7/2/08 at Yankee Stadium

The bad news is that I suffered an unfortunate cell phone incident toward the end of batting practice (don’t ask–all I can say is that Yankee Stadium is cursed) and rushed home soon after. The good news is that I didn’t get shut out, and in a way that’s big news because I’d ended the previous game with exactly 3,499 lifetime balls.

Before we continue, here’s a mini-history lesson:

My 500th ball was thrown by Cardinals catcher Terry McGriff at Shea Stadium on June 27, 1994.
My 1,000th ball was thrown by Braves pitcher Pedro Borbon Jr. at Shea on June 11, 1996.
My 1,500th ball was thrown by Twins pitcher Hector Carrasco at the Metrodome on September 24, 1999.
My 2,000th ball was thrown by Phillies pitcher Joe Roa at Olympic Stadium on May 24, 2003.
My 2,500th ball was a foul ball hit by Mets utility man Marlon Anderson during a game at Shea on June 7, 2005.
My 3,000th ball was retrieved with my glove trick at Yankee Stadium on May 7, 2007.


I was hoping to find a ball lying in the seats when I ran up to the upper deck, but no, I had to settle for yelling at LaTroy Hawkins instead. His first throw fell considerably short and landed in the seats below. Thankfully, he tried again and launched a beautiful commemorative ball right to me. No competition. No problem. Ball No. 3,500 was a done deal:


Before long, a dozen other fans had made their way down to the front row, including three lovely young ladies who quickly got a ball tossed to them by Alberto Gonzalez.

I didn’t mind the competition for two reasons. First of all, it enhanced my view…


…and secondly, two other players tossed balls over the ladies and into my waiting glove.

After I caught the second overthrow, some random guy protested and practically demanded that I give them the ball–and I might have if not for the fact that a) it was another commemorative ball, and b) none of the ladies were wearing gloves. To me, this indicated that they didn’t really care about snagging baseballs, and sure enough, halfway through batting practice, they left the seats, returned five minutes later with Dippin’ Dots, pulled out their cell phones, and started texting.

That’s when I caught my fourth ball of the day–a standard ball that was thrown by a Rangers player that I couldn’t identify. The ladies started complaining, and the random guy continued his pathetic protest. (Dude, next time, just be direct and ask for their numbers and leave me out of it.) I responded by telling them all that I only give balls to kids with gloves. Then I walked over to a young fan who fit that description and asked him if he’d gotten a ball yet. He said no, and I told him that if he didn’t get a ball by the end of BP, I would give him the ball that I’d just snagged. (Funny how neither the ladies nor the random guy said a word to me after that.)

Well guess what…
The kid’s father, who was sitting about a dozen rows back, ended up snagging the ONE home run ball that landed in the upper deck. Can you believe that? One lousy home run in 80 minutes of batting practice?! What a ripoff. But anyway, I was happy for the kid, and since he had a ball coming to him, I picked out a different kid and handed HIM the ball instead.

Here I am with the three balls I kept, all of which were commemorative:


Here are two more pics from batting practice. The first shows a fan (unsuccessfully) using a cup trick…


…and the second shows what happens when there are too many annoying fans crammed into one section:


The player who was shagging in right field got tired of hearing everyone asking for balls and wrote his answer on the warning track. I’d never seen that done before…

…and that’s pretty much it. I’m about to head off for a long weekend at the lake with my family. My next game will probably be on Tuesday the 8th. Possibly in Philly. Possibly at Yankee. Possibly at Shea. Possibly nowhere if the weather sucks. I don’t know, but I can tell you this: you’re going to be playing another round of “Where’s Waldo” on July 14th. Stay tuned…


? 4 balls at this game

? 226 balls in 31 games this season = 7.3 balls per game.

? 527 consecutive games with at least one ball

? 116 consecutive games at Yankee Stadium with at least one ball

? 3,503 total balls


  1. boblheader

    First off I got your email, thanks for the compliments. It was a fun page to do. It’s amazing how you put your best work into a page when it’s something that you are passionate about, not to mention respect. If you want to post that pdf on the blog or your website feel free, just let me know so I can check it out.

