4/29/08 at Shea Stadium

There’s one spot outside Shea Stadium that provides a partial view of the field: the elevated subway station of the #7 train. When I reached this station yesterday, I took a peek at the field to make sure the screens were set up for batting practice. Two hours earlier, it had been raining and I had no idea what to expect. This is what I saw:


That’s right. No screens.

It was 3:30pm. I hadn’t yet bought a ticket. Shea wasn’t going to open for another 70 minutes, so I stood there and waited. My plan was simple. If I saw the grounds crew set up the screens before 4:40pm, I’d exit the subway, run over to the ticket windows, buy a cheap seat, and head inside. Otherwise I’d go home.

Finally, after nearly 40 minutes, I saw two groundskeepers slowly roll a big screen into place in shallow center field. I ran out and bought a ticket, but feared that BP might start late, and sure enough, it did. When I reached the seats, no one was hitting. Everything was set up, but the only action (if you can call it that) was half the team jogging in shallow right field:



Five minutes later, a few guys started throwing…


…and 10 minutes after that, Angel Pagan (standing in the distance to the right of the screen) threw me my first ball of the day.

Because Shea is so lame, I only managed to catch one other ball during the entire Mets’ portion of BP, and it was a ball I shouldn’t even have gotten. Let me explain…

My girlfriend Jona ended up making a VERY last-minute plan to join me for this game. She arrived at the stadium at around 5:10pm and found me in the right field Loge. After all the Mets pitchers made it clear that they were going to ignore me for the duration of BP, I asked Jona to ask for a ball, and of course the players immediately looked up at her. Before long, Pedro Feliciano (who throws approximately one ball into the seats per season) lobbed one in commemorative1.jpgher direction. As the ball approached, a 300-pound guy wearing tight sweatpants (who had just given me a speech about how “real men don’t wear gloves”) tried to reach in front of us and grab it, so I reached in front of HIM, and thanks to the extra few inches that my glove provided, I was able to make the catch. Then, to make Feliciano happy, I made a whole production of handing the ball to Jona, and as soon as he looked away, she handed it back. It had a commemorative logo, and for an instant Shea felt a little less lame.

Hitting coach Howard Johnson tossed me my third ball of the day at the 1st base dugout after the Mets finished BP, and while the Pirates were taking their cuts, I snagged three more balls with the glove trick. The first was about five feet out from the wall along the left field foul line, so I ran down from the Loge and slipped into the corner spot and began by flinging my glove out to knock the ball closer:


Thankfully, the on-field security guard was about 80 feet away and had his back turned, but even if he’d seen me going for it, he might not have said anything. I hate to admit it, but Shea’s employees HAVE become nicer in recent years when it comes to the glove trick. Sometimes they’ll stop me from using it when I’m going for a ball that’s on the field, but usually they have no problem when I’m going for a ball that’s trapped in a dead area.

damaso_marte.jpgIn the four-part pic below (starting on the top left and then going clockwise)…

1) I’m carefully lowering my glove from the Loge Level so that it fits between the metal beams behind the advertising board.

2) Pirates reliever Damaso Marte watches the glove drop over the ball.

3) Marte crouches to get a better view.

4) Marte inspects the glove as I pull it up with the ball tucked snugly inside.

Check it out:


There was a kid, maybe eight or nine years old, standing nearby as I reeled i
n the ball, and I was thinking of giving it to him until he said of my glove trick: “That’s so gay!”

bat_imprint.jpgWhen I took a good look at the ball, I realized I wouldn’t have given it to him anyway (I would’ve given him a different ball) because there was something special on it: a bat imprint. I’d only snagged a handful of these imprinted balls in my life, and you can see four of them here on my web site. The imprint on the ball I snagged yesterday (seen here on the right) was the same as the ball on the lower right (at the link I provided above), which I recognized as the TPX logo. TPX is a type of bat made by Louisville Slugger. For some reason I can’t find this logo on a bat, but here it is on a golf club.

As for the third ball I snagged with the glove trick, it was sitting on that sloped grassy area in front of the DreamSeats and I went for it as an usher looked on:


Once I had the ball in my bare hand, I turned around and shouted loud for the entire section to hear: “This ball is for the first kid I see who has a glove and HASN’T already gotten a ball today!” Incredibly, there wasn’t ONE kid anywhere near me who qualified, so I gave it to an usher instead–not the usher in the pic above, but rather a nice old man in the Loge who’d asked me for a ball once before so he could give one to his grandson.

