5/28/08 at Citizens Bank Park

greg_zack_parking_lot1.jpgI went to this game with my friend Greg.

Greg Who?

Greg Barasch…a college freshman, Shea Stadium regular, and successful baseball-snagger. (He leaves comments on this blog as “gregorybarasch” and you might remember him from previous entries such as this and this and this.) In fact, he’s such a good snagger that I normally avoid Shea whenever he tells me he’s gonna be there. I was nervous about going to Citizens Bank Park with him because I figured we’d end up getting in each other’s way, but we made it work.

playing_deep_in_left_field.jpgFor most of the first hour of batting practice (when all the fans were confined to the left field seats), I positioned myself deep in straight-away left and Greg played shallow in left-center. Our unrealistic goal for the day was not to let any other fans catch a single ball. Our more realistic goal was to combine for 20 balls, and based on how things started, we were well on our way.

I used my glove trick to snag my first ball off the warning track near the foul pole–this wasn’t easy as I had to lean way out and balance on the double-railing over the flower bed–and 30 seconds later I got another ball tossed to me by the Phillies’ strength and conditioning coach.

My third ball was a home run that barely reached the first row and got bobbled by a group of gloveless fans. Then, when the mighty Pat Burrell started taking his cuts, I moved back about a dozen rows and quickly caught one of his bombs on a fly. I was glad to have four balls but frustrated I didn’t have seven. Not only did I misjudge one home run that should’ve been an easy catch, but there were two others that were coming right to me, and at the last second, other fans reached up and caught them RIGHT in front of my glove.

Greg had already snagged a few balls at this point, and I’ll let him share the details in a comment. As for me? I got my fifth ball tossed by Phillies bullpen coach Ramon Henderson in left-center.

As soon as the Rockies took the field, Manny Corpas thwarted my glove trick attempt by grabbing the ball before I had a chance to snag it. Five minutes later, as my glove was once again dangling over the left field wall, I was afraid Brian Fuentes was going to interfere as well, but instead he flipped the ball to me. Moments after I’d recoiled the string and tucked it into the palm of my glove, I caught a home run on a fly that required me to lunge to my left above a mini-cluster of fans who didn’t even see it coming.

weird_marking.jpgThe rest of the stadium opened at 5:35pm, and I headed to the right field seats. I saw several balls lying in the bullpen, and I got two of them tossed to me by a groundskeeper-type-dude. I gave the first to a little girl with a glove and kept the second because of the unusual marking. Any theories about what might’ve caused this curved black streak?

greg_cup_trick.jpgGreg made his way out to right field and used his cup trick to pluck a ball from the bullpen as several fans and employees stood next to him and watched.

I headed into foul territory along the right field foul line and got my 10th ball of the day tossed by some guy on the Rockies named Josh Newman–and I wouldn’t have gotten it if not for my cheat-sheet. Actually, it was Greg’s sheet…sort of. He made one for himself and was nice enough to print a second copy for me. Newman was cheat_sheet_josh_newman.jpgwearing a warm-up jacket over his jersey, so I couldn’t see his number. I correctly assumed that he was a pitcher, and since he was left-handed, I was able to narrow down the possibilities of who it might’ve been. I knew what Jeff Francis looked like. This wasn’t Francis. I knew Fuentes as well…nope. Was it Jorge De La Rosa? No way. It almost HAD to be Newman, and when I looked at his face pic, I felt confident in yelling his name. Sure enough, he tossed me a ball moments later.

Toward the end of BP, I caught a homer on a fly and grabbed another ball that landed in a small patch of empty seats.

I didn’t bother going to the Rockies’ dugout at the end of BP. I knew Greg would be there, and I was having too much fun chasing home runs, but nothing else came my way.

I caught up with Greg behind the dugout at around 6:40pm. Was it hard to get down there? No. Did security hassle me and ask to see my ticket? No. Did my being there cause any problems? No. And just to give you an idea of how pleasant the vibe can be inside a major league stadium…at one point I was half-standing/half-sitting against a chair in the middle of an empty row when an usher walked over and asked, “Is that your seat?”

