Look for me on TV (part 3)

I’m going to the Home Run Derby, and I’ll be sitting in a pretty good spot: Section 43 in the right field bleachers. Check it out…


As you can see, I’ll be in right-center field…in the section closest to the batter’s eye…directly behind the black-and-red “Canon” sign:


(Canon should sponsor me. Oh well. Too late.)

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a ticket in the front row, but I *will* be in the second row. Not too shabby. I just hope Robert Wadlow doesn’t come back from the dead and sit in front of me.

Below is a photo of the bleachers I took last week in the upper deck during batting practice. See the red arrow pointing to a fan standing on a bench? THAT is my row…


To make it even easier for you to look for me on TV, I will of course be wearing my “Where’s Waldow” shirt:


I know it’s ugly and obnoxious. You don’t have to tell me. We’ve been through this before. All that matters is that it works.

The Home Run Derby begins at 8:00pm ET on ESPN on Monday, July 14th. Don’t miss it.


  1. 08isovernow

    Can you run out onto that batter’s eye if the ball goes out there? Just wondering?

  2. colinsnell@comcast.net

    Hey Zack. This is not a comment on this topic, but just a question for you. Have you ever been to a game forthe New York Yankees double A team Trenton Thunder? I go there maybe 2 times a year, and i love snagging balls there. My name is colin and I am 14 and i have caught about 12 balls there in my life. However, I havent got one since the beginning of last season. How to get one? I usually sit about 15 rows from the field down the 3rd base line, but believe it or not, balls rarely get hit down there for some reason. Whenever a player has a ball, he throws it to a little kid and never me, and i can’t get there early for bp because my parents hate baseball. How to get a ball?

    Thanks Zach, and good luck at the HR derby, GO CHASE UTLEY!
    Colin Snell.

  3. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    Zack, on sunday morning at Yankee Stadium, which gate will you be at?


  4. thebigticket0021@aim.com

    I just got Zack’s book in the mail today, Watching Baseball Smarter. Can’t wait to read it

  5. driyeff@hotmail.com

    Hey, Zack….I haven’t posted a comment in a couple of years, but I need some help. I’m going to Shea for the 1st time in 38 years( I was 15 then) on July 27. I grew up in Queens and on the Island but have been in the Mid-West since the early 70’s. We’re driving in to the game that day–can’t take the train. Probably taking the Cross Bronx to Queens. I’m wondering about parking. We’ll get to the game at least two, maybe three hours before game time…are the lots on the other side of the Unisphere better to get in and out before and after the game? Or are the lots right by Shea better? Sorry to bug you with this, but it’ll really help us out. Also, I’ve a Mets t-shirt with AGEE and a # 20 on the back…an homage to my favorite Amazin’ back then (Game 3, ’69 Series….’nuff said!!) -Dave

  6. meikd423

    im goin to the derby. i want to find a seat in the upper deck or something in right field. i dont know though

  7. gregb123

    I was at Nationals Park last night. I had some good moments, but I would have had a lot more if my cup trick hadn’t been confiscated halfway through BP (without warning — but I did get it back right before the game, thanks to D-backs pitching coach Bryan Price). Anyway, I got nine balls. I literally would have had fifteen if not for that power-hungry security guard. Here’s a suggestion for anyone going to Nationals Park: DON’T use a ball-retrieving device in the left field bullpen. Also, I finally got a Nationals Park commemorative ball (actually, I got four), and I saw a great game.

    dhbball — Nice to meet you (and your brother) yesterday. I tried commenting on your blog, but it said I wasn’t permitted.

  8. csparks@zoominternet.net

    On the chance that one lands in the gap between the canon sign and the adidas sign, could you use your glove trick/ would you use it? I know security will be very tight. Good luck and awesome seat

  9. puckcollector@optonline.net

    you can use the glove trick in the gap if security allows it. i saw a guy do it last week

  10. braves04

    Does anyone know if the Nationals take their commemoratives on the road?
    NYC plans fell through, so I won’t make it this month. I’m sure I’ll have more chances, though.

  11. pjpmc1@embarqmail.com

    puckcollector@optonline.net– Yes the nationals do take their commemoratives on the road. Like last week i went to the marlins nationals game down hear in florida and got 3 commemoratives. 1 during batting practice and 2 from their bullpen during the game. The pitching coach actually was going through their ball bag and giving all the commemorative balls away to the fans idk y but they did

  12. dodgerduder


    IM SO EXCITED FOR THE DERBY. It’s my favorite of the all-star events, and the last year was even better rooting for you to catch one!! Do you know if you are allowed to run onto the black bleachers to get a ball during the Derby?

