New format?!


My blog has a totally new format, and it came as a shock. I suspect I’ll grow to like it, but right now it’s annoying because I have to relearn how to blog on here. All my settings are screwy…like, for example…I now have the option of approving comments, which is cool, but I actually have to figure out HOW to approve them. So if you’ve left a recent comment and you don’t see it, hang tight. I’m working on it. Right now, I’m still in Louisiana for this weekend-long wedding, and I’m exhausted, and I have to wake up early for a final brunch and then go back to my hotel room and pack and leave for the airport. Hopefully I’ll have everything worked out soon.



    Greg, i might be there at 4:30 on Wed. Is there even room to catch? I could have Baseball practice(probably not), and i need to talk with my cousin about hat time e is willing to pick me up at Grand Central , or hopefully Harlem 125, cuz thats shorter metro north and subway ride. i’ll let you know on Wed, what time i’ll be there. I all jittery just thinking about BP.

    BTW, the new format isn’t great, but i think we’ll all learn to like it.

  2. gjk2212

    wow…yeah my other comment didnt come up when i looked and i thought i screwed up lol…i cannot wait for opening day tomorrow, just to watch the mets!

  3. stros_bro

    Whoa, new layout is different for sure… from looking around the other blogs, I like the layout of the non-pro versions better… but that’ just my opinion.


    Where’s the Hit counter? I also don’t like the format for your photo galleries.


    YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN BLOG FOR FREE NOW! I’m not sure if you have limitations, like not being able to post pics, but that would be cool to add pictures to comments, post them on another blog, and just post a link to it here.


    the new nats park doesn’t look good for snagging, high walls, a bullpen in left, and it looks like they have a flowerbox, or a gap at the wall like the flowerbox in Philly.

  7. gjk2212

    yeah puckcollector your right in a way…there is little corners on the rf/lf lines i saw that look decent pretty pumper to go there tho, either april 23-24, or august 13-15 when the mets are there

    and yeah im not a big fan of the new format

  8. meikd423

    this kinda *****. mlb is renewing all the sites like and stuff, and its really annoying


    I was at that coliseum game on Sat. The baseball watching experience was absolutely amazing and unique. And I did get some amazing autos(Okajima on a Special 07 official WS ball and a ROMLB and other dodgers alumni at signing event). I also went to the Dodger-Angel game last Thur. I FINALLY got russle martin’s autos, I am really happy.

    I will share picures and writing up about the event within next 3 days. I am absolutely exhausted now that I did a lot of walking in last 3 days. My legs are so sore that I could barely walk today.


    It looks like they’re about to roll out the tarp at Yankee Stadium. It doesn’t look like there will be BP today. Not good for the baseball snaggers!

    So Zack is your first game of the year Red Sox opening day??

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