New Yankee Stadium dream

It’s rare for me to have a snagging dream during the winter, but that’s exactly what happened last night…

I was walking along Central Park West in the early afternoon when I noticed a ramp that veered off from the sidewalk and sloped down into the park. I could see that this ramp actually turned into the cross-aisle behind the outfield wall at the New Yankee Stadium. I really wanted to walk down there and check it out, but I was nervous–that is, until my friend Brian (aka “puck collector”) appeared and convinced me it was okay to enter
before the stadium was officially open to the public. “You’re not supposed to be there,” he
said, “but there’s no one around to tell you to leave.” That’s all I needed to hear, and I headed inside on my own. (I’m not sure why he didn’t join me.) The aisle extended past the left field foul pole and into left-center. It was like a Spring Training stadium. There was lawn seating behind the aisle with white picnic tables and benches. The outfield wall, meanwhile, was only about a foot high, so when I walked up to it, I was practically ON the field. A few players were taking early BP, and before long, Roberto Kelly hit one onto Central Park West. I was tempted to run up and look for it, but I didn’t bother because I knew there were other pedestrians who would find it. That’s when Carl Pavano walked over and asked me to hand him his ID which was on a table just behind me. I got it for him, and then after he walked off, I noticed that there were about a dozen balls lying in a small cluster right up against
the outfield wall. I wanted to take my time in collecting them so I could properly label them and remember the order in which they came into my possession. (I’m anal even in my dreams.) I grabbed last year’s commemorative balls first, then
noticed a new one that I believed was for the new stadium. It didn’t
SAY “Yankee Stadium” on it, but there was a large image of the outside of the
stadium that covered most of the ball from the main logo all the way to
sweet spot (in much the same way that the weird marking on this ball covers a significant portion of the surface). On the sweet spot, there was an over-the-top-patriotic
red, white, and blue image of an eagle (just like on the new passports). As I was taking my time and looking at the other balls lying on the field, a college-aged female usher approached and
“invited” me to exit the stadium. She then asked me to leave a few of the
balls on the field for the Yankees, and before I could argue, I woke up.


  1. thomasb.

    Nice dream! My favorite part is when Pavano asks you for his ID which is conveniently placed behind you on a table.

  2. Alex

    thomas just beat me for the first comment
    wow, nice dream. Do you know about this card show next weekend? Its at the westchester county center. they have all these memorabilia dealers. they are gonna have some players there also. Bob Gibson, Willie McCovey, Bobby valentine, Lee mazilli, and 5 more. You should go.


    oh come on! wtf! most nights (and spanish class) i just day dream about the new yankee stadium, and what its gonnna be like. i even have my bp spot picked out, and i didnt follow you in!


    oh and i love that card show. unfortunatly i blow too much money there so i havent gone in a while

  5. baseballexperiences

    Zack- Long time no comment, but ive been reading. Nice dream, very interesting. Are you still thinking about Camden in late July? You have plenty of time, still have the ticket.


    oh and im honored to be in your dream, but did you have your baseball stuff with you, or did it appear out of nowhere?

  7. meikd423

    yeah, i saw the citi field commemorative. it sucks SO much. It’s literally, just an orange rectangle slightly tilted that says inaugural season. no stadium logo, not flags, no banners nothing. it blows so much. last year, the mets had a better commemorative ball but this year the yankees do. words can’t even describe how horrible citi field inaugural ball is. zack, i know you don’t look at them until you snag them, but you might want to look at this one. its so bad that its rumored that they’re gonna re designe it. i hope they do but i dont think they will cause they’ve already sold jerseys with the patch on it.

  8. padreleigh

    Hey GregB….

    As of right now, not going to round 2 in Miami. I’ve already bought tickets to round 2 in SD. I’ll most likely wind up seeing Korea, Japan, Mexico and Cuba. That’s not a bad round 2. Ichiro and the gang, Adrian Gonzalez and pals and all the good Cuban guys. My short term goal is to catch a WBC homer in round 2 in SD or at the semis and finals in LA. Don’t have the tickets for the LA games yet, but I’ll get them soon. If you wind up going to Miami, SPLURGE for the LF Club Seats or fight the crowds in RF. I feel a lot of homers coming in Miami. I’d LOVE to go to Toronto, but how could I compete with the likes of Chris Los? Maybe next time. Let me know what tix you wind up getting in Miami.


    Any WBC plans yet?


    Who has the hook up for me to get Padres vs Mets tix the FIRST game ever at Citi Field? I know it’s going to be a tough ticket.



    leigh, if hes canadian the he should like hockey and thank god its too expensive to see a game in canada, cuz if he were to outsnag me at my own “sport” i should just retire. well good luck
    and if anyone has the time to go to shay it looks amazing. its almost like ground zero inside , but the skeleton is still up.

  10. goisles

    I don’t know if I should call a shrink or the police after that dream.

    Carl Pavano and Roberto Kelly? I can see Pavano on the eve of American Idol (Idle), but where did Kelly come from?

    As for the baseball, the reason it had a passport eagle on it is because Uncle Sam bailed out the Yankees and the new Stadium when no one could afford to buy tickets to go there and the Yankees defaulted on their payments to A-Rod, CC, and Texeira. A lot of taxpayers complained, but the Obama Administration determined that the Yankees were too big to fail. Also, as part of a massive public works project under a revised TARP (good pun there!) and a congressional earmark, the Stadium was moved piece by piece from the Bronx to Central Park West.

  11. Howie

    remember when you said u had shea stadium secrets, like ways to snag balls that work in just shea stadium that u promised you wouldn’t tell anyone? now would b a good time to share them. There will be no shea stadium. Just suggesting.


