Quick update

I went to Citizens Bank Park two days ago. It was fun. I still haven’t had a chance to start blogging about it. I’m leaving for Shea Stadium in three hours. I’m going to try to get into the picnic area again. I plan to be there every day through Saturday if the weather stays nice, so look for me on any home runs to left or left-center. Did I mention that I booked a trip to California? I’m leaving one week from today. I’ll be at PETCO Park on August 29th (where I’ll be filmed for Channel 10 News), Angel Stadium on August 30th, PETCO again on August 31st (for a day game…yuck), and Dodger Stadium on September 1st and 2nd. I’ve been reading all the comments on this blog, but I haven’t yet had a chance to respond. I’m way behind on my emails as well. Sorry if I’m keeping you waiting for a response. Things are just really crazy. Last piece of news for now: I have a radio interview tomorrow morning at 11:30am ET on Springfield, Missouri’s KWTO-FM Jock 98.7. The show is called “Sports Reporters.” The hosts are Ned Reynolds and Scott Puryear. You can listen online by clicking here, so check it out if you can. More soon…


  1. dmcco01@emory.edu

    Hi! I was wondering how you afford traveling to and attending all these games? If I read your blog right you don’t have a regular 9-5 job. I know you’ve written a couple of books and do some freelancing. Is that enough to fund your habit? :) Just curious!


  2. gjk2212

    offfffffffffff to cbp now..hoping for some charity from the nats who have lost 12 in a row now i think..i wanted to be at shea this week but cant make it ugh

    ill be there def sept 9 and 12, as well as balt. and wash. next week. see ya at camden.

  3. mlballhawk

    Come on Zack is a Multi-Millionare!! Hey Zack, it looks like finally our paths will cross and we will finally meet! You can leave the glove trick at home when you are in Anaheim. Well I am sure you will try it once and play dumb but I am guessing they will get you shortly after you start lowering it!Where are you sitting at Dodger Stadium? Are you going to try for the Pavilion or Field Box seats? I will most likely be at the Angel game on the 30th and then at least one or two of the Dodger games as well.It will be cool to finally meet up!!Johnhttp://majorleagueballhawk.mlblogs.comhttp://mlballhawk.com

  4. Txbaseballfan

    Slow down Zack, save some balls for the rest of us! Have fun on your west coast swing!

  5. AutographHound

    Hey Zack. I am going to be at the September 1st Dodgers game as well. Hopefully, I will see you there.
    Autograph Hound

  6. puckcollector@optonline.net

    yanksfan: yes! i would have called you by your username, but i could remember the rest of it after yanks.

    greg: my dad did, and maybee well set up a flickr or something

    trm: thanks and cool about the nook. today i had deep fried 3 musketeer and bacon on a stick carmalized in maple syrup at the state fair.

  7. Kylie

    Ugh, could someone in Houston please interview you? Our Baseball Club always needs speakers…
    Have fun with your travels. I hope the weather is good–oh wait, it’s California. No need to worry about that.
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  8. Jake

    While you are in Cali, you should make a quick stop down here in AZ, haha. Good luck in California!

  9. rickymcentire@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack,
    good luck on your trip to california! hopefully you’ll catch a glimpse of manny being manny. i can’t believe joe torre made him cut his dreadlocks! that’s not manny being manny!
    anyway, good luck and make us all proud!

  10. jigsawbolander@aol.com


    I was watching the Mets game a couple minutes ago and when David Wright hit a home run, I saw someone in a white shirt racing through the aisle to try and get it. I figured it had to be you. It looked like someone else got it and dropped it, prompting a mini-scramble for the ball, but it didn’t look like you got it. Good luck at Shea the rest of the week and can’t wait to hear about CBP.

  11. jack@yankees.com

    hey zack, i’m a long time reader but first time commenter. your blog sparked my interest i collecting baseballs and i have gotten about 15 major league balls (which would be more if i didn’t snag at yankee stadium) i also go to minor league games in staten island and have gotten about 50 minor league balls. I’m going to start commenting more now, because i read all of your entries.

    also i saw you get close to yunel escobars hr in the first inning tonight, but i think it fell in the gap. Maybe you used your glove trick to get it.

