9/16/08 at Yankee Stadium

I attended this game with my friend Jordan (aka “hockeyguy1011” if you read the comments) and his friend Josh. They’d flown in from Florida just to see Yankee Stadium, and of course they were each hoping to catch a commemorative ball. They had tickets for the main part of the stadium so I sent them to the corner spot at the end of the short porch. I had a seat in the right field bleachers and my day of snagging got off to a fast start.

phil_hughes.jpgLess than a minute after I entered the stadium, Phil Hughes tossed me ball number one. Even though his aim was perfect, I jumped up on the chest-high railing so that I was briefly balancing on my stomach…so that I could reach out as far as possible and prevent anyone else from interfering.

bleachers_during_BP_09_16_08.jpgFive minutes later, I caught a Robinson Cano homer in the crowded aisle, and five minutes after THAT, I got another ball from Hughes. He didn’t intend to throw this one to anyone in particular. He just flipped it up randomly–one section to the right of where he’d tossed the first ball–and I happened to be standing there so I jumped and made the catch.

I was checking in on Jordan every now and then–his corner spot was only 30 feet from the left edge of the bleachers–and at one point, when I was more than 100 feet away, I saw a player toss him a ball. I ran over and yelled his name and got him to hold it up…


…and learned later that a) the ball was tossed by Alfredo Aceves who b) also tossed one to Josh, and that c) both balls were commemorative. Not bad.

I ended up snagging three more balls with my glove trick during the Yankees’ portion of BP. The first two landed in the narrow gap behind the outfield wall in right-center field, and I had to pounce on them because Greg (aka “gregb123”) was there with his cup trick, and another man (who told me he was inspired by this blog) was there with his own makeshift ball-retrieving device. Those two guys each pulled a ball out of the gap, and Greg ended up getting a couple other balls as well. Anyway, my third glove-trick ball came in left field. I saw a player throw a ball to some fans in the bleachers. Naturally they dropped it, and I ran over, and to my surprise Greg was already on the scene.

“You can have it,” he said. “It’s too far out.”

Indeed, the ball WAS nearly ten feet out from the wall (check out the lame photograph on the right), and Greg’s cup wasn’t going to cut it.

Cup tricks are better than glove tricks in certain situations (like when a ball is sitting on thick grass or surrounded by garbage, as is often the case in the various gaps at Shea Stadium), but here, when the ball needed to be knocked closer, I was all over it.

Fortunately, stadium security was nowhere in sight, so I was able to spend several minutes flinging my glove out past the ball and then dragging it back by pulling the string. Once I’d moved the ball off the grass, it took an extra effort to bring it closer because the dirt area was slightly sloped and the ball kept trickling away from me. Finally, though, I had the ball where I needed it and went in for the kill.

The man on my right was skeptical, as people often are.

“What you need is a secondary string,” he said.

A secondary…WHAT?!?!

I didn’t respond at first. I just went about my business, and ten seconds later I was holding the ball.

“What was that you mentioned about extra string?” I asked.

I ran back to right field with six commemorative balls in my drawstring backpack. It’d taken me 40 minutes to snag them, so I figured I’d be able to get four more over the next 45 minutes with the White Sox hitting. It always makes me happy to reach double digits, especially in a tough ballpark like Yankee Stadium, but guess what happened…


The Sox hardly tossed any balls into the crowd. Most of their hitters were right-handed. Their few lefties were either too wimpy to reach the bleachers or, in the case of Jim Thome and Ken Griffey Jr., having too much fun taking aim at the right field upper deck. It was totally dead and my once-promising day quickly turned into a slightly-below-average performance.

I caught up with Greg after BP, and he (expertly) took the following photo:


I only had the baseballs out of my bag for a minute, during which time two people approached me separately and wanted to buy one.

“How much do you want?” asked one guy.

I didn’t even bother asking how much he was willing to pay or making up a number, but it obviously would’ve been a lot more than $30. That’s how much these balls cost in the stadium souvenir stores–and mine were actually USED by the Yankees.

