6/20/08 at Coors Field

Does the name Danny Wood sound familiar? It should if you’ve read (and memorized) my last four blog entries, but just in case you’ve forgotten:

1) He’s a season ticket holder at Coors Field.
2) He snags a LOT of baseballs.
3) One of those balls was Barry Bonds’ 698th career home run.

Danny and I had never met until our mutual friend Dan Sauvageau (another bigtime ballhawk) introduced us outside Gate E four days earlier–and and on THIS day, I took a pre-Coors detour to visit his place and check out his baseball collection. Dan had been telling me I had to see it. I couldn’t imagine what the big deal was, but let me just say he was right:


The photo above doesn’t even BEGIN to capture the magnitude of his collection, so hopefully the following photos will. Here’s another shot of Danny’s collection:


Every ball in the double-case above was autographed by a Hall of Famer. We’re talking more than 150 balls, and most were signed on the sweet spot. It was truly awesome.

Now…keep in mind that Danny hasn’t caught all these balls himself or gotten them all signed in person. He’s bought lots of stuff on eBay, but still, it was the most incredible collection I’d ever seen.

There were several smaller cases of note. Here’s one that had a variety of All-Star and World Series balls:


Here’s one with Little League balls and various National League presidents:


One of his cases featured balls that were falling apart…


…and another had nothing but baseball boxes from various manufacturers:


Then there were individual balls that I’d never seen in person and, in some cases, didn’t even know existed. In the photo below, the top two balls are self-explanatory, and as for the bottom two…


…the ball on the left is from the Negro Leagues, and the ball on the right is an official American League ball from 1927 which oh-by-the-way just happened to be signed on the sweet spot by Babe Ruth.

Ever heard of “millennium balls”?


Neither had I.

Are you aware that baseballs used to be covered with horsehide until MLB switched over to cowhide in 1974? Yeah, Danny had balls to mark THAT occasion as well:
One cool thing about the balls from the early 1970s is that they were made by different companies:


American League balls were made by Reach, and National League balls were made by Spalding. (Reach was owned by Spalding, but it’s still cool.)

Rawlings didn’t start making balls for MLB until 1977…the year I was born…HEY!!!


Let’s not forget that Bonds homer–number six-ninety-eight:


Here’s a closer look at the sticker that an authenticator from MLB stuck on the ball…


…and here’s Danny’s unofficial certificate of authenticity on MLB.com:


There are dozens of other photographs I could share. I could literally write a different blog entry about his collection every day for a year and still have plenty of stuff left to talk about. It was THAT impressive. But I’ll just leave you with one other pic from Danny’s place.

I had heard that at Coors Field, fans received “Clean Catch” pins from the ushers whenever they caught a foul ball or home run on a fly during a game–but I hadn’t actually seen one. Naturally, Danny had about a dozen, and here it is:


What a great idea. Seriously…what an excellent way to encourage fans to bring their gloves and be participants. What a shame that neither team in my hometown has the brains/incentive to do this.

As if the tour of his collection weren’t enough, Danny took me out to lunch with his family (at the famous Blake Street Tavern) and we all walked over to the ballpark together.

I took a few photographs of the exterior…


…and posed with my two shirts once we reached the gate:


As you may already know, I own all 30 major league team caps; visiting teams love to spot their “fans” on the road and reward them with baseballs. In this case, since the Mets were the visiting team, I went one step further and brought a matching shirt–but I didn’t wear it during the game. That’s where the striped shirt came in. My plan (as I mentioned in an entry last week) was to dress like Waldo to make it easier for people to spot me on TV.

Gate E opened at 5pm, and I nearly got hit by a ball as I ran inside. From the concourse behind the left field bleachers, I saw one of the Rockies players looking up as if he were following the flight of a long home run. I paused for a second, expecting the ball to clang off the metal benches down below when all of a sudden, SMACK!!! The ball hit the concourse five feet to my left (about 425 feet from the plate according to Hit Tracker), bounced up and hit a metal support beam above the roof of a concession stand, and ricocheted back toward me. I was totally caught off guard. I wasn’t even wearing my glove…I was carrying it with my right hand, so I lunged forward and knocked the ball down with my left hand (almost like a basketball dribble) to prevent it from bouncing back into the bleachers, and I finally grabbed it.