  12. districtboy

    Ahh, memories of past Petco posts. Just great.

    I’ve only made two visits, but I just hate Dodger Stadium. All the rules and inability to get down to the dugout. Saving that “honor” for celebrity guests with dugout club tickets. No offense to Alyssa Milano, but yes, she is a good example. The lone bright spot was the bat boys were unusually kind with baseballs and gave them out regularly before and after the game.

    Zack, how do you get tickets for the bleachers if you are not part of a group? Do they sell the leftovers on gameday?

    P.S. – Have you seen the YouTube videos of Luis Ayala with a big glove similar or identical to yours? And now he’s a Met. Weird how that works out.


  13. patrickbball94@aim.com

    hey zack,
    went to shea stadium again today but i knew i wasn’t going to see you as soon as i went.
    I was going with my parents this time unlike last time so i got there later and had to stay up in the mezzanine level for a majority of the time. I was hoping the game would go into extra innings so I could sneak down to the field level and maybe you’d be there but it ended in the 9th and anyways you were probably in the picnic area.

    maybe we’ll meet up some other time at shea. i’m thinking about going to shea on monday against the Astros let me know if you’re goin then

  14. zackhample

    I just answered comments on my previous entry (about ticket brokers) as well, so if you’re waiting for a reply, check it out. Shea was okay last night (Thursday). I have to blog about Phbilly before I get to that…

    Most of the games I go to are pretty cheap, but to answer your question, I also run my “Watch With Zack” business and work at the family book store.

    Hope you did well tonight in Philly…

    Awesome. Glad we’re finally gonna meet. I don’t have Dodger tickets yet, but I’m hoping to get into the LF pavilion for BP. See you very soon.

    Heh. There are plenty of balls to go around.


    Cool. Just track me down and yell when you see me. :-)


    Ugh indeed. I’m waiting…

    I’d love to, but I don’t think there’ll be time.

    The hair has been cut? I hadn’t heard. Say it ain’t so!

    Yeah, that was me in the white shirt. Good call. I came sooooo close to that ball.

    I’ll share all the details when I finally get around to blogging about it.

    Welcome! Congrats on all the balls you’ve snagged. That WAS me going for the Yunel homer as well. Ahh, so frustrating.

    The more I hear about Dodger Stadium, the more I hate it. I just got the bleacher tickets from some fans who had extras. They’re impossible to buy directly from the Mets on most days. Haven’t see the Ayala vid. Got a direct link to it?

    Cool. Glad I’m going to see you again.

    Yeah, I stayed in the bleachers all night. Sorry we didn’t cross paths, but I *will* be at Shea on Monday for sure.

  15. padreleigh

    Hi Zack…

    Looking forward to seeing you at PETCO. For $5 I’ll let you hang out with me and we can have a “Watch with Leigh” game. What do you think? Ha ha.



  16. sammywu17@hotmail.com

    For the Aug30th game, I will just be there for autograph before gate open. At about 4pm I will go right away to an indep league baseball game to hound Gary Carter’s auto. It is like 10 min from angel stadium.

    By the way, there is a huge section up to 130 is restricted. But if you want ticket to those section I think you can get them right before game at ticket window. And for Dodger Stadium, the field level entrance (3rd base side only) only opens to all fans at the first 30 minutes. I think I might go catch a Dodger game since it is ridiculously close to my school and Monday is a holiday. I don’t mind getting another Peavy autograph.

  17. sammywu17@hotmail.com

    How do you get from your hotel to Dodger Stadium? The traffic situation in LA is pretty bad, especially public transportation. Another thing, I just went to ATT and McAfee in past 3 days. The coliseum has the ugliest exterior I have ever seen. However, ATT is an awesome park, the garlic fries is deadly addictive.

  18. puckcollector@optonline.net

    i was talking about this weekend in baltimore, but i will see you on the 21st.

    when did you get the ticket, and you dont have to answer this but how much did you fork over for it? it had to be a couple hundred at least, or did you get it for free? are you going to the final game at shea?

