TV reel

I finally have a TV reel that I feel good about. I know it’s not perfect, but hopefully it’ll still get the job done. Check it out if you have a few minutes to spare…

…and don’t forget to send me your photos. I’ve received 11 so far, and I suspect there are a lot more on the way. I plan to share them in the order in which they are received, so if you want yours to be closer to the top, get moving.


  1. baseballexperiences

    Nice video. Whatever happened to the san diego news10 interview? You probably posted it already, i just missed it. Joe

  2. meikd423

    i saw this about a week ago on youtube but i wondered why you didn’t put on the blog. but now it is revealed. sry i havent sent my picture….. the reason is a mix of business and mostly laziness.

  3. zackhample

    Thanks! And yes, I know the final stats are already overdue.

    Muchas gracias.

    Merci. I never posted the San Diego interview. I need to watch it again and decide if it’s worthy of being on YouTube.

    Glad to hear you’re working on it.

    Ahh, yes, well now you know. No worries about the photo. You still got a couple weeks…

  4. thomasb.

    Zack, “meh” is now in the dictionary. You should try to use it in scrabble, unless they haven’t added it to the scrabble dictionary yet.


    Hi Z! Long time no comment, I know–but I just had to say that this is a fantastic vid. Sums you up to a tee! (zee?)
    –Lee (uh)

  6. braves04

    Nice reel, I never knew they talked about you on Around the Horn and I watch that a lot lol. I’ll have a photo at some point as well, tho it’s not even close to triple digits lol.

  7. zackhample

    Thanks. I’d love to see your videos. Let me (and everyone else here) know when they’re up.

    Yikes, that would’ve been embarrassing.

    Ha, cool. It hasn’t been added yet. Maybe in the next edition?


    Thank you, kind sir.

    Hi-eeeeeee!!! Thanks for watching/commenting. We need to hang soon. I told you I have real chairs now, right? So when we order Indian food, we’ll actually have a comfortable surface for our fannies.

    Thanks. I would’ve missed that clip on “Around the Horn” if not for my friend Brad who just so happened to be taping it. Looking forward to seeing your photo.

  8. baseballexperiences

    Personally, i think the exibition games r pointless at the stadiums, and theyll make opening day, well not fell like opening day. zack- if you were to go to the games and got baseballs, would u count them?- Joe

  9. zackhample

    Yeah, I’d count them. If there are major league players playing inside a major league stadium, I think the balls should count. The Home Run Derby isn’t an official “game” but obviously those balls should count, so why not count a well-attended pre-season game?



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