Holiday softball

Got to play a little softball this past weekend (an hour north of NYC), although the field wasn’t in great shape when everyone arrived…


After a group groundskeeping effort…


…we all took a little batting practice. Here I am, about to unload:


The following pic must’ve been taken after a different swing (because the little kid in the yellow shirt has magically disappeared), but it’s still a pretty follow-through, and I feel the need to share it:


I got to field a few balls at shortstop. Here I am running in for a pop-up:


During the game, I went 4-for-5 with a double, a triple, and two bombs that were ruled “singles” after clearing the short fence in left field. Here’s the pitch that I intentionally hit down the right field line…toward the 11-year-old girl wearing pink who was afraid of the ball…for the triple:

zack_about_to_swing.jpgWhat! You think that’s mean? It was just payback. Whenever she was at bat for the other team, we gave her 19 strikes, and when she finally tapped the ball into fair territory, we all allowed her to get on base and eventually score. So? If she was going to be an automatic run every time she came up, she was going to have to field a ball that I hit. (Or at least dodge it.) 

Anyway, I gotta give props to the pitcher for backing up the plate as I cruised into third base. Excellent fundamentals:


I’d also like to point out my own solid fundies. Here I am playing shortstop, pointing up to help my left fielder spot a fly ball against the overcast sky:


…and that’s pretty much it.

Fun weekend. Lots of Scrabble. Not that much baseball. Good company. Good food.

Next game I attend? Probably on Tuesday at Yankee Stadium–and of course it’s only seven days ’til I’ll be at the Home Run Derby. I’ll post an entry about that later this week…


  1. deleted

    Ha, if I’m ever playing any kind of ball (wiffle, soft, base, whatever) with a short fence, I always get them to let me count the homers if I can hit them left handed. What they don’t know is that I’m a switch hitter :)

    Looks like you had fun. Did your team win?

    I thought you were going to go to a couple games this past weekend to try to get a “welcome back veterans” ball.

  2. thet206kid

    I played in a softball league and had more fun with that than little league, babe ruth or high school,,Good luck at Yankee Stadium Tuesday, I will be at Shea on tuesday,, thats pretty rare that both are home the same day

  3. .

    I like the fact that you have a photographer there to photograph your actions as wherever I’m at, I am the one taking the pictures and not showing my face. Because of the delay of major league games, this entry gave me an idea I had earlier in the season regarding my softball team. If you have time, it’ll be a short entry that you can read after tonight. Thanks Zack.

    – Donnie


    Sounds fun. Just went to the Rockies-Marlins game yesterday, ended up with one ball (that I gave to a kid who HAD a glove and DIDN’T get one yet.) Also got one autograph from Kensing Marlins RP. Rockies lost, Hurdle made some dumb moves, but it was my first afternoon game in almost 2 years. Might be going to BP fro a AAA game next week (afternoon game, monday! might be less than 1,000 people!)


    Zack, did you see the great catch by a fan at the rockies game on saturday I think. I saw it on sports center and they put it as the number 1 play of the day.

  6. gregb123

    cubsbaseball – Those balls were not used this entire weekend. MLB flaked on that.

  7. meikd423

    justin upton hit a homerun DURING the game into the fridays restaurant yesterday. it was on the top ten on sportscenter. and yeah, i think greg barasch said it but a-rods homerun that tied him on the all-time list with mickey mantle was hit EXACTLY where u sit and caught shelly duncans homerun. damn

  8. Jake

    Uptons HR went 484 ft! I caught one up there from Tony Clark during BP when they played the Cubs last year in the NLCS, almost in the exact same spot.

  9. 08isovernow

    I left a comment on Chris’s blog. I told him I own 2 pairs of Chipper’s batting gloves, which I do, and they have CJ10 stitched into them. Also, he is sponsored by Mizuno and there is no way Chipper would be caught not wearing Mizuno gloves. You guessed it, my post got deleted. I guess it is easy to tell people lies when there is no way to call him on it. What a moron.

  10. 08isovernow

    Here is something even funnier, there have been a few people that have commented on his YouTube videos. I don’t think it is any coincidence that every one of them is from Canada.


    woo finally people who hate Chris Los as much as I do.
    I wouldnt mind this kid is he wasnt much of an *** clown, he used to lurk on Zacks blog months ago and when he found out I live in Toronto he tried to become my friend by constantly adding me on msn with different accounts until I finally lost it and told him to **** off.
    As for this kids stories dont believe any of them. I’ve seen this clown in person and he is so un-cooridinated, once a ball was over thrown by a player it hit a seat behind him got launced straight up in the air to him and he tries to catch this little toss in the air and drops it, so there is no way he would catch balls hit on the fly.

