Beltran homer aftermath

Just wanted to give a quick-ish update about what’s been happening since I caught Carlos Beltran’s home run on 9/28/08 at Shea Stadium

On September 30th, a guy named Carl Bialik, who writes a blog called “The Numbers Guy” on the Wall Street Journal’s web site, posted this entry about me. Later that day, Carl’s entry was quoted on Yahoo, and the day after that the story made its way to Deadspin. Today there was a short article about me in Newsday (which is one of the local papers here in New York City). I’ve done a bunch of radio interviews in the last few days, including an hour-long, in-studio follow-up for NPR which will be edited down and aired later this month. Tomorrow morning at 8:20 (in case you’re up early), I’ll be doing a live radio interview with WZLX 100.7 FM in Boston. I’ve been told there will be a sports memorabilia dealer on the show with me and that we’ll be discussing the value of the ball. (Anyone have a theory about what it’s worth?) As you might expect, I’ve been hearing from a ton of people. One guy who got in touch was an old friend I hadn’t heard from for 17 years. Another was a producer for “Good Morning America.” I’m not sure if I’m gonna be on that show, but there ARE a couple other things in the works that would be pretty big. Finally (and I’m sorry but I absolutely must share this), I got an email from someone this week which contained the following image:


Oh, and one more thing…
I still haven’t read any of the comments on Yahoo, but apparently there are a few from someone called “zack hample.” I just want to say, for the record, that while I *am* the only Zack Hample in the world (that I know of), it wasn’t me who created that username.

That’s it for now. I still can’t believe I caught that ball. More soon…


  1. joshscards

    first comment again! how clutch?
    if there is another zack hample in this world, i’m sorry for them. b/c they probably have to go to the 100000th page of a google search to find the real them

  2. padreleigh


    I can’t believe you made fun of the Holy Father. You’re not welcome in the Vatican anymore. I’m going to say the ball is worth $5000 tops. I bet your bonds homer is worth more on the open market. How much do you think my Benjie Molina HR is worth? Ha ha. Where are all the SF collectors at? Ha ha again. Have fun on the radio.



    Zack, if I saw how much the final Yankees home run at Yankee Stadium was worth, it would be much easier to gauge, but I’d say around $6k to $7k or so.

  4. Txbaseballfan

    Without trying to sound snobby, I’d say the ball is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. You may find a serious Beltran fan (or family member) that would give just about anything for that ball. You could name your price! Of course, that’s just my lowly opinion. Enjoy the media circus, & don’t forget the playoffs have started! Hahaha, just kidding, take care. Brian

  5. gregb123

    Does anybody have any pocket schedules you’re trying to get rid of? I’ve officially started a collection of them.


  6. Txbaseballfan

    Which teams are you looking for? Any? Because I can probably get you some for the Rangers. Brian


    In Tiger town, Gary Sheffield’s 499 career homerun ball was listed at $2,000.00 recently. Your ball is probably not worth very much because it’s not a milestone.

  8. metmainman

    What are you going to blog about after the postseason is over with? Are you going to any postseason games?


    its worth $100,000,000,000,000 to you, and thats all that matters (I assume youre not selling it). Nice season!

  10. zackhample

    In case you missed it, the sports memorabilia dealer said the ball could be worth $100,000. I’m not so sure I agree, given the fact that he said my Bonds home run could be worth $50,000, but it’s still fun to hear those big numbers bouncing around.

    You’re hilarious. (And yes, I suppose a bit clutch as well.)

    I think the Beltran homer is worth more because it represents an entire team and stadium and fan base.

    I hope so. :-)

    Now THAT’S more like it. (Leigh clearly knows nothing.)

    Yeah…you might be right. I should really talk to more dealers, though…because we might all be wrong.

    I’ve watched just about every pitch of the playoffs so far. Don’t worry, I’m not forgetting about them. As for your assessment of the value, that IS a legitimate way to look at it. I don’t think it’s snobby at all…just maybe a little noncommittal. :-)

    I might have some old ones I could part with, but I think they’re in storage somewhere. I don’t know. Next time you come over, we can look for them…or maybe make a trip to my parents’ place. The scheds could be there as well.

    With all due respect, I disagree. See my response above to Leigh.

    I’m not sure which (if any) playoff games I’ll make it to. There’s a lot going on right now for me and anything could happen. I always find stuff to blog about during the off-season. Some of it will be baseball-related, and some of it won’t.

    KVRPMMH (and everyone)
    Let’s not go there. Please. Mike isn’t the only one who thinks the ball isn’t worth THAT much, and that’s fine. That’s his opinion. I’m not taking it personally. And besides, if $2,000 is a starting point, that’s still pretty good.

    Well said. And you’re right. I don’t intend to sell it.

  11. districtboy

    Oh God, it’s killing me to see Tropicana Field fill up 13,000 people less than it’s full capacity. The top fourth of the upper deck is completely empty! Used to feel bad for (Devil) Rays fans, but that’s just unacceptable. I don’t care if it’s the ALDS, it’s just pathetic. Every playoff game should sell out. I wised I lived in St. Pete…. (It’s been a while since I’ve seen an meaningful game. I only see the Nats and O’s)


  12. gregb123

    bmpowell — I sent you an email.