All I said was, “I’m sorry, they’re not for sale.”

I played the tunnels in right field for the first couple innings of the game and had a decent view of Jeter’s fake hit–the one that moved him past Lou Gehrig for “most hits all time at Yankee Stadium.” Seriously, I can’t believe it was ruled a hit. I don’t care what kind of pressure Bill Shannon, the official scorer, was feeling in terms of making a hometown call. He was wrong and his poor decision jeter_passes_gehrig.jpgcheated Jeter and every Yankee fan. He ruined a historic moment. The ball was hit hard–I won’t deny that–but third baseman Juan Uribe should’ve caught it. He’s a major leaguer. Make the play. Get in front of the ball. Move your feet. Knock it down. I used to play shortstop and third base, and I was charged with errors on much harder plays than that. You know when there’s a line drive hit right at an infielder and it in-between hops him and deflects off his glove? In my summer ball leagues (where the fields were crappy and you were lucky if the ball didn’t take a bad hop), those were ruled errors. In the major leagues, why are these plays ruled hits more often than not? It makes me sick. Jeter’s routine ground ball three feet to the right of Uribe should have been caught, and since it wasn’t, it should’ve been an error. Everyone in the stadium kind of cheered as soon as the ball got through, but we were all holding our breaths and looking at the scoreboard. After five to ten seconds, when it was ruled a hit, THEN everyone cheered. It was terrible. And it’s not even like this was the last game at Yankee Stadium. There were still five games and eight innings remaining at that point, so the Captain was clearly going to have plenty of chances. What the hell.

In the second inning, one of my vendor friends walked out of the tunnel where I was standing and said, “No seat again tonight, Zack?”

I actually *did* have a seat in section 41–the second section over from the batter’s eye–but it was in Row M, and there was no way I was gonna sit there.

To make a long story short (and to protect the people who made it happen), I got to sit on an extra folding chair IN the actual aisle directly behind the wall. That aisle is normally reserved for wheelchair seating (just like at Coors Field), but not everyone there is necessarily disabled because those seats often end up getting released to the public shortly before game time.

My view of the game itself wasn’t great because I had to watch the action through the railings…


…but the space on either side of me (and the lack of competition) was to die for. Was this really happening at Yankee effin’ Stadium? This was the view to my left…


…and this was the view to my right:


Wow. If ever there was a night to catch a home run, this was it.

The bottom of the third inning was thoroughly entertaining, not in a snagging sense, but because of the idiot fans sitting directly behind me. Bobby Abreu had committed the horrible crime of grounding out to the pitcher with one out and runner on third, so the fans were already angry when A-Rod stepped into the batter’s box. One guy started screaming, “LOSER!!! LOSER!!!” which prompted his friend to shout, “Pop up to the infield and then pretend you care! I love it!”

(Clearly, A-Rod wants to fail and is more talented as an actor than as an athlete.)

After A-Rod ended the inning with a towering fly out to right field (which would’ve been a 430-foot homer had he swung half an inch higher), the first fan yelled, “YOU BUM!!! YOU BUM!!! YOU PIECE OF SH*T!!!” Then his buddy yelled, “Cheat on your wife!!”

When Abreu took his position in right field in the top of the fourth, another fan screamed, “Way to get the run in, Bobby!! Welcome to free agency!! The Yankees hate you!!”

(Let it be known that Abreu is batting .298 with 91 runs, 17 homers, 19 stolen bases, 38 doubles, and a .372 on-base percentage. Not exactly a terrible season.)

Then the fans started talking about how A-Rod should be dropped to the 8th slot in the lineup, and that the only reason why manager Joe Girardi won’t do it is because it “goes against the book.”


When Jason Giambi led off the bottom of the fourth inning, I was thinking that he had a better chance than anyone on either team to hit a home run to me. That said, I wasn’t rooting for this to happen. I don’t like the guy. To me, he’s a villain who deserves to fail.