    And I love the Wadlow Mention. We have the guiness world record museum in Hollywood and they have a life- size figure of him.

    I have two extra tickets to the derby that I bought hoping to get out to NY…. but my plan was foiled, so if there is anyone who needs a ticket.. I got them for under face Value!.. and GOOD LUCK ZACK!!

  13. buschstadiumballcollector

    hey zack its me darron that town that guy robert wadlow is from is about 10 minutes from where i live they have a bar that has one of his shoes but i think they sold it like last year or something see ya i will watch hr derby a count how many times i see ya

  14. zackhample

    Definitely not. Fans aren’t even allowed to go there during regular season games.

    Off-topic questions are always welcome, but unfortunately I can’t help you out on this one. I’ve never seen the Trenton Thunder Play. I’ve never been to their stadium. I have no idea what it looks like so I can’t advise you on where to go for balls. Sorry your parents hate baseball. That really sucks.

    Right field bleachers. Are you gonna come say hello? I plan to be on line by 9:30am. (Ugh.)

    Cool. I hope you enjoy it.

    How far is…what? My seat from home plate? About 410 feet, according to the “range rings” of Hit Tracker.

    Welcome back. I’m sorry to say, though, that I can’t give you any useful parking advice. I’ve never driven to Shea Stadium. Not once. I’ve been driven a few times, but I never paid much attention to the parking situation. I know nothing about the area surrounding the Unisphere either. I’ve only been out there once, and I was on foot.

    Foul territory? How far foul? Guys sometimes hook balls foul during the Derby.

    Wow. I have no words. You should consider posting the details that you emailed to me. But hey…congrats on the commemorative balls.

    I’ve thought about the glove-trick opportunity. There’s a chance I might be able to get away with it once during BP, but during the Derby itself? Doubtful.

    Are you aware how insanely strict security is going to be?

    Bummer about your trip. Keep me posted on future travel plans, okay?

    As I mentioned above to “jimdelhomme,” I’m bascially positive that fans won’t be allowed out there. Glad you liked the Wadlow mention. I was obsessed with that guy (and the entire Guinness Book) when I was little. Where are your Derby seats? Obviously I don’t need one, but maybe there are other people who’d like to know. What’s the face value, and how much are you asking?

    I would love to see one of his shoes. Didn’t he wear size 37 or something crazy like that? Anyway, let me know how many times you spot me during the Derby.

  15. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    Sure, why not come say “hi.” I guess my dad could save my spot on line and I could go over. Looking forward to seeing you, and even if I don’t on Sunday, I will in September (again!).

  16. gregb123

    You want me to post that whole long description? Okay…

    Here’s what happened with the cup-trick confiscation: the D-backs had just taken the field for BP ten minutes earlier. Once their pitchers finished throwing in LF, I went over to the bullpen and noticed a ball was in the PERFECT cup trick spot directly in front of that first row of seats behind the bullpen, about halfway between the mounds and home plates. I went over, positioned myself above the ball, and lowered the cup. As soon as it was a little more than halfway down, this security guard popped out from that bench that’s tucked under the seats at the back of the bullpen. He grabbed the cup forcefully — no warning, no “Please don’t do that, it’s against the rules.” He then took a couple steps toward the field and started trying to detach the string by pulling on it as hard as he could. It took him a couple seconds to successfully rip it out of the bottom of the cup. He then started walking back towards the bench underneath me, and I assumed he would give me the cup part back (because as far as he was concerned, it was no longer usable since it had no string), but no. I said that I was trying to get the ball for this kid that was standing next to me (which was true, because it was one of those nasty training balls). That didn’t work either. He sat back down on his bench and placed the cup on a little stool inside that doorway, and he dropped the string to the ground. I watched him for a few more minutes, but he didn’t move. So I went over to that Red Porch area. Twenty minutes later, I came back to find that he had left, but the cup was still on the stool. I kept running around for balls because there was nobody else I could ask to give it back. Ball after ball landed in the bullpen, and another landed in that gap in front of the Red Porch. Over in right field, a ball landed in the gap between the outfield wall and the front of the seats nearest CF. Yet another landed in that dead area in CF where they store the BP cage during the game, and it rolled right up against the base of the RF seats. I would have had it in three seconds. I literally would have had six or seven more balls. It was killing me. Anyway, twenty minutes before gametime, the D-backs’ pitching coach, bullpen coach and bullpen catcher made their way out to the ‘pen. The cup was still sitting on the stool, so I asked pitching coach Bryan Price if he could toss me “the green cup on the little stool next to the doorway under there”. He looked up at me, went underneath, disappeared for the longest ten seconds of my life, and popped out holding the cup! He asked me what the hell it was, and I told him it was a “ball-retrieving device”. He asked if it had fallen, so I just said yes, and he tossed it back to me. Phew. I thanked him profusely.