I stayed in the Loge for the entire game and didn’t come close to a single foul ball, but at least the game itself was entertaining. The Mets won, 5-4, on a bases-loaded, walk-off single by commemorative2.jpgDavid Wright in the bottom of the 11th, after which I got another (very rubbed up but otherwise pristine) commemorative ball from home plate umpire Hunter Wendelstedt.


? 7 balls at this game

? 94 balls in 9 games this season = 10.4 balls per game.

? 505 consecutive games with at least one ball

? 323 consecutive games at Shea Stadium with at least one ball

? 3,371 total balls


  1. gjk2212

    whoa! that was a short entry, lol, but what can you do-sheas lame. i still love it. i thought that was osario, but i guess it was marte. sorry, my bad. yeah that glove trick is sweet, it certainly made a difference last night. congrats. next game for me most likely may 9 fri night hoping griff hits 600.

  2. zackhample

    WHAT?! How dare you call my 1,093-word (and 13-photograph) blog entry “short.” Shame on you. :-)

  3. gjk2212

    haha compared to your other game entries, it seemed short! lol i dont know, maybe the others have more pix….compared to the nationals one this is like nothing lol

  4. nycautographcollector

    after the the last game down at disney this one just seemed short (no offense) the pirates were one of my favorite teams to go see or get autos from…everyone signs and whatnot…snell, bay, sanchez, laroche, gorzelanny

    i may go for the rainout day in august bit its gonna be a 1:10 game so no BP…well day game after a day game maybe but theyre only there for one day maybe ill just go for autos

  5. thomasb.

    Good job on your snagging, once again. And yes, the Nats game was amazing. I got there during the top of the first inning, but it was cool. My dad and I found our way to our unofficial season tickets seats. I’ll get a picture later in the season, possibly this Sunday, to explain further. The Braves starting pitcher (forgot who) was facing the minimum until the fourth inning, so this game was going very fast. Then in the sixth both Nats and Braves got a run, so as I could tell, this game was going to go into extras. 6 innings and one peanuts bag later, the Nats won off of a bases loaded single over the left fielder’s head. Filipe Lopez I think got the walk off (correct me please if I’m wrong). My dad and I left in after the 11th because I have a math test to study for tonight. So we turned on the radio and listened to the game. So far this year, every single Nats game I have been to they have won. I am 3-0 in regular season games and 1-0 in exhibition games (all regular season games have been against the Braves). Next game is this Sunday against the Pirates, which I will be snagging at.

  6. li7039@yahoo.com

    Zack ive been meaning to ask you this for a while. Have you ever gotten a ball form John Habyan. He was reliver with the yankees, Os, rockies, and i believe the cardinals. Anyway hes my PE teacher in my high school. Real great guy.

  7. meikd423

    i love shea. its not lame. sorta. maybe. yes. yes it is. but its still fun and it builds suspense and anxt for citi field. ever since i went to the nationals ballpark, i’ve been really excited for citi field. but i dont care if shea is boring, ive been really wanting to go to BP so badly and i think im gonna be at bp may 9th but my mom said we might not be going to BP much more after that :(

  8. gjk2212

    thats tough man, my mom never wants to take me early but always ends up giving in. the latest ive gotten in shea this year is 8 mins after the gates opened. coming from nj i do my best. get a friend or someone and see if your mom will drop you off at 4 and pick you up when its over…

  9. utahsteeler

    Zack….you must love it when a player is curious and comes over to watch. I’m sure most get a kick out of it. I must admit, I did chuckle when the kid said your glove trick was gay. Only laughed because there went his chance at having a nice gift given to him. Also..to Phill in Utah (how bout that Zack..two readers from Utah!)..I agree, I would give anything to have a major league team here. If I am lucky, I get to between 3-5 MLB games a year. That is why I enjoy Zack’s blog so much and the other readers comments about their experiences. Just know, your worst day snagging, you still had the chance to roam around a Big League park and do something you love.

  10. utahsteeler

    FYI to everyone too…you can go to the Yankees website, and register for the chance to have name drawn and the opportunity to buy Home Run Derby tickets or All Star Game tickets. I know the chances are remote, but everyone sign up and hopefully someone from here will get name drawn.

