MLB Network

I’ve been hearing from lots of people that there’s a brief clip of me in one of the MLB Network’s commercials. Remember when I caught a Jason Giambi home run on September 16th and then snagged a Johnny Damon homer the next night? Well, the network is using a clip from my celebration after the Damon homer, and two people have been kind enough to send me photographs of their TVs. Here’s the first…


…and here’s the second:


When is MLB finally going to hire me as “Ambassador of Fun”? Maybe give me my own TV show about snagging baseballs? Or even just a segment on a show?

Attention MLB Network people: If you’re reading this, send me to a different ballpark every week throughout the season, and let me give a tutorial on how to snag baseballs (and collect autographs) in every stadium. I’ll teach kids how to do it. I’ll demonstrate the glove trick and ask foreign players for balls in their native languages. I’ll sprinkle in lots of Watching Baseball Smarter tips so people can learn more about the game itself and become bigger and better fans. I’ll even do a whole segment (if you can provide the footage) of web gems and bloopers…by FANS. Tell me that wouldn’t be insanely fun and popular. C’mon, people, enough with the standard analysis and highlight shows. Let’s shake things up a bit, eh? I’m good in front of the camera. Here’s my TV reel if you don’t believe me. Think about it. But not for too long. The season is almost upon us…


  1. mikeeff

    knowing how well you relate to people and kids in particular i think it would be a great way to promote the MLB network to a wider audience. i think they would be well advised to give you a weekly spot in their studios to talk about snagging and then send you out on a tour of the stadiums as a follow up. show the kids all the good spots in each place and some of your other special tips. it would cost them so little and they would be reaching out to a new market that they need to be building and capitalizing.

  2. joshscards

    dang i thought i was going to be the first comment. i agree, you should have a show…i’m sure you have at least some connections to make a pitch to the Network….i’m sick of all these black and white shows about baseball in 1878…jeez

  3. txfilmmkr

    I think it’s a pretty good idea. If Kruk can keep a job in baseball, then surely someone can afford to give you a spot.


    What’s going on Zack?? I’ve always wondered how it felt to be in a commercial (or on Leno) so I guess I have to live variously though you haha. I like the “pitch” to MLB Network, I think I e-mailed you once a few years ago suggesting you do that and make it a DVD addition to one of your books. If it does happen, I think it’d definitely make for some entertaining TV. And on a PED-er note, I personally felt that the whole A-Rod thing was really upsetting. He’s no favorite player of mine or anything, but just like other people, I viewed him as a “true” player of the game and a “true” talent/gem. It sucks, but I’d rather know than not know. Anyways, I hope all is well, can’t wait for the next season to get underway already. If you want to catch some more consecutive homers next year let me know and Ill come up for another game haha.

  5. gobuccos25

    Nice, they definitely should put you on. It would be the only thing besides the hot stove I would actually watch on there.

  6. thet206kid

    you should have your own show zack. it should be once a week of you at every park, that would be cool, mlb network needs a series like that. Anyway, just ready for another year of baseball, and hopefully i will see you at Citi this season. (Well Citi Field for now)

  7. padreleigh


    I LOVE the idea. I’d totally watch that show. “The Zack Hample show”. “Snagging 101”. “That Souvenir Show.” What could we name it? Definitely get your agent on it. If he doesn’t like the idea, then call me and I’ll be your agent. I’ll do it for 9%. Ha ha. So, Dodger Stadium on May 18th? Watch with Zack client or fun? Let me know. Maybe I can come up.



    Hey Zack! First time commenting. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and I just had to say that it rocks and I can’t wait for baseball season to start already! And.. so sad about you and Jona. She was a great girl. Who you gonna get to take pictures of you at the stadiums now? And she was gorgeous too. Man!

  9. snagfan

    You’d be the perfect ambassador for this. I will be more than happy to be your point of contact for your trip to CoMerica Park in Detroit. Would be happy to share the “gouge” on CoMerica with you when needed…

    Mike in Detroit

  10. zackhample

    You are TOO kind. Thanks so much.