    I’ve pretty much repaired the device, but isn’t that so ******? I mean, if he had given me a warning or told me it wasn’t allowed, fine. I wouldn’t have done it again (at least not in the bullpen), but man. What a power-hungry ******.

  17. dodgerduder

    I didnt put prices and such cause I didn’t want to intrude and advertise. but: I HAVE TICKETS TO THE HOME RUN DERBY!!! They are Tier Reserved MVP 1. I paid $330 for the tickets and im willing to go as low as $280 for both tickets…. If anyone wants, send me an email!


  18. sammywu17@hotmail.com

    good luck on the derby.
    I got typo from my last comment. I visit Shea at August 5th and 6th instead. Not 7th and 8th. Any tips on snagging balls with no BP in Yankees Stadium? I know my chance is really bad. Unfortunately I have no choice but going to the 1pm again. I think I will also go to NorCal for giant and A’s game a week after my NY trip

  19. sammywu17@hotmail.com


    The Nats used the cheap training balls during BP when they came down to SD this summer. No wonder they suck

  20. puckcollector@optonline.net

    pj: thanks for the answer, but i didnt ask the question. ithrasher did

    abd zack i dont think you mentioned sunday till the last entry, and the BLEACHERS? even though ur competition ur fun to talk to. amd yes im aware of security

  21. gregb123

    Hey puckcollector – I’ll be at FanFest at about noon tomorrow. Look for me, and I’ll look for you. Also, on Sunday, will you be at Gate 6?

  22. padreleigh


    Rules are there for a reason. You violated those rules. Therefore, you got your cup trick taken away. Don’t violate the rules anymore. Security guards are our friends. They are there to protect us. I hope you learned a lesson in our nation’s capital.


  23. puckcollector@optonline.net

    leigh: there was no rule against the cup trick

    greg: im leaving in a hr, and my dad will prob let me wander, so ill try to dome to the entrance at 12. ill be in an orange Dered Jeter all star jersey from last year. and i might have an extra ticket, so if you dont already have one, send me an email, and i may be able to hook you up

  24. yankees42294

    i might be going to the met game this sunday and i might get picnic area seats, anyone know when the gates to the picnic area open at?

  25. .


    I understand all of you are going to some event this All-Star Weekend whether it be the ASG, HR Derby, or the Futures Game but, is ANYONE going to the Rockies vs. Mets game on Sunday at 8:05 PM?! I usually buy tickets well in advance but for me, this game was a last minute decision and I am now going for both BP and the night game (as usual).

    – Donnie

  26. padreleigh


    Joking……Ha ha…..sarcasm. I hate security guards for the most part. They’re useless in PETCO anyway. Have fun in your All Star Game festivities.


  27. nm_rockhound@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack, do you think you’ll break your 2005 snag record (321 balls) this year?

  28. puckcollector@optonline.net

    hey im commenting from Fanfest!!! they have computers. zack there is a model of the new yankee stadium, and the dugout will have a wall behind it like dodger stadium to prevent us from snagging.

    also i won “the fanfest challenge” which was baseball jeopardy. i got an ASG shirt and hat. the lines are long, and the only interactive game we did was pitching. i threw 57 mph. and zack i agree that i would not do this again, at least not for like 10 or 15 years. also, i got my picture with the WS trophy.

  29. zackhample

    No Waldo shirt tomorrow. Just regular clothes. So…we’re ON for September? Or are you still working on it? See you tomorrow, hopefully.

    That story makes me ill. You didn’t see the guard sitting in the bullpen? Or…you did but assumed he wouldn’t do anything?

    Time’s running out. Any update? I hope you don’t get stuck with those tickets.

    Ahh, August 5th and 6th. Much better. I’m pretty sure I’ll be attending at least one of those games. When you’re at Yankee Stadium (and there’s no BP), you should hang out in the left field corner and focus on getting balls tossed by the visiting team’s pitchers.

    Aww, thanks. And yes, the bleachers. Don’t doubt me! As for FanFest…very cool to be getting a comment from you from there, but man, that is some TERRIBLE news about the New Yankee Stadium!