  11. goisles


    I never got around to this, but wanted to say that your giant glove at the Disney game was one of the funniest baseball stories I’ve read.

    As for Yankee tickets, I’ll just add you to my distribution list. I’m trying to go to as many games as I can, but have to make a day before or day of game decision based on my office workload. I do have one $5 dollar seat for tomorrow night in Sec 14, but I almost certainly can’t go–and you pretty much can sit wherever you like.

    As for the HR Derby, I’ve got to sell these tickets to pay for All-Star Game, so mine are available!

    DB3par, I’ll look for you in D.C. this Sunday, but I’m with guests and don’t know what time I’ll get out there.

  12. padreleigh

    Hi Zack….

    I showed some of the guys who work for me at the hotel (who are gay) your latest entry. They said that identifying something that is bad as “gay” is offensive to them. Ha ha. So, tell that kid you were offended if you see him again. Ha ha. That’s funny.

    I have a new mission in my baseball snagging life. I have a new person to add to my snagging list. My new goal is to have a ball handed or thrown to me by the GORGEOUS, Asian ballgirl that works the right field line in Philadelphia. I saw her tonight during the Padres broadcast. I’m almost ready to book a flight right now. Ha ha. If anyone who posts on here lives in the Philadelphia area or goes to Phillies games feel free to tell her she has an admirer in California. Someone should also take a pic of her and post it on here for all to see. Ha ha. No home game in San Diego till May 9th so I’m kind of bored. My birthday is on Monday, Cinco de Mayo (May 5th) so I’ll listen to you on Sirius Zack. For a present, you can give me a birthday shout out and tell Jay Thomas I said hello. By the way, I liked your entry. It wasn’t that short. Real men bring gloves too. Have a good one.


  13. puckcollector@optonline.net

    would you ever bring the big glove to Yankee? would they let u in?

  14. zackhample

    You’re right, and I was just messing with you. This entry IS very short in comparison to the others. I don’t really worry about length, though. I just tell the story, and however long it is…it is.

    No offense taken. Just consider that for every minute it takes you to READ an entry, that’s probably how many hours it took me to write it. Even this “short” Mets entry took about four or five hours, including getting all the pics off my camera (and Jona’s camera) and choosing which ones to use and then editing them in Photoshop and then searching for things online (like the TPX logo) and updating my stats and of course writing and editing. But it’s fun. I love it. That’s why I do it. If I end up going to a bunch of Yankees games this season…like…one after another after another, my entries might end being a lot shorter than this one.

    Oh my God, you chose math over baseball?! I’m so disappointed. :-)

    Nope, never got a ball from him, unfortunately, but that’s cool that he’s your PE teacher. Very cool. And by the way, if you want to see the complete list of guys who’ve thrown balls to me, here it is:

    Well said. (And I hope that lovely mother of yours takes you early to BP.)

    Two readers from Utah…amazing. I do love it when players come over and express interest in something I’m doing, and you’re right about getting to roam around a stadium. Sometimes I guess I take that opportunity for granted because I live within five miles of two different stadiums.

    Thanks very much for both the Big Glove comment as well as the ticket offer. I’m going to email you now about the latter…

    I don’t know if “offended” is the word, so let’s just say I’m particularly “bothered” by those comments because there are people in my life who are very close to me who are gay. It’s just incredible how ignorant people can be, not just about race and religion and gender (and many other things), but about sexuality as well. As for the ballgirl, I’ve never noticed her. I’m usually hanging around the dugouts in Philly or camping out in the power alleys for home run balls.

    I don’t think I’d bring it there…maybe I would if I had to go to a game when there definitely wouldn’t be batting practice…but the problem is that Yankee Stadium doesn’t allow backpacks, so I’d have to carry the Big Glove around all night, and it would get in the way and cause too much of a distraction.

  15. .

    Hey Zack –

    Good to see you are still above 10 a game. No time for chasing baseballs here. It is fun however getting to see who is coming through the ranks of the Dodgers. If you make your way out to the left coast let me know. I can definitely get you on the field here to shag during BP and hell if you want to you can be a bat boy for a game!

    Plus you could get a few cool autographs in John Valentin and Charlie Hough.