    As for Zack, looked like fun playing softball during the holidays, and good luck in the derby even though it might get dangerous with all the scruffles with yankee fans

  12. gjk2212

    ill be at shea tomorrow too..who else? greg? metsfan2001, i guess well meet..i have red hair lol

    tomorow is the anniversary of my 1st ever ball, so im hoping for a big day.

  13. meikd423

    i kinda feel bad for chris. even though it annoys me how much he tries to be like zack, hes not doing anything wrong yet everyone is telling him that they’ll kick his *** if they see him, etc. even if he does lie like a bitch, i still feel bad that people flat out want to kill him because of it

  14. gregb123

    njmetfan – Yeah, I’ll be there. I’ll hold a spot at the front of the line for you.

  15. dhbball

    Back from Cincinnati, tough few days but not as bad as I thought.

    Thursday: no bp but managed to get 3 first one from Nats hitting coach Lenny Harris, second one from All Star Christian Guzman, and third from Reds Bill Bray

    Friday: no bp and a rain delay 2 balls first one from Charlie Manning, second from Reds Gary Majewski

    Saturday: finally BP 5 balls, from Nats: ronnie belliard, rookie rodger bernadina(I called out his name and he got this crazy look came over gave me the ball and got his auto),third from Lenny Harris again he just tossed it to me because I had a glove, and my last from Francisco “COCO” Cordero.

  16. dhbball

    By the way I will be in D.C on Thursday at Nats vs D’Backs anyone else gonna be there.

  17. zackhample

    Can you please *stop* with the Chris Los comments? I appreciate your support, but this negativity is not helping at all.

    You do realize there’s no prize, right? :-)

    Did I forget to mention that my team won? Shame on me. The score was something like 14-8.

    Yup, very rare. I’m hoping EVERYone will go to Shea tomorrow and I’ll be the only person at Yankee (except for the players, coaches, umpires, vendors, etc.).

    Most of my best moments have gone un-photographed, but every now and then I get lucky and hang out with someone who actually knows how to use a camera.

    You wouldn’t believe how many Hurdle-bashers I encountered in Denver last month. Or then again…perhaps you would.

    Which catch are you talking about? The Matt Treanor home run? Which day was that?

    That was a frightening blast by Upton. Lawdy-Mama. A-Rod’s homer actually fell a few rows short of the aisle and skipped right past the spot where I normally sit, so it would’ve been pretty tough to snag it, at least on a fly. But yeah: Damn.

    I’m not surprised to hear that Tony Clark put one up there. That guy is a beast.

    I have to say, I *am* a bit concerned for my safety.

    Happy anniversary. I hope all you guys manage to stay out of each other’s way.

    Congrats. Sounds like a pretty good snagging experience overall (minus the rain).

  18. dhbball

    Only put four balls on the last day I caught a Jay Bruce homer in bp on the moon deck too, it was pretty cool to get one from him,since he is new and a big star in Cincy whenever he does anything you hear Bruuuuce.

    I’m done now!

  19. gjk2212

    greg-wow, thanks soooooooooooo much. i have a job now at a camp that runs til 320 or 330 every day…by the time i get there from north nj, id be stuck in the back. ill be with my brother, we look alike but hes not that interested in snagging..thats really helpful i appreciate it so much. see ya there.

  20. karent

    I’m new here so I don’t know who this Chris guy is and why everyone hates hem. I don’t even know how the topic of hem came up. Whatever right. Looks like Zack had fun that weekend. I remember when I went to Six Flags with my family in the pouring rain. I love that day most of all because it was just us. I think thats all that mattered. See you’ll at Shea, I’ll be on the Loge like always. LETS GO METS

  21. gregb123

    njmetfan – I should mention that if it rains tomorrow or lookslike it might rain, I’m not going to Shea. But otherwise I should be first on line and I’ll save your spot.

  22. meikd423

    holy crap! i just noticed this but in the pic of the lady throwing the pitch to you, water is flying off of the ball as it spins


    I just got back from Yellowstone. It was cool, but I didn’t see any bears. I really wanted too.
    That softball game sounded fun. Too bad there was a rainy field.

  24. padreleigh

    Hi Zack….

    Heard something pretty cool in line to get into PETCO yesterday. This college age guy and his chick were walking up right behind me in line talking. This is what I heard. Girl: “I don’t see how he can guarantee you’ll get a ball.” Guy: “No, he can. He gets a ball every game. He got like 31 balls in a game once.” Girl:”Are you serious?” Guy:”Yeah, he got like six during bp, then some more by the dugout…”. His totals were wrong of course, but he had to be talking about you and “Watch with Zack”. I can’t think of anyone else it could be. If you read on here you had a blue shirt on. Your girlfriend was FINE as hell and she had on an OLE MISS t shirt. Were you talking about Zack? Like I said, it was kind of weird and random, but it’s cool that they were talking about you.