    I’ll be at Shea tomorrow, guaranteed. Rain or shine…doesn’t matter, I’m going because I’ll be with a very special person: Robert Harmon, the legendary (bearded) ballhawk from Coors Field. Anyway, how do you plan to get a bleacher ticket? I think that area opens an hour later than the rest of the stadium.

    Yes! I’m going. See you there. Gate C. 5pm-ish…

    Nice vid. Thanks for directing us to it.

    Yes, I expect to break that record. I’m actually hoping to break the 400-ball barrier, but I’m not sure I’ll be attending enough games down the stretch. We shall see. I suppose there’s an outside chance that I could reach 4,000 by the end of next season, but I’ll really have to pick up the pace.

  30. dhbball

    Back from D.C went on Thrusday vs the D’Backs ended up with 7 and a commemorative, my most memorable ball of the day and possibly most memorable ever was when Jon Rauch was standing about 2 ft. away from second and I yelled his name and asked then said I bet you can’t make it over he turned around and lauched a rocket my way and I leanded over the fence and it landed right in my glove it was awesome.

  31. dhbball

    Greg: it was nice to meet you and to snag with you how many did you end up with, I think you said nine. Did you ever get that ball in the gap in RF, I tried to go over there but couldn’t get to it. I still can’t beleive you aske Pryce for your cup the look on his face was hillarious, look foward to seeing you at more games. And my brother also says hi.


  32. dhbball

    By the way it was a pretty awesome game Thursday night in D.C, 11 innings, the Nats fought hard but thier pitching blew it 3 times after rallying for 2 to tie in the ninthe, 3 in the 10, the pitching was terrible WOW.

  33. pabslovesrox@coloradorockies.net

    The Derby should be fun. I’ll be rooting for you.
    Do you count the Derby in your collection?

  34. puckcollector@optonline.net

    hey i just got back from fanfest. i set all the computers at Fanfest to the blog, but everybody, read the header at the top, and moved on. oh well. they had soooo many meorobilia balls there. have you ever heard of Joe dimmaggio balls, or reggie jackson ball? plus there were tons of WS and ASG balls from past years. even HR Derby and futers game ball. they guy from denver would have loved it

  35. puckcollector@optonline.net

    leigh: sorry couldnt tell. thats what i hate about the computer. you cant tell emotions

  36. thebigticket0021@aim.com

    Zack, i don’t know if this question was answered yet, but where will your seats be tomorrow night at Shae? because that game will be on ESPN

  37. gregb123

    Yeah, I just didn’t see the security guard.

    I just got back from FanFest. There’s some cool stuff there. I know puckcollector mentioned it, but they have this big-*** bucket upstairs containing a bunch of World Series and ASG balls from past years. They also had some other cool balls, like this one:
    And this one:

    dhbball — Yeah, I ended up with nine. And no, I didn’t get that one in the RF gap. Oh well.

    puck — I can’t believe we didn’t bump into each other today. But I guess I’ll see you tomorrow morning at Gate 6?

  38. gregb123

    Oh, one more thing. Zack, where did you find the rosters for the futures game last year? And did you make a face sheet?

  39. puckcollector@optonline.net

    crap! i must have missed all the balls in the display from the 2nd pic. they also had 9/11 comm. balls, and 2008 opening day balls.

    greg: yeah we should see each other at gate 6. im making my rosters now. you can get them at milb.com,then events, then all star games, then futers game, then scroll down to rosters, and to get a picture, click on stats. the only problem is the #’s. it says their regular # on the stats page, but idk i they will wear that # tomorow.

  40. gjk2212

    im going to fanfest tomorrow then to shea, im walking to the 7 train from javits and going go shea.

    anything i should know about fanfest? can i bring food or a bag in?

  41. gregb123

    puck — If you don’t mind, could you e-mail me a copy of your face sheet when you finish? That would be awesome.

    njmetfan — You can bring a bag, but food/drinks aren’t allowed. Also, make sure you go upstairs. There’s a whole huge section of FanFest tucked away above the rest of the stuff, and that’s where all the commemorative balls are.

  42. gjk2212

    ill definitely check that out, thanks greg. ill bring a backpack and just go to shea right after.

  43. puckcollector@optonline.net

    greg, do you mind if i bring it tomorow morning? and metfan: go to the fanfest challenge. they picked kids(and i think ur a teen), and if you read my post, they give you a REALLY NICE asg tee shirt and hat if you win. that was the best part of the day for me

  44. gregb123

    puck — Yeah, that’s fine. So you’re just gonna print out another copy for me? And yeah, I’m bringing the cup trick. I’m guessing I won’t be able to use it, but I can’t just not bring it to a stadium.

