Bonds, money, tragedy

bonds_762_auction.jpgThe two-week auction for Barry Bonds’ 762nd home run ball has ended, and an anonymous bidder bought it for $376,612. That’s not a complete disaster, but given the ball’s potential, it must be kinda disappointing for Jameson Sutton, the young man who snagged it on September 5, 2007 at Coors Field. I have no doubt that if Bonds were officially retired (or banned from ever playing again in the Major Leagues) and bidders KNEW that this would indeed be his final home run ball, it would’ve sold for much more.

Unfortunately, I have some terrible/related news that you might not hear IN the news: Jameson’s father Dave, who had recently been battling cancer, passed away three days ago.

I’m pretty sure Jameson would appreciate knowing that he has some fellow baseball collectors scattered across the country who are thinking about him, so if there’s anything on your mind that you want to share with him, go ahead and leave it in a comment, and I’ll tell him to check it out…


  1. padreleigh

    Hi Jameson. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad. I’ll say a prayer for him and your family. I’m glad you were able to prosper from the sale of your baseball. Perhaps you could do something nice for some charity in your father’s name? Hang in there. I’ll be thinking about you.

    Leigh Barratt
    San Diego, CA

  2. nycautographcollector

    wow, jameson im so sorry to hear about the loss of your father…i definately agree with leigh and i think that the money could greatly help someone else in need and/or could help the world as we still fight to find a cure for cancer…but congrats on the sale and im sure you will find a worthy way to put that money to a great cause…you have a good head on your shoulders and you’ll be able to pull through it…again, im so sorry to hear about your loss, and im sure your father will be forever greatful that you were willing to part ways with that ball for whatever amount of money it was to help a worthy cause…and thats all you could ever ask for…you and your family are in my thoughts Jameson. may your father rest in peace

  3. gjk2212


    I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your father. I am very glad to hear that you were able to sell the home run ball, and I’m sure your father was and is very proud of you for it. If, as Leigh mentioned, there is any charity in his name or anything of the sort, please let us or Zack know, I will be more than willing to donate. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck, you can pull through this.


  4. thomasb.

    Sorry to hear about your father Mr. Jameson. Now you can give your dad a nice funeral with the money won on the bid. I’m sure he would love that.

    Thomas from D.C.

  5. thomasb.

    Well I am leaving for the Nats game in less than an hour. My goal is to get atleast 2 balls. I’ll be happy if I can get one. It is supposed to be in the low fifties today, plus the Nats are 3-9 (something like that), AND last home game’s attendance was like 15k or something ridiculously low. So I’m thinking two will be an alright goal. I have no idea what security is like down in the lower sections. I also have a question, do you ever get balls from the ball boy/girl Zack? Have you ever tried since they only give balls to little kids who barely know where left field is.

  6. deleted

    Jameson, sorry to hear about the news. It’s important to think of the good things that you did with him. You got to share one of the biggest snags in the WORLD with him. I’m sure he was very proud of you. Just think how few people have snagged a 700+ homer ball? (Zack’s one of them!) That’s something that most people will never get to experience in their life. And you snagged the ball that is currently the Major League record!

    Hang in there Jameson, we’re thinking of you here.

  7. meikd423

    just remember everything good about your father and make something good out of this. do something big that he would really like if he were here, even though he is in spirit.

  8. thomasb.

    Nice point cubs. Only 100 or so people, probably less, have caught a 700+ ball. I’m sure that is one of the greatest moments with him. Whenever I would miss my dad when I was younger, I would think of the first baseball game we ever went to together and I was immediately happy. Baseball is the cure for any of my problems.

    Today at the Nats game wasn’t too bad. I went immediately to the right field wall upon entering the stadium. There Jeff Barratt and Blaine Boyer where ****-chatting throughout BP. About 5 balls came to the wall, I yelled out their names multiple times asking politely if they would give me the ball. No luck. I waited there knowing that a home run would eventually come my way, since it was the left handers power ally. Lo and behold a ball came sailing towards me- 10 feet over my head. I lazily jumped to no avail and then the ball bounced off of a seat back onto the stadium. Blaine Boyer (56, Braves) got the ball and I yelled his name out many times. Side note – In right field, there is a massive scoreboard that shows various scores from around the league, so the right field wall is about a foot away from the seats so the scoreboard won’t be sticking out in the outfield. Keeping that in mind, Boyer threw me the ball and it was about an inch short and hit off of hte tip of my glove. He chuckled to himself and then threw it again to my head that time. My first and only ball of the season. He had another one in his hand, and a three year old was a couple seats to my left trying to get a ball. I yelled out “how about one for hte kid?” Him and Jeff were very to themselves, so he just walked away. I then tried my own little jinx on Jeff Barratt, and it worked. The Braves starting pitcher got injured in the first inning, and Jeff came in and walked in two runs. Boyer, on the other hand, got three quick outs to take it into the ninth, so the jinx worked. So far, the Nats have only won games that I have attended….

  9. meikd423

    i saw your comment from the last entry. my mom was at the game today too and she said she saw you. well, she said she saw a kid with red hair that was there on opening day and i knew it was you. she said that she saw you in the loge. and congrats on the commemorative ball. i got one from seth mclung last friday. are you going to any games next weekend?

    P.s sorry if im offending anyone by leaving a comment that isnt about jameson and his dad.

  10. meikd423

    that last comment was actually goislanders i just mess the name up because i was experimenting with things on

  11. utahsteeler

    Jameson….It seem life can give and take so fast. You have experienced a high and low in a short period of time. Think of all the good days and events with your Dad. He would be very proud of you for all your accomplishments. Hang in there, I know it is a very tough time.


    james my son spread his ashes @coors field and point skyward after you catch a ball /catch hollidays 700 th in about 10 years or helton? have a whiskey shot for me ,

  13. .

    Jameson …… sorry to hear about his passing. Everyone with the Dodgers Minor League Inland Empire 66ers wish you and your family the best!

    We also just lost someone close to our baseball family, longtime 66ers season ticket hold John L. Dial

    His In Memorium is on our new MLBlog:

    Dodgers of the Future
    Inland Empire 66ers

  14. zackhample

    Thanks (on Jameson’s behalf) for the comments.

    Thanks for the recap of your recent snagging outing, and as for the ball boys/girls, I don’t even bother with them. There’ve been a few times when I got one of them to toss me a ball before the game, but during? No way.

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