Moments later, another home run landed near me, this time in the bleachers, and when I ran over and grabbed it off the concrete steps, an usher down below yelled, “Give it to the kid!”

I looked up, and there was indeed a kid nearby, but I
knew he didn’t need any charity. His name was Hunter. I’d signed a baseball for him the day before. He and his dad Don (aka “Rock Pile Ranter” if you read the comments) had front-row access for this game, and sure enough, they ended up snagging a bunch of balls…and you can read about it on Don’s blog.

The Rockies’ portion of BP was slow. I didn’t get any more balls from them. The highlight was seeing Danny trade gloves with Ubaldo Jimenez…


…and then use it to catch a home run ball. Unfortunately, it was a ball I easily could’ve caught, but I backed off (because the idea of robbing him on his own turf made me feel guilty) and let him have it, and he thanked me several times.

Anyway, it almost didn’t matter because I got SEVEN balls tossed to me during the Mets’ portion of BP. The first came from Scott Schoeneweis near center field. The second came from coach Guy Conti in left-center. The third came from Ramon Castro near the left field foul pedro_martinez_playing_catch.jpgline. The fourth came from Conti again…it was ridiculous…I didn’t even ask him for it…I was sitting just behind the wall in left-center, minding my own business and labeling the ball from Castro when Conti walked over and grabbed a ball off the warning track and flipped it up without looking at me. The fifth ball came from Marlon Anderson in straight-away left field. The sixth came from Pelfrey, also in left field, and the seventh came from Pedro Martinez in center. It was incredible. There was NO competition, and yet some of the fans behind me were grumbling. One guy (who I’m ashamed to admit was wearing a Mets jersey) shouted angrily, “How many balls do you need?!” and before I had a chance to walk over and respond, he snapped, “Go ahead, say something stupid.”

Too bad he was so rude. I’d been considering giving one of my baseballs to his son, but instead, when batting practice ended, I handed one to a different kid whose father had been minding his own business.

I made sure not to give away any of the three baseballs in the following photo:


As you can see, I got two commemorative balls. The one on the left was thrown by Castro, and it happened to be the 900th ball I’ve snagged outside of New York. The ball in the middle was thrown by Pelfrey, and it’s just cool. I love how worn out it is. The ball on the right (not commemorative but still cool) was thrown by Pedro.

Okay, so the seven balls that the Mets threw to me gave me nine for the day, and I managed to snag one more. Remember the aggressive fan who had shoved me while going for a ball three days earlier? Well, he was back in his usual spot, and I made a point of standing right behind him and shutting him down. Toward the end of BP, one of the Mets righties lifted a deep fly ball in our direction. I judged it perfectly and jumped as high as I could at the last second…and although I didn’t catch it cleanly, I successfully prevented this other guy from catching it. Our gloves made contact, and the ball plopped down into the aisle, and I snatched it before he knew what was happening. I’m proud to say that he did not snag ONE ball since The Shove.

Throughout the week, Danny had been telling me that he knew one of the guys who worked the manual, out-of-town scoreboard in right field (?!?!) and he kept offering to arrange a visit for me. This was the day that I finally took him up on it…so after BP ended, Danny made a phone call and sent me on my way. It was as simple as that. I exited the tunnel at the bottom of the left field pavilion, turned right, and walked through the “secret” concourse:


After walking for a couple minutes and not really knowing who or what to look for (and hoping that I wasn’t going to be arrested), a woman stuck her head out of one of the black doors on the right and called me over by name.


HER name is Beverly Coleman. She works for the Rockies in the “Business Operations” department. (You can find her on this list of Rockies front office employees.) Her husband is the guy that works the scoreboard.

Beverly led me down into a party area…


…and we headed toward an unmarked door…


…and climbed some steep/narrow steps…


…and before I knew it I was standing behind the scoreboard, witnessing an update in progress:


Then things calmed down a bit, and I met her husband, David Holt:


David gave me a quick tour and told me I was welcome to take as many photos as I wanted and share them on my blog.