  45. puckcollector@optonline.net

    metsfan. it on the lower floor of fanfest, all the way at the end. when you get in you get a newspaper with a map. its called “FANFEST CHALLENGE”, and its jeopardy. the most points wins.

    greg: yeah ill just print out another copy

  46. gjk2212

    im pumped for fanfest tomorrow and derby monday. change of plans, i cant make shea tomorrow. i wanted to, but oh well. theres other games.

  47. thebigticket0021@aim.com

    i hope my baseball game on Monday gets rained out so i can watch the Derby

  48. gjk2212

    2 important questions for anyone who has been to fanfest this year.

    1-can i bring a backpack in?
    2-is there anything there for the former players to sign, or do you have to bring your own?

    much appreciated..

  49. zackhample

    Great story about Rauch.


    Yup, I count Derby balls.

    I should hire you as my PR assistant. There’s special ball for Reggie? I had no idea.

    I haven’t bought a ticket yet. I’ll just get a cheap one when I arrive at Shea, and during the game, I’ll probably hang out behind home plate in the Loge for foul balls.

    I can’t bear to look at all those commemorative balls. It makes me sad to think of all the ones I *haven’t* snagged. I did not make a face sheet last year, and I forget where I got the rosters. I think my friend Brad printed them for me.

    Sorry I won’t be seeing you at Shea. Not sure about the FanFest policies this year.

    Sweet! You guys got the tickets already? During the game, I think we should spread out a bit and go for home run balls. How cool would it be if one of us were to catch the LAST home run ever hit at Yankee Stadium? (Or at least the last one during the regular season.)

    I gotta go to bed. Big day ahead of me. Futures game at Yankee Stadium followed by a Mets-Rockies game at Shea. I might not get to blog about all of this for a few days…

  50. padreleigh

    Hey Zack…

    Caught a Chipper Jones bp homer on the fly and added him to the list. Also added Chip Ambres (former Royal,Met, current Padre). So, two Chips on the day. Gave another one away to a kid for good Kharma. Good luck on all the All Star game stuff. I’ll look for you tomorrow night. I wish SD would hurry up and get the All Star game again. We’re supposed to get a round of the WBC again, so that will be cool. Talk to you later.


  51. thet206kid

    Njmetfan, you are allowed to bring in bags, i went the first day, you are better off bringing your own stuff to get signed because the dealers there have photos, balls, cards, etc. of the players signing but they charge a lot for them, and be prepared to stand in line for at least an hour and a half at a time, all the players dont sign at once, they put 2 or 3 out for 2 hours then switch it up, so if you want every guy you are pretty much going to wait in line all day,

    Good Luck Zack in the derby, i wish I was going to that or the AS game, i was watching the futures game before and the place was empty,, i was shocked

  52. gjk2212

    i went to fanfest today and had lots of fun,got lots of free stuff.

    greg-i searched, so much, for the comm. ball thing but i could not find it.

    puck-i didnt get picked for the challenge but i went, fun.

    everyone who went to the futures game today-what was allowed in?? backpacks? drawstring bags? no bags? please tell me so i can be ready for the derby.

  53. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    Recently got home from All-Star Sunday, here is the “obligatory” report.

    I got 12 autographs, including:

    Fernando Martinez
    Kevin Frandsen
    Dexter Fowler
    Trevor Cahill
    Ryan Mattheus
    Jake Arrieta (Twice!)
    Brett Anderson
    Cliff Pennington
    Gerardo Parra
    and a few others that I forgot and never wrote down. Luckily, they all signed with their numbers, so I’ll be able to figure them out as soon as I get some better lighting.

    Not a bad day’s work; some great prospects were certainly obtained. I regret not being able to get Matt LaPorta and Andrew McCutchen . . .they both signed very briefly and I was unable to get to them. Another person that I wanted that I don’t believe signed at all was Jesus Montero.

    Overall, a very good day. And, by the way, the celebrities/legends DID NOT SIGN (except for Paul O’Neill, who signed like 10 autographs, and George Lopez, who signed one autograph while he was “busy being the first base coach.”) Actually, they may have signed after the softball game, but if they did, I missed it.

  54. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    EDIT: I may have also gotten Brett Anderson twice, which would bring the identifiable total to eleven. I’m sure I’ll figure the other one out.