Gavin Floyd quickly fell behind in the count 3-0, and all I could think was something along the lines of: “I don’t even want Giambi to enjoy the pleasure of getting a base on balls.”

Giambi predictably took the next pitch–a strike–and fouled off the next one to bring the count to 3-2. I was sitting on the edge of my seat, as I always do, hoping but not necessarily expecting anything to come my way.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Floyd grooved a 91mph fastball, and Giambi launched it about 20 feet to my right. From the moment it left the bat, I knew it was gone, but at first I thought it was going to sail over the aisle and land out of reach in the packed section behind me. Still, I jumped up and drifted through the wide aisle and got in line with the ball. Somehow, either because it was a cool night or because the wind was blowing in (or maybe because I flat-out misjudged it initially), the ball didn’t travel as far as I thought it would, and it began descending toward me in the aisle. I stayed near the back railing, still preparing for the ball to carry (and of course because it’s easier to move forward than backward at the last second), and then determined that the ball was going to land right in the middle of the aisle. Rather than taking ball3758_giambi_home_run.jpg
one step forward and preparing to make a face-high catch, I took two steps forward, thereby forcing myself to jump for the ball so that I could catch it as high as possible–and in front of anyone else who might’ve been hoping to make their own attempt.

And that’s exactly what I did.

I jumped. I caught it. The place went nuts (not for me but rather for Giambi) and I held up the ball triumphantly. Then, since I knew I was sitting in a spot where I “belonged” and that I wasn’t going to get kicked out of the section by security (as was the case after my other two home run catches this season), I quickly decided to do a little dorky/celebratory dance…nothing fancy, and certainly nothing GOOD. Just a few silly moves so that that cameras might stay on me for a couple seconds…just to have fun with it and entertain my friends and family and all you blog readers (and the millions of baseball fans) who would end up seeing the highlights later that night.

As it turned out, the cameras captured the whole thing quite well.

The swing:


My catch (leaping and reaching just behind the “G” in “AIG):


Holding up the ball:


Dancing (badly):


Talking on my cell phone (to Jordan who saw me from the upper deck and called immediately):


I want to give a BIG thanks to my friend Michael Fierman (formerly “tswechtenberg” and now “pinched”) for taping the game and making a compilation of all the footage.

CLICK HERE to watch it, but be warned that it’s about 16 MB and might take a little while to load if you have a slow internet connection.

I was dying to catch another home run–two in one game is a very rare feat–but it wasn’t meant to be.

zack_with_giambi_home_run_ball.jpgI am proud to say, though, that as of this moment, I am the proud owner of the last home run ever hit at Yankee Stadium. There are five more games remaining there, and I’ll be at three of them. What are the odds that a) there won’t be any more homers or b) there will be another and I’ll catch it?


Final score: Zack 7, White Sox 6, Yankees 2.


? 7 balls at this game

? 481 balls in 62 games this season = 7.8 balls per game.

? 558 consecutive games with at least one ball

? 124 consecutive games at Yankee Stadium with at least one ball

? 11 game balls this season (not counting game-used balls that get tossed into the crowd)

? 3 game home run balls this season (all of which were caught on a fly at Yankee Stadium)

? 122 lifetime game balls (115 foul balls, 6 home runs, 1 ground-rule double)

? 20 lifetime game balls at Yankee Stadium

? 3,758 total balls

When I got home, the following email was waiting for me. The subject was “I see 3’s and 1’s.” It was from my friend Brad. Here goes:

