At home, at work…

Snowy day in New York City. Here I am, at home, doing some non-baseball work for the Argosy Book Store:


If it stops snowing (and if I get my new passport) by Monday, I’ll be heading off with the G.F. on a little trip…


  1. thomasb.

    Thats true, I guess anything is on topic during the offseason. I am trying to get up to NY this summer to see the Yankees play in their new cathedral.

  2. Graham

    Snowed all freaking day in Utah. Took me 2 1/2 hours to drive home from work and it’s only twenty miles. Sucks. What type of work do you do for your family’s book store?

  3. zackhample

    I’m not gonna call it a “cathedral” quite yet, but you go right ahead.

    Nope. I wouldn’t need a passport to go there.


    Thanks…but no.


    Not Brazil.

    Thanks! I got the Arkanoid machine on eBay back in 1999 (for the low low price of $280).

    I wish. Then I could check in on my friend Jules who (I think) could use some company.

    Never been to Utah. Sorry about the slow commute. I do web site stuff for the store. Right now I’m editing/updating catalog descriptions that got a bit screwy when the site changed formats recently.

  4. metmainman

    Are you going to watch Winter Ball in some warm country like Venezuela?

    And in response to your last post, another great book to read (although not sports related) is Santa Responds He’s had enough… and he’s writing back! It says the author is Santa Claus and the copyright belongs to Santa Enterprises, so I can’t really help you in the way of finding who wrote it. But you work in a bookstore, so you shouldn’t have much trouble. Its about Santa finally getting fed up with all the kids letters, so he responds to them all with some rude yet realistic remarks. Its hilarious!

  5. zackhample

    Thanks for keeping the secret.

    Let’s just say it’s not as cold as it is in NYC right now.

    It’s not Venezuela. That Santa book sounds fun.

    Winter ball would be awesome. But nope, not THIS winter.

    Sorry, Mister. You’re gonna have to gamble without me.

  6. yankeekid

    I think I know where ur going is it,
    Dominican Republic???,
    Puerto Rico??? or is it

  7. Cole

    What is snow? :P

    I’m here in Arizona and its like 70 degrees and sunny all day every day. Absolutely ideal weather and it couldn’t be better. Little droplets of water fell from the sky today, so that was kind of confusing and weird. Idk what that was all about but Mr. Sunshine is back out and smiling down on AZ. lol

  8. dannyz

    Great rug!! Love the scrabble pattern.

    And you should see the snow up here in Toronto…but we’re supposed to get rain on Xmas Eve.

    My guess for the trip is Mexico, but since the yankeekid already posted that, I’m gonna say CHINA?! (Won’t be a “little” trip then, but worth a shot)

  9. braves04

    The Yankees spend over $400 million in one week and now offer 25 cent tickets. Steinbrenner must actually have a bed of cash he sleeps on every night. I hope Teixeira hits .183 with 6 HR next year.

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