    As for the current state of affairs …. congrats on 3,500, and in the upper desk of yankee stadium no less!

    I haven’t checked the comments from the stinky ball post since Thursday morning, so you might have already answered this question but, What do you think about the kid that has his own snagging blog and videos on youtube? In my opinion, immitation is the fondest form of flattery right? Plus, you always say that you want to see kids out with gloves trying to snag balls.

    I went to a minor league (Rookie League) game tonight. I forgot my radio so it was much more difficult to know when or if anything was coming, but I did get two balls. Utahsteeler’s brother was there as well and he got three. NOT TOO SHABBY FOR THE BLACK HOLE OF BASEBALL THAT IS UTAH.

    Anyway, have fun at the lake. Look forward to reading your next post.

    Your friend, Phill in Utah.

  2. padreleigh


    Congrats on ball #3500. Looks like you definitely had a good view in the upper deck. I appreciate the pic. Who was your photographer at the game? Take care….


  3. snagfan


    That is a HUGE milestone…#3500..My hats off to you my man….I had Octavio Dotel tell me ‘NO’ when I asked him for a ball in Spanish last month. Then he came up to me 5 minutes later and said that if I gave him a bottle of water then the next ball he got would be mine. Luckily for me I always bring (2) sealed bottles of Aquafina into the stadium . I simply reached into my backpack handed it to him. He asked if it was cold and if it was sealed. He checked to see that it was not drank from and still sealed. The next ball hit to him he flipped it to me and the fans around me clapped….Pretty cool….
    Mike in Detroit…

  4. puckcollector@optonline.net

    pjmorgan: i heard something about utah having a four day workweek to save energy. is that true?

  5. meikd423

    you got THREE commemoratives????? i could go there every yankee game for the rest of the year and never get one. that picture with you holding the 3 of them up almost made me cry. but i loved the other one of the view

  6. xholdourownx@gmail.com

    Congrats on 3500 and it being a commemorative ball. I love the picture of the player who wrote no in the dirt.

  7. utahsteeler

    Zack…congrats on 3,500! Thank you also for Yankee girls and not 7′ 4″ man pics again, lol. PUCK-the four day work week is for Utah State employees. It’s a one year project to see how it cuts back on energy consumption. I know the State road has been doing it for awhile. I would gladly work that schedule to have 3 days off! Phill-My brother said he had a good time chasing foul balls with you. He gave one away to a little girl. Everyone have a safe and fun July 4th!!

  8. PSU532@yahoo.com

    Zack and everybody else. Happy 4th of July! I knew you’d score tickets to the home run derby! I’m still trying to pull a few strings, but so far, no luck…..

  9. csparks@zoominternet.net

    Way to ruin it LOL. I didn’t think of that! Anyways, congrats on three comeratives. Snagging four in the upper deck is pretty good if you ask me.

  10. joltinjoe9@hotmail.com

    Hey Zack,
    I have a question about your rules of snagging. I just used the glove trick to snag a ball at Safeco Field that landed in the gap 3 feet left of the foul pole in left field. Another guy came in with his cup trick to try to get the ball, but I beat him in a 15 second fight for the ball. If you were in this situation, would you count this as a game ball? I didn’t use assistance of anybody else and I was the first person to touch the ball after it left the bat of Yuniesky Betancourt. Thank you so much for your input!

  11. .

    Zack –

    I know you keep a record of all the baseballs you have received in the past years from players/coaches, but do you keep track of the amount of money you spend on baseball games, airfare, hotel, etc. as well? If so, what is the grand total?

    – Donnie

  12. gate6reader@aol.com

    Zach – my daughter and I spoke with you before the game just after you bought your ticket. You asked me if I had ever posted before and I said I was a long time reader, but never a poster. This was my daughter?s first time at Yankee Stadium and as a result of meeting you and your karma; we got a ball using your glove trick. If you look at the picture you posted of the guy using the cup trick, I am the guy to his left in the light blue shirt and my daughter is to my right in the pink Yankee hat. You asked us if we brought our gloves and as you can see, we both did.