    Zack — Sounds like fun. We’ll have to do that sometimes.

  13. Jake

    Wow, what a past couple of weeks huh? It’s cool that the media is all over you but it must very tiring. I dont know if you saw my previous comment, but you made our local news and a couple days ago two radio shows were talking about you. I have a clip of the news if you want it, it is the two HR balls at Yankee (you’ve probably seen it a million times but probably a new perspective for you) Secondly, Doug & Wolf and Gambo & Ash (620 AM here in AZ) talked about you for a couple segments on their shows. Doug & Wolf put your CBS interview with Katie Couric on their website (just thought you might like that your getting a little love in AZ) the link is
    Congrats on your season and all of your accomplishments and sorry about the Mets. Cant wait until next year.

  14. Tomer

    Zack, I just wanted to thank you for a great season and you helped me a lot. I caught a ball at Yankee Stadium this season and although it was not commemorative, it was thrilling to get a ball in one of the final games at The Stadium My only ball before this season came at a Mets game in 2003 where I just got one from the bat boy in a lucky situation. I thank you once again and hope that you keep on updating the blog in the offseason.
    Congrats on catching the last HR at Shea.

  15. braves04

    Aaron, the Rays didn’t sell those tickets way up top. Not sure why, but every available ticket was sold for the first 2 games.

  16. padreleigh

    Hey Zacker…

    I was basing my guess on the amount off of what that guy got for Griffey’s #600. I think he got 42K. I was thinking that your Beltran ball would be a fraction of that while the Griffey ball would go for much higher. I’ll give you 5k for it right now. Take it? Take it easy.


  17. districtboy

    Huh, that’s weird about the Rays seats. It could be because of the obstructed view due to those metal support rings. But still, I’d buy those buy those seats just to get into the stadium and see BP. That’s an poor decision by the Rays (unless there is another reason). I guess I owe an apology to Rays fans:

    Dear Tampa Bay Rays Fans,
    I’m very sorry. You are only horrible fans during the *regular* season. When the post-season comes, you suddenly realize your team is worth watching and decide to come out to the Trop. In bunches of more than 13,000 nonetheless! Hopefully you squeeze out enough fans to prove that west coast Florida baseball fans are better than east coast Florida fans. It’s a close one! At least you both can pull out the “take a look at our stadium!” card when the criticism gets tough.



    hey in AZ during the 2001 WS the paper had ro run like a 1page version of zacks book about baseball. and tickets on field level out in right field were going for just dollars last years. give em some time. if they’re good in 2 years and they still cnat draw then blame em. and theyre getting a new stadium in 2 years


    holy cow zack! how do you ever find time with yourself? i don’t know if you knew already, but someone posted a video of the beltran homer on youtube.


    Zack two things

    My cousin was thrilled to see that you put the pic of her holding the retire mikes # sign up. That and my grandmother got a kick out of it too.

    And my second thing, shea looks so different now, no seats, nothing. Saw over 100 games there and now it just feels sad to look at those pics.


    wait theyre already taking the seats out!? how can you tell the subway platform? do you mind taking some pics and emailing them to me?

    ps 1 week til isles opening night!

  22. padreleigh


    You probably already have some, but do you want any Padres schedules?


    PS. I feel very badly for all the Cubs fans out there. What a way to go out after a great season. I’m very sorry.

  23. baseballexperiences

    Greg- I have 1 or 2 orioles 08 schedules, and i might have a diamondbacks 08 one too. – Joe


    Does anyone know or want to sell a ball from Yankee Stadium (BP used or game used) this year to me for my son’s collection? I am sure it would be something that he could show his kids, just like the one I have from Griffey Sr. back in the day at Yankee Stadium. Contact me at my email:

    Thanks! I really appreciate it… Steiner is asking a fortune for balls, which is totally unfair for us fans!

  25. zackhample

    The Braves didn’t sell out all their playoff games in the 1990s. How sad.

    Yeah, it *has* been tiring, but it’s also been fun, not to mention extremely helpful for my career as a writer. I mean, you can’t BUY this type of publicity, so I feel very lucky. Nice to know I’m gettin’ some love in Arizona. If you have a news clip that you can email me, that’d be awesome. Otherwise…I guess, don’t worry about it.

    You’re very welcome, and congrats on your Yankee Stadium ball.

    Sorry, no deal. Funny stuff about the Pierre homer. Thanks. I needed a laugh.

    It’s tough, lemme tell ya. I haven’t done much for the last few days other than answer emails and blog comments…and the phone. I’m not complaining, though. I feel very lucky.

    That was your cousin?! Whoa…cool.

    I hope you find one…

  26. braves04

    The Braves aren’t the only ones to fail at selling out playoff games. Arizona had plenty of trouble last year in the NLCS.
    This is LSThrasher04, but it signed me in under an old screen name. Weird.

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