“Umm…well, no,” I said nervously.

“Oh, no problem,” she said cheerfully, “’cause if it was, I was gonna wipe it off for you.”

ar Steinbrenner Family, THIS is how to treat people. Psychology 101. If you treat people with respect, they will act respectfully in return. But when you chain off every section and prevent fans from bringing backpacks into the stadium and instruct your vendors to remove bottle caps, people get pissed off and they ACT pissed off, and then you have to spend as much money on security guards as you do on acquiring free-agent pitchers at the trading deadline. So go ahead. Keep being rude…)

Greg and I each got a ball along the left field foul line during/after the Rockies’ pre-game throwing. The ball I got was the product of an errant throw that rolled against the tarp, and I leaned waaay out of the stands to grab it. The ball Greg got? You’ll have to read the comments.

todd_helton_autograph.jpgTodd Helton came over and signed autographs for less than 30 seconds, and I was lucky to get him on my ticket.

Greg stayed behind the Rockies’ dugout for the entire game and managed to snag a few more balls. I stayed in left-center field because I wanted to catch a home run in back-to-back games. (In case you missed it, I caught a Shelley Duncan homer at my previous game.) But there were only two home runs all night, and both went to right field.

The Phillies won, 6-1. It was a fun day. Apologies for the quick write-up (there’s a LOT more I could’ve written), but I’m getting ready to spend the weekend in Baltimore. Manny Ramirez will be at Camden Yards tomorrow, and he has 499 career home runs…


? 13 balls at this game

greg_zack_parking_lot2.jpg? 79 lifetime games with at least 10 balls

? 119 balls in 14 games this season = 8.5 balls per game.

? 108 lifetime balls in 11 games at Citizens Bank Park = 9.8 balls per game.

? 510 consecutive games with at least one ball

? 113 consecutive games outside NYC with at least one ball

? 814 lifetime balls outside NYC

? 3,396 total balls


  1. snagfan

    Sounds like you and Greg cleaned up. That is awesome. Also sounds like a good park to snag at. Very cool. I am awaiting the arrival of the Indians to try to get into the double digit club (in one game). (I just wish I could use my glove trick at the COPA…too many eyes in the sky…)

    Mike in Detroit (SnagFan)

  2. snagfan


    That black scuff on the ball loooks like it was hit off of the L-Screen before it was hit to the BP where you snagged it…My best guess….


  3. puckcollector@optonline.net

    hey thats the lot where my dads car got keyed when we went to see a flyers game!

  4. acsport79@yahoo.com

    Nice Game. I think i may possibly know where the mark comes from:
    a) bat mark
    b) Homer that hit a black seat or something black, or scoreboard
    c) probably not, but possibly from someone’s glove?
    Nice Game.


  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Todd Helton..Man am I jeaous, Nice job Zack. I have been trying to get him all year. I have gotten Josh Newman to throw my son a ball but I havn’t gotten him to toss me one up yet…He will..Great job snaggin, sorry you had to see the Rockies in such slump. Maybe they will put a better show on for you next month…Rock Pile Ranter

  6. boblheader

    Well done boys. Sounds like you had a blast. Without hearing from Greg yet, I’m assuming you made your goal of 20 between you.

    I was wondering how long your string is for the glove trick? I am working on making my own and I’m afraid that I’ll make it too short. Sure there’s 10-foot, 15-foot outfield fences, but how tall are the bullpens where it seems a lot of your glove-trick balls come from?
    Good luck in Baltimore for Manny’s 500th.

    I was wondering if anyone has any tricks on how to get autographs? Where to go? What to say? ect.

    Phill in Utah

  7. jberg08@gmail.com

    I think that the mark was like a golf type carts tire mark from the field crew. I don’t know but it sounds like you and gregg dominted bp.