    PS. Hanley Ramirez BOMBS in BP and the Marlins threw up a lot of balls. I, of course, didn’t get any, but all the kids did. Very good team for balls.


    You saw some Hurdle-Haters? AT the stadium? I’m guessing it was during BP in left-field, because that’s where all the smart fans are. I’m stuck with the dumb fair-weather fans who have no idea about baseball. I’m glad there’s SOME fans that realize Hurdle has no idea how to manage (example: last night, left Buchholz in after he was very frustrated at his teammates for their errors. Not good when the pitcher is frustrated. Hurdle waited ’til the 3-run homer for a pitching change.)
    at least is an available domain name…

  26. zackhample

    I was really hoping Bruce would throw me a ball, but no…not one from him in the six Reds games I attended last month. Hmph!

    Whatever indeed. The day at Six Flags sounds fun. Is it safe to be on those rides when it’s wet? Couldn’t you slip out? Anyway…looks like I’ll be seeing you on Sunday.

    Are you sure that’s not just the tree trunk in the background?

    I’m seriously cursed. Whenever I have a chance to play baseball or softball, it rains. Always. I don’t know what’s up with that.

    That’s awesome. Thanks for letting me know.

    Good call about the smart fans being in left field.

  27. meikd423

    yeah, you’re right, it is the tree trunk. thats weird cause from a distance, the shape looks water like, and it looks like there are a few water droplets around the ball but when i looked at it closer, i could tell it was just a curvy tree and the little droplets around the ball were just holes in between the leaves in the background.


    hi zack padreleigh come up to left field ,you will get a hanley ramirez ball,I found a polo ball at the delmar horse park .google image one looks like horses bite it and kick it around.Get a ball from every sport .got lacrosse Zack


    that would be cool if Zack went to the Phillies game tonight and wore his waldo shirt because it is on ESPN


    1 week til im at the ASG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  31. dhbball

    I stood out there the whole time they had BP since I didn’t get a chance to see him the two days before and made sure I got one and I actually read it perfectly and got it on the fly, one of my best even compared to my real games

    Zack, where did you see the Reds play at, Yankee, Shea?


    It was a foul ball down the first base line and a fan in the upper deck reached down and caught it.

  33. .

    Zack –

    September 15 – 19 (Monday – Thursday) at Nationals Park, New York Mets vs. Washington Nationals. If you were looking to head to any game or perhaps the entire series of this week, is it cool if I join you? I mean, besides emailing you, I don’t know any other way to propose this question. I’m not looking to be a Watch With Zack client. I’m just looking to join you on this trip and get my first look at Nationals Park before the season is over. If you’re down, or anyone over the age of 19 is down, hit me up. Thanks…

    – Donnie

  34. dhbball

    How do you start an mlblog can someone help me figure it out I want to see ehat it is like.

  35. gregb123

    Shea Stadium was fun tonight. (I never thought I?d say that.) I snagged ten balls (my fourth double-digit game this season). All the balls the Mets provided me were commemorative (Shea balls and ASG balls). I saw Brendan in the Picnic Area, and njmetfan was there as well. How many did you guys end up with? Brendan, did you end up getting that ball in the gap or did that kid slip in and get it? Oh, and thanks again for pointing out that ball in the corner of that triangle to me. Without you I wouldn’t have reached double digits.

  36. dhbball

    Hey, Zack thanks for the feedback you are very helpful once again, I will put your link on there next time and I am working on uploading the pixs thanks again.


  37. thet206kid

    I was bummed,, yesterday at shea I was shut out on balls, but I did get autos from Barry Zito and Billy Wagner so I cant complain and it was a good win for the mets

  38. aefeq


    Good to see you last night. 10 balls!! Great job!

    I could not fish that one out of the weeds. Glad you got to that other one in the corner. It was just a tough night for me. The picnic area was pretty dead.

    I only got the one via the glove trick (thanks Zack). I would not say the night was a disaster because anytime you get at least one, it is a good thing, especially if it’s and All Star Ball. Never take it for granted that you will get one.

    Down to Washington on Friday for me! I’m psyched!


  39. zackhample


    Please…no. I can only deal with one sport.

    Very nice.

    No Phillies for me this week.

    I hope you get an All-Star ball.

    I saw the Reds in Philly and Miami.

    I’m sorry to say that I won’t be attending any of those games. I generally try to avoid seeing the Mets on the road.

    Damn you. And damn Yankee Stadium.

    Bummer, but those ARE some cool autos.

    You’re welcome. Sorry you didn’t have a better night, though.

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