This was my view of the field through one of the small holes in the wooden boards…


…and this was the view through one of the grated windows (which was damaged by a ball):


Did you notice the ball in the photo above? It’s tucked into a little nook in the wall on the upper right. Here’s a closeup:


I was in heaven:


David introduced me to a guy named Jim Park who was monitoring every game on a laptop:


Here’s a closer look at Jim’s work space:


At least once per minute, Jim shouted some sort of update–a score change, an inning change, or a pitching change–and David went to work:


He showed me how to make sure that the boards were facing the right way. Quite simply, the front (which faced the field) had big letters…


…and the back had small letters:


If the board was right-side-up in the back, that meant it was facing the proper way in the front. Easy…I had it…and David let me make some updates:


Seventeen years ago, I got to work the electronic portion of the scoreboard at Fenway Park for an inning during a game…but I did it from the press level high in the grandstand behind home plate…so this experience at Coors Field was a first. Unbelievable. I still can’t get over it.

…and it got better.

Beverly, being a front office employee, had received a 2007 National League Championship ring and gave me all the time I needed to photograph it. Note her last name (Coleman) on the side:


I actually didn’t have much more time. The game was about to begin, and although I probably could’ve stayed longer, I really wanted to get back to left field and unleash my Waldo Essence.

David removed one of the boards so I could reach out and take a few more photos before I left. Check this out. You can see the shadow of my hand and camera:


I made it back to the left field pavilion just before the first pitch, then pulled out my big glove and let Emily (Dan’s four-year-old daughter) try it on:


I didn’t bring the big glove to help me snag extra balls. I just brought it to help me stand out even more on TV.


I was so psyched to be sitting in the wide aisle in straight-away left field. Even though I didn’t have much room on my right…


I had a ton of space on my left:


In the top of the second inning, Carlos Beltran led off with a single and Carlos Delgado followed with a deep drive to my left. I jumped out of my seat, raced through the aisle, and watched helplessly as the ball sailed 15 feet over my head.

So much for that.

There were two other home runs in the game, both of which were hit in the first few innings and went to right field, so I had to find other forms of entertainment:


Final score: Mets 7, Rockies 2.



? 10 balls at this game

? 210 balls in 27 games this season = 7.8 balls per game.

? 83 lifetime games with 10 or more balls

? 28 lifetime games outside NYC with 10 or more balls

? 18 different stadiums with at least one game with 10 or more balls

? 523 consecutive games with at least one ball

? 126 consecutive games outside NYC with at least one ball

? 905 lifetime balls outside NYC

? 3,487 total balls


  1. mlblogger

    Nice entry. You should organize your collectioon like danny wood did. Robert harmon caught a homer on a fly on sat

  2. acsport79@yahoo.com

    I saw you on SNY on delgados HR, nice job with the scoreboard. I think you should bring a ball, throw it on the field and try to get a player to throw it back to you. GO METS


  3. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Hey Zack, I saw Danny today at the game, he came up to me and said good catch on a BP home run I caught by one of the tunnels. My jaw dropped as I scrolled through those pictures of his collection…all I can say is WOW. Awsome monster blog entry. I really enjoyed reading this one as I was there to see it live…Kids say hi…D

  4. braves04

    Zack, look at the date on the Cowhide National League ball. That was the game in Cincinnati where Hank Aaron tied Babe Ruth at 714 home runs.
    As far as foul balls at Turner Field, I see 3-4 go into sections 307-309 EVERY night on the club level. Some drop below into 105, where I’ll be sitting tomorrow.

  5. gregb123

    Is that a (paperback) copy of your book on the table in the first pic? If so, nice subliminal plug.

  6. gregb123

    Brendan (responding to your comment on the previous entry),
    Wow, that would be awesome! Thanks for offering! Just let me know whenever you have an extra and I’ll see if I can get down there. And yeah, see you at Shea.

  7. The Trader

    Hey Zack, when you went inside Danny’s house and saw all of those baseballs, did it give you a thought something along the lines of “Wow, that’s a lot of baseballs”?
    The Deal Watcher

  8. meikd423

    why did the bonds’ 698 have to be marked and authenticated? its not like it was special and needed to be authenticated on the spot. and were those millenium balls being used during games?

