10,000th comment (and other stuff)

Every now and then, I like to look at my blog stats: number of entries, number of words, number of photos, number of hits, etc.

Well, I just discovered that there have been exactly 10,110 comments since I posted my very first entry way back in April of 2005…so I looked at the most recent comments and counted backwards to 110 and figured out who left No. 10,000. Want to know who it was? Keep reading and I’ll tell you toward the end of this entry. (Ohhh, the suspense!)

In other (media-related) news…

1) I just received a copy of the April issue of “D’backs Insider,” the official magazine of the Arizona Diamondbacks, which contains a full-page Q&A interview about my book and baseball collection.

2) I did another Q&A interview this month with a guy named Michael Solem who writes a Nationals blog for the Washington Post. The piece just came out earlier today, and here’s the link. Keep in mind that I did this interview by phone (as opposed to the D-backs interview which I sent in via email) so my answers are not especially eloquent.

3) On Monday, May 5th at 3:35pm ET, I’m going to be interviewed live for about 15 minutes on “The Jay Thomas Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio. If you don’t have Sirius…oh well.

And now, for the presentation of the GCA (Golden Commenter Award)…
The 10,000th comment was posted on April 17th, 2008 by a young man who goes by the name of “twinslove.” Here is that fateful comment (which, coincidentally, discusses other five-digit numbers):

Unfortunately, the Nationals are still failing to draw fans despite their brand new park. After failing to sell out the first game in the new park (the listed attendance on the Nationals website is 39,389; capacity over 41,000) they managed to draw 20,487 which is the lowest attendance ever for the second game in a new venue. Since opening night, they are averaging 26,351 which is 64% of capacity. Being a half season ticket holder, I am definitely disappointed in the turnouts.
Washington needs a title badly. The last time a professional team won was the 1991 Redskins.
Go Nats

BTW, the 9,999th comment was posted by “puckcollector,” and the 10,001st came from Alex.

I’ll be at Yankee Stadium tomorrow if the weather improves in time for BP…


  1. goisles

    Puck Collector will be bummed, but congrats TwinsLove.

    Well, I hope to make tomorrow’s Yankee game by the 3rd inning. Work is a bear, but it’s so hard to sell your tickets this early in the season for weeknight games in the cold.

    If you can find your way out on Wednesday, Puck Collector will be there, but I’m not sure how much of BP we’ll make and besides, he has seats on Saturday behind the visitors dugout where he snagged about 13 balls last season, so it should be interesting.

    Alas, I may not make make my first Yankee Stadium BP appearance on May 23 v. the Mariners, but I do get to see the Nationals new ballpark this weekend–although it’s not a snagging trip.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. gregb123

    Fatherpuck – If you’re interested, I’d be glad to take a few Yankee tickets off your hands in the near future, as long as its not too pricey. (Not for tommorow though, ‘cuz I’ll be snagging dozens of baseballs at Citizens Bank Park…) Would you be willing to sell one or two tickets for Friday night’s game?

  3. santanaf

    Man, I was so close to being 10,000, well congrats to twinslove, I guess I will just need to find another milestone to claim now ;-)

    Going to the Nats Braves game today, should be a small crowd because of poor weather.

  4. snagfan

    2008 Stats (to date)(Hample Snag Process):
    (9) Games
    (42) Balls Tot
    – (3) Gamers
    – (6) Glove Trick
    – (6) Thrown to by BP Coach (Vis dugout after BP)
    – (1) Easter Egg
    – (2) BP HR Balls Caught
    – (1) Ball Given away (Does not count in my totals)
    – (24) Balls thrown during BP
    – (2) Games w/ no BP..ugghhh I hate day games/rain…
    (Bobby Seay has thrown me a ball at (8) games this year..Also, I told Jason Grilli you said, “hello”….

    Mike in Detroit

  5. gjk2212

    haha thats funny, i was jut getting ready to post my stats on the first month.

    7 games
    6 at shea
    1 at yankee
    24 balls
    1 game with no bp
    0 gamers(ugh)
    4 bp homers
    i have multiple balls this year from nelson figueroa and ramon henderson

    hopefully i can add tonight, mets pirates. i have a feeling there will be bp, im hoping so. with johan on the hill theres a good foul tip chance, and i hope the recent weather keeps some folks away.

  6. puckcollector@optonline.net

    i want comment 20,000.

    my stats:

    2 game(only one with bp)
    (3) balls


    there probably wont be bp on saturday, but hopefull i can get a commemerative ball. where do the umps exit the field at Yankee? zack, ill try to find u tommorow.

  7. puckcollector@optonline.net

    if i had waited 45 minutes i could have had comment 10,000.

    imagine if you posted it!
    who has the most comments?

  8. beach71389

    I would like to thank Zack first of all… haha… I’m honored to have the 10,000th comment. I’ve been following since April 2005 and I have Zack to thank for my 30 career snags. Keep it up all

  9. boblheader

    Nice interviews for the D’Backs and Nats, I read some of the comments on that Nats blog and those people hate you. I think that they are just jealous that they aren’t doing the work and getting the balls. One person said, “Why does he feel he needs 10 ballas at each game?” I think that it’s a competition and for competitive people we want to be better than others/ourselves.

    Keep up the good work.

    –Phill in Utah–

  10. thomasb.

