Baseball news in January? Yes.

Baseball is starting to pick back up for me. I just heard from a potential Watch With Zack client who’s interested in attending a Sunday day game at Yankee Stadium this summer. I also did two interviews today. The first was for a “baseball preview” article that’s gonna run in a magazine this spring. For some reason, I was asked not to say which mag until it’s out, so I’ll just hint at it by telling you that I’ve been in it before, and it’s sort of like FHM. The other interview was with a friend of mine named Alexander Yellen. He’s working on a broadcasting/graduation project for a B.A. at The New School, and it’s all about how baseball is more than just a game. The bad baseball-related news is that the segment from my appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” was recently removed from YouTube for “infringement.” What a crock. How is it infringement if I post a clip that has ME in it? That footage wouldn’t have even existed if not for me. At the time I posted it, there were thousands of other Leno clips on site, so what the eff. Well, apparently, NBC and YouTube never reached an agreement, so I’m getting screwed as a result by not having my stuff online. Bleh. Luckily, there’s some good news that I can end on…which is that it’s looking like I might soon be working on another baseball book. It’s too early to say anything more about it at this point, but know that I’ll share updates whenever I can. Ultimately, I’m hoping that this will be a project that everyone can get involved in, to some extent…so yeah. I’m just putting it out there now, but I do need more time. I think that’s all the news for now. Thanks for reading.


  1. Howie

    Good luck with the book. There is a website called startiger, it has celebrities addresses, and i searched you and you were on there as an author. There were no addresses. I will send you a screenshot of it soon. It was funny.


  2. Graham

    Who at NBC has the time to go through millions of clips on Youtube to see if there are any Jay Leno interviews playing? They should be spending more time trying to put a decent show together, rather than policing Youtube. Last I checked they were getting their butts kicked by FOX, CBS and ABC.

  3. goisles


    I feel your pain about Leno, but look at it this way: How would you or your publisher react if someone posted excerpts or the entirety of one your books on the Web?

    I’m sure you signed something beforehand with Leno that makes it clear that NBC owns the rights to its show. It’s a fair bargain. You get flown to California, meet Jay and Dana Carvey, hawk your book, and get whatever ego gratification you can. NBC gets entertainment for its show and sponsors as well as the right to keep all images. Simple stuff.

    Now we can argue whether NBC’s decisions regarding YouTube make sense for promoting the Tonight Show or maximizing the total revenues they can obtain, but you don’t own the rights to your image if you signed it away. That is not a crock.

    If you get a half-literate posting with no capitalization and poor punctuation under the name of Fatherpuck, please direct your response to Puck Collector, who is using my computer. I do not want to be associated with such butchering of the English language.


    Ok so I had my own baseball dream last night. I was at Yankee Stadium, and I was on the field for BP, along with a lot of other people. When the Yankees left the field, there were a ton of balls still left. So I started going around picking them up. They were all new commemorative balls, including some Washington Nationals commemorative balls. A security guard w2alked over and started yelling at people for taking the balls, but didn?t make anyone give them back. As a started walking back to0 the wall, I saw a ball with numbers on it. It was one of zack?s baseballs! If I remember correctly it was ball 3142 thrown to you after Bp behind the braves? dugout at shea by Ron Mahey on 8/8/07. I then walked over to where the tarp is (this is in the old Yankee Stadium btw) and spotted a ball with a massive logo. When I picked it up, it was a ball commemorative either a player?s 200th Hr or 200th hit. I can?t remember, and unfortunately I can?t remember what player it was. I then started helping the security guards put the baseballs into a bag, but I still managed to get 2 ASG balls and then I woke up.

  5. 333greystreet

    That sucks about the youtube thing. If it was me, I would re-up it, remove all tags and “NBC, Tonight Show, Jay Leno” from the title and description. Maybe call it just zack hample.

    Looking forward to more info about your next book.


  6. padreleigh

    Hi Zack…

    All this talk about Jay Leno has got me thinking about catching “milestone” homers this season. I know Gary Sheffield is sitting on 499, but I won’t be anywhere near where he’s playing early in the season. You going to travel and take a shot at his #500? I know if Carlos Delgado has a good season he might make 500 as well. That will be a good one to go after at CitiField. A rod has an outside shot at 600 with a monster year as well. Are you looking to try for any of the above? I’m going for Adrian Gonzalez’s #100 this season for sure. I believe he’s sitting on 97. Anyone else shooting for milestone homers out there from anyone else I didn’t mention?



    dad, if your serious about the grammar, its good because i typed that in word, then spell checked it.