  12. bigglovebob

    I have very vivid dreams and will often wake myself up from “acting them out” I have had quite a few snagging dreams lately.

    I will be dreaming about being at batting practice or during the game and the ball will come my way and I will wake myself up literally lurching for it or starting to run for it. My pillows end up on the floor and my covers end up all over the place.

    I was at a high school baseball game for some reason at the dome the other night in my dream. I caught a ball in the left field seats and a ball boy came over and wanted me to toss it back. I was about to toss it back when I noticed that the high schoolers were for some reason playing with 2009 Minnesota Twins Metrodome final season balls. The balls featured a portrait of recently deceased Twins owner Carl Pohlad as well as the Metrodome final season logo that I am guessing will actually show up on the ball.

    When I saw that the ball was a Twins final dome season ball I asked the ball boy if I could just keep it and he said he didn’t care and let me keep it.

    I can’t wait for the new season to begin!

  13. zackhample

    Thanks. Weird…I know.

    I hadn’t heard. Thanks for the info, but I don’t collect cards any more. I haven’t collected since the mid-90s.

    Now that you mention it, I don’t remember wearing a glove in the dream. But then again, if I didn’t have one, I would’ve been stressed out about it. So who knows?

    Thanks. As I recall, the “female” was average looking, but even if she were gorgeous, I still would’ve been annoyed that she came over to nag me.

    I’m still thinking about it, and I’m still very interested, but it’s still too early for me to commit.

    That’s the worst logo ever. As for Shea secrets, I can’t even remember which ones I was referring to. Probably about getting balls from the ump after the game (which everyone figured out on their own anyway) and other details about eluding security.

    I don’t care if the Mets use ugly balls in 2009. They’ll go down in history BECAUSE of their ugliness (making them more valuable) and they’ll be easier to get because fewer people will want them.

    No WBC plans for me.


    Where did Kelly come from? I’ve had some interaction with him in the past, and I once (this is true…not a dream) saw him hit two foul balls on two consecutive pitches to the same fan at Yankee Stadium. Amazing stuff. So maybe that’s why he’s burned into my subconscious. I like your theory on the eagle and the bailout.

    WOW! That’s awesome. And maybe a bit scary…about throwing your pillows and blanket. I love it. Thanks for sharing that.

  14. meikd423

    the citi commem. isn’t ugly, it’s just so plain. i wouldn’t mind if it was ugly, that’d be cool. But it consists of so little deetails, that it can’t even be called ugly.

  15. padreleigh

    Has anyone on here heard of a ballhawk in Milwaukee called The Happy Youngster? I saw some of his videos on You Tube and he has a website.

    It’s kind of interesting, but not as good as Zack’s website. So, who’s got the hookup for the Mets opening day tickets? Nobody?


  16. padreleigh

    Wow. I guess I have been away awhile. I must have missed that one. Sorry about the way late info. Apologies to Mr. Happy Youngster. Once you hit 40 you lose your mind, piece by piece. I did like his website though!! I’ll have to re-read some of the last two months’ posts. 80 degrees in San Diego. Woo hoo.


  17. nhanson29

    What ever happened to the infamous Zack impersonator Chris Los? There was a big comment discussion about him back in July, and he dropped off the map big time. Last I saw, he got caught hacking someone’s blog and then he got taken off MLBlogs and stuff. Anyone know?

  18. zackhample

    Good point.

    Stop bragging about the weather. Rrr.

    NHANSON29 (and everyone else)-
    I really don’t want to get back into a whole Chris Los discussion because, quite frankly, nothing good will come of it. You’re right, though. He got into some trouble on MLBlogs last summer, and I don’t believe he has been back since.

  19. goisles

    hey zack, i was thinking because the new NY stadiums (especially YS) are so aimed towards business and corportae america, BP may beless crowded because a larger majority of the seats are business men who come in the 3rd and levea in the 7th. just a thought.


    Hey zack, do you know how much obama is spending on the inauguration? 150 million, that?s more than triple what bush spent, and I think a tree day inauguration party in this economy is u necessary for any president, when that money could be going to better projects (like financing the new Yankee stadium and citi field! LOL) but seriously I think that?s a little over the top, but the news reel I saw of his speech today reminded me of the scene from forest Gump where hes asked to speak at the rally and jenny wades across the reflection pool to see him.

  21. districtboy

    Went to the Inauguration concert today…packed like sardines, seriously. Tight as hell (literally and figuratively). I have tickets for Tuesday. Praying TO GOD it’s not below 30. So yeah…I’m looking forward to standing in the frigid cold for 3-4 hours. But I think I’ll be close enough to the Capitol to the point where I won’t have the need to watch one of the big HD screens. And if you are in Washington now Zack, then by golly maybe we will run into each other. Of course, the chances of that happening are about as good as the Nationals winning the pennant. At least there are 5000 Porta-A-Pottys on the Mall.


  22. meikd423

    adding to your comment, there will be more secret service men all around washington protecting obama than there will be troops deployed in Afghanistan.

    pretty rediculous. I hate to say it but i still think something is gonna go down, wether it be a terrorist attack or something else. i think that some genius is going to find a way around security.

  23. zackhample

    I hope you’re right, but I don’t think it’ll play out that way.

    Spending a lot for a one-time event to commemorate one of the most important days in the history of humankind? Seems worth it to me. How about Bush spending that much every day to kill innocent people in Iraq and make the rest of the world hate us? That doesn’t bother you?

    Awesome. I wish I were there, and I suppose I could be, but I’m just layin’ low here in NYC and getting ready to watch it all go down on TV.

  24. padreleigh

    I saw MTV has pulled out all the stops for all their coverage of the Obama’s big day. It’s funny, but I don’t remember MTV covering either of Bush’s inaugerations. Why is that exactly? :)


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