  55. gregb123

    Well, All-Star Sunday ended up being a lot of fun. I got three Futures Game commemorative balls (one with a perfect logo and another with an almost perfect one), and I snagged TWO softballs from the celebrity softball game (one tossed by Wade Boggs). I’m gonna try to take a bunch of pics of the softball and if anybody’s interested in what it looks like, I’ll post the pics somewhere and give the links here.

  56. yanksfan61293@aol.com

    Nice, gregorybarasch, I’m glad things worked out as well for you with baseballs as me with autographs . . .maybe even better? Nice meeting you, as well.

  57. goisles


    Nice meeting you and your fathe today. I haven’t experienced such a relaxed day in Yankee Stadium in along time, although I do believe that if fnas had access to a full batting practice, Zack mya have gotten 30 balls!

    Did they have a special softball for the Celebrity-Legends game? Puck Collector got one from Paul O’Neill in warmups, but it was standard issue.

    Btw, even though I’m a Yankee fan, I thought it stunk that everyone booed Red Sox prospect Che-Hsuan Lin when he received the MVP award. Man, he’s just a 19-year old kid from Taiwan. I hope Chien-Ming has some good words for him.

  58. thebigticket0021@aim.com

    ya really, who do the yankee fans think they are booing that kid, he’s just a double A prospect, show some respect for him he played great

  59. gregb123

    Fatherpuck — Yep, the balls had the All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game logo on the side. I’ll post pics tomorrow. And yeah, it was nice hanging out with all you guys today. Did you put me on your season-ticket resale list yet?

    I think I might just show up at Yankee Stadium tomorrow before the gates open, just to absorb the baseball fever, and if someone is selling a really cheap ticket I might be willing to head inside.

  60. baseballunis

    Hey, I’m a huge Mets fan and I go to many games a year. And i want to get one of those commemorative ball sooo bad. Do you have any tips on where to sit and what to do. Thanks -V

  61. .

    Zack –

    My girlfriend PJ and I were at the Mets game tonight and just so happened to see the foul ball Ramon Castro elegantly tipped to you behind home plate, with a 2-2 count in the 8th. I guess what I’m trying to say is, “nice catch?” haha. Too bad we didn’t run into each other at all tonight. Would’ve been chill…

    – Donnie

  62. deleted


    The Giants are using Shea Stadium balls.
    I saw a guy that got one on waveland, and the ball had a stamp on it. It was a Shea commemorative ball! I really wish I went to that series…. I hope I can get one in New York when I go, then I won’t feel so bad about missing one this weekend.

  63. tracycollinsbecky@yahoo.com

    Baseballunis- i have a comm.ball from shea this year.want to trade for it, ?how much

  64. mlballhawk

    What if everyone that reads this MLBlog showed up at Shea or Yankee Stadium one day wearing this ………..

  65. thomasb.

    If someone bought the shirt for me Major League Ballhawk, I would wear it to a game. That would be very interesting if everyone who reads this blog shows up at a game wearing that shirt.

  66. mlballhawk

    I have one of each of mine and one of the Baseball Collectors shirts coming. I am working on a trip out to NYC for early Sept. for my step-son to go to Shea, Yankee Stadium and Philly. We will have Baseball Collector shirts on for a laugh ;-) Finally we might meet Zack!

  67. gregb123

    Puck —
    I got the third Futures Game ball in like the fifth inning. It was rightfielder Gerardo Parra’s warmup ball, and I was standing in the main aisle in RF. He threw it into the thicket of people that surrounded me, and I was tallest.
    I got my two softballs during the game. The first one was because of my Kenny Mayne shirt: a friend of Kenny’s was sitting behind the duguot, in the same section I snuck into for the softball game. He saw me wearing the shirt and said he would trade me a softball for the shirt. I agreed, and he signalled to Kenny’s ESPN assistant on the field, who tossed a Kenny Mayne-signed softball to the friend. He handed it over to me. Later, Wade Boggs recorded the final out of an inning on a little popup to third. On his way over to the dugout, he tossed me the ball. It was really roughed up, so I gave it away.

    Here’s some pics of the softball:

  68. dhbball

    Greg: thats pretty cool but what you went shirtless the rest of the game? Thats cool how they have the logos even on the softballs.

  69. puckcollector@optonline.net

    oh, now i can faintly make out the logo. at least it was from Paulie (o’niel)

  70. tracycollinsbecky@yahoo.com

    hiMLBhawk -That all star game was in comiskey?you been back lately,cubs red sox world series,your two teams/cities.see you for sox fri at Ana.I got All star mccanns hr ESPN hr Count on sunday was cool,im #22.