There has been a streak of HR catches by some notorious ballhawks over the last six (3 + 3) days. Wanna see how the numbers “3” and “1” occur prominently for each of these?
On Thursday in San Diego, T.C. got Drew Macias’s first (1) MLB homer. Macias’s jersey number is 11 (1) (1). And Leigh got Adrian Gonzalez’s’ 31st (3) (1) homer of the season.
On Friday in San Diego, T.C. got Pedro Sandoval’s third (3) homer of the season,
On Friday in Oakland, Tyler got Hank Blalock’s HR. Blalock went 1-3 that game and wears number nine (3) X (3).
On Saturday at PETCO, Leigh got Bengie Molina’s 13th (1) (3) homer of the year. That’s also 31 backwards from the Gonzalez homer (3) (1) and Molina’s jersey number is one (1).
Monday night at Coors Field, Danny got Matt Antonelli’s first (1) MLB HR. Antonelli is #9 (3) X (3). That catch also makes a total of (3) ballhawks that we know of who got a player’s first (1) major league home run this season; Tyler’s brother Tom in Oakland got Carlos Gonzalez’s first (1)
With all these one’s and three’s flyin’ around, we should have been able to predict that you would catch Giambi’s 31st (3) (1) on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium. That also made you the first (1) person to catch three (3) homers at Yankee Stadium in it’s final season. It also happened in the 4th inning (3) + (1). And Giambi ended up going 1-3
for the game.
Also on Tuesday night: Prince Fielder hit his 31st (3) (1) homer of the season onto Sheffield Avenue at Wrigley, and the probability is high that one of the regular ballhawks out there got it. So it is possible that You and Leigh and one of the Wrigley guys have someone’s 31st (3) (1) homer of the 2008 season.
And for the most bizarre stat of the night– the attendance at Yankee Stadium was 52,558.
5 + 2+ 5 + 5 + 8 = 25 (Giambi’s number.)

As awesome as that email was, the response of the night went to my girlfriend (a former professional dancer) who watched the footage and said, “So you were churning butter and then you started doing aerobics.”

Yup. And it worked.


  1. puckcollector@optonline.net

    ok zackon chris, and ill remeber this. you singled me out( even though i may be deserving). i will find a way to get you back somehow (hopefully)

    Well, when I ran into the stadium at 10, I did not expect BP. The teams had played a double header the night before, and it was a 12 noon Sunday game. As I sprinted through the tunnel the nets were up but the Yankees weren?t out yet. As I went to make the turn to the seats, I took a big spill in a small puddle of water. My elbow was scraped up, and it felt like there would be a giant purple bruise on my butt the next day, but there wasn?t. It was pretty embarrassing, but I probably looked kind of funny. My family commented on how much they would have paid to see the fall. Anyway, as BP started, Johnny Damon hit a ball that bounced off the façade of the lodge, into an empty row. I scooped it up, and found that it was a brand new commemorative! Jose Verse denied me as he?s done all season, and then threw a ball to someone else, but he sucks so it?s okay. I didn?t get anything else during the first round of BP, but during the second round, A-Rod came up. He was trying to go opposite way on almost every ball, and he was CRUSHING the ball. I would have probably caught one on a fly, if not for the guy who seat I was standing on showed up a minute before he launched one. It bounced into the gap, and a cop threw it to a kid. But he hammered a ball about 8 rows back, and a guy dropped it in the middle of the aisle. It bounced into the last section of seats (there are only 2 seats, then the retaining wall) and 3 guys dove into the row. I stayed back hoping maybe the ball would trickle down. And it did! I picked it up as it rolled down the row to the bottom of another lady?s feet. This was also a commemorative. The Yankees ended bp soon after, and I headed to my seats behind the rays dugout. Before the game, I got David Price (if you don?t know who he is, you will next season) to sign the A-rod ball right on the sweet spot. He seemed nice. I got Jason Bartlett to throw me his pre-game warm-up ball, and then that was it for the day. It was awful! There were like a million kids, and I couldn?t get anything, even with a Ray?s hat! Of course when I left to go get dippin dots, cuz it was like 95 degrees out, the kid sitting behind me, who also was behind me every time I went down to the dugout after the final out got a batting glove! Just my luck. At least I got to see Jeter tie Gehrig’s records for most hits in Yankee Stadium.

    Now for the second game from hell.

