8/6/08 at Shea Stadium

I decided to bring my big glove to one game at Shea Stadium, and this was it…


By the time Gate C opened at 4:40pm, there must’ve been over 500 people waiting to get in including a guy named Sammy Wu who’d been leaving comments on this blog since July 2007. In fact…hold on…I have his first comment right here:

“Hey Zack, It is the first time I post on your blog. I accidentally
stumbled on your blog and I LOVE IT. I have learned so much about
baseball and am totally amazed by your glove trick. I attend ball games
alot and love to collect autographes. I tried the trick yesterday at
Angel Stadium and I snagged 2 balls!
Also, I love your book “How to Snag ML baseballs.” At first I couldn’t
find it on amazon, ebay or just about any places on web. Good thing is
that I used
Google book search it is avaliable in my local library~I
actually applied for library card just to rent your book!!! THANK YOU
ZACK, YOU ARE MY ROLE MODEL and the video is very cool, too!!!!!”

This was the first time Sammy and I had ever met in person. He had finally made the trip from California, and one of his goals was to snag a commemorative ball. More on this in a bit…

As soon as I ran inside and headed out to the seats along the right field foul line, a few of the Mets (all of whom were stretching) noticed me and started pointing me out to their teammates. Ten seconds later, everyone on the team was staring at me and smiling, and ten seconds after that, bullpen catcher Dave Racaniello tossed me a ball from about 100 feet away. It was a standard ball. Bleh. And to make matters worse, everyone on the team saw me catch it. I figured it was the one and only ball I’d get from the Mets all day.

Moments later, Oliver Perez got up and started walking toward me and waving me down to the front row. He wanted the glove, so I handed it to an on-field security guard who handed it to him. Perez then went back to his spot in right field and posed with it:


Pedro Feliciano tried it on:


Then Johan Santana checked it out…


…and held it up over his face as if he was looking at the catcher while getting the sign:


Every time another player tried on my glove, I asked if I could try on HIS, but no one went for it. That was kinda lame. It’s not like I could’ve run off with anyone’s equipment. There were ushers and security guards all over the place, but whatever. I was having fun just taking pictures, and I had my regular glove ready just in case.

Perez finally walked back over with the big glove, and I snapped the following photo right before he tossed it to me:


One minute later, Duaner Sanchez came over and got the big glove, then took it into right field and actually played catch with it for a couple minutes:


In the four-part photo up above, did you notice the camera man in the pic on the upper left? He had walked out from the area in front of the dugout as soon as he spotted the big glove.

Just before the Mets finished throwing, I moved to the seats behind first base and stayed about 15 rows back. I held up my big glove and didn’t say a word, and within 30 seconds I got another (standard) ball thrown to me. It might’ve come from Robinson Cancel. I’m not sure. It was thrown from at least 150 feet away, and it went right through one of the big holes in the webbing of the glove. Luckily, there were no other fans within 20 feet of me, so I was able to scurry down a couple steps and grab it.

That’s when my girlfriend Jona showed up and started taking a ton of photos.

Sammy had a chance to use his glove trick for a commemorative ball sitting on the sloped grassy area near the DreamSeats


…and I’d just like to point out that even though he struggled with it for at least 10 minutes, I generously stood back and let him get it:


After Sammy reeled in the ball, I ran up to the Loge level and had my own chance to use the glove trick. Jona stayed on the Field level and documented the action. Starting on the upper left and going clockwise in the four-part pic down below, I’m 1) setting up the trick, 2) leaning under a railing (under the foul pole which was in my way) and starting to lower my glove, 3) getting the glove to drop gently over the ball, and 4) holding up the ball for the camera.


In all four pics, the fan wearing the blue shirt and black cap is a guy named Adam who’s been reading this blog for a while and leaving comments as “cubsbaseball.” This was the first time we’d met, and when Jona came upstairs we got a pic together:


By the way, the ball I fished out of the gap behind the right field wall was commemorative, but the logo was very worn. Check it out:


I got two more (standard) balls before the Padres started taking BP. The first was thrown to me in the Loge by Sanchez, and the second was tossed by hitting coach Howard Johnson at the first base dugout as the Mets left the field. This ball was even more worn than the one I got with the glove trick:


Jona followed me around for the rest of batting practice and kept taking pics, but there really wasn’t anything worth photographing. Why? Because the Padres were THE stingiest team I have ever seen. I was wearing a Padres cap and a Padres shirt, and I was wearing the big glove, and I *still* couldn’t get anyone to toss me a ball. It was terrible. At one point, I was standing along the left field foul line and shouting (politely) at bullpen coach Darrel Akerfelds for a ball.