    Just before you took that photo, I tried using the glove trick on that ball, but in my haste of setting it up, I didn?t put in the block of wood very securely into my glove (I use a 6 inch piece of 1×1 wood instead of a Sharpie because my glove is old and Sharpies kept slipping out). With my glove on the string, I had moved the ball closer to me and the wall, but unfortunately the piece of wood fell out onto the warning track after I tried to get the ball in the glove. I was fuming. I didn?t have a spare piece of wood – I had forgotten them at home. I didn?t have anything else to hold my glove open. I was kicking myself for being so close to getting a ball and using the glove trick but not setting it up properly. I also knew that I wouldn?t be able to use the glove trick for the rest of batting practice because I had nothing to prop my glove open with. Then the Zack karma came into play. The player from the Rangers who was shagging in right field came over to the guy using the cup trick and actually shoved the ball up into the cup for him. As he did so, I politely asked him to hand me back my piece of wood, which thankfully he did. I was back in business! About 5 minutes later, another ball rolled directly below us and with the block of wood securely in place, I dropped the glove on the ball and in 2 seconds I had reeled in a commemorative ball in pristine condition. About 10 seconds later, an on-field security guard told me I wasn?t allowed to use the glove trick any more. But so what??we had a commemorative ball that had been hit just once! No other balls were hit near us or tossed near us for the rest of BP. During the game, A-Rod?s home run went up the tunnel, just out of reach from our seats. When we got home, we got to see ourselves on Sportscenter reaching for A-Rod?s home run ball.

    So to recap the game:

    – 2 Tickets: $110.00
    – Food & drinks: $32.00
    – Stuffed pink Yankee monkey: $20.00
    – Parking: $17.00 (what a rip-off!)
    – Meeting Zack, successfully using Zack?s glove trick, snagging a brand new commemorative ball and being with my daughter while watching the Yankees win 18-7 at her first trip to Yankee Stadium and then seeing ourselves on Sportscenter??priceless.

    – Gate 6 Reader

  13. karent

    First of all, who gets up 3 in the morning. Back to you Zack, glad you got ball #3500. It didn’t seem like you had much fun at that game because this letter is short. Relax and have fun at the lake with your family. See you at Shea man, hopefully.

  14. eve12ett

    Haha those girls look nice ;)
    but anyways I did a little math and guestimation, and I am going to say you get your 4,256th ball on May 12, 2011

  15. meikd423

    yeah chris los wouldve had 5 cause he wouldve snagged 3 and then had 2 already…………..i hope he has two already

  16. nm_rockhound@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on your 3500 ball Zack. I just know that there will be a spot for you in the Hall of Fame someday.

  17. yankees42294

    im goin to this sundays yankees game, if i go early enough to see BP where do i have a better chance to get a ball in the upper deck or in the right field section with a cup trick

  18. kvrpmmh@aol.com

    New Chris Los video released! And it’s even better than the first! (“Snegger” hahahahahaha)

  19. 07nlchamps

    Hey Zack, I caught Treanor’s 3-run jack in the top of the first tonight, but it didn’t have the Veterans logo on it:(

  20. kingdomeee

    That Chris Los video is ridiculous! haha especially his little smile at the end.

  21. padreleigh


    Did you catch any Padres homers the last series? They actually hit a couple this year.


    Is Chris Los your cousin? Ha ha.


  22. .

    This Chris Los character is amazing. Thank you whoever it was that started this Chris Los Revolution. <333333333333. hahaha. um, Zack! enjoy yourself at the lake. I hope to see you July 9 at Shea!(?)

    – Donnie

  23. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Zack, i went to YS Friday, and following your recent success went to the upper deck. well god damn you. i didnt get a thing only the Yanks took BP, and no one threw any balls up. plus TWO balls landed where i would have been standing down below, and there were 2 PERFECT opportunities for the glove trick (assuming i would be allowed to use it.)

