PICTURED ABOVE: A photo I took after getting home from an election-night party.

PICTURED BELOW: A photo from the party during President-elect Obama’s victory speech. People (myself included) were crying tears of joy. It was (and will forever remain) one of the best moments of my life.


To those of you who don’t like Obama…sorry for getting political, but I hope we can agree to disagree. More importantly, though, I hope (for everyone’s sake) that he ends up proving you wrong.   :-)


  1. ceetar

    Maybe there is hope for the country yet. I mean, we were pretty much at a low what with one of the worst presidents ever and the Phillies as World Champions?

  2. snagfan

    Now hopefully we can end this war in Iraq and get back to chasing baseballs…..

    Mike in Detroit

  3. zackhample

    I agree.

    Lots of hope…yes.

    Amen, brotha.



  4. braves04

    This is LSThrasher04, under the new name this site has given me lol.

    While I didn’t vote for Obama, I was impressed with his and McCain’s speeches last night. I don’t agree with Obama on much (yet), but I would love it if the polarization of this country was able to be narrowed down. Great day for African-Americans in this country and am proud of the fact we elected a minority candidate.

    Maybe we can petition to have him open all stadiums 3 hours before game time?

  5. csparks@zoominternet.net

    Im glad that Keith Olberman can be quiet now. He is the most annoying tv host I have ever heard. And maybe SNL can stop making fun of Sarah Palin!

  6. zackhample

    Nicely said. I’m glad we can respectfully agree to disagree about Obama. I’m with you all the way on gate opening times.

    I’m curious to know why you (strongly) dislike Obama. He seems pretty likable/inspirational to me.

    I’ve only watched Olberman a few times, and I’ve always enjoyed him…but I can see how he’d be totally annoying to those who don’t agree with him politically.

  7. deleted

    I STILL get chills when I think that we have elected an African American president. And simply listening to his speech… he could have just made everyone go bananas, but instead he old them that it was going to take time, but we were on the right path. Even McCain’s speech was the best he’s had so far. That McCain would have had a better shot.

    I almost cried when Obama was giving his speech, especially when he was talking about the 100+ year old woman, who experienced so much, and finally got to touch a screen to vote for the first African-American president, and not only that, but the one that will put this country on the right track

    I’m proud to be an American:)

  8. zackhample


    Fingers crossed.

    I couldn’t have said it better.

  9. puckcollector@optonline.net

    he is inspirational, but i totally 100% disagree w/ him politically. but other than that he seems like a nice guy and a gr8 public speaker (thats why he won)

  10. dhbball

    HaHa my fault it was in 26 games I wish I could do that only you though, you are the man. But I was still psyched, it was awesome, an average of around 5 balls per game not bad. By the way Go Obama I myself cryed tears of joy because of the unity it was great. Good to talk to you again.

  11. Cole

    Oh Zack this kills me that you’re an Obama guy!!! Daggers are being driven through my heart!!! Haha I’m just joking, I fully understand that people have different views in politics and I accept that (even though I dont approve :-P) people are going to be Obamians. lol. I am a McCainiac, and will be a die hard republican for life. I was there at the Biltmore in AZ when McCain gave his speech after the final result. It was pretty cool, as I had front row seats! It was totally awesome. Anywho, glad to see you’re still blogging (even though this one is a bit painful to read) and keep pumpin em out! Glad to hear from ya and hopefully Obama will prove me wrong. Until he does, I believe that Change is for Parking Meters!!! Hahahahahaha, talk to you later, Zack


  12. jjlacs

    Great site Zack! Yes, it was a great night last night and hope now we can put all of this behind us and unite the country to improve everyone’s lives! I’ve supported Obama from day one but believe we all will have to work hard and work TOGETHER to make the change we need.

    Now how many days is it until pitchers and catchers report? :)

  13. meikd423

    What!? Obama is gonna ruin this country. hes supporting laziness by taking money from the people who earn it and giving it to people who are too lazy to work for it. his tax plans just don’t make sense. i heard a lady on the radio say “yay! obamas is president and hes gonna pay off my mortgage and i’m gonna get a new car!”. That sucks. shes buying that with our f’ing money, the people who work hard to make it! the american dream is to be successful and to make money, but now, whats the point! obama is just gonna take away that money and ruin the persons american dream and success and give it to a bunch of lazy ******** without jobs! with this cycle of taking away money from the successful and circulating it to people with low income, there will be no rich or poor. thats not what america is about. in america, you work for your money and gain wealth, if you don’t, you fall flat on your face and nobody is to blame except that jobless person! that person shouldnt be bailed out by a hard worker who was forced to bail that person out. they should take responsibility! a flat tax rate is what needs to happen. if you want to to work, you will be rewarded, if you don’t than tough luck.

    also, about his little tax plan of only raising taxes to people who make over 250,000 dollars a year, has shrunk to 150,000 to 125,000 over the last few weeks. with all of his healthcare and welfare plans, that number of money per year is going to keep getting lower and lower until he is taxing everybody.

    and his garbage about pulling troops out of iraq is also stupid. 70% of troops voted for McCain because Obama called the the deployment to iraq a mistake. that is such a disgrace. just let this guy tell ya.

    a lot of people in alabama (im not being prejudice or anything, i actually have relatives who live on a farm there) think that obama is the anti-christ. this might sound rediculous, but i think he is not far from it. his smooth talking ways and charms have hypnotized this country into voting for higher taxes. america is fine the way it is. the way the founding fathers died for it to be and this man is going to change all of that. his democratic ways are going to put a kick me sign on americas back for all terrorists, not help make peace with them. the only way to settle all of this terrorism of them is to get rid of them, not to negotiate. if we try to make peace with them, they will only use it against us and attack when we think they are friends.

    obama is going to make people wish they never voted for him.