  8. Alex

    i just booked a vacation to baltimore to see the yankees series and then the first tampa game. Is anyone else going? And leigh i may try to go for adrian’s at citi and bill hall’s at citi. Bill is sitting on 98. and i may try giambi’s 400th (396) when he comes to ny and nady’s 100 (87) later in the season.


    @puckcollector…apparently word doesn’t pick up on the misuse of English words “YOUR” in that context??? Are you kidding me..HA!

  10. nycautographcollector

    thats just stupid about copyright infringement…

    anyway, glad to hear your working on a new book, and that would be cool of other people got involved, id sure love to have a quote or something in it…but whatever it may be im sure its going to be awesome…good luck as you start that process…again

  11. Jake

    Got my new issue of ESPN the Mag in the mail today, and wouldnt you know it, there is Zack Hample providing insight.
    Anyway, pitchers and catchers report down here in AZ in a couple of weeks – can’t wait!
    Lets Go Cardinals!!

  12. ssweene1


    I hear what you are saying, but as far as infringement, they have every right to force you to take it down.. without you there wouldn’t be a clip, but without them you wouldn’t have one either.. and frankly, without you they would have had someone else on to fill that space.. they filmed you on their set, with their crews, cameras, and NBC pays their salaries. I am also sure you probably signed a contract proclaiming they own your likeness when used on the program and they require consent before displaying it.

    NBC also has an exclusive contract with HULU, and you putting up their content violated their contract with hulu. It’s a slippery slope, but I find it odd that you feel slighted by them when THEY put you on their television program and introduced your to potentially millions of new people who never knew you existed. I mean the press you receive is directly in line with potential income, so you complaining feels like a ‘biting the hand that feeds you’ kinda thing.

    With that said, there are two ways you can get around it. One, as as been mentioned, re-upload the clip with different tags, they may or may not find it. Or two, use a different video site. There are so many pirated TV shows out there, just use one of those other services like Megavideo or whatever.

    I feel your pain, completely. WGN is one of the big local stations in Chicago and a cable superstation. My band played on their noon newscast and I immediately uploaded it to my website. (this was 2002, before YouTube prominence)

    They ask me to take it down, and when they explained the legalities behind it, it makes sense. Esp, when royalties, unions, and everything gets involved.


  13. braves04

    PUCK- Your Islanders escaped that 3rd period in Atlanta Thursday night. Those of us that stuck around at the game got quite a show when we almost came back lol. Maybe you’ll overtake us and we can get the No. 1 pick in June lol.
    Only a couple of weeks before pitchers & catchers report :)

  14. Howie


    Reading the FAQ page on your website, i read most of it last week, and now it says that you don’t have a girlfriend??


  15. Greg

    You were quoted in the current issue (FAN ISSUE, Kobe on cover??) of ESPN magazine in the 10 commandments of Heckling (You were in a sidebar about interaction at a baseball game) section. Think they may have quoted your from your book.

    Red Sox Ramblings:


    I am no longer a Yankee fan. they disgust me.

    braves: i know! as soon as atl scored in the first min of the 3rd i knew we were toast. and the arena looked EMPTY last night. and the isles luck is so bad, even if we finish last, well lose the lottery and droop down to 2nd

  17. braves04

    PUCK- There was a decent crowd at Philips on Thursday, but it’s late arriving with the 7:00 starts. Now the Hawks crowds like to show up at halftime lol. I thought we’d get that last one with under a minute left. Crowds were tons better when we were winning, regardless of what the Toronto media tells you.

  18. zackhample

    Thanks for all the comments. I know I haven’t been blogging much or responding as quickly as I do during the season, but you should know I read everything.

    Thanks…and that’s cool that I’m on that site, I guess. I just worry about privacy. I’d love to see a screen shot if you get a chance. As for the girlfriend situation, you should be a detective. I didn’t think anyone would notice the FAQ update so soon. I just changed it a few days ago…and it’s true. I don’t want to get into the details (so if anyone else is reading this and is curious about what happened, don’t ask), but yes, Jona and I broke up last weekend. :-(

    Amen, brotha!


    You make a good case, and it’s hard to argue. Funny about the grammar.

    Nice dream, dude. Did you remember IN the dream which ball that was? Or did you look it up on my blog after you woke up? Mahay tossed it during BP, but other than that, you were right on the money. The mind is a funny thing, no? And what’s this about the Yankees disgusting you?

    Playboy? Not a bad guess, however I will neither confirm nor deny it.

    Well, if they’re getting paid to moderate it, then I can’t blame them.