  19. boblheader

    ZACK or should I say “McSnaggin'”-

    Well done on the radio interview man. Top-notch as always. Anyway, no snagging news in Utah … the home-town minor league team (don’t scoff, just because you discriminate against minor league balls doesn’t mean we all do … LOL) is back in town tonight.

    Talk to you soon.

    Phill in Utah

  20. boblheader

    My wife had a question that I couldn’t answer and I thought, “Hey i’ll ask the guy that wrote the book.” The question is: What do other countries (Latin America, Japan, etc.) do before their baseball games? we sing the national anthem, do they sing their’s? Also, what do they do for the seventh inning stretch?

    Phill in Utah

  21. gjk2212

    had a decent night in philly, couldve done ALOT better if i was on my game. when i got in, 3rd in the stadium, i ran and saw someone (it was the helmet guy, i think. if your reading, confirm!) walking down the front row searching the flower bed for easter eggs. when he finished and apparently saw none, i deceided not to waste my time. the phillies didnt start hitting yet, and a few guys in straightaway left had balls throwing and stuff, so i decided to try my luck. i picked a front row spot on the aisle, by one of those glass cutout things, since nobody was hitting yet. for some reason, i happened to glance down and a ball was sitting in the front of the flowerbed, so i grabbed it, and i looked at it. honestly, the ball had to have been sitting there forever. totally covered in grass and dirt stains, its hard to make out the logo or the faint practice stamp. hte ball is actually soft, when you press on it. been there forever im sure. anyway, nothing really came my way during phillies bp, so when the stadium fully opened, i went to the lf foul line and got wil nieves to throw me a ball he fielded. 5 minutes later, jesus colome did the same. a ball rolled to the wall right next to me, and when i asked odalis perez for it, he said “you got like 5.” i was like, ok, sure, i wish i had 5. i told him i had one and i was giving it to the girl next to me. “well why dont you give her one of your 5?” i was like, whatever, you wanna be this way, i dont even want your training balls. go lose another 12 in a row. i should have said that, lol. so i headed to the nats dugout and got austin kearns to throw me one on his way in. then these 2 really funny kids next to me, maybe 10 or 11, started gushing how lucky i was to get a ball. they offered to trade me the pete orr auto they had gotten for it. anyway, i knew id get at least one more. when i got (nicest guy ever) manny actas attention, i pointed at the 2 kids. he lofted it, and since they were brothers, they fought over it. i stepped back to let them make the catch, and they bobbled it and it fell in the dugout. thankfully, collin balester rolled it back over the roof nowhere near them, and i made a lunging stab to my left, made sure it wasnt a nats commem, and gave it to them. so 5, took home 4, and a lastings milledge auto. went to the dugout after the game, got nothing. nobody was giving away balls, and joel hanrahan kept the final out ball. (oh man, 4th career save, big one there.) anyway, 5 doesnt sound like alot, but it was a fun 5 if you know what i mean.

  22. zackhample

    I think you should charge more. You’re selling yourself short.

    Thanks for the heads-up about security. I hope I get to see you before you leave to get Gary Carter. I’ll be staying with a friend in San Diego for the whole week in California, and we’ll be making road trips to Anaheim and L.A.

    Ahh. I’ll just be at Shea this weekend…tonight and tomorrow. As for the final game at Yankee Stadium, I’m getting the ticket from the people I’ll be going with. I’m not planning to attend the final game at Shea.

    Cool. It’s too bad, though, that the Big Glove is already old news. I might not bring it to any more games.

    I’m not sure. I haven’t seen the tickets yet.

    Heh heh, funny that you heard that. Didn’t mean to diss minor league snagging. I’m sure that if I lived somewhere that didn’t have major league baseball, I’d be all about the minors. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question about baseball in other countries. I’ve only been to games in Toronto and Montreal, and they sing other stuff during the seventh inning stretch. I’m sure you could find it on YouTube. The song in Toronto is called “Okay Blue Jays,” or something like that. It’s outrageously cheezy.

    I *do* know what you mean. Glad you enjoyed your time there. “Go lose another 12 games.” Hilarious.

    I’m about to head back to Shea. I was there last night and will blog about it tomorrow. I’m hoping to make it back into the LF bleachers…

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