  14. gailquack@aol.com

    Wow…uh ohhhh. I hope he works out! And I’m not that political. Very interesting….

  15. zackhample

    Fair enough.

    Ahh, okay, you had me all excited there. But still…very impressive. Yay for yunity.

    Whoa! How cool that you were there! How’d you pull that off? And how the hell did you get into the front row? Sorry I’ve let you down with my political views, but hey…if I agreed with you, then I’d be letting other people down. Obviously we can’t all agree on the next president, but I’m glad that you and I can respectfully disagree. My next entry won’t be about politics, I swear.

    Thanks! (I don’t know how many days. I’m sure SOMEone on here is counting.)

    Well, I totally disagree with you about Obama, but I still think you’re cool as hell in every other way. :-)

    Wow, yeah.

  16. Cole

    Lets just say my dad has some pull with McCain. He put together the National Convention in Minnesota :-)

  17. puckcollector@optonline.net

    goislanders: wow ur an isles fan and totally share my views! can it get better than that!

  18. padreleigh


    You’re killing me. You’ll be seeing the error of your Democratic ways soon enough. It’s people like you, in higher tax brackets, and people with businesses like your parents and their bookstore that will suffer. Enjoying paying more taxes and enjoy watching the money go to all the illegal people that are jumping over the fence here in San Diego. Obama is all for illegal immigrant amnesty. Why don’t we just give them all free medical care, free welfare money, free money for college and maybe some unemployment money too? Let’s reward them for breaking the law. All of the terrorists in the middle east are cheering now that Obama is elected. Let’s see how you feel when Obama pulls all of our troops out of the middle east and the terrorists and Iran start concentrating on ISRAEL. You’re killing me. I hope he never throws out a first pitch at a Padres game. I won’t be there if he does. On the good side, I really don’t think he’s the Anti Christ because we all know Hank Steinbrenner is. Duh. Hopefully, it will be a quick four years and the Republicans can get somebody decent in there (and NOT Sarah Palin). About 90 days till pitchers and catchers report. Woo Hoo. I’ll get on taking my baseball pic too. See you next season Zack you liberal……


  19. the72legend@aim.com

    I’m so happy the election is over. I’m not old enough to vote but I don’t know who I would have voted for if I was old enough to vote. I liked where Obama stood on gun control but I liked were McCain stood on education. I was a little mad when McCain lost but I knew it was coming. To me it didn’t really matter who came into the White House but that Bush will FINALLY be out of the White House in January.

  20. zackhample


    It was meant to be.

    Okay, at least you have some sense about Palin and Steinbrenner, but I think you’ve got some facts wrong about Obama…but we don’t need to get into them. Anyway, if Obama makes the world worse than it is now, I’ll admit the error of my Democratic ways…but if things start to improve (as I suspect they will starting on January 20th), then I hope you’ll be willing to admit something as well.

    Where DID McCain stand on education? Wanting to continue the war in Iraq for 100 more years so that all of our money would be used to kill people across the world instead of building more schools and paying teachers higher salaries right here in America? Hmm…I guess I see what you mean. I guess it doesn’t matter who’s in the White House. :-p
    I’m going to post another entry soon so we can start talking about something else.

  21. braves04

    Zack, you didn’t have to move to Canada after all. Then you would have to pay to “Watch with Clif” to snag pucks.
    Ann Nixon Cooper has become somewhat of a local celebrity around here. Born just one generation after slavery, she’s helped elect a black president. That was a remarkable story regarding all that she has seen in her lifetime.

  22. meikd423

    hahaha, its tough to watch the islanders these days. but it wasnt too hard to watch tuesdays game…..rangers suck

  23. puckcollector@optonline.net

    yeah mccain wanted to keep troops in iraq, and obama didnt but obama in a debate said that he would send troops to rawanda to stop genocide even thought it doesnt affect america at all. and like i said i pray to god he suprises me

  24. puckcollector@optonline.net

    okay zack canadiens fan and republician maybe?

    clif: it was worse to see them live blow 3 goal leads in the 3rd 2 days in a row.

    and braves04- actually i think it would be “watch with brian” to snag pucks

  25. braves04

    Puck, I confused you with GoIslanders. My bad. Tonight, it’s Go Thrashers lol. I’ll be in club seats on the lower level at Philips :)

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