  8. nycautographcollector

    phil in utah-i guess for autos im the man to talk to…it helps if you can get to the stadium at about 1:30-2:00 for a 7:00 game. find where the press gate is and hang out there…players will come in towncars, taxis, fancy suvs…you have to be able to recognize them…inside try going behind the dugout for position players or down the line when pitchers are warming up…chances are someone will come over and sign…then also, before the game players come out and stretch right behind the infield…if you can get down to where they are you can ask them to sign…

  9. gregb123

    Alright, here’s my recap. I snagged ten balls and had a great time doing it.

    My first ball was a BP homer that just barely clipped the hand of a fan in front of me, requiring me to turn away slightly to protect myself while reaching forward with my glove. Phillies reliever Clay Condrey flipped me a ball from the warning track after hiding up against the outfield fence for almost a minute.

    When the Rockies came out, I switched to my Rockies cap and stood along the outfield wall about 15 feet fair of the foul pole, waiting for several Rockies pitchers to finish up their throwing. Meanwhile, the Phillies were still hitting and one of their righty batters stroked a low line drive that just cleared the wall five feet to my right, hit the grated fence that divides the first row of seats from the back of the flower box and dropped back down into the flowers where it rolled sideways all the way to me along a hose. (It was one of the luckiest snags I’ve ever made.) Rockies pitchers Manny Corpas and Alberto Arias finished up their catch a few minutes later, and Corpas tossed me their ball.

    Once the rest of the stadium opened at 5:35, I walked around the foul pole into foul territory to try to get a warm up ball from either Jorge De La Rosa, Jason Grilli, or Taylor Buchholz, but they all ignored me, so I went over to right-center field. I quickly noticed a ball sitting in the grass behind home plate in the bottom bullpen in center field and within a minute or two, reeled it up with my cup trick. (This is pictured in Zack’s entry.)

    Shortly thereafter, I identified Josh Newman (who?) the same way Zack did. Newman finished up a bullpen session and exited through a narrow staircase on the far side of the bullpen complex. He was halfway down the stairs when I yelled his name. He made eye contact with me. I asked him for the ball. He hooked me up. And that was it for BP.

    Before the game started, several position players warmed up in shallow left field. Garrett Atkins played catch and when he finished, he threw me the ball.

    Before the national anthem, I settled into a seat in the second row behind the outfield end of the Rockies dugout, where I sat for about half the game. The bottom of the first inning ended with a flyout to center fielder Willy Taveras. I calmly meandered into the front row behind the dugout and Taveras flipped me the ball on his way in. After the bottom of the fourth, which ended with a popout to second, Ian Stewart tossed me the ball in exactly the same way Taveras did. It was like a replay of three innings earlier. Despite the fact that my catch was completely uncontested, there was significant grumbling in the crowd behind me, so I decided to leave the section and wander for a couple minutes.

    By the sixth inning, I found an empty aisle seat at the other end of the Rockies dugout after sneaking down (easily). I had several close calls on foul balls, but nothing came within reach. In the middle of the eighth inning, Todd Helton threw his infield warmup ball back to the dugout where coach Glenallen Hill caught it and tossed it to me in the fourth row (because I was the only person within a one section radius wearing a Colorado hat). I gave that one away to a little kid in the row behind me, who seconds later I discovered already had a ball. So I gave it to the kid’s (slightly) older brother.

    After the game, I was in perfect position for a ball from home plate ump Greg Gibson, but he screwed me over. I made eye contact with him as he walked towards me from the home plate area while holding up my glove, then as he got close enough to hear me I put in a VERY polite request. He looked up at me, removed two balls from his pouch, and tossed them … to other people (who were not kids, so he has no excuse). As a result, he has now been placed on my official “Umpires That Suck” list. (Yes, I actually have one of those. I think everybody should.) When the Rockies bullpen filtered across the field and into the dugout, their bullpen catcher flipped me a ball after pointing directly at me to indicate that it was meant for me. Assuming nobody would interfere, I waited for the ball to come to me. Some jerkwipe reached in front of me and plucked the ball out of the air. It was mostly my fault; I should have been more aggressive, but still.