    I am going to the Pirates @ Nats game this Sunday. I was the one who started the commenting for twinslove haha. I said that the attendance was poor at Nats ballpark, thus leading twinslove to write his comment. I feel very grateful to change history in this way (not really ;-]). I am going to try and get 2 baseballs this time! That would be a feat for me if I do.

  11. goisles


    I’ve already sold for Friday night (going to DC), but I have next Thursday afternoon available against the Indians at 1 pm (May 8). I’ll also add your name to my general distribution list where I solicit friends for games I can’t make–which is too many this year. I especially love taking half-days off from work and going to the Stadium, but that’s not just going to happen this season, but I guess I should be happy I’ve got a good job Btw, the seats are Tier Reserve MVP Row G– almost right behind home plate–they cost me $25 each and I’ll sell at face value.

    On the plus side today, I got my invoice from the Yankees for All-Star week and got my same seats for all events. I don’t know how I’ll pay for it–unless I take Puck Collector’s graduation money, but we’ll figure that our later.

    Zack, hope you make it to the ballpark tomorrow!

  12. gjk2212

    great st see ya tonight..as you already know i got 4 and trevor got one…his was from xavier nady and mine were dave racaniello, moises alou, doug mientkiewicz, and tony beasley. and a bryan bixler auto. that “thing” you did was awesome, up in the loge, plus that kid was being soooooooo annoying to you. ill let you share in your game entry.

  13. puckcollector@optonline.net

    arods on the dl. are you still gonna go even though you cant catch an arod homer. if you’re there, ill walk around the lower concourse and look for you.

  14. canonmelky

    If you are going to yankee stadium i give you credit since it will still be crowded even though its early and cold , a-rod’s on the dl and the tigers are using cheap balls

  15. zackhample

    I ended up going to Shea Stadium last night, and I’ll have the entry up some time this afternoon (or early evening).

    I might be interested in buying a few tickets from you as well, and I might even be willing to pay more than face value…BUT…how close to game day would I be able to make a decision? I never really know that far in advance if I’m gonna go.

    I’m not going to ANY game today. Shea is boring, and if A-Rod isn’t playing, there isn’t any reason for me to suffer at Yankee Stadium. That said, I *might* be there on Friday and/or one or two games this weekend, though I can’t say why, ho ho ho. Sorry you missed out on the milestone comment, but at the rate we’re all going on this blog, comment No. 20,000 shouldn’t be that far away. I’m not sure who has the most comments (other than me). I could probably dig up that info, but it would take a while. Oh…and the umps exit at the outfield end of the Yankees’ dugout.

    I hope the weather wasn’t TOO bad for you last night.

    I love the stats and thanks for saying “hey” to Grilli for me, although I’m sure he had nooooo idea who you were talking about. :-)

    Great seeing you as well. Thanks for not spoiling the surprise of my upcoming blog entry by giving anything away here.

    Heh, thanks…and congrats again.

    I always ignore comments on other people’s blogs, especially when a blog (like the Washington Post’s) allows anonymous comments without making people sign in and provide an email address. People are always so negative. Doesn’t matter what the topic is. Could be politics or entertainment…or snagging baseballs. It’s the article (or interview) itself that matters, in my opinion. Anyway, thanks for checking them out.

    So I guess you get the assist on the milestone comment. Not sure if that’s something you can put on your résumé, but it counts for a lot here. Good luck on Sunday. Let me know how it goes.

    Oh well, no credit for me.

  16. santanaf


    Weather wasn’t too bad, just cold (its freakin almost May, why was is 50 degrees!). BP was dead, I really think those made in China training balls are meant to not travel as far, barely anything reached the seats. I only ended up with a single ball, but kept my streak alive at 38 games :-)

    I am headed out in a few to today’s “day” game. Its a 4:35 start, so I expect BP.

    Also, I am going to start hyping something now, but give you no clue on what it is. Let’s just say I had a great idea on the way to work yesterday. An idea I think a lot of people on this blog may like. We’ll see, but that is all I am saying for now, and it won’t be a quick idea, so there will be lots of hype by the time it is done, and I’m sure it won’t live up to it…

  17. gregb123

    Oy. What a tough night I had yesterday at Citizens Bank. I got five balls (one from Clay Condrey, one from Tad Iguchi, a BP HR, and two cup trick successes), but I was like six inches away from at least eight other balls. It was literally one of the most frustrating BP sessions I’ve ever had, and that’s saying something because I’ve been to so many games at Shea and Yankee Stadiums.

    In other news, I was planning on going to Yankee Stadium today and Friday, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen either day. Looks like my April is gonna end with a crappy day in Philly.

  18. thomasb.

    Well I have gotten out of school early which is always fun and now am leaving in about 5 minutes to go to the Nats game. I won’t make it to BP. I may not even see first pitch. First pitch is scheduled for 4:35. Luckily there shouldn’t be any traffic so I will most likely make first pitch. It still hasn’t reached above 60 degrees at any baseball game I have attended this year (college and MLB), but it will be warmer today. I will also be attending BP for the Sunday game vs. the Pirates. Well I have to get going, so happy snagging everyone!

  19. zackhample

    I have no idea what you’re getting at, and I can’t wait to find out.

    Oy indeed. I’d be REALLY annoyed if I traveled all the way to Philly for five stinkin’ balls. At this point, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied there unless I reach double digits. Anyway, sorry.

    Getting out of school early is the best. (Actually, not having to go to school at all is the best.) Hope you see a good game tonight.

    Aw, man, that’s a real bummer. Why couldn’t it have been Aaron Heilman instead?

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