    2 questions though, if you get shut out at the Derby, will your streak be over? and where are the seats? the best spot for the derby is probably the handicapped section in front of the right field bleachers. oh, and they made me put a sticker on my string bag, i guess to say that it was Okay, and when i asked guest relations they agreed that it was a stupid rule cuz on the website, it says you can bring in SMALL bags, but gives no actual sizes, so small is open to interpritation. they also said i was lucky to be allowed in with it. and ill post this again, but cuz im goin to the ASG, if you can, could you email father puck and just say like what security was like, or post a quick comment here before you post your entry? r u going to FanFest?

  24. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Oh and im goin to Wilkes Barre Scranton to see the Yankees AAA team tonight

  25. puckcollector@optonline.net

    OMG the Chris Los video was HILARIOUS! the ball looked older than him. the kid is probably his bro. then hes like ” Hey i just thought of a really coll idea! ill give one ball away to a fellow snagger!” well i dont think that there are that many true snaggers at minor league games.

  26. 07nlchamps

    Leigh- No, Headley hit one 2 rows up, that was it, I think Robert caught one in that series, though, but can’t remember who it was.

  27. gregb123

    I’m back from Baltimore. I went to the Thursday and Friday games against the Royals and Rangers, respectively, and I snagged 14 balls total (that’s a lot less than I was hoping for, but still alright). By the way (if anyone was wondering), yesterday the balls in use were not commemorative for that “Welcome Back Veterans” crap. Here’s what they were supposed to look like, but I guess MLB didn’t actually follow through on that front: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3004/2605891894_3ea4fafde2_o.jpg

  28. csparks@zoominternet.net

    I was wondering, so far I havent seen any pictures of them in use.

  29. Pigpen147@comcast.net

    in the Chris Los video the little kid (his bro) he gave the baseball to had a script to follow. He screwed it up BIG time!!! lol. I would not even mind this kid if he gave Zack some credit for ZACK’S ideas that he stole and/or uses. I mean come on… “The Chris Hex”? yeah, wonder how he came up with that idea..

  30. Pigpen147@comcast.net

    I would not even mind this Chris Los kid if he gave Zack some CREDIT. I mean some of the stuff he does with the whole “sacrifice your body” thing are paraphrased right out of Zack’s first book. Zack just recently started giving baseballs to fans…. So what does this Chris do?? Starts doing the same thing..