“They’ll hit you one!” he yelled.

“No they won’t!” I yelled back, “not in foul territory!”

I was right.

Twenty minutes later, when I was up in the left field Loge, I managed to get Trevor Hoffman to look up and smile, and that was it for BP. Did I mention it was terrible? I’d put the Hample Jinx o
n the entire Padres organization, but based on the standings, I obviously don’t need to.

Finally, at the very end of BP, I worked my way down to the Padres’ dugout and got my sixth ball of the day from some coach with “RAY 80” on the back of his uniform. My friend Leigh from San Diego (aka “padreleigh” if you read the comments) has since told me that that guy is a batting practice pitcher.

Jona and I switched hats (and possession of the big glove) for a photo after BP…


…and less than 10 minutes later, I used the glove to get Kevin Kouzmanoff to toss me his pre-game warm-up ball from shallow left field. (Fine, so the Padres weren’t ALL bad.) Unfortunately, the ball popped out of the glove and rolled underneath a seat on the other side of a railing, and it took an all-out scramble on my part to get it.

Jona and I spent the game in the Loge where I ran around for foul balls behind home plate. She ran with me at first, but since she was feeling a bit under the weather, she ended up grabbing a seat near the tunnel where I was positioning myself for left-handed batters. This was her view of me late in the game:


For the first eight innings, the only action was when I got recognized by several fans. At one point, a father and son from Detroit asked me if I was the guy from YouTube, and when I said yes, the kid asked me to sign his ticket stub. A couple innings later, a guy around my age asked if I was the baseball collector.

“That’s me,” I said and he replied with something along the lines of: “Oh my God! Me and my friend have been arguing for like half an hour about whether or not you were the guy. This is crazy…umm, I hope this isn’t awkward or anything, but would it be okay if I take your picture?”

“That’s not awkward at all,” I said. “Go for it.”

likes_to_blow_saves.jpglikes_to_swing_late.jpgFinally, in the top of the ninth, I found myself standing in the tunnel on the first base side of the plate with Scott Schoeneweis (boo!!!) on the mound and Tadahito Iguchi at the dish. Somehow, Iguchi swung late on one of the ensuing cream-puff fastballs and looped a nice little foul pop-up in my direction. I judged it perfectly, drifted to the front of the tunnel, moved down one step into the seats in front of the aisle, and reached up above several other gloveless hands for the easy catch. Boom. Easy. Done. Half the section cheered and gave me high-fives. The other half booed and started yelling at me to “give it to the kid.” There was exactly ONE kid in the entire section who not only was using both hands to eat ice cream out of a miniature helmet, but didn’t even have a glove or make any attempt to move toward the spot where the ball was clearly going to land. I’m sorry, but kids like that don’t deserve baseballs. They’re not bad human beings. They just don’t deserve balls. Not in my opinion. And I’d never give away a game ball anyway, especially not a game ball with a commemorative logo, so I stuck it in my pocket. Then I thanked the people who were congratulating me, and I explained myself to those who were still (because of their own pathetic insecurities) heckling me.

When I got home, I learned from Leigh that the foul ball aftermath was captured on the Padres’ broadcast. Here’s what he said:

“When Tad Iguchi fouled the ball back in the 9th, you could hear a little applause. Our color guy, Mark Grant, said something about the ball coming back towards them. The camera cut to the two guys in the booth. They were both leaning over looking down. Grant said something like, ‘Looks like the fan that caught that foul brought his glove to the yard tonight.’ Then, the camera panned down and had a GREAT SHOT of you standing in the tunnel holding the ball in your right hand. You put the ball into your right pocket. They showed you listening to what a few fans were saying to you, then you smiled. The camera then panned down to your shirt that said, ‘Baseball is life.’ Play by play guy Steve Quis said something about your shirt and that was it. Oh yeah, when you put the ball in your pocket Grant said something like, ‘He better hide that ball or he’ll get rolled on the 7 train.’ Ha ha. Anyway, nice job getting on Channel 4 San Diego. If MLB.com has our feed for the game archive, then you can see all the above.”

Cool, huh?