    I got to the gates at around 4:45 and there was a big line. I figured I would go see zack and greg at the bleacher entrance. It turned out that this was a good move because zack informed me of a fellow reader who would be waiting on line, and sure enough he was there, 3rd in line, and no body complained when I cut the line and went to go chat with him. (oh, and greg, next time, I?ll shake your hand first :) when the gates opened the guy who had to check your bag took forever and I ran in a minute or two late. I didn?t get a single ball the entire time during Yankees BP, and I was fuming. Finally, when the white sox took the field, two balls rolled right up against the wall on the warning track. I lowered my glove, but my rubber band was just too tight. When I tried again it still didn?t work, a white sox player pushed the glove down and walked away. As I was bringing the glove up, the 10 YEAR-OLD next to me swatted the glove and knocked the ball out! I was pissed, and immediately started yelling at his as I went in for another try. He left, and the glove trick still wouldn?t work! I had my White Sox hat on so I was starting to get booed. A really nice guy offered me his cup trick, but I told him one last try. Finally after maybe 7 attempts I got it. The glove I have is so weird. I marked where to put the sharpie, after trying it at home, but when I put it there at a game, it won?t work. I was so aggravated, I left and as I was in my seats (again behind the dugout) Ken Griffin hit a ball that bounced off the lady I was standing next to! My entire goal was to get a ball from griffey! I got two balls as the white sox were coming off the field, and my spirits were raised a little, I still had a chance at 6 or seven balls. This quickly died as I didn?t get a pre game warm-up ball, and once again there were a million little kids in Yankee jerseys, and they got balls tossed to the over me a White Sox ?fan? it also didn?t help that the entire team went into the dugout via, the entrance one section over, and in the 8th when I finally moved to that section, the new first baseman went into the dugout via the entrance in my section, with2 balls in his glove. I got one after the game, but im extremely disappointed.

    Oh, and Jeter broke Lou?s record for hits in Yankee Stadium

    P.S: Zack, in light of the Chris situation, are your blog entries backed up on like a floppy disk or something? Even if you didn?t get hacked, the mlblogs servers might crash or get a virus (although unlikely) and stuff may be deleted. Just a thought.

    PPS: are you going to the final game with WWZ clients, cuz I want the corner spot for that game, even though there may be a camera man there, I want as close to the corner as I can get.

  2. puckcollector@optonline.net

    oh, and hey i called you like 3 minutes after the catch, i had to get the number from my dad who was in ENGLAND!

    i saw you make the catch and was like OMG, then when you started to dance (badly) i was OMG what is he doing. great catch BTW.

    and jeters 200th hit also should have been an error, but he got a hit later, so he would have broken the record anyway.

  3. ar9005


    I have been a reader of your blog for a long time, and when I saw you catch the homerun I was pretty excited for you. I am in Chicago and a huge White Sox fan, but I still cheered when I saw you caught it. If you are ever going to be in Chicago, I have great season tickets for getting balls. My seats are in right centerfield next to the visitors bullpen.


  4. jack@yankees.com

    hey zack,
    nice catch
    you might know this, but in the beginning of sportscenter when they show a bunch of clips, you were on for 2 or 3 seconds this morning

  5. aefeq


    Nice catch! I could not believe it when I saw the replay on YES.

    Also, never to early to start planning for 2009. Most teams released there 2009 schedule including the Yanks and Mets!

    Lastly, I have a 70% chance of being at the stadium tomorrow night (Thursday) for my last shot at a commeorative. I’ll see you at the bleachers!

    Hope tonight went well.


  6. yankeekid

    Hey Zack Remember me Jody from the game. I just wanna start out with this. Remember when you said to me “Hey, If one gets hit this way think of me”. So i was just sitting enjoing the game when giambi crushed that ball toward the right field bleachers and i thought to myself “it going toward zack area, he’s gonna get it” and guess what you got it and the i saw you on the scoreboard and i saw you dancing and i laughed. As for ball snagging i didnt get a ball but i almost got phil coke to toss me brett gardner’s ground rule double. he said “I’ll get you a different one im holding this one for brett.” he walked into that little room in the bullpen and never came back out until the end of the game.Yea well I guess thats it.See You later Zack.