    For those of you that try to get autographs through the mail Charlie is really good about signing everything that comes in. Only send a couple of cards or photos but I can almost guarantee that you will get it back. Valentin on the other hand I doubt.

    Good luck and I am guessing 4,000 is just around the corner!

    Sixty Sixers Clubby
    MiLB Clubhouse Manager (MLBlog)

  16. meikd423


    i live in jersey too. my mom would NEVER let me be at shea when shes not there. she lets me wander and stuff though. but other than not leaving me at shea alone shes pretty much lenient about what im allowed to do. my mom gives in a lot too, but i think she might be for real this time. it sucks

  17. gjk2212

    yeah im from north nj, bergen county…about a 40 minute drive without traffic…if i leave right as my brother gets outta school at 3:15 im usually there by 4-4:15…its really perfect, and my mom is awesome! lol…dont worry though, i wasnt at shea alone until last year, and i was 15 at the time…plus my mom doesnt wanna go to all the games me and my bro do…she enjoys a game every here and there, but the way she sees it, shes paying for a ticket to sit through 2 1/2 hrs of bp and a 3 hr + game…shed rather drop off and pick up…good luck getting there as early as you can the rest of the year…if i had my license/was allowed to drive in ny due to the law saying you gotta be 18, i would go every night, lol…well see you may 9th hopefully, and try to get your mom to take you early..

  18. gjk2212

    nah i checked, im pretty sure the 5 boros is 18. im pissed. i woulda been allowed to drive to shea/yankee, my parents said it was ok. idk if its worth possibly losing my license and a big fine if i get pulled over though. not that i would. im a great driver! ;) btw zack did you realize this new blog format doesnt stupidly censor like before? i keep forgetting to mention that…

  19. puckcollector@optonline.net

    lets try the sensor: moron idiot stupid suck .

    zack are u going to a yankee game during the weekend?

  20. puckcollector@optonline.net

    ur right! it doesnt sensor. but it does randomly time out.

  21. m3tsy5@yahoo.com

    Sry zack, but you’ve been beaten. That day while you were up on Loge, i was watching Billy throw the football. When i turned around to watch the other pitchers, Sosa turned around to see if i was looking and without me even asking, flipped me one of the commemerative baseball… no practice stamp either. I did notice Feliciano flip the baseball up to you tho. hehe. *Patiently wonders if you’ll figure out who the loser writing this long drawn out comment is…*

  22. meikd423

    yeah, may 9 is my birthday so i should be going early. well my real birthday is may 4th but im going to the game may 9th to celebrate my birthday. im just about to turn 14 so hopefully my mom will let me go next year alone. i dont think she would wanna drive back and forth though

  23. gjk2212

    yeah man good luck with that…idk maybe shell get more lenient in the summer when you dont have school and all..good luck anyway, and lemme know when your goin…hopefully ill see you may 9th, im going for griffs 600th. too bad hes not a righty, i could sneak into the picnic area somehow. now im confined to the 12 fair seats in the loge. happy almost birthday.

  24. santanaf

    On a streak if 3 games where I’ve asked the home plate ump, politely and by name, for a baseball at the conclusion of the game, and in every instance he walks by head down, not even flipping to kids. Is this a crew thing, or an individual. Last night was the Timmons crew, can’t remember the other one.

  25. gregb123

    Zack, are you considering going to Yankee Stadium tonight? I’m not sure if the weather’s gonna hold up, but if it does, I might go.

  26. deleted

    Hey Zack,
    That’s really nice that you gave a ball to an usher to give to his Grandson. That kind of karma will come back and some usher down the line will let you in a good section unexpectedly… or something like that.

    I just heard today about a cool thing at Wrigley Field. The Peoria Chiefs (The Cubs Single A minor league affiliate will play the Kane County Cougars (a local team) at Wrigley Field. Tickets are pretty cheap, and they’re not even selling upper deck tickets. (Can you say foul ball haven?) I just hope that I can bribe an usher to let me go up there when (not if) a bunch of balls land up there. Hey, could you send me some of your usher-karma? haha. Seriously though, I think it’s going to be pretty fun seeing a minor league game at a major league stadium (Just the opposite of what you did!) I wonder if the players would think I’m a stalker if I asked them for a ball by name (I know you thought about that too, from reading an earlier blog post) I also wonder if they will be more generous than normal. Whatever happens, it looks to be a blast (weather permitting).