  9. mlblogger

    Hey zack does your 724th bonds home run have an authentic sitcker like the one on number 698?

  10. zackhample

    I’d love to have my collection on display, but I don’t have enough room, unless I want to turn my entire new apartment into a baseball shrine…which I don’t. My Bonds homer was never authenticated, unfortunately, but it really doesn’t matter because I don’t plan to sell it.

    What would be the point of throwing a ball onto the field and then getting it back? So I could count it in my stats?

    “Hi” back to the kids. Cool that Danny congratulated you. His collection really IS jaw-dropping.

    Wow, good call with the date of Aaron’s 714th!

    I was wondering if anyone would notice that, and yes, that IS my book. I didn’t put it there. Danny had two copies (one for Dan) sitting around, as well as a copy of my first book, and he had me sign them all. I was honored to contribute something to his collection.

    I don’t plan on going back for the specific purpose of seeing that guy, but yeah, I do plan to return. As for Danny’s collection, I wasn’t blown away by the number of baseballs he had, but I *was* impressed by the quality/importance of the balls and by the way he had them displayed.

    Excellent question about No. 698. I asked Danny the same thing, and he said that MLB was probably just practicing for No. 700. Makes sense, no? It’s just like fire drills in school. You do them when it doesn’t matter so that you’re prepared when it does. I’m not sure about millennium balls, but my guess is that they WERE used in games.

  11. .

    Zack –

    That collection is amazing. I’ll probably read this entry once every other week just because of the display your acquaintance, Danny puts on. You have a damn fine collection yourself Zack. When are you going to do something with yours? Cover your walls with rows of baseballs?! I don’t know…you’re a creative man. Holler atcha boi(?!)

    – Donnie

  12. dodgerduder

    WHAT an awesome collection! If you ever get time, you should definitely make a photo album for us to see more.

    And who in the organization gets rings? Just the players, management, and front office??


  13. dhbball

    Zack good last day and to top it off the Mets won, where you heading next? I’m taking a trip down to Princeton,WV home of the Tampa Bay Rays rookie league to see the #1 overall 2008 draft pick in action next week.

  14. deleted

    BP was interesting (mostly frustrating)

    The train to the stadium was as packed as I had ever seen it.
    The bleacher line was twice as long as I had ever seen it.
    But the bag check line had NO ONE in it…. I think anyone who would have been in it happened to see the daunting bleacher line and decided to go in a different entrance (thinking maybe it was all one line)
    Oh yeah, and it was raining… (lightly at least)

    So I go inside, and I am VERY shocked to see BP going on, and Cubs pitchers throwing. Shortly after I went in, Neal Cotts was finished throwing. The only people in the area were me and a kid about the age of 11 or 12. I was also very surprised when Neal threw it to ME. But he threw it about 5 feet over my head and it landed a few rows back. I decided to let the kid get it, because that would mean I would be the ONLY one by the wall. Well shortly after that ball was thrown, it started to rain harder, the cages were taken away, and the tarp put on. SO much for BP. All of the players went in. I was dumbstruck. I let an EASY ball go to someone else because I was SURE I would get another one.
    I have a new rule for myself. Do whatever it takes to get one ball, THEN be generous.

    And of course I had NO chance at getting a ball from a Sox player. As you may or may not know, ALL of the Sox organization, from the players to the coaches, have all ran their mouths about this series. One player made even made multiple obscene gestures to the bleachers. So of course I was shut out. Luckily, I’m used to it… and it was a good game. And I got an autograph from Peter Gammons after the game. So the NIGHT was fun, but not in a ball snagging sense.

    I expect to get at least a few this Tuesday against the Orioles. I already have my Orioles hat, and I will make the lineup card tomorrow. Maybe I can get 4 and bring my average up to 1 a game again…

    Reading about the Jimenez mitt reminded me of a comment I made a few entries back, but I don’t know if you saw it.
    At a Rockies/Cubs game this year, Manny Corpas used my mitt for about 5 minutes (I had my Rockies hat on). But then he gave the ball to a man in his 50’s in a WRIGLEY FIELD shirt with NO MITT. I was BEYOND frustrated… to say the least.