    After the majority of fans left, Zack and I reunited and realized that we had achieved our mini-goal of combining for 20+ balls and that we had failed to achieve our other goal of completely shutting out the rest of the stadium, ball-wise. Oh well. It was a fun afternoon/night.

    Good luck in Baltimore, Zack. Are you planning to stay for that warp-around Monday game between the Red Sox and Orioles as well?

  10. puckcollector@optonline.net

    gerg, so how many total? im too lazy to go back and count.

  11. nycautographcollector

    well while you guys enjoyed good nights down in philly i had a not great ball day here in new york versus the fish…but my day started at the hotel…the same one where security flipped out 2 days before

    i went to the mets clubhouse store at around 10 after getting into the city and once again being annoyed on the train by the woman who complains about express versus local trains…anyway with fees the tix were like $19 and the guy was like just go to shea and buy it there so you dont have to pay th fees…i headed out towards 6th ave and when i decided to not walk and be lazy and take the F two stops. boy did it pay off. i got to the hotel and i was on the phone with my girlfriend and Andrew Miller walked out and started heading south on 6th ave…i quickly got my stuff out and followed him but as i caught up to him he entered a “big and tall” store about a block away. he acknowledged me with a hand gesture and out of respect i waited outside…10 mins later my attention got taken by a hook-and-ladder truck trying to make its way down a skinny side street. i turn my head and there he was just waiting for me to turn around. i was startled by his presence and he just smiled…usually he will only sign 1 card per person…but he signed 1, then 2, then 3…so i asked him a question in hopes of him signing more “is it intimidating as a young pitcher knowing that you have to pitch against a guy like johan santana?” as he signed 4, and 5. you could see that he was impressed by the question as he was gathering his thoughts “well” he said “it can be, but you cant let it get to you or let it show. if they know your scared they’ll eat you alive…you gotta do what your out there to do. make YOUR pitches, pitch YOUR way, let the O do the work. i had a bad start and it ultimately cost us. we’ll get ’em tonight though.” as he signed all 9 cards on my sheet. i thanked him very very much, and i shook his hand. i was really contemplating maybe buying him a cup of coffee, but he started talking “thanks for showing respect and not coming in…normally i would have done 2 or 3 if it was just you, but it was cool what you did…so i did ’em all for you”

    that was really it for the hotel…security got uptight again…kevin gregg said no, mark hendrickson said no. matt treanor and his wife, misty came out. misty is a world class gold medal winning volleyball player and i had a card of her. yes thats right a card. 2007 Allen + Ginter Baseball made some cards of people connected to baseball who dont play themselves and also some presidents or historical figures or objects (george washington, sitting bull, brooklyn bridge, etc.) she signed it and then said “someone here last year gave the same card to matt for me.” i told her it was me (and it was…) “yea i had no idea that they made it, so it was a nice suprise…i appreciate what you did”

    i headed off to shea and got there at 2ish…it would be about 45 mins before anyone came…and that would be dan uggla and jacobs. i wanted uggla really bad (more than hanley even) theres something about him that i love. i have his jersey and he was the focal point here since i got jacobs already on monday…uggla signed as he walked and i was getting nervous as he got closer and closer to the press gate…but he stopped and i was the last person he signed for. i had a sheet of 9 of him. if he did 1 that would have been great, but he kept going and going and by the time i knew it he had done all 9 and he caught up to mike jacobs who waited at the door and they went in

    then matt treanor and luis gonzalez came in a cadillac escalade…gonzo is by far one of the nicest down to earth guys that i have met and matt is too…gonzo signed 2, treanor 4…someone asked about misty (matts wife) and when he started talking about her gonzo goes “and shes the athletic one in the family” the 5 of us collectors cracked up, treanor cracked up, gonzo cracked up…it was great…then ricky nolasco and renyel pinto came in followed by cody ross, logan kensing, and jeremy hermida. last of the day was hanley ramirez with jorge cantu and alfredo amezaga. hanley carried everyones bags cause hes too much of alittle girl to just say no but jorge cantu signed one.

