Gustavo Watch, Part 16

I know I said I’d blog about my seat location for the Home Run Derby, and I will…tomorrow…but first I have to give an update about North America’s No. 1 ball thief.

you_are_jinxed.jpgYou all remember the sad story of Gustavo Chacin, right? On 8/1/06 at Yankee Stadium, he knocked a ball out of my glove while I was using the glove trick–sound familiar?–so I put the Hample Jinx on him and he began to suffer one misfortune after another. First he pitched badly. Then he got hurt. Then he was arrested for DUI. Then he got sent to the minors.

The the update is that he has spent the entire 2008 season pitching for Class A Advanced Dunedin in the Florida State League. HA!!!

But wait, it gets better. Ready for his stats? In 11 starts, he’s 1-7 with a 7.88 ERA. He has allowed more than 14 hits per nine innings. His WHIP is nearly 2.00 and he has surrendered more than one home run per start.

You Don’t Mess With the Zohan. And you don’t mess with the Hample.


  1. .

    I’m curious to find out if the people you put the Hample Jinx on actually know that they are Hample Jinxed? This Gustavo Chacin is horrendous right now according to the stats that you listed and the fact that he is pitching in the Florida State league from being in the Majors just two years prior makes it even more enjoyable. Plus, he’s not that smart for driving under the influence either haha.

    – Donnie


    Zack –

    Can’t wait to here where you are for the derby. I noticed yesterday that there were a few tickets for the bleachers in 53 available on

    I check about 6 times an hour hoping that some All Star Game tickets pop at the last minute.

    Good Luck during the All-Star festivities

    I talked to you for about 30 seconds the night you caught the Bonds ball. It seems you were a little caught up in the moment but it was cool as hell that you caught that thing!


    Game Used Bats, Balls & Autographs at

  3. Graham

    Once he gets demoted from the Florida State League, my work softball team could use him as a pitcher. On second thought, 1-7 record, he sucks bad. You would have to remove the jinx before we would take him.


    Zack, what time do you plan on arriving at Yankee Stadium on Sunday for the Futures Game/Celebrity Softball thing? The gates open at 10:30 AM and the futures game commences at 12:30 AM.


    I’m guessing you’re in right field, or I hope. I’m guessing you’ll catch 3 balls, with more experience at homerun derbys since last year, and Yankee Stadium is also one of your best stadiums. Do they take BP before the home run derby?

  6. gjk2212

    charlie-yeah, technically its workout day so all the all stars apparently take bp. gates open at 430, im soo excited.

    zack-i SHOULD


    zack got to the futers game last year a 1/2 hr b4 the gates opened, so cuz its NYC i’ll try to get there at 9:45

  8. mitchmedeirosrocket

    Hi,I read the post about shag with zack eavesdropper padreleigh ,could be majorleagueballhawk in anaheim he charges 149$

  9. zackhample

    I doubt they know they’re jinxed. Clearly Gustavo doesn’t know or else he would’ve begged me to undo it.

    Stay tuned. I’ll be posting about my seat location within 24 hours, guaranteed. I actually received my ticket today, and it looks nice. Section 53 in the bleachers is in left field, about 500 feet from home plate. Not ideal. Caught up in the moment? Me?! :-)

    He would have to give me a ball and apologize before I remove the jinx.

    I’ll probably leave my place at like 9am, which would put me at the stadium around 9:30 to 9:45. Probably more like 9:45.

    You think I’ll get three balls *during* the Derby itself? Doubtful. I’ll be happy just to get three during batting practice. Anyway, I’ll reveal my location soon.

    Cool. We might be seeing lots of each other this weekend.

    I’m not going WHERE on Sunday? I’ll be at the Futures Game until about 3pm at the latest, and then I’ll be going home briefly before heading back out to Shea for the Mets-Rockies game.



    I meant 3 total, if they take BP, which I guess they do.


    when did you say your goint to all star sunday? god dam you and all the competition!!

  12. thomasb.

    hopefully sun won’t be a factor in this home run derby. I remember last year’s derby and you were looking directly at the sun. Did you select your ticket based on how Yankee stadium is pretty short in right field?

  13. padreleigh

    mitchmedeirosrocket ….

    The girl that got the homer against the Marlins was my friend Kathleen. That was her first ball ever. Too bad I wasn’t there. I would have rather had the Hanley Ramirez homer that Headley threw up. She said he probably would have thrown it to me if I was there. Dang….


  14. padreleigh


    The Don’t mess with Zohan movie sucked. Don’t ever reference it again. Adam Sandler owes me $25.50.



    I just book my trip to NY. I will be attending 4 games. August 2 and 3 at Yankee and 7th and 8th at Shea.

  16. zackhample


    I hadn’t mentioned that?

    Nah, the sun won’t be an issue at 8pm. Maybe it’ll affect me a bit during BP, but anyway, I plan to get balls tossed to me then…so even if the sun is in my face, it won’t be too big of a problem. Right field…yes, that’s clearly the place to be.

    Right field bleachers.

    My bad. I actually haven’t seen it. Thanks for the warning. You just SAVED me twenty-five bucks.

    I definitely won’t be at Yankee Stadium on August 2nd or 3rd, but I might be at Shea on August 8th. Glad to hear you’re coming to NYC.

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