Sports Carolina Monthly

sports_carolina_monthly1b.jpgThere’s an article about me in the current issue of Sports Carolina Monthly. Wanna know how it got there?

1) The editor-in-chief is a guy named John Olszewski.

2) John has a neighbor named Dave Limburg.

3) Dave teaches German at Guilford College.

4) I graduated from Guilford in 2001, and although I never took German, I became friends with Dave.

5) Guilford is located in Greensboro, North Carolina.

6) Dave told John about me.

I just put the article on my web site, and you can read it here. In case you want to check out the Sports Carolina Monthly web site, here’s the link.

In other news…

? It’s embarrassing to be called “the world’s greatest baseball fan.” I’m not sure if there IS anyone who deserves that title, but I can tell you it wouldn’t apply to any of the people who left Fenway Park early last night. Lord, have mercy on their souls. (Or not.)

? I’ve basically finished fixing my old blog entries. I don’t even want to tell you how many hours/days it took. THAT is embarrassing.

? My dad and I have officially reversed roles. He called me during Game 5 of the NLCS, and as soon as I answered the phone, he said, “Did you ever see such a dumb bunch of plays?” He was, of course, referring to Rafael Furcal’s three errors in the fifth inning, but I hadn’t seen them. I was watching the presidential debate.

? There’s a chance that I might snag another ball before the 2008 season is through.

? I was interviewed a few days ago on a radio show called Ballin’ with Books, and as a result I was included in the host’s latest word search. (See below.) Can you find my name?



  1. nymetsgrrl94

    Oh man! I was hoping for a more interesting ending than having them talk to each other. Like something where one of them knows you and the other doesn’t know that and there is some mystery to solve…okay I’ll stop now.
    And if I was one of the fans that left Fenway early I would not be able to live with myself right now.
    Hope you snag again this year!

  2. Graham

    Nice article. Those Red Sox fans were pathetic for leaving after being down 7 runs. Even I knew better than to turn off the TV. Now that the baseball season is almost over, what are you going to be blogging about, politics? Who do you like Obama or McCain?

  3. padreleigh

    Hi Zack..

    If the Rays choke again tonight……Geeze. Might be going to Tampa for a WS game. Hoping for the best, but if they choke, then the previous sentence is for naught. Hopefully, we’ll both snag a ball again in 2008. Possible trip to Arizona Fall League next weekend. Depends on work…again. Hope all is well in NYC.


  4. tommyd2107

    If you do come to a game in Philly let me know. Im going to games 3 and 5. Your name wasnt to hard to find in the word search.


    Cool word search Zack. Three things
    1) I found your name.
    2) Those red sox “fans” should’ve at least stayed through the eigth inning.
    3) Glad to hear you fixed all your old entries.

  6. metmainman

    How are you going to snag another ball this year? You have WS tickets?

    Or are you going to AFL games this fall? I hear the tickets are extremely easy to get and the players are more fan friendsly at them. Eddie Kunz seems real nice from his AFL blog, so I am sure he would give you a ball.

  7. zackhample

    Thanks. I’m still not sure if there will be more snagging. Everything’s up in the air at this point.

    Beyond pathetic. I don’t plan to blog about politics, and I’d rather not talk about MY OWN politics, but let’s just say that if a certain candidate wins this election, I might feel the need to move to Canada. At least there’s Major League Baseball there.

    Arizona Fall League…nice. I’ve never been.

    You’re going to TWO friggin’ World Series games? That’s more than I’ve been to in my life.

    Coolness all around.

    You are correct, Sir.

    AFL? Please. I wouldn’t count those balls. I’m working on a World Series angle.

  8. padreleigh

    Nice job on the DUI Joba Chamberlain! He must have been watching the Rays choke against the Red Sox and turned to alcohol. Not cool. Well, at least he didn’t hurt anyone.


    I wouldn’t count the AFL balls either, but they’re still fun to get!!



    hey zack have you ever thought bout publishing your book in spanish?

    also i wonder if a certain candidate wins if he will force you to give away all your balls to “spread the baseball weatlh?”

    oh and candas taxes are just as bad. move to mexico, theres a Minor league ball and gas is alot cheaper. and if it gets bad, you can just easily walk back into america

  10. tommyd2107

    Yea I won one drawing on the Phillies site to get tickets to game 5, and one of my friends won the drawing to get tickets to game 3. Should be fun.

  11. zackhample

    Whoa! I didn’t hear about that until you mentioned it here. Damn.

    I’ve definitely thought about, and in fact there IS a foreign language edition already in the works…but not Spanish. It’s not the taxes I’m afraid of.


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