As for the game itself, both starters–Pedro Martinez and Cha Seung Baek–allowed two earned runs in 6 1/3 innings, but one got the win and the other took the loss. Pedro surrendered two home runs in the first inning but settled down after that, giving up just two more hits the rest of the way. Unfortunately for him, he was relieved with one out and a runner on third. Feliciano then recorded a strikeout and a walk and induced what should’ve been an inning-ending ground out. But no. David Wright misplayed it, and the decisive unearned run scored and was charged to Pedro. The Padres tacked on an insurance run in the top of the eighth, and that was it. Final score: Stingy Team 4, Big Glove Appreciators 2.

On my way out of Shea with Jona, I gave a ball to a kid WHO HAD A GLOVE and took a pic of the Iguchi foul ball:



? 8 balls at this game

? 293 balls in 41 games this season = 7.1 balls per game.

? 537 consecutive games with at least one ball

? 327 consecutive games at Shea Stadium with at least one ball

? 120 lifetime game balls (not counting game-used balls that get tossed into the crowd)

? 3,570 total balls

Does anyone reading this have season ticket connections in Pittsburgh? I’m planning to go to two games at PNC Park on August 12-13, and I hear that the stadium opens half an hour earlier for fans who not only have season tickets (as part of a 20-game, 40-game, or full-season plan) but who also have a season ticket holder ID to go with it. How the hell am I supposed to get around THAT?


  1. the72legend@aim.com

    LOVE the pics of the Mets with the big glove. Right now I’m begging my parents to get me a big glove for my birthday(which is in October :). The Iguchi ball is AWESOME congrats on getting it. With the PNC Park thing I could call my uncle who lives in Pittsburgh and ask if thats true (he goes to MANY games but I don’t think he has season tickets).

  2. districtboy

    Zack, I know you’ve been to PNC before, but beware of an usher who guards sections 10 and 11. My plan was to go down to the top of the section to take a quick picture and then run down to the dugout (there were 2 strikes with two outs). So I started taking out my camera, and the usher asked “What are you doing?!” I politely said “just taking a photo” Then the usher said “You better not run down to the dugout”. Well, that was that. Maybe he won’t be there when you go, but just in case he’s like 68 years old and really wrinkly. Heck, you can afford to have PNC ushers hate you, since you hardly ever go there. Just like Nationals Park. Although I only got four balls, PNC was fantastic to snag in. Four people were in the right field bleachers. FOUR! None had gloves. If only one Rockies player could have hit a ball in section 144 during BP. Come on Brad Hawpe! That was disappointing. That reminds me….god the sun was bad in the left field bleachers.


  3. braves04

    You’re right about the Padres, they were stingy a few months back in Atlanta. Hopefully, Leigh has had more luck in their hometown. I hope you never stop breaking out the big glove and Waldo shirt. Congrats on the game ball and good luck in Pittsburgh.

  4. deleted

    The ball you used the glove trick for was thrown to a little kid, so I backed off and was forced to watch it fall out of his mitt and down to the ground. If that kid was there, it would have been MINE! :)

    And in the 4-part pic, I told the to kids next to me that they were gonna be in pictures that might be on the blog, I told them to smile… lol. One of them recognized you from something on SNY.

  5. dodgerduder


    I just got back into LA… what a great trip! I caught 6 balls that day at Citizens, and I even got to use the glove trick in right field… just short of the foul pole, it was awesome!

    Shea was a lot harder, I was there the next day but we were running a little late so I wasnt the first one in the stadium. I saw you with the big glove but I was all the way in left field. I got shutout! Sucks, I was really hoping to catch a commemorative ball.

    Later on in the game I snuck down, and was RIGHT behind home plate on the aisle thinking “i could catch a foul ball” The next pitch was hit about 40 feet to my left, and I watched it sail right into your glove. I went over to say high but couldnt spot you out. Paul and I were amazed that you were in the PERFECT spot, it was such a nice catch!
    Im so glad that I got to see you in action, and let me know about that trip!!

  6. joshscards

    great game!…its seems like you’re in the perfect spot for foul balls ALL the time…did you see the fan in philly who caught TWO foul balls sitting in the middle of a row?? he made sportscenter’s top 10

  7. li7039@yahoo.com

    last year when i went to PNC the whole stadium opened up at the same time. I went in the left field entrance and the white sox were taking BP. So im not sure if the rules changed this year but last year it seemed to open to everyone at the same time.