  7. joshscards

    the opening of sportscenter?!?!?!?
    my dream!….actually to be an anchor for it…but thats pretty close

  8. Cole

    Wow Zack, I don’t even know what to say other that WOW! What an epic entry. You have such a marvelous talent in writing, which I find just as interesting as the baseball!! :P

    I’m not gunna lie, today was an absolutely horrible today. Did really poorly on a test or two, girl trouble, and just overall crap. Just wanted to share that watching that video made my whole day better. Watching how happy you were really made me realize that I shouldn’t be sweating the small stuff, but rather the big picture. Who woulda thought that some stranger in New York was going to be the one to brighten my mood? :)

    Anyways, thanks so much for the entry and cheering me up. I’m heading out to Chase Field today and I am debating whether I should camp out in the barren wasteland that is right field and look for Dunn to connect, or go to a semi-empty left field and hope for Upton (my favorite player) to crank one my way. Any who, if something happens I’ll let you know, but I’m not optimistic. Once again, thanks for the brilliant entry, and keep it up. I speak for all of the readers when I say we look forward to reading it, and it makes us all feel a bit happier than we were before we logged on. Take it easy, Zack!

  9. snagfan

    Awesome snag Zack. I was finally able to snag (3) YS Comm balls in Detroit on 9/01/08 when the Yanks cam to the COPA for a makeup game. I was on a mission. I snagged (5) balls tot that day. None of the fans in the seats knew what they were. Ball #170 of this yr was a YS Comm ball that I made my best catch of the season off of Damon in RT/Ctr during BP. Catching a gamer HR ball has to have double the excitement compared to a foul gamer.

    Fun Stuff
    Mike in Detroit….I hope you get to #500

  10. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Hey Zack, great entry. I was hanging on every word. It’s funny man, I was bragging to my friends about Hunter getting the first and last ball at BP yesterday and now you have a chance (although slight) of having caught the last home run hit in Yankee Stadium (a stadium you despise). That’s almost poetic. Good luck with that bro, that would be too cool. Here’s a question. Does anybody know who caught the first home run ever hit at Yankee?? I myself do not know the answer, but I would like to know. Thanks for seriously grabbing my attention for a few minutes..Don ..RPR

  11. puckcollector@optonline.net

    george steibrenner is the 377 richest american at 1.3 billion, according to the forbes 400

  12. Graham

    I sat down to watch ESPN last night and saw you during the opening of sportscenter! I then had to patiently wait all day for you post about it. Congrats on the nice catch and making a brief appearance on nation wide prime time!

  13. info@dvw2.com

    WHOAH!!!! Two nights in a row, same spot! Great catch!!! (Great positioning) Michael Kay can’t stop talking about you on YES. I thought that was you out there….. I’ll be at tomorrow night’s game but I can’t hope to get that lucky….

  14. baseballexperiences

    Right after he hit it, i was looking intensly to see if it was you and then i saw you do the dance and put up 2. YES was waving about you and still are. Congrats- Joe

  15. cjtakoz34@yahoo.com

    Zack, this is my first comment but I just watched you catch ANOTHER homer on the fly off the bat of Damon! Michael Kay talked about you for rest of the half inning pretty much. He said 2 in a season is amazing, let alone 2 in back-to-back nights. Then Al Leiter said 2 in a lifetime is amazing.

    Kay also talked about your scrabble shirt, and said Kim Jones should go out and climb the wall to interview you.


  16. jack@yankees.com

    Your the man Zack!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Imagine if you had caught arods hr in the same inning, the announcers would have gone nuts


  17. jill.hill@snet.net

    Zach, I was at the game on the 16th with my son( I had the tubular retrieving device) . It was our first trip to the Stadium!!! It was pretty fun to watch your magic and instinct at getting ball. Maybe we’ll see you at the new stadium. Dan

  18. mjblue23@insightbb.com

    I was just watching FSN Final Score and you were on there twice. I got it on my phone and I’m going to upload it on YouTube when it comes back up. Like I said, its on my camera phone so it has crappy quality BUT you can hear what the anchor said about you.