    As always, I loved the entry. One day I’ll hopefully put it to good use and get my average up to 2 a game. You said you were going to Wrigley this year? I think that if YOU go, I might gain some tips from that entry that would be able to help me greatly….

    Well anyway, this was a long post about 0 balls snagged, so I’d better end it here. Good luck at future games.

  15. puckcollector@optonline.net

    the pic with the baby is great. how did dan get the juminez glove, and does he have a job, or like win the lottery, cuz all that stuff has to be expensive

  16. snagfan


    Awesome blog entry. You definitely know how to maximize your baseball experience wherever you visit.
    I love the pic of the baby girl in the mascot glove. Keep up the great work.
    I’m off to the COPA to see my Tigers vs. the Cards and hopefully increase the yearly count.
    Mike in Detroit (SnagFan)

    BTW, what is the best way to get some books autographed by you..I have a crowd mgr at the COPA who I want to give a copy of your first book to…..

  17. mlblogger

    Zack, Are all those gloves on display at his house gloves he has collected or whats the signifigance of them?


  18. Kylie

    Wow. That is an amazing collection. Beautifully displayed, too. The pin idea is very clever.
    That’s so cool that you got to go into the scoreboard. And the championship ring is beautiful. That’s the first really good picture I’ve seen of one.
    That baby-in-the-glove is too cute.
    So do we know what those “millennium balls” are? Are they just the balls used in 2000 and 2001?
    Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  19. padreleigh


    That is a really cool clean catch pin. The Padres ushers give you a card that says something like “Padres home run club.” TC and I have one. I’ll try and put a pic of one on here. You put your name, date and the the player on it. It’s kind of cool, but not as cool as that pin.


  20. thomasb.

    I looked up your question on Google (God bless it) and the players vote on who gets a ring after the series and people in the front office do get rings, but they are different from the player’s rings. Hopefully that answered your question.

  21. Jake

    Hey Zack
    It was nice to see you in action again. I’m glad that we got to talk a little more than last time. I was surprised to see the cages up at Rosenblatt when I walked in on Friday. I got four balls in the most crowded BP I have ever been to. None of them had a CWS logo, I’m trying to get one from the umpires after the game but they just walk right by. These games are really exciting, great crowds.
    Coors Field has to be one of my favorite stadiums, if not my favorite. It is flat out beautiful. That collection is amazing. My next game will probably be against the Brewers.

  22. gjk2212

    so i decided to take some time off from baseball this weekend and hang out down the jersey shore..but i cant do that. a quick recap-saturday night went to blueclaws vs captains a-ball game. balls from matt brown, joel naughton, and a foul off roman penas bat. it landed outside, i got my hand stamped and picked it up and went back in, lol. went to the dugout after the game to try for an ump ball or final out ball. dustin realini gave me his bat. black lousville slugger. beautiful. slight crack in handle. sunday afternoon all i got was a ball from michael durant, and a free jimmy rollins bobblehead (ugh). i have a graduation tonight and plans tomorrow, so ill be at shea wednesday.


    remember awhile back when i said my dads new job had great yankee seats? HE GOT 4 OF THEM 6 ROWS BEHIND 3RD BASE DUGOUT FOR THE DERBY. i have so many questions since you went last year,or anyone?

    is there bp?
    is the softball game worth staying for?
    do the players that arent hitting interact with fans(autos) during the derby?

    im gonna have a million more lol

  23. PSU532@yahoo.com

    Zack, I have a friend out in Denver, and I was totally gonna go visit her and check out the Mets/Rockies series, but I ended up getting my dad Cards/Red Sox tix up in Boston for his Father’s Day present, because he’s a huge Cards fan. We had a blast at the game on Saturday. I somehow bare handed a line drive foul ball during BP. Of course I didn’t have my glove, but thankfully after I just bobbled the ball, it fell down right in front of me, so I scooped it up. It had the practice stamp on it.

    My dad has a good friend that is best friends with Cards reliever and journey man Ron Villone, so he came over to us and chatted with my dad and I for about 10 mins after BP ended. He was really cool.

    I hope those 2 hot chicks posing with the glove read your blog! They are a welcomed addition to this blog!