    i was the first one into the stadium. it took me a little while to get my first ball. carlos muniz tossed me one. i was standing in that little section that overlooks that gap between the seats and the field…he tossed it over my head. i didnt even bother to jump and watch it sail about halfway up the lower section and i looked at him and he shrugged…whatever…then a ball was sliced right at me…as i turned to catch it, i looked right into the sun. the ball tipped off my glove and sailed high over that fence and up into that section of seats seperated by the fence above where i was. the ball knocked around the seats and settled literally a foot away from me, but thanks to the fence i was done…some girl got it. duaner sanchez saw what happened and tossed me a ball right away, and then playfully clapped when i caught it.

    i headed around to the marlins side and got burke badenhop to toss me a ball. that was it for the day…all of the sudden it got very crowded and for some reason i just had no luck

    final totals: 37 autos, 2 balls
    dan uggla x9
    andrew miller x9
    luis gonzalez x2
    renyel pinto x4
    ricky nolasco x6
    jorge cantu x1
    cody ross x1
    matt treanor x4
    misty may-treanor x1

  12. kingdomeee

    Good Job Guys,
    Sounds like Citizens Bank is a very easy going place. Anyway, me and my buddy Max are hitting up the Safe tomorrow. Thankfully it’s not a bobble head night and they’re only giving out a little train or something like that. I’m looking for more than one ball but at the very least I’d like to extend my streak to 3 games with at least one ball. Also, I’m gonna try to get a ball by some other method other than getting a ball thrown to me. Either by glove trick or catching it off the bat.

  13. jhrmnsn07@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack I have two questions that may have been discussed before but where do you get the “cheat sheet” of the players faces and names and is there a tutorial on how to do the “cup trick” like there is the glove trick??



  14. gjk2212

    wow you guys had some big days! nice. i cant wait to get to cbp this yr a few times..

    jhr-greg taught me the cup trick and it works awesome…i can forward you the email he sent me but i dont know if he would rather tell you..

    also, just take faces from the teams website and copy/paste them all to one page..then type the players name/number under it..i use power point but whatever works..

    ill be at shea sometime this weekend, then everything is up in the air. i might go to pnc june 11-12. i might be in detroit june 9. i might go to wash or philly or balt soon. i just dont know. im still in school ugh. but im done with the bronx. if i go to one more game there this yr it would be a miracle.

  15. Blog

    It’s too bad you left New York. I have tickets to tomorrow’s Dodgers-Mets game at Shea and I was hoping to run into you. But, anyways, great “performance.” 13 balls is 13 more balls than I’ve ever snagged at a baseball game before.

  16. marc.h

    It’s too bad you left New York. I have tickets to tomorrow’s Dodgers-Mets game at Shea and I was hoping to run into you. But, anyways, great “performance.” 13 balls is 13 more balls than I’ve ever snagged at a baseball game before.

  17. braves04

    Glad to see y’all made your goal of 20. Citizens Bank Park is a really nice stadium. Have you tried getting into the dugout seats like you did on the CBS video?

  18. Jake

    Just got back from the DBacks game –
    I got nothing at all. I tried the two hats for the first time and got completely ignored by Mark Gardner. I love weekday BP at Chase because there is nobody there (I counted a complete total of 11 people in RF halfway into Giants BP) but I was getting shut out. There was about 5 total balls hit into the stands all day. I tried to get Randy’s warmup ball but he gave it to a little kid by the dugout. I got to see RJ tie the Rocket in K’s, followed by (ANOTHER) Connor Jackson error, then a bases loaded walk, then a HR by Randy Winn (landed about 10 seats to my left), a Chad Tracy pop-up and a DBacks loss.
    I’m going to the game Fri and Saturday against the Nats. I hope I can get a special ball.
    Good job Greg and Zack! Hope you can pull off getting Manny’s 500th.

