Day 3 of our trip was Christmas, aka “Rickey Henderson’s birthday” to those whose religion is baseball. (More on baseball in a bit.) There wasn’t anything to do in Dublin. Everything was closed. So Jona and I hung around the house all afternoon with her aunt and uncles and cousins and their kids (a few of whom aren’t pictured below):


During the last hour of daylight, we walked over to Dublin Bay (less than half a kilometer away) and took a long, leisurely stroll along the promenade. The tide was way out, so it wasn’t as pretty as it normally is, but I still got a couple nice photos. Here’s the first…


…and here I am with Jona (and her pink mohawk hat) in the second:



Back at the house, we ate a traditional Irish Christmas dinner:


That’s right. We had turkey with gravy, mashed and roasted potatoes (or “spuds” as they’re called here), cranberry sauce, and stuffing. There were also a few vegetables that I avoided.

After dinner, Jona and I played a game of Scrabble (on a mini-travel set that we’d packed for the flight). We all watched a lot of TV, and Jona and I fell in love with a comedy duo that’s insanely popular here in the UK. It’s called “Little Britain.” Check them out on YouTube.)

That was pretty much it. Slow day. But I have a few baseball things to report.

Seamus (Jona’s aunt’s husband, whose name, as I mentioned in my Day 1 entry, is pronounced “SHAY-muss”) surprised me with his interest in baseball. Not only does he own The Ultimate Baseball Book


…as well as three major league caps and a 1986 Mets mug…


…but he’s related to a Hall of Famer; his great-grandfather was married to Ed Delahanty‘s aunt!

By the way, Seamus and his wife Joan had a funny exchange when he first put on the Sox cap. She thought it was perched too high up on his forehead, so she told him to “bring down the peak.”

“Don’t tell me how to wear me bloody cap!” he barked with a smile, then turned to me and said, “She’s a terrible woman.”

Seamus really DOES like the Mariners and reminisced about the days when Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey Jr., and Randy Johnson all played together on the team. Seamus gets a good amount of MLB games (and news) through his standard cable TV package, and he makes a point of watching the World Series every year. (He doesn’t understand why it’s called the “World” series when it only involves teams from North America.) His favorite player nowadays is Ichiro Suzuki, and he described a defensive play he once saw in which Ichiro “threw the ball nearly all the way to home base from the boundary.”

I’ve been keeping up with MLB news since I got here. First it was Teixiera, and now it’s…


jinxed_from_ireland.jpgYou remember the sad story of Gustavo Chacin, right? To sum it up quickly:

1) He stole a baseball from me on 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium.
2) I put the Hample Jinx on him as punishment.
3) His career went down the tubes as a result.

The latest Gustavo news is proof that the Jinx is always with him, even during the off-season when I’m an ocean away and distracted by other things. Just within the last few days, he was signed to a minor league (Ha!) contract by the worst team in baseball. That would be the Washington Nationals. Chacin has become such an inconsequential scrub that the move didn’t even make front page news on Here’s the story.


  1. districtboy

    Ed Delahanty? There was a good article about him in the Washington Post a couple of years ago. What a weird/sad story.

    As for the hairless southpaw, Woodbridge, VA is a nice little town. “The Pfitz” is a dump, but hopefully Gustavo will find a way to grind up it up to Harrisburg. ;)


  2. sportzfreeka

    It’s fantastic we have some Mariner fans across the Atlantic. Now if we only turn this season around…

  3. jacoby1993

    Looks like you’re having a blast over in Ireland!
    At least you have some baseball when you are over there!

  4. zackhample

    I’m now back in NYC. I have one more day of Ireland activities to report, and that entry will be up soon. Get ready for some pretty photos of cliffs and water…


    I never saw that story. What was the gist?

    The Mariners are truly international.

    True, but I actually wouldn’t have minded if the word baseball didn’t come up at all while I was there.

    Yeah, I photoshopped that little squiggly red “W” onto his old cap. I doubt he’s aware of the jinx, but who knows? Maybe he googles himself regularly.

  5. districtboy

    On Delahanty…

    He fell off Niagara Falls after getting kicked off a train. It’s still unclear whether he fell because he was drunk or whether it was suicide, but the main point of the article was how troubled (and talented) he was.


  6. zackhample

    Wow, I had no idea about that.

    Anyway, yes, the trip WAS great.

    Thanks for checking out my pics/stories.

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