  31. puckcollector@optonline.net

    The Scranton-Wilkes-Barre Yankees and the Syracuse Chiefs was the marquee match up and fireworks show after the game that my dad had bough tickets to on Monday but he decided to pick them up at will call on game day. At 11 am we found out that gates open at 6 (only an hour before game time) and so does will call (ugh!!) We got to PNC Field at 4, and ate at Champions, which overlooked the field, but is totally enclosed, so you can?t snag any balls. The Yanks were already taking BP, and when the Jays started taking at 5, I knew there would be no one on the field at 6. My dad said I was drooling staring out the window helplessly watching BP, and a random lady walking in the seats collecting balls (sigh.) At around 5:30 I saw a ball roll into the stands, and made a mental note of that before I left to get in line. When I walked to the gates, everyone was just kind of standing around, and the people that were in line waited at this one turnstile, that employees were talking, even though there were like 8 empty turnstiles. I chose an empty one and my dad went to wait on line for will call. And as it turned put will call was open!!! Thank you incompetent SWB Yankees employees!! George is training them. The gates finally opened at 6, and no one was on the field. I went to where I thought I had seen the ball land before, and it was gone. After that I headed to left field. Just past the Yankees dugout on the 3rd base side, I stepped into the first row, and sitting right next to a tractor were 2 balls! The wall was a bit high, so I had to balance myself on the railing, but as famous ball-snagging guru Chris Los would say ?Sometimes you have to sacrifice your body for a ball!? The first one was really old, but there were the remnants of some commemorative logo on it. When I picked up the second ball (which had an okay logo on it) I realized what was being celebrated. Apparently the international league is celebrating its 125th anniversary, so they had special balls for it!! My dad and I started talking with an usher, and he said he saw me run all the way around the stadium, and we just got into a general conversation with him. Then I left to look in the upper deck for balls, and the ushers told me to go to my seats 45 minutes before the game. I felt like I was in the Bronx, not Scranton. After that, my sister and I moved into the first row behind the Chiefs dugout, and even though I had my Blue Jays cap on, we didn?t get a single ball before game time. In the first, my dad called and said that the foul ball that had been hit into the upper deck behind us would have been mine if I was up there. Well, as I was looking for the section that I actually had a ticket to, SS Danny Sandoval fielded an Alberto Gonzalez grounder, and made a wild throw. I was still distracted by the foul ball thing, and I didn?t even have my glove on, when I turned around, and Chiefs first baseman Chip Cannon was flipping the ball to my sister and me. I reached up and made the bare handed snag for my 3rd ball of the day. Then in the bottom of the first, Jason Lane struck out to end the inning and catcher Erik Kratz flipped me a PRISTINE ball after the strikeout that ended the inning. Then in either the second or the 3rd (Yes, I know I should have written it down) a batter (I should have written his name down too) fouled off a pitch into the Chief?s dugout, and I reached way to me left and grabbed the ball as it rolled off the dugout. I had already been planning to give the next ball to the kids on my left, and sure enough as I was putting the ball into the kids glove, people realized I had gotten another, and started complaining, but stopped when the kid thanked me for the ball I had just give him. And the next inning his brother got one too. In the middle of the 4th, the people who actually had out seats came (who comes to a baseball game in the 4th!?) and even though they only need two seats (we were sitting in the other two of theirs) and said we could stay the usher said ?I don?t want them here anyway!? Nice. I wandered for the next 3 innings and then I asked the usher that my dad and I had been talking with earlier if we (my sister and I) could sit in the 4 empty seats on the far left side of the Yankees dugout, and he said come back in the 7th or 8th (even though it was already the 7th) but I didn?t argue cuz I didn?t want to ruin my chances. So in the 8th he let me in!! I didn?t get anything in the 8th or 9th however. When the game ended, a father and son went into our seats as I was moving to the right end of the Yanks dugout, and as I turned to tell my sister to stay and guard out seats, I missed a ball that was rolled over the dugout, but my sister scooped it up, so it wasn?t that bad. I asked home-plate ump, Jason Kline for a ball, and he said he didn?t have one, but reached into his pocket and flipped me my 6th and final ball of the day. The fireworks show after was really good, and my dad wanted to get on the road, so we didn?t take any pics after the game.

    Zack you now have a reason to see an international league game, and ill email you a pics of the ball later today.

    1,031 words

  32. Pigpen147@comcast.net


    My first post did not show up right away so I made another and now there is two there.

    I have come to two conclusions. Chris is NOT Zack and will never be Zack…

    Once I watched his video again, it was kinda funny…

  33. gregb123

    Puck – Sounds like you had fun. I actually got one of those International League commemorative balls by accident at Spring Training this March. A police officer flipped it to me outside the park, like three hours before game-time. Obviously I didn’t count it, but it was cool. And you’re right, the logo is a very nice one.

    Zack – What are your plans for this week? Shea? Philly? Send me an e-mail if you get a chance.

  34. puckcollector@optonline.net

    yeah i did have fun, but it would have been great if the gates opened at 5 or even 5:30

  35. gjk2212

    omg chris los is funny…hes ridiculously copying you. i mean to be honest, i could care less, but its just funny. look at one of his recent comment responses on his blog, and tell me it doesnt sound like zack.

    Yes, I am posting videos of me snagging here on my Mlblog’s and on YouTube to show others on how I snag. It helps alot! My dream is to catch a Alex Rodriguez homerun baseball. I am going to get my shot to catch one in August and I will let you know how I do. I have outfield seats and in the area where A-Rod hits most of his homeruns. Thanks Jimmy for posting a comment on my Mlblog. I have been working on writing a snagging book for the last couple of months now and I am still writing more to it.

    wow. he says hes coming to the asg and hr derby, so maybe we can see what hes really made of away from toronto. he told someone he couldnt tell you what minor league park he was at because he didnt want 30 people there next game and “outsnegging” him.

    anyway, my 4th of july update from philly. absolute bp mob, shouldve known with the mets there. anyway, i avoided the shutout by using my cup to get one from that short, small gap under the lf foul pole. i got hit hard in the nose by a so taguchi bp homer in left. it was coming right to me, when this kid reaches back with no chance of catching it and it barely nicks the end of his glove, deflecting into my face. trevor got a ball from an usher that landed foul before the rest of the stadium opened, and another from dave racaniello. so i was outsnagged by him. ugh.

    ill be at shea tuesday-anyone else?