  27. zackhample

    Thanks…although I guarantee that my per-game average will be dropping soon. Getting to shag on a professional field is one of my all-time joys. Thanks for the offer. I wish I lived closer.

    This new blog format actually had a very strict censoring system at first. You couldn’t even write “damn” but now it looks like the rules have loosened up a bit, which is GREAT.

    Thank you for testing it. :-)

    I have no idea who you are, but I’m pretty sure that you’re not a loser. Give me a hint?

    That’s messed up. Are you using the umps’ first names or saying “Mister” and their last names? I’d go with the latter. That could make a difference. Umps are so used to being disrespected that I think a polite “Mister” goes a long way with them.

    If Richie Sexson hadn’t hit his 300th career homer last night in Cleveland, I would’ve gone to Yankee Stadium tonight…possibly this entire weekend. But with that milestone gone and A-Rod out of the lineup, there’s no reason for me to go. Have fun without me.

    Sounds like a great time at Wrigley, but don’t expect to get access to the upper deck. I’ve been at several games when the upper deck was closed (even one time at Yankee Stadium, if you can believe it), and it was nearly impossible to break through. Usher Karma…ZAP!!!

  28. pujolsisahero5

    Hey Zack its darron from st.louis and I am suspended from school for five days for fighting it wasnt my fault though the kid shoved me so i grabbed him and started punching him : ). But im not grounded so whatever. Also im on a three game streek with at least one ball i have no clue who tossed them to me oh well 2 from the reds one with no time left in batting practice when i got there a reporter asked him to stop and talk to him for a minute so he did and i took of like a madman dashing through seat hoping over rails to get a ball i got a ball then and after the game well this weekend is a cards cubs series here in st.louis you know what that mean DRUNK CUB FANS nothing in baseball is worse then them so bye for now

  29. acsport79@yahoo.com

    your next game would be a good chance to get #3400. If you do, you will break your record and reach a milestone.

  30. meikd423

    yeah i think i might be going after griffeys 600th too. it would be amazing to get that.

  31. boblheader

    Zack & snagging community-
    I come bearing good news and bad for my recent/near future snagging this year.

    BAD NEWS- I called our local minor league team to see what time the gates open and if there is BP. I figured that non-MLB snagging is better than no snagging at all right? Well, I found out that the gates open an hour befor game time and there is BP … … BUT IT’S OVER BEFORE THE GATES OPEN! Boooooooo! I still might take my 7 month old son to the game anyway and see if we can get balls at the dugouts and/or from a ball boy/girl. (UTAHSTEELER) Do you know how strict the ushers are at Bees games?

    GOOD NEWS- To cheer myself up from the disapointment of the minor league team, I went over to the D-1 college baseball game during my dinner break from work. I was only there for 3 innings, but I was able to get 5 balls. I caught two on the fly. Not bad for and hour and a half of snagging time.

    –Phill in Utah–

  32. gregb123

    Nah, I didn’t go either. It rained for about five minutes right when I had to decide whether or not I was going. Oh well.

  33. deleted


    I don’t want to get into an argument, but it’s unfair to assume that 1. All Cubs fans are drunk and 2. there are no drunk Cardinal fans (many of which, I’ve seen at Wrigley).

    EACH team has its drunks and its idiots, including the Cardinals.

  34. puckcollector@optonline.net

    r u goin to a game this weekend at yANKEE? I can get u behind the mariners dugout if u tell me!

  35. puckcollector@optonline.net

    darren; no offense but your punctutation is TERRIBLE! im a bout u age n my dad hats my texting language. just try to ad some periods and a few words into your comments to makre it easier to understand for the old people who read this blog.

  36. .

    Zack –

    Find time to make a trip out to SoCal. I am guessing I can get Dodger tickets for ya as well. You could even be a clubby’s assistant for the day!

  37. jberg08@gmail.com

    I find it impossible if you can call a 7 ball day a okay game. You continue to amaze me Zack. Good luck at your next game.

  38. zackhample

    Suspended?! C’mon, man, don’t get into trouble. I understand that sometimes you need to defend yourself, but we can’t have you on the restricted list. The snagging world needs you.

