unexpected commemoratives. Hopefully I can get back next year. Thanks for reading this (too) obnoxiously long post, probably too long by a lot, but I got tons of balls (54) and had an absolute blast. I?ll leave you with this?Where is the ball in this picture?

  22. baseballexperiences

    Gary- WOW im like a third through and its been 10 min. Sounds like you had fun so far through it.
    Zack- i am sooo happy yankee stadium is opening up 3 hours early, but i have to leave at seven just to get to the gates on time for a one oclock game. ill probably be sleeping while im in the stadium.

  23. goislanders4


    youre so lucky! im going to florida on wednesday and staying till sunday, but only seeing 2 (possibly 3 games). but i do have this lunch thing where i go to lunch with a lot of players. im actually rooting for certain teams to get knocked from the WBC so more mets will be at this lunch.

    and i like that milledge pic. the 85 is kinda cool, but it’s gonna take some getting used to. 44 is his number.

    but like i said, you’reso lucky. i really want to do what you did and just fly down to florida and just be on my own with a car, driving everywhere and going to all different games. or at least more than 2 games at tradition. im trying to push my mom for a third in fort lauderdale, but shes not budging.

  24. padreleigh

    Hi Zack…

    The WBC people are really ticking me off. The gates for the first two games opened two hours before game time, but only for the “beach”. Then, the rest of the actual stadium opens one and a half hours before the game. That’s kind of normal for PETCO Park, but here’s the thing. Last night I got there right at 6pm for the 8pm game. They decided to go ahead and randomly open the whole stadium this time right at 6pm. That’s great, but I wish they would have published it in the paper or something. Also, the first team to take BP has been doing it way early. Way before the gates even are close to opening. All we are getting is one team’s BP. Ugggh.
    Well, today we got Cuba’s BP. I had an anti ball magnet on today. They kept hitting them where I wasn’t. I only went for BP homers. No dugouts. I did finally manage to get one of Cuba’s back up catchers to toss me up a ball. It was heading right for him on the fly and he didn’t see it. I yelled heads up to him and he saw it at the last second. I saved his life. Ha ha. Anyway, he was thankful. I asked him for the ball in Spanish and he threw it right up. That was it for the day. Terrible. It was a WBC ball, but pretty beat up. I’ll take it I guess. I believe Cuba started there BP early too, because it was over by 6:30pm. 30 minutes only. Geeze. They are really ticking me off like I said. There were two homers by Mexico late in the game, but they were both two sections away from me. No chance there. Korea vs. Japan tonight. Should be a good one. I hope BP goes better today. How do you ask for a ball in Korean again? I know the Japanese equivalent. Just need the Korean one. Thanks….



    The number 85 rules.

    Leigh (Class of 85 haha)

    Sammy Wu….

    Where are you?


  25. zackhample

    Incredible. It took several shifts, but I finally made it all the way through. I see now how much fun it is when stories have pics to go with them, so I’ll be sure to keep the pics coming in my own entries. Very cool about the commemorative balls. Acta and Racaniello are the best.

    I’d probably have to wake up at 8am for a one o’clock game. Without the guarantee of BP, it’s not worth it.

    I like the 85. It’s unique.

  26. welikeroywelikeroy

    I’m going to be at two games that series. Opening day is pretty packed, so it might be hard to get a ball. I never liked that they opened the gates 90 minutes before the game either!! I’m not sitting in the outfield for that Sheffield homerun, not that it will likely happen on Opening Day off Halladay, but I’ll be rooting for you to get some balls. Hope the game is fun for you!

  27. goislanders4

    Leigh and Zack

    I guess it’s kinda cool but it’ll be tough to get used to. 44 is Milledge. Change sucks…

    BTW, I’m writing this from school right now. Ha, I’m so bad!

  28. zackhample

    Cool that you’re gonna be there. Give a shout if/when you see me.

    You should leave comments more often from school.

    Stop messing with me. Are you really gonna be there? :-)


    SammyWu we are lookin for yu,you have won the california lottery,send your account info. The WBC is coming to LA ,mlballhawk get on ESPN catch a home run and count it as career you know if the mexico rf valenzuela is fernando s son?Padreleigh stay until the final out,i sat in your seat when you left,poaching in sect 130.where is Harry Maker?did he meet his? go USA

  30. padreleigh


    Saw Sammy Wu last night in about the 6th inning. He’s been autograph hounding. Japan not signing too well according to him. I got 1B Ogasawara myself, but that’s about it. Did you see the LF Cepeda from Cuba try to throw me the third out? I was a victim of “fan interference”. That dude went out of control for the ball and knocked it back on the field. I can’t buy a gamer in this WBC. First the missed HR and now that. Uggggh. Some of us have to work so I had to leave early. The 8pm start time sucks. Stay out of my seat you poacher. I’ll see you early today for the last game. USA in LA on Sunday? Go Korea tomorrow.


    Send me some gamer luck for the last game of WBC. I want a homer so bad now. There have been a total of 5 homers this week. That’s it. The 3 by Korea in one game and the 2 by Mexico in another game. All HR’s were to LF. Only one close to me. 18 inches is too close. Uggh again. I know how you felt in Miami for the Griffey HR. Well, Japan vs Korea today. They need to muscle up. Good luck in Toronto. I’m rooting for you AND the Happy Youngster. One of you catch it.


  31. zackhample

    Coolness! Looking forward to meeting you as well. Where are you staying? Email me and let’s discuss.

    Your use of the word “poaching” makes me very happy indeed.

    I’m sending you all the good homer vibes I can muster.


    after remebering a previous post you had about the a former a Blue Jay and this being about toronto i found it worth saying that your jinx target one Gustavo Chachin has been sent to AAA Syracuse by the Nationals saying he needs to prove he can stay healthy. Boy that Hample jinx sure seems to be working if my beloved Nationals will say someone needs to be healthy…

  33. addingupbaseballs

    Long time reader, first time commenting. Just wanted to know did you need a passport for your visit to Toronto. I’m planning on going to many games next season. I want to become a rokkie ballhawk so I may see you some games. New blog up for next season… thanks!

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