  8. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Zack, GREAT entry. The Big Glove is its own story…We were thinking you need a big *** bat to go with it..Could come in handy at Yankee Stadium…I would never give up a live home run ball I caught unless it was to my own kid…D

  9. thet206kid

    The Mets bullpen is killing use.. i was at the game were heilman gave up a 3 run homer in the 9th the other night,, thats cool that the players try on the glove.. How many players would ask you to try on the glove?


  10. hockeyguy1011@aol.com

    Hey Zack, congrats on that foul ball. Even though I personally don’t have the luxury yet of handing out balls to kids, I’m right there with you on not giving away gamers. Anyway, it’s funny that you say that the Padres are stingy, because my first, and only, encounter with them was about two seasons ago, and that game turned out to be what was then my highest single game total (8 balls), with most (I believe 6) coming from the Padres portion of BP. In fact, at that game Trevor Hoffman posed a Marlins trivia question to the fans around the bullpen and told us that whoever got it right would get a ball. Obviously, I came up with the right answer and was rewarded. Actually, I’ll tell you what, you answer it correctly and I’ll take you to a game at Yankees Stadium lol! Hoffman asked us who the starting pitcher was for the Marlins in their inaugural game….

  11. sammywu17@hotmail.com

    It is cool you found my first post.
    BTW, thanks for asking me when I gonna give up the ball and the security might come up and pick up the ball. That really made my snagging process THAT much easier. I felt my confidence boosted tremendously. The process isn’t pretty but I am more than happy I got the ball. Asking a auto hound to snag ball is like asking a brain surgeon to do heart surgery. These are entirely different things. And I have never ever seen anyone good at both. I also tried for umpire after the game. He didn’t want to give ball to me. This game is the first time I used glove trick this year. Last time I used it is like more than a year ago. And the grass is pretty bad. Whenever I dropped my glove the ball sank deeper to grass. It is the toughest glove trick ball I ever gotten.

    My experience to the ballpark is that, Man, Shea is really really ugly. I used to think Dodgers is pretty ugly but at least it is not dirty. The ballpark seems really old, worn out and dirty. At night, smell of people’s sweat is allover the ballpark. One question, how come for any bottle the cap is removed? I think that’s really retarded considering no cup hold in my seat and my leg room is pretty small plus the stupid metal bars. Is it that the Mets wanna check there is promotional code on the cap so they can win money?

    Anyway, it is still a cool experience and it was nice meeting you Zack.

  12. puckcollector@optonline.net

    they take the cap so people dont throw full (and heavy)
    bottles of water or beer at people or on the field. if they throw a bottle w/ no cap, all the contents spill out and the bottle is harmless.

  13. yankees42294

    hey does anyone know if the mets are still using the ASG balls in BP?And is anyone going to this sundays game?

  14. PSU532@yahoo.com

    Zack, good stuff. Nice to see all of the Mets pitchers enjoying the big glove. I’m actually heading to Pittsburgh next weekend for the Mets/Pirates game on Sat, Aug 16th. I love PNC Park! I don’t know the deal with season ticket holders though…..

  15. deleted


    Yes, they are still using them. I am not sure on what % are ASG balls, but I definitely saw one get thrown to a fan on Wednesday.

  16. gjk2212

    so i get on the gw bridge today at 330, coming from jersey. it takes me about 20 mins driving to get to shea from there. i thought i would be first in line, no questions asked.(not counting greg, lol) anyway, backed up bumper to bumper to traffic for an hour! cause some guy had a flat tire and EVERYONE had to stop and look. me and greg spoke on the phone, he told me he was going home. it literally rained for 5 minutes, and they put the tarp on and washed out bp. 450ish i get into shea, still angry. its gorgeous and sunny out and the tarp is on the field. nothing comes my way when the mets pitchers throw, so i go to left and put on my marlins jersey. its sweet. a white cabrera bp style from like 5 yrs ago my friend gave me free, but it really gives the marlins fan impression. anyway, i hang on the field level while the pitches throw, and trevor goes to the loge with his friend. when they ask mark hendrickson for a ball, he throws the one he was using, goes inside, gets another for my brothers friend and gives him it. it was really cool of him. finally, their pitchers finish throwing, im the only one wearing marlins stuff, asking players by 1st name for balls. nothing. im in official panic mode. its 6:17, im empty. FINALLY, arthur rhodes and matt lindstrom throw in left field, and i get rhodes’ attention and he literally flings one at me to the field level corner from the of wall. im not sure if ive ever been more relieved after a ball. anyway, im bored now cause the field is empty, so i get autos from lindstrom, joe nelson, and josh johnson. nothing comes my way during the game. mets win though, so im excited. i head to the press gate with my bro and his friend, and we wait until we finally see hanley ramirez! come out. he refuses to sign, pretends to be on the phone, and walks away. the guy next to me calls him a d**k. he turns around, looks, and keeps goin. finally starts signing while walking, and i catch up to him. he looks straight at me and says “im not signing for you. im a d**k, remember?” i plead that i really didnt say that, and i finally get him. after that, i get matt treanor, wes helms, and luis gonzalez. he personalizes his with “2001 ws gw hit”. it looks awesome. he took a picture with me, and my bro. such an awesome guy, the absolute nicest and friendliest. so, finishing up my tale here, even though i got 1, it was a pretty fun night at shea.