  19. nm_rockhound@yahoo.com

    Found something very distrubing today Zack. Barnes & Noble had some of your books in the bargain bin. I took the liberty of moving them back to the sports section and front-faced them so everyone could see them on an eye-level shelf. To do so, I moved Jose Canseco’s books to the bottom. Keep up the great work and congrats on the Helton signature.

  20. padreleigh

    Hi Joneli….

    I don’t really do too many autographs, so I have some dumb questions for you. Why do you get 9 autos of the same player? Are they all of the same card? Do you sell them? What do you do with them all?


  21. PSU532@yahoo.com

    Zack and Greg, nice recap! I was at a Mets/Phillies game in April (on a Saturday), and I snuck down into the front row of section 114 (right past 1st base) because I had friends in the 2nd row, and no one bothered me all game. It was great!

    Zack, I’ll be at the Red Sox/Orioles game on Saturday. Hopefully it doesn’t rain! If I see you during BP, I’ll introduce myself. (My name is Chris, and we’re the exact same age). I’ll be wearing this throwback Boston shirt:


  22. .

    See, I wish it was that easy at Shea to get down behind the dugout for the ENTIRE game but security is a little bananas in New York. Nice recap of the game for the both of you.

    I visited Shea last night (5/29) and wrote about it this morning: http://donnieanks.mlblogs.com/

    I hope you catch #500 Zack (knocks on wood). Good luck my dood!

  23. ceetar

    the mark looks like sneakers ona gym floor. Tire? Cleat? maybe someone stepped on it and tripped? Hopefully Rollins?

    I agree with your respect the fans, they’ll respect you..except you’re talking about Phillies fans here. Don’t know that it worked. Yankee stadium is just stupid there. I was there for the Subway Series and it was just frustrated.

  24. dodgerssteven91@yahoo.com

    Hey Zack-
    Long time no talk, great job posting on all of these games. I’ve been reading all the updates, but sometimes forget to comment. Are you in town or know anyone who is going to going to the Dodgers vs. Mets game today (Friday, May 30, 2008)? Clayton Kershaw is pitching today and if he gets his first major league win, I would really appreciate a ticket stub…I have every single ticket stub of his for first win in the minors, first start, blah blah, so this one is going to be huge!

  25. nycautographcollector


    the nine autographs thing comes from other collectors that ive watched and for some reason some guys just go ahead and do them all…pat neshek will do 100 for you if you had them. some players sign 1 no matter how many you have…some will do 2-3 some even 4-5 and some guys will do all 9 or 8 depending on how i have it set up

    most of the time i try to get it as diversed as i can with different cards…miller signed 7 different cards of the 9 and dan uggla signed 9 different cards and i still have about 10 more different cards of him…

    i dont sell any of my cards…i dont trade them…i have kept every last auto i have ever gotten and i could never see myself selling one unless it was of a player who i had so many of and they were actually selling for alot

    for me its just the joy of getting the player to sign and the story behind it…thats what i love about it

  26. aefeq


    Helmet guy here. It was great seeing you again in Philly. Congratsa to you and Greg for making at least 20, but why did you want me to prevent me from getting at least one? ?
    For those of you that have not had the pleasure of seeing Zack in action, I can honestly say that no ball snagger gets a better jump on the ball than Zack. It was amazing to see your reactions when the balls were coming our way. Also, it is great that you make sure not to knock people over. I saw 2 people get banged around by a young guy wearing a cast. After I caught one he begged me for the ball, but no way was he going to get it the way he was treating people. Anyway, I did alright myself with 6.

    Looking forward to your Baltimore story and hope to see you soon!


  27. acsport79@yahoo.com

    I will be at Yankee Stadium on June 7. Day after night, it sucks. Do they let people who do not have field level tickets go to the field for warmups? Where will u be on that day?

  28. csparks@zoominternet.net

    That article about bats is interesting. I think its the same risk as getting hit by a foul line drive.

  29. padreleigh


    Saw the Giants turn a TRIPLE PLAY on my Padres tonight. Ugggh!! Well, at least we won in 13 innings. Padres have played the most innings in the majors this year. Free baseball. On a non baseball note, met Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo at work tonight. Nice guy. Not stuck up at all. Good luck in Baltimore.