    Yes, but unfortunately, my next game will probably be at Shea Stadium so I won’t be breaking any records.

    More than amazing, but it doesn’t look like he’s gonna hit enough homers to get there while playing in NYC.

    That’s usually how it is at minor league ballparks. Any chance to snag there before the gates open? That’s what you have to do. At least you did well at the college game.

    This city needs domes.

    I don’t have much experience with Cubs/Cardinals fans, but I can tell you that every team has good fans and bad fans. Some, however, are worse than others.

    You’re correct…I’m not going to any games this weekend. And yes, it would be nice if Darron punctuated his comments, but c’mon, if you’re going to criticize someone’s writing, how can you be writing so sloppily yourself?! Duh.

    I’ll see what I can do. No promises, though, but I appreciate your offer to hook me up.

    Yes, okay, you got me. I guess I’ve become spoiled after seeing how great the snagging can be in other stadiums.

  39. meikd423

    is it true that cubs fans hate mets fans? in washington, their were a bunch of cubs fans and they said pretty much all of chicago hates the mets.

  40. padreleigh


    Looks like our birthdays are one day apart. I’m May 5th. That’s kind of cool.

    Phil in Utah..

    I’ve gone to a few San Diego State D1 baseball games here in San Diego. They make you give foul balls back. How cheap is that? Tony Gwynn is a terrible coach too to top it all off. Ughhhh.


  41. deleted


    Definitely not…. Personally, I don’t hate ANY entire fanbase. Now I may hate your TEAM (I don’t hate the Mets either) but I think it would be ignorant to hate an entire group of people that you’ve never met.

  42. m3tsy5@yahoo.com

    Hint? hmmm…idk if i should… :/ Eh well, for spite, i’ll let you try and figure out who this is. I’ll give you 3 hints to work with — the first 2 will be semi hard, third one will give it away, but here goes.
    1. Wagner birthday card last year
    2. Julio Franco and Pedro Martinez told me the same thing numerous times
    3. couldnt remember who was talking to me the other day when they said hi, then i’m like oh, you’re with zack?

    last one is basically a giveaway… if you dont get it then, well, nuff said.

  43. boblheader

    I’m going to BYU games and until this year they made you give the balls back. However, Some former alumni (i should know his name, they say it after each foul ball that goes into the seats) donated the baseballs. I hope it continues next year too.

    BTW, I went again tonight (Friday) and got another five balls. I actually saved this one girl’s life because she wasn’t playing attention.

  44. puckcollector@optonline.net

    yeah after i posted that i was like, huh? hey it was friday.

    of to YS in an hour. my only goal is a commerative ball. if i do well, maybe ill get a blog and post an entry myself, then link it here.

  45. meikd423

    happy birthday in 2 days. thats pretty cool that your birthdays 1 day after mine

  46. meikd423

    this is an amazing, AMAZING trailer for a baseball game. the best one i’ve EVER seen

    this one is also very good about MLB’s pitchers

  47. pujolsisahero5

    I will work on my punctuation.I just never pay attention at school.So I do it at school either they always give me little red dots at the end of sentence’s when they get done with it I have to go back and put periods,exclamation points,etc.Well today is my first Cubs game of the year i probably wont get a ball though even though Kerry Wood is in the bullpen now.He sucks.As for getting into a fight at school it’s only five days off and it was my second fight this year with the same kid.We just don’t like each other.Oh and another thing i just about had to hit a Cub fan the other day during a series with the Reds he was yelling let’s go CUbbies in my ear i told him to shut up about three or four times.I wanted to punch him but the usher kicked him out of the stadium.He got kicked out becuase I knew the usher.The other day at the stadium I got one ball the entire game and gave it to a kid.well got to go.PS is my puntuation better?

