Latin America

No, I’m not going to Latin America, but I just received the following email from my friend Megan who’s there now:


Hey Zack,

We went to a baseball game today and I thought of you… Granada vs. Rivas… so awesome. Best seats in the house were $5 for two tix, beer at $1 each, manual scoreboard, goats just over the outfield fence, kids in the trees watching from outside the park, and the game was so genuine and awesome. No 100 mph pitches, just awesome baseball playing. Declared a tie at 2/2 after 13 innings. Have you ever been to a game in Latin America? I can’t remember. You should totally go… you could get a ball no problem, it would be awesome. If you want me to go with you and translate, I totally will. Amazing.

We’re flying home this Saturday… Hope to see you sometime soon.


In other news…

I have two big baseball-related things in the works. They’re not quite 100 percent official at this point, so basically, get READY for some news. Maybe next week. Big stuff. I mean it.


  1. zackhample

    That’s right, son. I’m back. Thanks for noticing.

    Maybe, with the way things are going, that’ll happen at some point between 2010 and 2012.

    Come on now. Jona and I are still great friends, and Megan is married. I said it’s baseball-related news. Not honeyz-related news.

  2. .

    Haha Zack, I’m taking your response as sarcasm on the count of you misspelling my name DOONIE instead of DONNIE! You better tell me what’s goin’ on man or I don’t know…bad bews bears, itl go down..hahaha..

    – Donnie

  3. zackhample

    Crap. I had just noticed my own typo and was logging in to MLBlogs to edit it. I was hoping you hadn’t seen it yet. Oh well. Now I guess I have to leave it there forever. No sarcasm intended. I just…suddenly have a million things going on and wrote that last comment too fast.

  4. padreleigh


    You know I kid. I’m excited for your baseball news and I don’t even know what it is. Hope it works out for you. I’ll be in AZ with TC on Sunday. Sweet…….


  5. raysrenegade

    Goats in the outfield and seat for almost nothing. If I could speak Spanish, I might just have to live there.

    Sometimes we tend to take for granted just how good the baseball is in this country. I know I still get a thrill out of watching 10-yr olds chasing the ball and running the bases with their parents creaming for them.

    I know we have lost that age of innocence in the game, but sometimes you wish it could be just for the sodas and hot dogs like when you were a kid.

    Rays Renegade

  6. dhbball

    Haha Leigh, your the man. Zack we all know your stuntin’ everyday with the honeyz. And I’m pumped for the baseball news and especially can’t wait for the entries.

  7. .

    Zack – I can seriously careless if my name is misspelled, even if it sounds as bad as Doonie. Please don’t make it a habit though. I understand you’re a writer but come on. Hahaha, just kidding man. Everyone on this blog is asking about you and “honeyz.” What’s good brotha? You sneaky, sneaky sir. Sneaky, sneaky.

    – Donnie

  8. braves04

    So Thursday was one of my favorite days of the year where I go to Turner Field and buy a load of games with my college discount. Got 2 tickets to 14 games for only $224 in the upper box. Then I came home and bought a six game plan, so I got 20 games worth all in one day lol. I feel sorry for all the NY and Boston fans that want to see just a few games and spend the same amounts I mentioned above.
    Looking forward to your baseball news, Zack. I can smell peanuts already…

  9. bigglovebob

    Zach, Sounds like cool things are in the works for you. That is awesome. I just started my own snagging spring training today. If you remember I have a big glove. I hadn’t worn it since the final series last year so I decided to break it out and start practicing catching again with it.
    That thing is so fricken heavy! I still feel it in my arm from earlier. I mean it is only 4 pounds and I am big guy but you use those small muscles that apparently don’t get used much. I am looking forward to opening night here at the last season of the dome. I can pre-buy extra tickets over and above my 20 game season ticket before the general public on-sale. So, I am going to try to get a choice single for the opening night game and try my best to score an opening day ball. My goal this year is 50 balls. That will be ambitious for me since I won’t wear opposing team apparel and I don’t shift sides and do a lot of running around to get balls. My single game record in my first season of snagging (last year) was 5 balls. That will be really tough to beat.

  10. bigglovebob

    It is Zack, not Zach. D’oh. I know better but I have a friend named Zach so it just comes out more readily when I type.

  11. goislanders4

    im sorry, but the citi field ball looks so much better than the yankee one. now if the yankees inaugural season ball was the one they used last year, my opinion would be different. but the new citi one is REALLY good!


    i actually really liked the shea stadium one last year b/c it had the city in the background. i think all 3 logos are really good

  13. bigglovebob

    I have been looking on the Twins site and at the Twins Pro Shop for awhile now and the logo ball just popped up yesterday on the site. I hope to get a few this year although the Metrodome hours make it tough to catch much, if any of the home team BP. During Monday-Thursday games, the gates open after the Twins have taken BP and left the field. During Friday through Sunday, the gates open a half hour earlier and you can get to see 5-10 minutes of Twins BP. However Sundays are day after night games so there is no BP for either club.

  14. braves04

    At least the Mets didn’t put the stupid Domino’s style logo on the ball like they did on the sleeve. Why do they have 2 logos for the same event in the first place?! It’s even funnier that they’ll likely end up wearing both versions at the same time on the field lol.


    march 29- first game at citi field st john vs someone else. 5 dollar tickets. if no one else is going, ill be sure to scout out good bp spots (if they are even taking bp. it could be like 30 degrees) and ill try to upload some pics to like flickr or something.

  16. goislanders4

    im going march 29th st johns v. georgetown. the dugout situation is gonna suck at citi field. It’s gonna be the same as at Chase Field in Arizona. A guard up at the concourse levl, then halfway down the steps, another guard. double protection…….

  17. gregb123

    Puck and Clif — I’m going to that as well. Should be fun. See you guys there.

    Also, 13 days ’til sunny Florida for the WBC and spring training! Can’t wait!


    it probably wont be that secure (behind the dugouts) at a college level game

  19. zackhample

    Enjoy ‘Zona and say hey to TC for me.

    Well said.

    Well, maybe not EVERYday, but no complaints.

    Yeah, okay, I might be a little sneaky. This IS a family blog, after all. I can’t be talking about EVERYthing I do.


    You might need a personal trainer! Good luck beating your record and reaching your goals this year. Maybe the Twins will surprise you and open up a bit earlier this season.

    GREG & CLIF-
    What’s the ticket situation for that game at Citi Field on March 29th? Can one of you guys pick up an extra ticket for me and meet me outside the stadium? What time are they opening up?

  20. Alex

    zack, i may be able to give you a ticket. its all 5 bucks so we could probably sell it to you for that. The seat is field level: Sec: 132, Row 33, and aisle seat. tell me if you are interested, but you may not get it

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