  71. 08isovernow

    Once again, can someone please interpret the last post of”tracycollinsbecky”?

  72. PSU532@yahoo.com

    Zack sighting on ESPN at the home run derby about 5 mins ago, at 8:30 PM EST. He was about 30-40 feet away from a home run. I’m sure he’ll get many more chances!

  73. andy1004800@aol.com

    I just saw you Zack it looks like u were close to catching a HR hit by Josh Hamilton.

  74. thomasb.

    I just saw you!! Josh Hamilton’s 8th home run. You shook your head in disagreement or something. Hamilton is KILLING these baseballs.

  75. thomasb.

    Saw you again with Hamilton’s 26th home run. Did I just say 26th HOME RUN. That is RIDICULOUS. and he is STILL going.

  76. PSU532@yahoo.com

    Hamilton was UNREAL! Zack looks pissed because he just missed a few homers!

  77. thomasb.

    Well, unless Zack can jump about 50 feet in the air, no one in the first few rows are getting to Hamilton’s BOMBS!!!!!

  78. 08isovernow

    They just showed a close-up of Zack on Morneau’s home run in the second round, he had 7 outs at the time. Really close-up.

  79. thomasb.

    100th comment woo hoo
    Hamilton put up a good fight, but not enough for Morneau.
    Zack, ouch, shut out in the HR derby (with what we see)
    I saw you a total of 3 times, a close up of your face once when morneau hit one of his 2nd round home runs.

  80. meikd423

    i just got back from the homerun derby and i caught justin morneaus 4th or might have been 5th homerun in the first round. it bounced off the loge facade in straight away right field. i was on tv, my friend saw me (i was wearing a white shirt and a blue royals hat) but if anyone else on here tivo’d it or recorded it, can you e-mail me at goislanders4@aol.com and try to send it to me in any way (through the mail, e-mail, etc.)

  81. dhbball

    Saw Zack like 10 times, how about Hamiltons what?40 bombs, but he still didn’t win it that sucks. Zack I think I saw you get a ball thought too.

  82. 08isovernow

    They are showing the HR Derby again at 5 pm on Wednesday, so if nobody recorded it, you can record it then.

  83. csparks@zoominternet.net

    Goislanders- Were you in the upper deck or lower deck? I dont think his 4th or 5th bounced off anything.

  84. meikd423

    there was a tunnel in straight away right field on the field level and i was camped out there. im not even sure if it was his 4th or 5th homerun. when you’re there, the score isn’t as easy to follow as it is on tv. i just know that it was somewhere in that range of homeruns. it was all such a blur. i’ve never caught a homerun before and to have it come at the homerun derby was amazing

  85. meikd423

    if you enlarge the first picture up at the top of this entry, you can see a tunnel inbetween the w.b mason sign and the other black and red sign. i was standing there and the ball smacked off the facade of the loge right where it is covered by that long row of orange signs

  86. csparks@zoominternet.net

    Okay, I understand that. Congrats on the snag. If I find it I will record it and post it(It will be pretty low quality, it was a vcr)

  87. csparks@zoominternet.net

    I found it, It was his first homer. I couldn’t pick you out individually but my TV isnt that big. Congrats again!

  88. meikd423

    oh, it was his first!? wow. i caught the first homerun of the guy who would end up winning the derby. thank you sooooooooooo much for the congrats and posting it (if you can). and yeah, it kinda would be hard to point me out cause im short and it was kinda crowded. but did it zoom in on the spot where it landed? cause my friend sent me a picture from his tv and it looks pretty zoomed in.

  89. meikd423

    oh and just for everyone, or zack, or whatever…. i saw people standing in the front row of the blacked out batters eye in center field and one of the people ended up reaching below the wall to make a nice catch. it was weird cause i’d never seen anyone on there before. i didnt know they were allowed

  90. csparks@zoominternet.net

    I cant post it tonight because I don’t know where my camera is, Just saying that so you dont stay up all night thinking I will post it

  91. Jake

    Zack I saw the shirt 18 times. Looked like you came close to a few, hopefully you got one..

  92. mike.los@lhsc.on.ca


    Tough crowd at Yankee Stadium last night? You must have felt like Rodney Dangerfield in the bleachers, surrounded by a sea of diehard Yankee fans. Getting shutout is never easy but if there’s any consolation — there’s always next year…

  93. gjk2212

    wow..derby was a mob. me and trevor each got one. i saw you many times zack, pretty awesome. hamilton put on a clinic. i saw you during bp..but ill let you share the snagging details. also met al leiter sitting the next box over..pretty cool. my next game=?????

