Off to Orlando…

It’s 4:21pm. My flight from NYC to Orlando leaves in two and a half hours. First of three games between the Jays and Rays at Champion Stadium is tomorrow. I’ll be blogging about it as soon as I find some free time…


  1. gjk2212

    have fun with that. my official prediction-you break your record. i bet you could snag before the gates open though. good luck. im jealous.

  2. gregb123

    Good luck man. I have a feeling you’re gonna get more than 60 balls. Spring Training ballparks are unbelievable.

  3. nycautographcollector

    goood luck zack!
    have a good time

    my comp was in the shop the past 5 days so i never got to see the 28 game untill this afternoon and now i see why you dont wanna go to shea anymore

    too bad you just bought that new apartment in NYC you couldve just moved to washington

  4. gjk2212

    zack or anyone else who may be interested

    twins new park-look at those weird seats above the scoreboard in right center. they look curved or something.

    rays new park-it looks like a minor league park. theres only one level until much further back!

    side note-both of these are coming off of domes, theres gonna be a ton of rain delays/no batting practice.


    Good luck Zack! I have a feeling you’re going to have a field day! Hopefully you packed light so you don’t have to check a 2nd bag, and pay the new $50 or $100 fees that airlines are starting to add on for checking a 2nd bag!

    For anyone who’s interested, here’s a funny clip of a guy sitting in the front row seats in one of the upper deck railing sections at Fenway. He catches a foul ball, then is celebrating to everyone, and ends up dropping it! (The ump even calls time because the fans are all screaming!!!!)

  6. boblheader

    I’ve been a fan for awhile. I got bored at work last night and watched some of your video clips on YouTube. I noticed that when you were on Rosie, you told her that you like to keep the balls in their natural condition. But then in your most recent clip (CBS News) you were writing the “career” number on each ball. When did you start put the number on each ball? where do you write it on the ball? Do you keep the ball is some kind of order? i.e. this bucket holds # 2,500 – 2, 800?

    Good Luck in Florida. Are you going to Marlins games too?
    Phill in Utah

  7. deleted

    Zack (or anyone that’s been to a Rockies game, preferably away),

    Do you know if the Rockies are using World Series balls in BP? I might buy my first opposing teams hat soon in a quest for a world series ball! So any info on this topic anyone has would be helpful.

  8. zackhample

    Last night’s game was pretty good. I didn’t break any records, but I still had a decent performance. I also suffered a small (in the grand scheme of things) injury. I’ve already started working on the blog entry. Not sure if I’ll have it up before I leave for the game later this afternoon, but if not then, DEFINITELY by Thursday afternoon, so come back soon. I’ll also answer everyone’s comments at some point, but I might need a couple days. I’m really exhausted right now and need to get to bed.

  9. padreleigh


    I went to all three Rockies games in San Diego. I was looking for 2007 World Series balls in BP. I did not see ANY. I checked with pretty much everyone that got a ball and they were all regular balls. Maybe they’re not in their travelling bag and they only use them at home? Who knows. Anyone in Red Sox land know if the Red Sox are using World Series balls in BP? I’m going to the Red Sox/Rays game on Friday in Tampa. Hoping to get one there.




    I saw 1 sox game this year and they were using all minor league balls (eastern league) balls in bp and this was on the road. I think they only use reg major league baseballs at home. try and get ortiz to autograph some picture or some type of item.

    zack? are you going to any stadiums? camden or seattle?

    do you remember me? I asked a ques when u were on the radio? it is sanjib! I am 12 years old and love your blog.

    please stay in touch.

    sanjib getty
    زاك صخور بلادي الجوارب.


    زاك صخور بلادي الجوارب ، والابقاء على العمل العظيم وآمل ش

  12. deleted

    That sucks, that’s the whole reason I bought tickets to a Rockies game…. oh well there’s no use in not trying.

  13. zackhample


    So much for that prediction. At least the trip wasn’t a disaster, but MAN, the stadium was not an easy place at all. Thanks for those videos. Both ballparks look really interesting, and I can’t wait to go.

    Sixty balls?! You be smokin’. I almost got one of those softballs. I think it might’ve even tipped off my glove. I can’t remember. It was too painful. I’ve blocked the memory.

    Thanks and welcome back. Glad your computer is up and running again.

    I’m so bummed. That video is no longer there. Any chance you can find it somewhere else? I’d love to see it.

    I had about 1,500 lifetime balls when I was on Rosie. Once I snagged ball #2,000 a few years later, I started marking them. I always mark the ball on the same spot: all the way to the left of the logo, just before the seams near the sweet spot. I don’t store the balls in any type of numbered order, but that’s an excellent question. I wish I did, but there’s just not enough room (nor do I have anough time) to be that organized. No Marlins games for me on this trip. Not sure when (or even if) I’ll ever make it back down to Dolphin Stadium.

    I wonder if that couple gave a reward to the staff that found the rings. That would’ve been nice.

    I’ve heard from someone who knows someone who collects balls at Coors Field…and there have not been ANY 2007 World Series balls in use. Bummer, huh?

    I haven’t heard about World Series balls in Boston.

    Good to hear from you again. Eastern League balls? Really?! That’s bizarre…and annoying. I’ll definitely make it down to Camden this season, but probably not Safeco.

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