  17. bigglovebob

    Nice work Zach! I will be bringing my big glove to the Yankees series as they come into the Dome in a couple of days. Hopefully I will get some big glove love. The glove gets so much attention that the players seem to know that the “guy with the big glove” already got thrown a ball. I am hoping for a Yanks special ball with the logo on it. I would like to beat my personal record of two balls as well. The thing with the big glove is that it is such a novelty. If too many people get them, the big glove magic will be diluted and dissapear. Have the Yankees seen your big glove yet? I remember the usher making you take it over to the bowling alley that one time. Hopefully this will be their first run in with the big glove. I have people coming up to me at random places telling me they saw me on TV with my big glove. The Dome is a tough place to snag balls in my opinion. There is the big baggie in right and the crowds in left and left center get pretty big. They do not allow people in the first two rows in left and left center even during BP. So, that rules out any glove or cup trick. Not to correct your Spanish, but from my mexican friends they say that your phrase is basically demanding “Give me the ball!” The phrase that they told me to use was pu-e-do ten-er la pe-lo-ta por favor which translates into the nicer “can I have the ball please?”

  18. padreleigh

    Hi Zack….

    Man, you guys are killing me bagging on the Padres. Sorry they were so stingy to you guys. I’ve never really had a problem gettting balls from them. In recent years, I’ve seen them play on the road in Miami, Tampa, Colorado, Cincinnatti, LA, Anaheim and Phoenix and never seen them be stingy. I’ve always had someone throw me a ball. Ask TC. We always get balls from them on the road. Maybe they don’t like the NY fans? Who knows. One thing is for certain. They are TERRIBLE this year. Thanks for not putting the Hample Jinx on them. We don’t need any more help being bad. Kouzmanoff is usually good for balls. The coaches NEVER throw any up. Not even here. Trevor is usually good for balls though. Anyway, it was cool seeing you on our broadcast. I was actually up and walking by my TV and happened to just see your shirt. I was like….I know that shirt. Then I Tivo’d backwards and saw the whole thing unfold. Good stuff. I’m still shocked the Padres won 5 out of 7 games against the Mets. What a weird stat considering how bad we are. Well, good luck in Pittsburgh. Talk to you later.


    PS. I’ve always thought that Charlie Hough started the first Marlins regular season game and that John Lynch started their first Spring Training or Minor League game or something? What is the answer?

  19. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Zack and TRM: pelota is the word they use for ball in spain, and bola is the word for ball in the dominican and stuff, and since there are way more latinos than spainards use TRMS phrase, except substitute pelota with bola. i take spanish, and i asked how to say can i have a ball, and the teacher sadi bola, and i asked why njot pelota (cuz thats the word they taught us) and she gave the explanation that i gave

  20. gjk2212

    if anyone has mets season tix, or knows any season tix holders who don’t want their shea seats, let me know. the presale for them is now. even if they just want one, since you much buy pairs, ill take the other. let me know please if you hear anything. gjk2212@yahoo.com

  21. canonmelky

    Hey njmets fan i saw you with the White Marlins jersey infact i was behind you when you were getting the auto’s lol

  22. charlie@baseballstuff.mlblogs.com

    Wow, it’s been a long time since I commented here. Nice game, even though The Padres didn’t help at all. hehe I like that line about the Hampla Jinx. Is Chacin the only guy you have the curse on?

  23. bigglovebob

    Thanks for the feedback Puck! I go to this mexican restaurant by my house where maybe one out of three employees speaks a word of english. I asked one of the bi-lingual servers how to say “Can I have the ball please?” and she gave me the phrase with pelota instead of bola. She went back into the kitchen and asked the cooks and they all confirmed that puedo tener la pelota por favor was correct. Although I think that bola could probably be interchangeable with pelota and the player would get the picture. My main thing was suggesting a phrase that is asking nicely for a ball in spanish versus demanding one.