  94. puckcollector@optonline.net

    what is it with snaggers on this blog cathcing morneaus first HR?

  95. jberg08@gmail.com

    Even though I’m a diehard Twins/Morneau fan I have to say that they need to change the rules a little bit. Hammilton put on a show. The only thing wrong that ESPN did was they were talking about hammilton the whole night and were always calling him the formmer drug addict. I saw you on TV, Zack.

  96. santanaf


    Like everyone else, I saw you all over the place on TV. Especially on the closeup of the guy RIGHT behind you that ended up with one of the HRs, tough luck on that one.

    I could really see the frustration/determination in your eyes.

    How about the two dudes who decided to run out on the black for one of Hamilton’s HRs? They were quickly horse collared by the police in the area.


  97. meikd423

    was your ball at batting practice? cause if it was than congratulations, thats a tough thing. i got slapped and punched and had the ball pressed up against my face (yeah….) by about 3 different hands and when it dropped, people were starting a mod to get it. my hat got knocked off and i almost fell on the field. catching one IN the derby was soooooooo much easier cause no one is really going for it on the floor.

  98. zackhample

    Thanks for all the comments. Thanks for watching. I had some really close calls during the Derby but came up empty. It was a fun but extremely frustrating night. As for batting practice before the Derby…I’ll be blogging about that in the next day or two. Right now, I’m going to get started on writing about the Futures Game and my trip to Shea later that night (Sunday).

  99. buschstadiumballcollector

    hey did any body else see the guy get grabbed by the neck in the black seats i saw zack like 10 or 11 times mostly during josh hamilton i think if hamilton could have put the ball just to like right center a couple of them would have gone out just my own opinion

  100. charlie@baseballstuff.mlblogs.com

    I saw that guys get grabbed, and the person next to him got grabbed also. I guess those guys were running onto the batters eye to get that ball, and thought they could get away with it….Idiots….

  101. meikd423

    thanks so much. i just finished uploading it to youtube and since the derby is going to be replayed, i got this thing that allows me to record tv onto a disc and upload it to a computer so i can get high quality but this is great. thanks again

  102. meikd423

    sorry, i just took it off youtube because i was just sent a high quality video so im gonna post that but thanks again. i have it saved on my computer.

  103. pabslovesrox@coloradorockies.net

    I saw a close up of you twice, but I was in awe by Josh Hamilton. That performence was amazing.

  104. muddly17

    Zack, sorry to hear you got shutout. I did see you on tv a couple of times though. I might be going to the ASG next year in St. Louis so, I was wondering can anybody tell me how much do some of the commemorative balls cost? Also, on the topic of St. Louis, can anyone (possibly Darron in STL) tell me where the umpires exit the field at after games at Busch Stadium?

  105. gammonsisgod


    I love your blog! It is very interesting that you have decided to travel the country in such a manner. All the power 2 ya man! Keep it up! Next time your at Fenway, drink a beer 4 me at Cask ‘n Flagon!

    P.S. I noticed that you did not include umpires in your list. Not many people really notice the men in blue, but I think it would be a great addition as I am an umpire. Thanks a lot.

  106. csparks@zoominternet.net

    Anyone else see that guy get hit by longoria’s GR double? That was halarious!

  107. gregb123

    Wow, talk about an exciting All-Star Game. I just hope they don’t pull that “tie” crap again.

  108. jberg08@gmail.com

    Ya I saw that csparks. The guy was like ready to catch it, then he backed off and got hit in the thigh it looked like.

  109. zackhample

    I don’t have time to respond to every single comment, so I’m mainly just gonna answer people’s questions…


    Two softballs…that’s damn impressive.

    Every tip I could possibly tell you is right here on the blog. Just look through my old entries, and you should get a pretty good idea of what you need to be doing to snag.

    Cool. Those balls are really getting around. :-)

    Keep me posted on your travel plans.

    That drinking game mention is hilarious.

    Why did you start that nasty rumor that I got shut out? There WAS batting practice, after all.

    You’re the man. As for those people on the batter’s eye…they weren’t fans. They were officials of some sort.

    Thanks for counting. Cool.

    I wasn’t shutout during BP, so I don’t feel THAT bad.

    I didn’t get shut out! I heard gold balls were selling for $50. Not sure about the umps in St. Louis.

    Thanks! I have a list of umps on my laptop, but I haven’t yet put it on my site. Perhaps someday. I have a LOT of respect for umps…believe me.

    That was classic.

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