    Connections in MLB are harder to come by than you’d think. But thanks, I’m glad you agree.

    Heh, thanks. Kruk is good at what he does, and I like him (even though he totally blew me off when I met him last year outside Citizens Bank Park).

    Seriously, man, what’s up with that?

    I think you might need to be my new good luck charm.

    Write to the people at the MLB Network and let them know. :-)

    Believe me, it’s been discussed.

    Thanks, man…and yeah, hopefully we’ll cross paths in ’09.

    Is that you? What’s up! I’ve hardly been home lately, and when I’ve been home, I’ve rarely been alone so there hasn’t been a good time lately for me to talk. You should just leave a comment here or email me directly next time. That’s the best way to get in touch. New York is outstanding. It was actually warm enough yesterday for me to walk outside in short sleeves.

    I’ll be there with my family. Possibly both of my parents and maybe a half-sibling or three, and who knows who else? So…I probably won’t have much time to hang that day with people not named “Hample,” but it’d still be great to see you if you can make it. Obviously I’ll be running around like a madman during BP.

    Thanks for finally leaving a comment. Nice to hear from you. The whole Jona thing IS sad, but it just got to that point where…yeah. I’m hoping that she and I will stay friends, and if that happens, then maybe we can still go to games together.

    If only you ran the MLB Network…

    Thanks! I do think it would be cool, if I had my own show, to feature the top collectors in ballparks around the country. (And in Toronto.) Maybe in 2010?

    Yeah, last month. I didn’t mention it on the blog itself, but it was discussed briefly in the comments.

    Nice. I appreciate it. Maybe you’ll get a chance to watch it someday.


    well you would have to establish a top collector (that doesnt lie about their collection) in every ballpark. :)
    and now a weird puck story:
    ok so at the isles game on tues, after the first i asked ref 66 darren gibbs for the puck. he skated over and asked me who the PM of Canada was! i was like uhhhhhhh (i should have given the steroid answer of baseball questions only) but i said i didnt know. he told me to find out and id get a puck. so i went back to my seat and had a friend google it on their crackberrry (god i love those things). so after the second i told him it was stephen harper, and he gave me a puck midway through the third, but it is by far the wierdest way (but the coolest) that ive gotten a puck.

  12. .

    Werd. So if you’ll be in LA in May, does this mean you have a future tv spot as well that week? Anyway…congratulations on this MLB TV spot. I watch the channel everyday at least once and still haven’t seen it but I hope I do soon…that’s not “dissing” you. So please, don’t take that as a “disssssssss.” That word sounds cool..say it. You’ll sound like a snake. Try to catch Babe Ruth’s All-Time Home Run record (714 – as you already know) in breaking your 543 – most baseballs in a season, current record. That would make for a fun year. I think I might start updating my blog again…just a thought. Love, peace, and chicken grease.

    – Donnie


    hey 2 things:

    A) my dad brought up a good point today about steroids. who are the three players who have broken roer maris’ 61 HR in a season? sosa, mcgwire, and bonds. all 3 of whhich have been linked to steroids. so although steroid may not help you hit the ball, they do help you hit it farther.

    also marvin miller was on 1050 w/ michael kay on tuesday, and it is people like him who are why baseball cant get out of the steroid era. he was in complete denial. he pretty much said that it was never proven that steroids make you better, and when kay asked him well what about the players who dont take it b/c of the health reasons. his response was well nobody has ever died from it (well what about roid rage? Chris Benoit) and that it doesnt matter that doctors say its bad. he pretty much called doctors morons, said they dont know ****, and that having an MD in front of your name is a load of bull ****.

  14. The Redbird Media

    Zack? You were in short sleeves in NEW YORK?! Holy cow!

    And yes, this is Brady, your best friend from Arkansas, haha.

