Tournament Arkanoid Domination

Last month I wrote an entry about a classic arcade video game called Arkanoid; I had played a perfect game and filmed it and posted it on Google.

Now I’m back with another Arkanoid video–Tournament Arkanoid, to be specific.

The original version of Arkanoid came out in 1986. The Tournament version came out one year later, and it’s a LOT harder, I won’t get into all the reasons why. I’ll just say that I achieved perfection, and you can see the video HERE.

The video is more than half an hour, so if you only have a couple minutes to spare and want a quick sample of my skills, skip ahead to 24 minutes and 36 seconds. That’s the spot where Round 26 was about to begin. I overcame a few mistakes (which you probably won’t even notice) and ended up putting on a pretty good show.



  1. padreleigh

    Hey Zack…

    First comment. Woo hoo!! I got a call from my work that you were looking for me? What the heck? Do you miss me? I thought I better say hello and let you know I’m A-ok. I picked up a second job (ughh) for the off season and between the two jobs and family and sleep there isn’t alot of time for the internet. The goal is to make a bunch of extra money in the off season so this up coming season will be a memorable one. Maybe do a little extra baseball travelling? We’ll see. I had the Indianapolis Colts at the hotel the other night. So glad they lost. Ha ha. Last month we hosted Adrian Gonzalez’s charity golf tournament as well. Saw Adrian, Brian Giles and Chris Young. I saw the Padres’ TV color analyst, Mark Grant, at the mall the other day too. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited for WBC here in San Diego and LA and Spring Training in AZ after that. It will be there before you know it. The Padres open up the Mets new ballpark too. Hmmm. Road Trip? Cross country road trip? Anyway, thanks for calling and checking up on me. All is well. Hope to see you soon in the New Year at a ballpark somewhere. Is anyone going to round 1 of the WBC in Toronto or Miami? Round 2 in SD? Semis and Finals in LA?



    leigh: great to hear from you. i dont know about everyone else, but i thought something happened to you.

    zack: weird but im addicted to my fair share of videogames too (only mine of from this decade! :)

  3. jere80

    Great job. I think the first mistake you refer to was at the beginning of that level–you were trying to knock out that middle brick with continuous pounding, but the ball got away from you before you knocked it out. You did recover nicely and make some great saves at far left. Unlike George Costanza, you CAN go left.

  4. joshscards

    its been a while since ive commented but ive been reading all the updates. ireland?? that must have been cool. video games are interesting and all (and hey i love some), but i cant wait till your using the glove trick from the facade at citi field…(have you calculated the distance yet?) ….anyway, ive gotten a few cards signed since the end of baseball season (Alonzo Mourning in particular…)….Spring Training i will definitely heat up and ESPN the Weekend in Orlando is always great.
    Happy New Year!

  5. nymetsgrrl94

    Sweet stuff. And I think you should check out “I Don’t Want To Be” by Gavin DeGraw. Most of his songs are more for like teenage girls (hence why I like him) but that is a really good song.

  6. gregb123

    Leigh — Good to hear from you. I’ll be in Miami for Round 2 of the WBC. Any chance you’ll be there? I remember you saying you’ve been to a lot of games at that stadium.

  7. gjk2212

    hey all,

    long time no comment. been real busy applying to college and whatnot. anyway, i was planning on going to the wbc in miami but it looks like that wont work out. i have family going to orlando for a week which works out for me with lodging. orlando isnt anywhere close to miami. im renting a car and driving myself to a bunch of spring training games though, starting with the braves, then the astros, nationals, tigers, mets, and marlins/cardinals facilities. hopefully a game a day, still in the planning stages. see anyone there? of course my first spring training all the big players are at the wbc..whatever.


    yes jason mraz is from sandiego.his percussionist toca lives nextdoor.,in remedy rox.

  9. dhbball

    Good to hear from you Leigh. I’m also trying to get some more cash for the season, I’m already getting ancy for Spring Training and the WBC to start. I’m pretty sure I will be in Toronto for the 1st round of the WBC. I would much rather go to Miami (wether wise) but from here in WV, yes we are a state Toronto is much closer 8hrs. Anyway to get to games I’ll take it. I also am going to Disneyworld in Orlando Feb 14-18. Which is when players report so I also get to hit up Spring Training. I s anyone else going to the WBC, or Spring Training. Greg nice too hear from you again when are you heading down to Miami?

  10. zackhample

    Yeah, that’s right, I called the hotel to check up on you. See what happens when you stop returning emails and vmails? People start to worry. Glad to hear you’re doing well. :-)

    Thanks for the recommendation. It’s now on my list of things to check out…

    Yeah, but the older games measure something that the newer games don’t: hand-eye coordination.

    You are correct! Thanks for watching.

    I haven’t done any research about the future of snagging in New York City, although I did have a weird dream about it, which I will be sharing in my next entry.

    I’ll check out these two songs along with Rockpile’s recommendation. (See above.) Thanks. I’m always eager to experience new music, even if I don’t end up liking it.

    I suppose there’s a chance I could be at Spring Training this year, but I have no solid plans yet.

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