  36. puckcollector@optonline.net

    if i see him im gonna purposly prevent him from getting a ball

  37. .


    His blog crew is getting mad at us for “bashing” him and his snegging foul balls at minor league games, BUT it’s also making Zack look bad because of it being on his blog. So, to keep our boy Zack out of this, emails only from now on! haha.

  38. puckcollector@optonline.net

    I just emailed Chris Los and asked him if he had ever heard of Zack. im intrested on what his response will be. also can anyone comment on his blog? it says i dont have permission. probably cuz people were bashing him for being a copycat. the more i read his stuff the more i want to punch him in the face.

  39. .



    I didn’t try to comment, but I read something in his blog that said he was going to ban all the negative people and comments that are left on his blog.

    Honestly, I understand he has a hobby but when you duplicate someone (almost) EXACTLY, it pisses people off. I’m not down with that, but that’s just my opinion…


  40. bcimons19@yahoo.com

    i just posted this on chris’s blog, with a different account.

    Chris: there are a ton of people who follow you and Zack Hampleboth, but Zack has been doing it since before you were born, and i think that you wouldnt have any “haters” if you just acknoledge that zack had the ideas for most of this stuff first, and if anyone is willing to be open minded enough to read both blogs, and websites, and look back through the archives, and youtube Zack Hample, and watch the videos from when he was on National TV, you will see that Zack created this stuff. im not saying that Chris is a bad person, or that he should stop snagging, because no one can tell him what to do, but please just be opened minded to Zack, and Chris. and if you cant do that, then you have no right to tell Zacks followers to stop “hatin” because you havent read both sides of the snagging story.

    Zack, ACTUALLY WROTE A BOOK THAT GOT PUBLISHED on how to snag balls heres the linkhttp://www.amazon.com/How-Snag-Major-League-Baseballs/dp/0689823312/ref=pd_bbs_sr_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1215386786&sr=8-2: and Chris its okay to want to be like someone,because zack is a really cool guy, and im sure you are to but at least give them some credit. you and him share the same goal to catch an arod hr, and the Chris Hex is exactly like his Hample Jinx shown here:http://snaggingbaseballs.mlblogs.com/archives/2005/05/the_hample_jinx.html although the baseball collector is universal, the url to his blog is snaggingbaseballs, and that is the same url to your website and his blog came first.

  41. puckcollector@optonline.net

    that last comment was from puck. and donnie i totally agree with you

  42. puckcollector@optonline.net


  43. puckcollector@optonline.net

    PLEASE send him a friendy email to stop him, or at least to credit you

  44. puckcollector@optonline.net

    well theres one thing that he hasnt copied from zack, being immiture and banning bad comments. unlike him, zack answers negative comments

  45. Pigpen147@comcast.net


    You hit it right on the spot. I couldnt agree with you more. I just want him (C. Los) to acknowledge Zack and his ideas.. It was a very good post!

  46. puckcollector@optonline.net

    he deleted my comment, and like reported my other account, so now i cant log onto it. baby

  47. chrislos

    Zack’s passion is collecting baseballs and so is mine. I think he is great at what he does. Also, he is a inspiration for anyone wanting to be a serious baseball collector.

    I post positive comments only on blogs and I wish Zack all the best.

    We are all on the same page. Both of us are baseball snaggers.


  48. chrislos

    Last Comment!

    How come I do not get credit.

    When I call myself a baseball collector. That means I collect everything. Not just baseballs. I collect programs, ticket stubs and bats.

    This is over!

    I wish Zack all of the best and he is doing a great job!


