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Another day, another YouTube video…

Remember when I caught home runs on back-to-back nights last month at Yankee Stadium? Remember when Michael Kay, the Yankees’ announcer, joked on-air about sending “Kim” out to the bleachers to interview me? Turns out he wasn’t joking. I *was* interviewed the next day for a pre-game show on the YES Network, and here it is:

This is one of those clips that you have to watch twice. Check out the goofy kids in the background. At one point, it looks like one of them pretends to pick his nose and wipe it on his friend. Mmmmm.


  1. districtboy

    I just found out that everyone who knows Charlie Manuel personally, calls him “Fook” (because his middle name is Fuqua). I’ll definitely be using that to my advantage next year… There are probably so many more examples of that in baseball, though. Perhaps I should start calling Mr. Bernadinha “Rogearvin”. Other than that, no National has any weird middle or actual birth name.



    Nice interview Zack! I had to share with you that I just got back from Tampa about an hour ago from Game 1 of the World Series. I may live in South Florida now and attend all the Marlins games that I can, but I’ll always be a Philadelphian at heart so it was only natural and right to drive two hours southwest tonight! For half of BP I was in ball snagging mode, and the other half I was in exploring/picture-taking mode. I did end up with two balls (neither had a commemorative logo) that I caught within 45 seconds of each other. I was down LF line where the Phillies pitchers were warming up as their portion of BP was set to get underway, and Clay Condrey and Chad Durbin (in that order) spotted me in my Phillies jersey, saw my glove and waving arms, and tossed me their warmup balls when they were done throwing. Even though there was no special logo, it was great to snag two balls from the WS. Anyway, thought I’d share, Go Phils, and good luck if you head to Philly this week!


    Good jpb Zack.youll be running the Mets in a few years at this rate.Can you say intern.or Yankees .IM still looking for SANDIEGO10 news segment. Did you post it?

  4. zackhample

    Awesome info about Manuel. Thanks.

    Yeah, seriously, how come *I* didn’t get to participate? I like how you spelled my name; I thought it was some stylistic/Scrabble-related choice.

    Why…yes it is. Good call.

    …and since “we” happens to include “me” I’m very very very very very very very VERY excited.

    Thanks! I’m trying…

    Thanks, and nice work at Game 1. That’s really cool. Too bad about the plain balls being used, but I guess that’s to be expected. I am indeed heading to Philly as I just mentioned in my latest entry. Obviously I’ll have a full report as soon as I get back and find the time.

    Nope, I never posted the San Diego news segment. Right now I’m still working on the big/national interviews (plus a few on the Mets’ and Yankees’ cable networks).

  5. buschstadiumballcollector

    Hey Zack its me Darron from St.louis, I havn’t been on here in like two months. I’ve been grounded becase of my grades. But i got a few baseballs the last weeks of the season so i ended up with 17 on the season. Great catches i seen them on final score could’nt help but laugh at your dance that you did. Got to go so bye,
    Darron Hicks

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