  24. pujolsisahero5

    hey zack the mets come here on the 30th – july 2 i think but anyway do you think that the mets will have some final season balls with them during bp

  25. Stuart Jon

    Hey Zack,

    Still living the dream I see!!! What a great collection you got invited to look at, maybe this guy wants my Jim Rice signed ball, I swear it’s this Red Sox signed ball that is jinxing me snagging my first ever ball (I will use any excuse I can find at the moment)!! Check out my blog!! No baseball snags yet but a few water balloons!!

    Another great collection of blogs and awesome photos, thank you!

    Stuart Jon

  26. meikd423

    im going to shea on wednesday too and might be going to the derby too. my mom was friends with bobby valentine and he gets free tickets so we’re getting them from him

  27. dhbball

    goislanders4- Thats pretty cool your mom knows bobby valentine I got to talk to him a few times when he was with the Mets he is a nice guy maybe if Jerry Manuel doesn’t work out we can get him back from Japan.

  28. pabslovesrox@coloradorockies.net

    Danny’s collection is truley amazing.
    I have one question. Did altitude make snagging harder or easier or did it not do anything? I was just wondering.

  29. zackhample

    I just got back from Shea Stadium, and I have some good stories, so be on the lookout for another entry from me within the next 18 hours or so…

    Someday…someday. I don’t know how I’ll display my baseballs, so I’m open to suggestions.

    Glad you like it. I’m not even sure how photo albums work under this new blog format. I haven’t created a new one since last year.

    Good idea to go see Mr. Price now while he’s young and still relatively unknown. I’m not sure where my next road trip will be.

    Wow, that *was* a long comment considering you got shut out, but it was still entertaining. Sorry things didn’t work out better for you, but man…you should’ve just gone for that first ball when you had a chance.

    Danny only used Jimenez’s glove for a few minutes. I’m not sure exactly what he does for a living. We didn’t talk about much besides baseball. He gave me his business card, but it’s still not clear. He’s the “general manager” for a company I’ve never heard of, and which has no clear description on the card.

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Let us all know how you did with the Cardinals. As for my book, you can order any number of copies directly from my family’s store (go to http://www.argosybooks.com) and I’ll sign them for you before they get mailed out. Call the store and just tell the person on the phone that you know me and to put the books aside for me to sign…and then email me with any specific requests for what you want me to write. Cool?

    I’m not sure. I forgot to ask. Duh.

    Thanks for reading…and for really understanding how great everything was. The day just kept getting better and better. I’m still not sure about the millennium balls, though.

    I’d love to see what that card looks like.

    Thanks for looking that up on Google.

    I’m glad we got to talk too…but what’s with Rosenblatt? You’re saying BP was more crowded there…for the College World Series…than any BP you’ve attended at a major league stadium?!

    First of all, it’s funny to hear a recap of a baseball game when I don’t know any of the players…but thanks for the details. It was still nice to hear about your experience. Secondly, if you happen to have an extra ticket for the Derby…I think I might be able to clear my schedule. :-)
    That’s really incredible about those tickets, and to answer your questions…yes, there’s BP, and it’s phenomenal. The softball game is beyond lame, although with those seats you’ll probably get some close-up looks at the celebs so you might want to stick around. I’m not sure how much the players interact with the fans.

    Nice gift for your dad. I hope my kids give me gifts like that someday (and not just on Father’s Day). Congrats on snaring that line drive, and VERY cool about the Villone connection.

    Yes, I would bet that the Mets will have some of those balls. In Denver, they weren’t hitting any in BP, but several of the pitchers WERE using them when they first came out to play catch…so you might want to focus on getting balls thrown to you.

    You’re welcome, and thank YOU for reading. I’d imagine that Danny would like to have a Jim Rice signed ball (if he doesn’t already have one), but I have no idea what he’d give you in return. You want me to ask? Maybe he could hook you up with a front row ticket if/when you’re ever in Denver.

    As I mentioned above: yes.

    Wow, another nice connection. I swear…you have one of the coolest moms of all time.

    I think the high altitude probably made it easier because the balls in BP traveled further (because there was less air resistance) so more home runs landed in the seats.