  49. meikd423

    didnt u say u didnt know who zack was? its not over cause what u said doesnt even cover why anyone on here said they…………… dont want to love u…….(?) if thats not putting hate in a dicky way

  50. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Thank you chris (if that was Chris Los) but please tell your comments to stop hatin on us (Ryan A hint hint)

  51. meikd423

    puckcollector, this ryan A guy commented on chris’ little page and called u punkcollector………….

  52. puckcollector@optonline.net

    oh and no one aid you dont deserve credit, but if you use Zacks ideas, names etc. i think that the ideas and names, not the balls because it was you that snagged them, should also be accredited to him or at least mentioned that you know of him and his ideas

    and pigpen thank you.

  53. puckcollector@optonline.net

    well ryan a, you just ragged on a 14 year old so YOU need to get a life

  54. puckcollector@optonline.net

    and i didnt say i would, a said i wanted to. there is a difference

  55. Ryan A

    LOL, good one!
    You think I knew you were 14? man, now i feel all bad.

    The point is this…..if anyone needs to say anything, let the Zach gent say something.

    But, then again, I remember what it was like when I was 14, so yall aren’t going to listen to an old **** like me….

    If I’d a known kid, I wouldn’t have said anything, just sticking up for Chris (who, as far as the love of the game, reminds me of me when I was his age)

    lol, my bad!!!

    Ryan A

  56. puckcollector@optonline.net

    Ryan thank you and i rspect you aplogizing. if you read the long comment that i posted here, and on chris’s blog (but he deleted it) you will see that im not trying to hate on chris, but just get zack the credit that he deserves

  57. gregb123

    A-Rod hit one tonight to the spot where you caught the Shelley Duncan homer last month. Bummer. You’ll catch the next one though.

  58. puckcollector@optonline.net

    well chris just posted a new entry that siad he got chipper JOnes’s batting glove. well i went to the braves photo gallery of Chipper, and he is not wearing a Franklin batting glove, like the one he “gave” chris in any of the pics.

    just sayin

  59. nycautographcollector

    chipper jones is sponsered by mizuno…i work at the sports authority and his picture is all over mizuno’s stuff…

  60. zackhample

    I just got back to NYC. I had very limited internet access while I was gone, and on top of that the computer I was using was rather sucky and kept losing the connection every minute or two. Because there are so many comments (and yes, I have read them all), I’m only going to answer the ones in which people asked questions. Hope that’s okay…although in regards to the whole “Chris Los” thing, I will say that:

    1) He’s definitely heard of me because I’ve responded to all 34 of his emails since June 5, 2007.

    2) That said, I’m glad I’ve been able to help/inspire him.

    3) THAT said, I wish he would’ve chosen names for his blog/site that weren’t so similar to mine.

    4) If you don’t like what he’s doing, then don’t read/view it. But it’s probably best not to leave him negative comments. (If you DO like what he’s doing, then by all means keep checking it out.)

    5) I appreciate the support from all my regular readers/commenters. You guys rocks.

    6) I prefer not to see negative comments on my (or anyone else’s) blog, but I also understand that everyone can’t be happy about everything all the time, and that sometimes we all need to vent.

    7) I hope we can all put this behind us and just move on.


    Hopefully everything I said above answered your question.

    The photographer wishes to be known simply as “anonymous.” Chris Los is not related to me. Har har.

    If that happened DURING the game, then yeah, I’d totally count it as a game ball. I once used my glove trick to snag a ground-rule double that David Justice hit during a game at SkyDome, and I counted it as a gamer.

    Nope, I don’t keep track of money spent, although I toyed around with a related stat a few years ago:


    I definitely won’t be at any game on July 9th, unfortunately.

    I have no idea.

    Sorry I didn’t have a chance to comment sooner. Where’d you go, and how did it go?

    If I don’t get a ball at the Derby, then yes, my streak will be over. I’ll post an entry soon about my seat location. I’m not planning to attend FanFest. Expect security at the All-Star Game to be insane. Have you ever traveled to Israel? It’ll be stricter than that.

    I’ll email you…

    Thanks for your sensible comments here. You could’ve attacked everyone (and I wouldn’t have blamed you if you did), but instead you defused the situation.

    RYAN A-
    Thank you as well.