    That’s not a bad idea, but I’m just nervous about what could happen if I get caught a second time. I heard that “repeat offenders” can have their entire YouTube account deleted. Maybe someone else could post the clip for me? Without the tags, of course.

    I like how you’re thinking, and yes, I’m definitely making a few milestone plans. There’s a chance I might go after Sheff’s 500th and/or Delgado’s. It really all depends on time/money.

    I will not be there, most likely.

    Thanks. My idea for having people getting involved, however, is probably not quite what everyone is envisioning. Give me some time. Let me get started on the book. And then I’ll blog about it.

    Cool! Thanks for letting me know. I’d actually forgotten that I was even in there. Thanks to you, I was able to run out and grab a copy, and I’ll be sharing it in my next entry.

    I feel humbled. I really didn’t think about this way. Thanks for sharing all of that. After reading everything you and “Father Puck” wrote, there’s really not much more I can complain about. And that’s a shame because I really DO like complaining.

    Thanks for the heads-up!

  19. goisles

    this is puck. before i get to the dream, didnt you and jona break up once before? so for any really dissapointed snaggers, there may be a chance.

    i looked up what ball it was on your site, i dint remember it during the dream itself. i picked it up, looke at it with a confused looke, then just shrugged it off and put in in my bag. although i dont know where i would have labeled it since your number were already there.

    the yankees digust me because they are a bucnh of lying arroingent selfish ********. my dad had had a plan with them for 8 years, and the yanks lie about the tix in the new stadium, screwing us, so know we dont have seats. and people who has seats for 15 YEARS in the same spot got stuck in section 410, which is the equivilant of like section 21. they lied about the entire relocation process, and they dont give a ****. i was already on the fring with them, and this and the bull **** privacy clause they want ot put in contracts is wrong, and ridiculus. i hope no body can afford the outragoues seat and the place is empty.

    the only problem is that i have sooo much yankee stuff and i dont know what to do with it.

  20. braves04

    Hey Zack, a bunch of us drove from Atlanta to Raleigh today for a Thrashers road game and we passed through Guilford County, NC. Is that the location of the college you attended?

  21. goisles

    Yes…the Yanks did a number on longstanding average fans.

    I had two plans–including a 46-game weekday plan.
    My seats were in Tier Reserve behind home plate and the Yankees would not allow me to update to a full season in those seats to protect and unwillingness to bump the seniority of folks with lesser fans. Surprising for the Yankees, but a very fair policy.

    Wit the new Stadium, we frequently inquired about whether it was better to upgrade to a full season, but kept getting reassured that seniority mattered and that upgrading would not necessarily ensure a better seat than if I stuck with what I had.

    Now, I knew that my seats would be moved away from home and might not be in as a low a row. However, I thought the worst that would happen is that I would be moved about five or six sections over — to perhaps the end of the infield dirt a first base.

    Instead, I’ve been told they have no tickets for me–and on top of that–the peope who had the seats next to me since 1997 were moved to the last four rows of the Stadium around the RF foul pole. So even if I get a set assignment, it’s likely to be worse than that.

    I think what happened is that most of the people who couldn’t afford the new outrageous prices for their current better locations–opted out and took less seats–that had a domino effect of pushing everyone else down the line.

    The bottom line is that even for a Yankee fan this team has become borderline unlikeable due to the obnoxiousness of the team hierarchy. Steinbrenner may have been a nut–but he wasn’t a nut with as ense of entitlement the way their current crew stands.

    If I can read into the future, I’ll be buying $10 front-row grandstand season tickets and $30 seats behind the dugout–while also watching Okposo, Bailey, Tavares/Hedman, and DiPietro win the cup—IN KANSAS CITY!

  22. goisles

    this is puck!

    goisles: never!!!!!!!!! i will still have some attachment to the yanks until jeter and mo are gone, and until i outgrow all the yankee clothes. i think im just not a fan of the team from this era (post yankee stadium). and once jeter and mo are gone, my guess is ill either become a fan of whatever team who is in the city i live in or be like zack and just root for individuals.

    im just dissapointed that it has come to this. the new stadium could have been a good, thing, but it has been ruined

  23. zackhample

    Wow. I can see why you’re pissed. (As the owner of this blog, I got to see the un-bleeped version of your comment. Heh.)

    Way to convert people…

    I’m not sure if the county is actually called Guilford. I guess it must me. That was the name of the school itself. Thanks for thinking of me!

    Thanks for taking the time to explain all of that. Sounds like a disaster…and I feel your pain.

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