  30. tracycollinsbecky@yahoo.com

    padreleigh get a home run in at and t ..you get jaked yet??i saw jake get a hr in az from chad tracy,,1 day after giants were in az is that usher checking his ticket look at nats d backs hi lites fri nite ,sweep sf pods.. goob job yankee catch Zack ,,work on celebration got ipod? dance …tune out obnoxious fans out too,,and get arods abomb

  31. gjk2212

    went to shea today…saw goislanders4…it was pouring but stopped 5 mins after i got in…pedro was throwing in left and when he was done, he threw me the ball. it hit the grated fence up by the dream seats since i couldnt reach that low, and bounced back to him.

    pedro-you gotta catch those!
    me-come on pedro, gimme another shot!!
    him-you gonna catch it this time?
    me- sure i am!
    he threw it and i got it easily…then he pointed at me laughing. what a great guy.

    got denied by every dodgers pitcher. like honestly 6 different ones. mike easler, the hitting coach, took out like 6 balls and was fungoing them to derek lowe in lf. he took them all and started throwing them into the seats, and he saw my dodger hat. he threw one way over my head which landed in a puddle and i grabbed. when i returned to my spot, he didnt know i already had one so he threw another right to me. there was only one other kid around besides my sister, who didnt even want a ball, and he had told me i stole his ball when i got the puddle one. so i kept it, and ended up with 3. and a james loney auto.

    but the funnest (and most frustrating part ) was 20 mins pregame. there was a ball brad penny missed and it went in the gap under the loge. it fell out my cup…goislanders was there..

  32. charlie@baseballstuff.mlblogs.com

    btw, just to brag about to people (sorry, gotta say it) I got Helton’s auto (and Holliday)

  33. gjk2212

    just saw mannys 500th on sports center. it went to right-center. hope you got it, but im guesing you didnt cause they just showed the guy on sports center. he looked like an asian sox fan, he was taking pics with manny in the clubhouse. he wants to keep the ball one more day and hes giving it to manny-for free!

  34. deleted

    Zack, today I was MAJORLY snubbed.

    There was no batting practice for this noon game, so I decided to forgo even TRYING for a ball from the Cubs. Luckily I had a Rockies hat. Also lucky, Manny corpas and someone else were throwing in right field with NO ONE around them… So I camped out behind Corpas, who was closer to the wall. After about 7 or so minutes, he turned around and looked at me. I thought that he was gonna throw me the ball, so I opened my mitt… No, he wanted something else. He wanted to use my mitt! What an honor! (or so I thought). He used my mitt to play catch for about 5 minutes before giving it back. In that time I was planning on how to get my second ball, not the first – since I assumed that because he was using my mitt, and that I had a Rockies hat one, AND that I was the only fan for 20 rows, that I would OBVIOUSLY get the ball. Not so. After he was done, he tossed me my mitt, and tossed the ball to a 30 year or so old guy with NO mitt and a WRIGLEY FIELD shirt… What is THAT?????? Corpas now has a jinx on him.

    Manny, enjoy failing in every aspect of baseball from here on out.

    Oh, and while this was going on, other pitchers started, and finished throwing. So I was out of luck – ball wise. Of course I went over to the Cubs side when the Rockies pitchers went in, but as you know, they prefer to give balls to little kids with no mitts who are hardly paying attention, rather than someone who wanted a ball bad enough that they actually brought a mitt and asked politely.

    So my average is back down below 1 a game, but I’ve gotten 2 balls 3 times this year, so it’s very doable for me…
    Thanks for reading all of this over no balls snagged.

  35. zackhample

    I was five feet from the ball when it landed, and yes, that was me in the black shirt with the big colorful MLB logo on the back. If not for ONE fan who happened to be standing in my row, I would’ve had it. I really don’t know what to say. I’m shocked and stunned and disappointed, and my camera died after BP, and I’m flying back to NYC tomorrow.

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