  24. bigglovebob

    No argument that whatever Zach is doing is working like a charm! Just passing along a phrase that I got to other ballhawks and hoping that it can maybe serve them well. If anyone wants to see some pics of me with my big glove and a White Sox player using it while he let me use his glove can go to twinsbaseball.com/truefans. Once there select the 7/29/08 game and gallery 23. There are probably 10 pictures or so.

  25. li7039@yahoo.com

    Zack saw you today out at shea along with Greg i believe. Left you two alone and watched BP from the Right field lodge. Than i tried to get into the picnic area, but the guy on the stool did not let me in. I believe i saw you and Greg over in the picnic area care to tell me how you managed that? I went all the way to left field and the guy on the stool by the door said nope only picnic seats.

  26. zackhample

    I was at Shea tonight (Saturday), and I’ll be blogging about it soon. It might take a day, so bear with me. I have a pretty busy Sunday ahead of me. Right now I’m just gonna answer the comments here in which people asked questions…

    My California trip is looking more and more likely. I’ll let everyone know the dates/games as soon as I book it.

    Yup, I saw that fan. Crazy stuff. Where was ESPN each of the three times that I snagged three foul balls in one game?

    I think I showed (or at least mentioned) everyone who tried on the big glove at this game. Some teams are more exited about it than others.

    I’m stumped. I could look it up, of course, but that’d be cheating.

    Bottle caps are removed at Shea because the stadium is run by monkeys.

    The Mets seem to have very few All-Star Game balls remaining. Most of their BP balls are now regular balls, but there ARE some Shea commemorative balls mixed in, as well as the occasional ASG ball.

    Nope, the Yanks haven’t seen my big glove yet. You’re right about the novelty wearing off.

    I’ll have to do it later. Right now I’m incredibly pressed for time and sleep…

    Yeah, Chacin is the only one at the moment.

  27. hockeyguy1011@aol.com

    Zack, I believe the answer would be Charlie Hough. You never know, it might come in handy one day lol.

  28. dhbball

    I will once again be in D.C next week definately Fri. AUG 15, and possibly Sat, and Sun vs the Rockies is anyone else gonna be at Nats Park those days.

  29. dhbball

    Sammy WU congrats on the commemorative sounds like you got what you wanted did you get any autos?

  30. goisles

    I knew Charlie Hough–and somehow I have a strong recollection that Sports Illustrated did one of those panoramic shots in its “leading off” section of Hough throwing the first pitch that it etched in my mind.

  31. john.franco@gmail.com

    Just an FYI to the folks talking about the bottle caps – yes, they do take your bottlecaps at Shea (and many other places) – so I recommend sneaking in your own. Nobody checks your pockets that closely.

    Next time you buy an Aquafina or a Pepsi or whatever, just save the lid and rinse it off. Bring it to the stadium and then you have a lid :)

  32. tracycollinsbecky@yahoo.com

    HI zack,Is that THE john franco .?Get any MLBers to blog yet? billyWagner next? TC went to yankees at Ana and proceeded to get hurt by a Giambi BP HR for the third straight year at ANA..twice balls richoshea ing ?off seats and hit in mouth,then i got hit by a yankee fan running collision and we fell into the next row,i landed upside down in a seat,sprained knee.missed ball too.I got 3yankee balls ,no Comm balls ,they dont use on road ,i checked others balls NONE out of a dozen Im almost to 300 balls this year saw you CH4

  33. tracycollinsbecky@yahoo.com

    Is you talking about that Usher with balls in pockets when you said Shea stadium is run by monkees? I kid,

  34. mikeyp33metsrule

    Hey Zack

    It’s your man Dylan, the kid that you met at the left field bullpen. I’m telling you that at this game, i got one ball from Cla Meredith right after you left. And my next game was a disaster. I got a ball from Aaron Heilman, but i was robbed of balls (that i asked in Spanish for) thrown to me by Feliciano and Johan! But at least my friend has the Johan ball. I also had my hand on a foul ball hit by pinch- hitting Damion Easley, but some drunk dude took it away ( it was a race, AND I HAD TO SPRINT REAL FAST FOR IT!)


    P.S. : This is my first ( and not my last) time commenting on your blog

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