PETCO Park TV interview

Remember when I was interviewed on 8/29/08 at PETCO Park? Well, the segment is finally up on YouTube:

In other news, I’ve started compiling my final stats for 2008, and I’ll be sharing them soon.

(Don’t forget to send me your photos by Thanksgiving.)


  1. baseballexperiences

    1st Comment woohoo! I like videos like this when your actually at the park then the ones in studios. Great job.


    So I’m guessing that being the first to post on a new blog entry is a prestigious accomplishment huh? WOW! Why didn’t anyone tell me? I feel left out. Believe me, I will be a competitive contender in the future…look out.

  3. snagfan


    Awesome compilation of videos. Great data for us novices to use for next season.

    Mike in Detroit


    thanx Zack,was lookin for this video,i wasnt in background,padreleigh is twice.Go for 1st yankee and met hr in 09..Im going for 1st dodger hr in az/ spring training.think they want it back?


    you can see our fight video over a ball at petco,google this-youtube zack tc fight…..who got the ball?it was just a damn training ball.trick.


    haha nice video zack. Did any fans complain that u were catching to many? I mean 21 is so much. Also if u were wondering who this was its michael from florida. Remember from the Disney Rays series in April? Also i forgot to mention that i went to alcs game 2 in tampa and this guy during bp caught a ball on the fly in a foam pepsi cup. It was unbelievible.

  7. happyyoungster

    Nice vid, Zack.
    Couple things:

    1. Is it just me or does that San Diego newscaster look a little like Steve “Psycho” Lyons?
    2. I never grow tired of watching that glove trick…brilliant!
    3. Justin Hampson has nothing on you, bro.
    4. Please, never put the Hample Jinx on “The Happy Youngster” (I promise if we ever ballhawk together, we’ll do it a few sections apart!).
    5. Go to my blog to view the first of a few videos (like I said before…it’s not Rosie, but, hey, we all can’t be Zack Hample?

  8. zackhample

    Thanks, and I agree. These interviews/segments are always more interesting at stadiums.

    Thanks, Mister.

    You crack me up.

    Glad you like ’em.

    You hadn’t seen it yet? It was online all this time…just not on YouTube. Not only is Leigh in the background a couple times but he’s in the actual preview image for the video itself. If I can get tickets to the first games at the new ballparks, I’ll be going for the first home runs. What YouTube fight video are you talking about? Give me a direct link.

    Nah, no one complained because I gave a few balls away to kids (a fact which Channel 10 News neglected to show or mention, of course). Anyway, nice to hear from you…and very cool that you got to attend a playoff game.

    Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Heh. A little bit.
    2. You’re too kind.
    3. Well, he IS in the Major Leagues.
    4. You got it.
    5. I will check it out…


    And what a pic it is. :-)

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