  30. Stuart Jon

    Hi Zack,

    Yes please could you ask him, thanks, you can pass my email address on if he is interested, it’s got all its authenticated markings and it is in a display box.

    I am collecting Yankee signed balls only, either single, double, triple or the Bronx bombers themselves, so I think this Red Sox ball would be better suited in a more rounded collection like his. Not sure when I would get to Denver, but how cool would it be if I could, at the moment circumstances are keeping me to the local area.

    Stuart Jon

  31. brewfan87

    That was a great entry, it was cool to see how they do the manual out of town scoreboard, looks like they would be exhausted after a night of changing all the scores for 3-4 hours. I have a question, and you may not know the answer, but hopefully someone does. I’m going to be going to the Metrodome this weekend, I think, and I can’t find their gate opening times anywhere on the twins website, do you know when they open, or know of someone who knows? Also, it says that you can’t bring in bottles, you think that includes water? If you don’t have time to find out that’s fine, just thought I would ask. Thanks much.

  32. gjk2212

    haha zack i doubt it but if anything changes ill definitely let you know..its me my dad and my 2 brothers going and i absolutely cant wait. ill have dugout access at yankee stadium which is huge.

    pujols is a hero-the mets pitchers from what ive seen this year have their own ball bag. when they throw, they take balls from there..guy conti usually grabs a bunch while theyre stretching. anyway, most of the balls in that bag are commemorative..3 of my 4 shea comemmorative balls have come from pitchers when they finish throwing (scott schoeneweis, oliver perez, pedro martinez) the other was somehow from guillermo mota? at shea but not sure why or how during bp.

  33. padreleigh

    Does anyone have any snagging tips for the Twins? There in town for the next three days. What guys usually throw balls up to fans, who hits bombs in BP, etc. Any help would be appreciated.


  34. meikd423

    yeah i thought it would be good to get bobby v back but hes treated like a king in japan and he says he has no plans of returning

  35. puckcollector@optonline.net

    benrouse, i’m going to the Netrodome in AUgust, and also couldnt find gate opening times. my advice is to call the front office. the number should be easy to find on the site.

  36. dhbball

    goislanders- I saw that zen of bobby valentine on ESPN and he is royalty over there and he really wants to build the game over there so good for him

  37. pujolsisahero5

    thats what i usally do anyway then head to the dugout to try to get them tossed

  38. dhbball

    benrouse- when I was there last summer the gates opened 2 hours ans15 minutes early for bp that was last year so it should be the same.

    Leigh- Mauer, Mourneau, Kubel hit big HR’s to right, and Monroe,Cuddyer,Young all hit HR’s to left field

  39. zackhample

    Okay, I have to email him later tonight anyway, so I’ll ask him then.

    Those scoreboard operators have to work for at least five hours on a typical night because they begin as soon as the gates open. Speaking of gates, I have no idea about the Metrodome, but my advice to you would be to just show up about three and a half hours early, ask about the gates when you arrive, and use the extra time to wander and take pics. That’s what I’d do, anyway. Not sure about bottled water, but most stadiums will let you bring in SEALED plastic bottles.

    Oh well, it was worth a try. I’ll look for you on TV.

    I haven’t seen the Twins enough to give you any advice.

  40. pjoy1940@hotmail.com


  41. zackhample

    He’s not the last pitcher to throw a perfect game, but yeah, it’s still worth some money. Can’t tell you how much, though. I’m not an expert on that stuff.

  42. afirmin

    Absolutely fantastic post! You have an incredible collection and some great stories. I have put your story on our Facebook page, I am the Founder & CEO of Sqrall.com a social media community for collectors, and have been talking to some of the collectors on there about your site, so expect a jump in your stats ;)
    All the best with your collection!
    Take care
    Alan Firmin
    Founder & CEO

  43. rick

    Question since your an expert on shaggging, have a a national league ball signed by satchel paige,ed crowly bill dickey,vern benson, luis melandez,ray blades,jesseheine? two other sigs, can’t make them out, commish was charles feeney, any idea what this is worth, hae daughter going to pa school soon. thanks rocket

  44. Zack Hample

    Snagging baseballs and collecting autographs are different. I don’t collect/sell autographs, so I’m sorry to say that I have no idea what your ball is worth.

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