Send me your photos.

Let’s try something different here. I think it was my friend Leigh (aka “padreleigh” to those of you read the comments) who suggested it. Basically I want to post an entry with photos of my readers with their baseballs, but here’s the catch: I’m only going to post photos from people who have left comments on this blog. (If you haven’t commented yet, it’s not too late.) So…if you’re one of these people and you want to be included in this collection of collectors, go ahead and send me your best shot.

Here are a few guidelines:

1) Email your photo to and put the word “PHOTO” in the subject.

2) Send one .jpg image only.

3) Tell me about the balls being shown in the photo. For example, are they from 2008 only? Or from an entire lifetime of snagging? Also let me know how many balls are in the photo.

4) Tell me your name (and blog nickname) along with your age and the city/state where you live.

5) If you have your own blog/site that you’d like people to check out, send me the URL and I’ll link to it.

I’m going to choose an arbitrary deadline…just because. So let’s make it Thanksgiving of 2008. That gives you a few weeks to think about it and gather your balls, as it were, and recruit someone with a nice camera to take your picture.



  1. baseballexperiences

    Nice idea. I just got back form a tour of the new yankee stadium, courtesy of my dad’s friend. We had all access, with our car parked literaly right in frount of the main gate. We saw the clubhouses, the indoor batting cages, the dugouts, were on the new field, the showers, the sawnas, the 20 person hot tub in the “locker room”, which was more of a huge fancy suite, luxury boxes,[one that is 1.5 million per year, the owners box, and the famous hole where the big papi jersey was. it was a two foot hole in the second floor and the story was to long to mention. i picked up a few nic nacts including dirt and grass from the field and other stuff. The tour was an hour 1/2 long and was worth every minute of it. My dad’s friend who took us on the tour has took some of the players such as jeter and mariano. he’s a high person in the building of it so we were able to do all of that. I will try to post some of the pics soon. [ my dad’s friend said arod and madonna were there a couple of weeks ago too.] It was great.- Joe


    that’s cool zack. by the way, i had this weird dream a couple of nights ago where i went to a high school baseball game and caught a ball that had a 1955 world series logo on it. did they even have logos on world series balls back then?

  3. robertdean

    hey zack, you da man! thanks for the help in making my 2008 baseball season the best ever!! robert, denver co.

  4. zackhample

    We are privileged to have a celebrity with us here in the comments section. Remember the article I wrote about Barry Bonds’ final home run? Remember all the controversy that ensued when a second ball got loose in the stands at Coors Field? Remember the guy named Robert Harmon who snagged that “dummy ball”? Well, he just left his first comment on this blog, and he has already emailed me a photo that I will be sharing (along with the other photos that have been coming my way) after Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, what’s with all the photos you people are sending me with ONE lone ball in them? Where are all the shots that show dozens/hundreds/thousands of balls? Anyway, I’ve been glued to CNN all day, and I’m now about to eat Thai food with Jona and watch “The Happening.” Coconut rice is the best.


    You’re welcome.

    Duh. :-)

    Whatever you want.

    That is sooooooo cool. Seriously…awesome.

    Ooh yeah.

    That is one *weird* dream. But I can relate. Not sure about the logos from way back in the day.

    Feel free to send me a pic of your six balls…and if you want to be IN the pic, even better.

    How can I be da man when YOU da man? Thanks so much for finally (FINALLY!!!) leaving a comment, and thanks for the photo. Very nice, as I would’ve expected from a talented photographer like yourself.




    That’s a great idea. Thanks for suggesting it.


    zack, i will send you some pics w/ multiple balls soon.

    well now the puck portion of this comment.

    last Saturday i snagged 4 pucks for the second game in a row. the first fell from the netting to the ground, and some kid fell reaching for it and i scooped it up, and the second (which i gave to a kid) was a clean catch as the puck fell from the net. finally, guillaume latenderesse (sp) of the canadians tried to flip a puck to a Habs fan standing in the crowd. it was up against the boards, and the fan was behind me, but he bobbled the puck as he reached up for it , and i grabbed it as it fell to the ground. the night was retro/3rd jersey night, and the 4th puck that i got from the ref after the second period was special. instead of the normal puck hat you see here:
    the circle in the front was filled in blue, and on the bottom it said “third jersey official game puck”
    also idk how you snag w/ clients. i went to the game w/ my aunt and even a family member made me nervous. i kinda felt like i had to get a puck or else. it was really nerve-wracking

    then tonight (monday) i got to the game after warm-ups, but got Christian Backman to hand me the game puck after the first period, and then after the game winner was scored in OT referee darren gibbs handed me my second game puck of the night. that was the first time i had gotten two gamers in one game.

    6 games, 13 pucks = 2.5 pucks per game
    6 games, 6 game pucks = 1 game puck per game

    lets hope i can keep it up and have a zack like year.


    and Eric i couldn’t comment on your blog, but taking BP on the field for being a season ticket holder is REALLY cool.

  7. dhbball

    zack: it’s Drew been awhile since I left a message, but have been reading every entry, congrats on your season great job. I am already in a depression from baseball but luckily have West Virginia University college football to keep me occupied. I had my best season this year I snagged 103 balls in 16 games this year, pretty good for just my second year of actually getting into snagging, thanks for all your tips. Great idea with the picture I will be sending you mine soon.

  8. zackhample

    Nice recap. Congrats on the snags, and thanks for sharing the details.

    103 balls in 16 games is amazing. Wow. Can’t wait to see your photo.

  9. braves04

    Zack- I’ll probably send in a pic as soon as my camera is working again.
    Clif- I’ll be there Thursday when your Islanders visit Atlanta. It’s the battle to stay out of the Eastern Conference cellar lol.


    Yankees 5221 i saw your pics of baseballs in back,you need ball cubes for can write info on paper and stick in cube,plus balls wont get dirty……go to baseball card shop.cubes are cheap, get on it Joe…..TC

  11. baseballexperiences

    Thanx for the advice TC, i have a few of them and ive been trying to get around and get them. – Joe

  12. rkbuck

    Have you ever snagged an Arizona Fall League baseball? I got my first one in my latest trip. We were leaving early and saw a foul ball fly out of the stadium. I find the AFL more difficult to get balls. Well, you can run all over and get them if they are foul, but the players hardly ever hand or throw balls to fans. I think that is discouraged somewhat. There are quite a few foul balls, but kids are always running all over the place for those. I took a proud picture of my first AFL ball because that was my mission for this years trip.

  13. zackhample

    Excellent. I’m looking forward to seeing it…

    I actually got an AFL ball at Shea Stadium. Aaron Sele tossed it to me from the bullpen in right field. Very strange. And that’s it for me in terms of AFL balls.


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