    I put up a link to your blog on my site, too…not that you need the extra people coming…haha it’s me who needs the new readers!

  15. jere80

    It kind of saddens me when people–baseball fans–say they don’t like shows on baseball history. And it’s not like I’m some old guy, I’m about Zack’s age, but I’ve just been into that stuff since I was a little kid. It’s everybody’s own choice, but give it a chance if you haven’t. The stuff they’re showing on MLB Network–the old World Series films from the 40s, and Ken Burns’ great documentary, are things that haven’t been on TV for years, or in some cases, ever. I’m glad there’s a network for that stuff now. Very glad.


    My name is Nick. I regularly read your blog. I get my balls at a Northwoods League team called the Madison Mallards. They are really stingy with treir balls, so how are there ways i can get a player to toss me a ball if they are so stingy?

  17. yankeekid

    Hey Zack,

    Jody Here, Thanks for using the picture i sent you!!! Great idea on the MLB network idea. I would so watch that show! Ok well ill be talking to you later.

  18. zackhample

    Yes, verifying everyone’s collection would be the challenge. Nice puck story. I love stuff like that. (Nice shirt too.)


    Thanks and no thanks. :-)

    Nope, no TV stuff (yet) that week in L.A.

    Well, if you need readers, you should always post the link to your blog when you leave comments.

    Good point.

    Heath is the man. That’s all there is to it. Thanks for the link.

    It’s usually hard to get balls thrown by players in ANY league other than the majors because the teams just don’t make enough money. You have to be persistent and nice. Maybe make a sign. Get to know the players. Come up with creative ways to ask for balls. Go to games when it rains and ask for soggy baseballs (that can’t be used anymore). I don’t know…stuff like that.

    You’re welcome, and thanks for sending that pic in the first place.


    I swore that was you on the commercial!

    I thought you had stopped blogging since you moved & was totally bummed about it. Come to find out my feed reader wasn’t catching your feed. So I got myself all caught up & am now happily back in Zackville. :D


  20. raysrenegade


    I sent your name to a friend of mine who works in the Marketing Department for the Tampa Bay Rays. I would think that you doing either a clinic or even a Q & A on a weekend series would be fantastic.

    Hopefully they can also see the great P R this can do for both of you because of your great talent in the outfield shagging balls. The things you can teach the younger Rays fans would be evident in the outfield for years, and maybe more if they remain Rays fans.

    Just wanted you to know that even is Korean, Chinese and even Taiwanese, you have a great positive message for baseball fans.

    Rays Renegade

  21. zackhample

    Welcome back! It’s good to have you.

    Thanks very much.

    Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, and cool.

    Seriously?! Wow, I can’t thank you enough. Thanks so much for the kind words. I really like your blog, BTW, for some reason I can’t leave comments on it. I have that problem with most other blog on here…you know, that nonsense about not having “permission” to leave a comment. So, I’ll just say here that I love the baseball photos from the D.R. that you dug up. Really good stuff.

  22. raysrenegade

    I will write a email to Mark about the permission thing.
    I have had that happen a few times in the past, but forgot to even think twice about it happening to my blog too.

    Hey, I can not guarantee that they call or even make a booking, but it would be fantastic for the fans and others to see a real pro go after a ball with a pen, glove and a rubberband. That still amazes me and i have seen how you do it.

    Rays Renegade


    I like the ideal all MLB all the time. The thing I notice right from the first time I saw your show. ESPN has this thing where you know when the Yankees or Red Sox belch and everything west of the Mississippi doesnt exist. Well you claim the coverage will go into the night covering the west coast games–GREAT If It happens!! Remember folks in CA don’t give a rats *** whether the Yankees win or lose GO BLUE!!

  24. zackhample

    I hope Mark can solve the problem for you…and I understand that nothing is ever a guarantee. But still, thanks for trying.

    I will never forget that fact. :-)

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