    EVERYONE (again)-
    I’m now gonna answer questions on my last few entries, so if you’re waiting for a response, give me a few minutes and check ’em out…

  61. puckcollector@optonline.net

    wow, no love for scranton zack? and i know you wanted to end it, but chris did lie to me

  62. puckcollector@optonline.net

    oh, and call my dad or email him if you want a ticket cuz i get to bring someone (maybe 2 people if my sister doesnt want to go) and id be happy to give you a ticket. and finally a response. i thought you might have drowned in the lake!! LOL

  63. zackhample

    Scranton. Yay. (Actually, I *did* get a kick out of that long comment you posted, but I have no intention of trying to snag ANY minor league balls whatsoever.) For a second I thought you were offering me a ticket to the All-Star Game, and I got all excited. I’m gonna pass on FanFest, but thanks very much for the offer. I went once last year in San Francisco, and it was good to experience ONCE, but beyond that it’s really not my thing.

  64. tommyd2107

    Hey Zack, do you happen to know when your going to be in Philly again or is it all spur of the moment type thing?

  65. puckcollector@optonline.net

    no. ive wasted like birthday presents through like 2013 for the ASG. And my dad says to be nicer, so i will say that the batting glove still could have been a major leagers, just maybe not Chippers.

  66. puckcollector@optonline.net

    and it would be very neasy to assume that cuz chipper threw the glove that it was his and i would prob make the same assumption

  67. joltinjoe9@hotmail.com

    Chris Los is so full of himself that he just sent me an email saying, ” blocked ya blocked ya blocked ya blocked ya blocked ya blocked ya”, after I left him a negative comment on youtube.

  68. yankees42294

    its alright about not commenting back sooner but anyways i went and got there with 10 min left of batting practice so i ran to the short right field porch and got nothing so yea it sucked

  69. yankees42294

    its alright about not commenting back sooner but anyways i went and got there with 10 min left of batting practice so i ran to the short right field porch and got nothing so yea it sucked

  70. canonmelky

    Also i dont know if its been noted but arod jeter and andy pettitte never looked so good ; ]

  71. legkick26

    Hey Zach
    Too bad you had to miss the game. The Yanks really laid it on em towards the end. I just got back from NYC and this game was my first at YS and I was obviously happy with the result.

    But we didnt know we were gonna head to the game until a few hours before it and we landed at LaGuardia and went right to YS, luggage and all. A friend in the ticket office tipped us off to the bowling alley you talked about in the previous entry, and let me say that I was less than pleased to leave my laptop there…. :/ Have you left a bag there before?
    But it all worked out and I had a great first time at The Cathedral.
    Congrats on #3500 and I hope you get this even though I think youve already done your responses.

  72. zackhample

    I have no Philly plans right now. There’s a chance I could plan something well in advance, but most likely I will just pick a date as a possibility and then wait to see what the weather is like that day before going. Also, with gas sooooo expensive, I’m less likely to drive down there as often.

    Don’t become TOO nice or I won’t believe it’s you.


    Sorry to hear that.


    Glad your first trip to Yankee Stadium turned out okay. I’ve never checked a bag in that bowling alley, although I *have* bowled there.

  73. jboogie

    I know you guys have moved on from this, but I wanted to share a Chris Los story. I was in Toronto for the Yankees series and I got to see this kid in “action.” When the gates opened the Jays were taking BP. He had on a Jays hat. A member of the Jays, not sure who, flipped a ball to a Yankee fan and I could hear him complaining to himself, saying “aw come on, he’s not even a Jays fan.” Sure enough, when the Yanks were taking BP, he switched to a Yankee cap a la Zack Hample, and was trying to pass himself off as a Yanks fan. I found it comical considering what he was grumbling about earlier. I didn’t see him “sneg” any balls, which is probably why he didn’t post about the game.

    Just thought I’d share.

  74. zackhample

    Wow. Nice story. Thanks for sharing…and sorry for answering you a year late.

    He was a young fan in Toronto who snagged baseballs at games and, to put it mildly, rubbed some people the wrong way. His blog was deleted by (I think) MLB. I have no idea about the videos. He seems to have disappeared.

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