    But wow, two home runs in two games, I’ve never even caught one homer, except for the time it got ripped out of my glove. But congrats! The video will be upload tomorrow. Do you have a preferred host?


  19. jere80

    Holy crud! NESN just showed your catches from last night and tonight. During Red Sox postgame. Tom Caron was psyched for you and enjoyed your dances. Shown in slo-mo. Nice job.


  20. greeneyedlady17@tampabay.rr.com

    Omg, Zack, that was awesome. Paul A called me tonight to tell me what I have been missing! And to tell me about your repeat performance. WOW is all I can say!!! He noticed you while he was watching the game and kept thinking it was you but wasn’t quite sure. Then someone posted the catch on the Scrabble news site – that’s when he was sure. And then he said the next catch was with a Scrabble t-shirt on??? It doesn’t get any better. ;)

  21. luketheduke42@yahoo.com

    hey zack, congrats on catching that Giambi homer! that ball is worth over 40 bucks or something! i can’t wait till next Friday and Sunday because friday is the last night game of the year and Sunday is the last game of the year and all the players toss their hats and stuff into the crowd! but the thing is there is no bp on that day…..whatever.. -Luke

  22. vegantemp@hotmail.com

    Holy atomic poop, Zack! You are EL HOMBRE! But, perhaps for your next televised catch you could rock the Electric Slide? Running Man? Moonwalk? Golly gee willackers, Z, that would be SWEET. : )

  23. nycautographcollector

    what you did good:
    -catch homeruns on consecutive nights on the fly
    -astonish michael kay and al leiter
    -amuse everyone who reads your blog
    -do something that i doubt anyone has ever come close to at yankee stadium

    what you did bad:
    -the dancing
    -the dancing
    -the dancing

    i think you need some lessons from Jona…

  24. graysalomi@yahoo.com

    they spent a whole minute talking about you on sportcenter. They loved that you made two catches in two days, but they hated the dancing :-p

  25. zackhample

    I don’t really know what to say. It’s been a fun two days. I still haven’t seen SportsCenter or any of the footage from tonight’s game, so I have no idea what to expect (other than what you all have been describing). I’ll try to have the blog entry up by like 3pm tomorrow, and yes, I’m going back to Yankee Stadium again.

  26. yankees42294

    zack 2 days ina row! i cant even get ONE game ball at yankee stadium. and nice dancing, i saw it from across the stadium.

  27. flarakoo@aol.com

    so i was about to go to sleep, when on the cw news they show your clips, i hit record right away and got up to check the blog, i try to play the clip back but it got cut off for some reason, i then tried nbc and abc but they only showed todays and just missed it when it turned to cbs so i turned espn and finally got.
    i think i have unlimited banwith till late november so you can use the embed link if you want.


  28. tracycollinsbecky@yahoo.com

    Z- rosey odonnell showed you on her show.You robbed the guy behind you.grow a mustache and hair now .wear yankee jersey sit in hr zones,forget foul balls are for the birds/mlballhawk not incl./get in on the action JW,we will celebrate at claim jumper#100.Go hr hample

  29. padreleigh


    I just found out. All I can say is OH MY GOD!!! Two in two days. First TC does it last week and now YOU. Crazy stuff. I love it. Congratulations man.


  30. deleted

    Zack, I can’t believe I’m the first to tell you, but they had a pretty big segment on you on baseball tonight. They should your great catch of Damon’s homer, then they flashed back to the Giambi one!


    Personally, I got 2 today, should have been 3. I’m sure this never happens to you, but sometimes I just freeze when a ball is hit towards me. Like an adrenaline rush, only instead of time going slowly, I start to THINK slowly. Got any tips?

