Two more YouTube videos

I’m loving technology right now…

For years and years, I’ve had a bunch of old TV interviews that I wasn’t able to share because they were trapped/embedded on DVDs.

Well, thanks to a free program called HandBrake (which I discovered thanks to a guy named Cole who reads this blog), I’ve been able to “rip” these old segments off the DVDs…and thanks to a program called iMovie that came with my Mac, I’ve been able to edit these segments and make them presentable for YouTube by cutting out the commercial breaks and fading in and out (where necessary). Stuff like that.

Anyway, I have two more videos to share…

The first was filmed on 4/17/06 and 4/18/06 by SportsNet New York (the New York Mets’ cable network) for a show called “Kids Clubhouse.” The host was Amanda Cole (the daughter of Kenneth Cole), and you can watch it here:

The second video was filmed on 9/7/06 by The New York Times. They published an article about me on September 10, 2006; this video was released as a companion piece for the web site. Check it out:

Stay tuned for more videos. Now that I know I won’t be attending Games 1 or 2 of the World Series, I should have time to rip/edit/upload a few more…


  1. meikd423

    ive been looking for the sny segment for a while. thanks for posting it.

    it looks like we might be going to the world series on saturday

  2. districtboy

    Awesome about uncovering all these new videos. They are all really cool. Did you ever tell CBS that they actually said Mariners instead of Marlins on their expose on your Veterans Stadium (wash my mouth out with soap) visit. Pretty hard to miss that neon teal.


  3. meikd423

    i love how that clueless little girl just reached out to your glove (in the sny video ) when you did the glove trick, like she actually thought she was gonna end up getting the ball or something.

  4. nymetsgrrl94

    I remember watch the Kid’s Clubhouse episode in 2006. That was when I watched the show religiously so I saw it didn’t think much of it because I hadn’t started reading this blog yet. But now that I read the blog and know a bit more it is even better than the first time. I enjoyed Amanda Cole and was disappointed with this season’s Kid’s Clubhouse. I’m glad you were on with Amanda.
    Happy Snagging!

  5. zackhample

    You’re welcome. Now…what’s this about the World Series? Details!

    I think you meant CNN with the Mariners/Marlins mess-up, but anyway, no, I never told them. It was too late. They did their little voice-over after they were done with me, and the next thing I knew, the piece was being broadcast.

    Thanks. Baseball *is* the best.


    Thanks so much! I don’t think I saw “Kid’s Clubhouse” once this whole season so I can’t compare.

  6. zackhample

    Yeah, I actually did. My 85-year-old aunt (of all people) saw some TV listing that said I was gonna be on again, and she called my dad in the late afternoon, and when he told me, I went on the Tonight Show’s web site and looked at the “show calendar” and saw that my episode was back up there, so I emailed the guy who produced my segment, and he wrote back from Istanbul (of all places) and said the show is on hiatus this week (which explains why he could be in Istanbul in the first place) and that they’re re-airing old episodes. How about that?

  7. gregb123

    Very cool. I happened to flip past NBC at like midnight and saw Dana Carvey. For a second, I thought it was weird that he was on again.

    Who’s your World Series pick? I’m going Rays in six. (But I picked the Rockies in six last year, so what do I know?)


    Z- do you have contacts now?? I’ve never been cool with sticking things in my eyes, so I go with the dork look…

  9. zackhample

    Ugh, after the Rays’ loss in Game 1, I have no idea. My predictions never work out, so I’m just gonna keep my mouth shut.

    Yep, I wear contacts. It’s SUCH an improvement. I got used to the eye thing. Took a little while at first, but now it’s no big deal.

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