  48. pujolsisahero5

    Cubsbaseball im sorry i said that all cubfans are drunks and compleatly agree with you so sorry.Puckcollector I also agree with you that my punctuation is not very good I just always try to get done quick se ya

  49. tracycollinsbecky@yahoo.com

    padreleigh lets go to mets @dodgers on bbay.lets go see #5 on cinco de mayo,,,david wright happy 30th ,,hope they hit comm balls zack see you dodgerdudeand and wu

  50. puckcollector@optonline.net

    go isles; did u notice the username of the guy who posted it? zackhampleforpres! lol

  51. puckcollector@optonline.net

    At 10:30 I was the first one online outside of Gate 6 outside of Left Field. When I ran in the BP nets were up, but no one was outside. The ball bag next to the pitchers mound had a Yankee Logo on it, so I assumed that they were the only team taking BP due to the Military Show that eventually got cancelled due to inclement weather. My first ball of the day was courtesy of the glove trick, and possibly that hardest ball I?ve ever gotten
    (which compared to you Zack, is very easy.) There was a ball about 6 feet from the wall on the warning track. I squeezed into a spot on the wall, and began to swing my glove. But, my string was really tangled so I had to keep trying to knock the ball in, and when that failed, untangling the string a little bit more. After maybe 5 minutes I knocked the ball to about a foot of the wall, but a little to my left. Then after balancing my body on the wall, parallel to the ground so I could reach over, I would keep having to fix my sharpie, because it wasn?t propping the glove open wide enough. Finally after 8-10 minutes I got my first ball of the day. About 5 minutes later another ball landed on the warning track, and I got it easily. BP was dead, and the only balls that were being hit into the stands were when I was using the glove trick. However, I experienced the most annoying moment of ball snagging. There was a short, kind of fat, Hispanic ball boy and one guy thought he was Bobby Abreu and started yelling BOBBY! BOBBY! Then every other moron started yelling it too, so whenever a ball was hit to him like 100 people would scream BOBBY! At like 11:40, I headed over to my seats behind the Mariners dugout. Twice, before the game guys started throwing, but I didn?t end up with any of the balls. Then, Raul Ibanez threw me my third ball of the day after he had finished throwing. After Jason Giambi flied out to Ichiro to end the fourth inning, Ichiro tossed me the ball, and it was a commemorative! The logo was in perfect condition and I was psyched. 3 innings later Yuniesky Betancourt was up with a 2-2 count, and he fouled one off. Mariners third base coach Eddie Rodriguez picked up the ball, and tossed it as I was running down the stairs. I reached across the dugout, and felt the ball in my glove a second later. However, the logo was all smudged, so it wasn?t anything special. Then I got a call from a friend who said they saw me on T.V! If you have an MLB account, you can watch the full game then fat forward to 2:13:15, by going to Yankees.com then the box score. On the right hand side, there will be links to other articles under the heading: Yankees Coverage. Under that click On ?MULTIMEDIA.? Just click the right game, fast forward, and watch me! I hate it though cuz all you see when I walk back to my seat are my boxers! I wish I could link it, but I don?t know how. After Yuniesky Betancourt made the final out, the game was over and I waited for the bullpen to empty out. No one from the bullpen threw me a ball, but while I was waiting, a guy popped up like a groundhog from the dugout, and rolled a ball over, which I grabbed for my sixth and final ball of the day.

    4 games (only two in which I attended BP)
    80 Career Balls
    9 Balls this Season
    2.5 (or 4.5) balls per game
    Competition Factor: 316,810

  52. puckcollector@optonline.net

    BTW, if anyone watches the video, im in a red sweatshirt.

  53. zackhample

    That’s the wisest thing anyone’s said on here for a while.

    Wait a second…I think I know. Maybe. Were we looking for the screens together?

    Five more balls…nice. But even better, you prevented a tragedy.

    Hope you had a good day at The Stadium. Let me know how it went.

    Those are cool, yes indeed, but I’ve never been a fan of sports video games.

    So…you write the same way in school as you do on this blog? Your punctuation WAS better in your last two comments, but you should leave a space between the period and the next sentence.

    I hope you’re not saying that David Wright is about to turn 30.

  54. zackhample

    You must’ve posted this comment as I was answering the others. Anyway, VERY COOL about the commemorative balls. I thought I saw some kid run down to the dugout and catch a ball that was tossed up, but it didn’t even occur to me that it might be you. That’s really annoying about the “Bobby!” confusion. People can be such dopes.

  55. gregb123

    Cool video, puck. Congratulations on being on TV for like 30 seconds with your ball.

  56. m3tsy5@yahoo.com

    O.o wow….zack…shame on you….shame shame shame…the 2nd hint and 3rd hint should’ve been giveaways…you going to shea during the reds series or the washington series? if so i might see you there…then maybe you’ll remember who this is…o_O

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