  31. 07nlchamps

    That makes 3 of us that have caught 2 balls on consecutive days this year. I caught 2 when the Cubs were in town in April. Besides catching 2 in the same 1/2 of an inning, I have caught balls on 3 consecutive days twice. When I say caught, not picked up, but actually on the fly. Zack, I had about 5 guys call me when they saw you catch the one last night, and then about 10 more guys tonight. You need to take some dance lessons, though:) Dan

  32. tbrays13

    Congrats on the two home run catches. They had a 30 second piece with a flashback to Tuesday on how you caught a homer two days in a row on SportsCenter. Back in the national spotlight, huh? Good luck on catching the last homer at Yankee Stadium.


  33. puckcollector@optonline.net

    wow! sportscenter! i saw the flashback, but i missed the actual catch on the damon homer. ur harder to spot in black.


  34. snagfan


    You are THE MAN. That dance needs to be the “official” HR snag dance at every stadium. Must be a HR catch though. I could not believe my eyes this am when I saw you on Baseball Tonight. Nice press….They could not believe you were the same guy who caught Giambi’s HR last night.

    Fun Stuff,

    Looking forward to your update later,

    Mike in Detroit

  35. Greg

    I just discovered your blog yesterday. Good stuff, I enjoy it. Anyway, I was watching NESN last night, and they showed your catch of Giambi’s homer on Tuesday and your nifty dance (you should send a tape to Dancing With the Stars). They followed that up by showing your catch of the Damon homer last night, and dance again, noting that the same fan caught a HR ball on consecutive nights in almost the exact same spot. Good stuff.
    Take Care


  36. thesmith7@yahoo.com

    Zack, Awesome catch.

    Here is youtube video of the catch and dance

    You are also on ‘hot clicks’ on si.com

    Good Job!

  37. braves04

    Hannah Storm just called you a “kid with not very good moves” on the live SportsCenter just now. I think I only agree with the second part of that statement lol.
    When reading comments, it took me a minute to realize there were 2 different home runs being discussed.

  38. MLBallhawk

    Ok Zack …….. first I will say Congratulations and then I will add ……. FOR THE SAKE OF BALLHAWKS EVERYWHERE DON’T EVER DANCE AGAIN!!
    With that said it is really cool that you caught HR’s on back to back days. One could only hope that the last one is truly the last HR hit by a Yankee at the Stadium. In 1990 I was lucky enough to get the last ROOF TOP HR that was hit at Old Comiskey Park by Ron Kittle. I picked it up in the park that was outside of left field. With Kittle being a family friend I returned it for an autographed bat and to this day get no credit from the White Sox for doing it. At least Ron, fellow ballhawks and a few White Sox people know that it was me that returned the ball.
    As for getting balls on back to back nights I am pretty sure that most of the Chicago Regulars as well as T.C have done it a few times. I actually had a stretch in 1987 at Anaheim where I got home runs on 5 consecutive days including 2 nights of 2 home runs. I will say that there in the late 80’s it was a bit easier with smaller crowds and the old family section!
    Regardless getting Home Runs on back to back days at Yankee Stadium is incredible. Yankee fans aren’t the nicest and easiest to deal with when a ball is flying into the stands. Especially if it comes from a Yankee player!Now if I could only get in on the action and get a HR ball at some of the next Dodger or Angels game in the next 2 weeks I could finally get game HR #100!!Then again we will have playoffs at both places this year which will give me a few extra chances!!
    Speaking of playoffs …. the Mets sure are trying to blow it aren’t they!!
    Major League Ballhawk

  39. dethornton@aol.com

    Congrats Zach, hope you make it 3 in a row tonight. By the way, happy late birthday. Wasn’t your birthday a few days ago ?

  40. puckcollector@optonline.net

    the link to the blog w/ the video on the yahoo article says ur a moron if you snag like that and dont make money off it, but you do. i also like the rule he made up “same fan cant catch a homer on 2 consecutive nights. and hey try to call in on the michael kay show today. 1050 espn radio, 4 to 7 (or maybe like 4 to 6 cuz of the game)

    also i “churned butter” in class today after i got a hard question right.

  41. pabravesgirl

    Congrats on your catch being talked about on Thursday’s episodes of Around the Horn and PTI!!!!!

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