Moving (the illustrated version)

Yes, I woke up at 6am and watched the Red Sox beat the A’s. And yes, I’m still planning to share some pics from the Bonds 762 press conference I attended a couple weeks ago. But I have to say…baseball is one of the last things I’m thinking about. Just today, I had Time Warner come and pick up my old cable box. Then a window repair man came over and gave an estimate for some work I need to have done. (Ouch.) Later this afternoon, UPS is coming to pick up the wall-mount that Best Buy mistakenly shipped last week for my new TV. (At least they sent the right TV.) And later this evening, I’ll be running a writing group meeting in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Tomorrow, I have to go to Crate & Barrel and buy a dining table and an L-shaped couch…maybe even some chairs, a coffee table, and a couple end tables for my bedroom. And then, the day after, I’ll be flying to Louisiana for my half-brother’s wedding. So the press conference pics will have to wait…and I’ll quickly leave you with a few images from my move. The first issue was my Arkanoid machine, and if you click here, you can see a pic of it taken last year in my old apartment with “King of Kong” star Billy Mitchell on one side and me on the other. The machine weighs a little over 300 pounds (the monitor alone weighs 45), and it’s very fragile so the movers packed it up with extra care.

In the pic below, one of the movers is putting a plastic sheet over it (top left), followed by tape and a blanket (top right). The fully-protected machine then sat outside my front door (bottom left) and waited patiently downstairs in the lobby (bottom right).


I was nervous as the movers wheeled the machine out into the street and loaded it into the truck…


…but it survived the short trip to my new place:


That was Wednesday, March 19th. My old apartment was finally empty except for the magazine pages and my rubber band ball. I went back for a final look…


…then had a few friends over…


…to help me save a few of the pages…


…and tear down the rest:


At one point, I was frolicking in a gigantic pile of crumpled pages with at least three or four lovely ladies, but alas, no one has sent me any pics yet, so you’ll have to settle for this one…


…which I took just before diving in. I know what you’re thinking, but you have to believe me; certain baseball collectors have been known to get just as much lovin’, if not more, than other members of the general population.

As for the rubber band ball…
The movers offered to take it for me, but my friends suggested that I roll it to my new place, which was just ten blocks away, so I did. But first I had to protect it–with Saran Wrap and clear packing tape–from the grime and roughness of the NYC sidewalks:


The ball weighs 209 pounds (23-inch diameter) so I got a nice little workout.

In the pic below, I’m carefully letting gravity take it down my front steps (top left), trying to flatten my friend Dania (white coat, top right) a la Indiana Jones, walking slowly behind it as it rolls across 70th Street & Broadway (bottom left), and watching my girlfriend Jona struggle with it (bottom right).


And yes, I’ll be waking up tomorrow at 6am again, even though baseball is one of the last things I’m thinking about.



    Terrific pics! Love those mag-faces-etc-covered walls! And the R.B.Ball rollin’ rollin’ rollin’. Looks like you’ve got life buy the short hairs, mon!


    hahaha i could see a rubber band ball rolled by you down the crowded streets lol

    i hate the baseball in tokyo thing but i really want one of the balls greg linked from the last entry. i have 0 commemorative balls, only normal and training balls. just my luck.

    anyway good luck in your new place


    Did anyone see the guy that caught the first home run hit last night? The one Hunter Ellis hit. He had on a sort of Where’s Waldo shirt ala Zack. Ha ha. It was also nice to see that Red Sox kid get his first career home run back. It bounced back onto the field from the stands. Hey, all you Little Leaguers and high school players out there, DON’T sit there and stare at your hit like Manny did last night in the 10th. He thought it was gone, but of course, it hit the wall and stayed in play. I’m surprised he even got to 2nd. Nice comeback for the Sox against Huston Street. Glad to see baseball is back.



    I would also be very nervous if they were moving MY Arkanoid machine, if I one haha. Today is the ONE day my school’s internet is down. The ONE day I can actually check for a baseball score. I was very angry and I had science first period with the worst science teacher, so my day wasn’t very good for the first few periods. We also had some very interesting conversations in Family Life Education.

    Were people looking at you like you were crazy with your rubber band ball? I would love to roll that thing down NYC. Do you have any pics of moving some of your baseballs? Or are those in your parents place.


    Judging by the pics, it looks like you scored a place on Park Avenue? If so, you are indeed doing well! Congrats.


    Good news Mets fans!! Penthouse Magazines MLB Preview has the Mets picked to win the NL East. They have the Padres 4th in the NL West. Rats. As you all know Penthouse is known for its baseball knowledge so I am really scared. Ha ha. Two hours until the Sox/A’s game 2. I love getting paid to watch baseball at work. Later Zack.



    Nice pics Zack. So did anyone comment on the rubber band ball, or was that just a ho hum thing for NYC?

    Padreleigh, there’s articles in Penthouse? LOL


    i bet you had a good time ripping those magazines down…kinda like passing of a new torch. maybe a symbolic meaning to the end of an era start of a new one?

    anyway the new place looks nice. how high up are you?

    anyway i come home from college in a week and i get to go in for the d-rays at the hotel 2 times and im so pumped. i have so much stuff for them and i think i could easily get 60-75 autos per day. maybe 125 for the series. that would be insane. but lets not get carried away. ill take 60 for the two days and be happy.

    the only thing that will not make me happy is if they send down scott dohmann and keep grant balfour up. i have nothing for balfour and like 18 cards for dohmann…that would just irritate me


    mark ellis is the player not hunter…but yea at like 6:20 in the morn my first thought was “was that zack?”



    well my season doesnt begin until april 8th, the home opener at shea. there should be bp since they arent playing the night before.

    anyway, manny hit 491 today. first month he plays-

    @ oak, @ tor, home vs det and nyy, @ cle and nyy, home vs tex and laa, @ rays and home vs tor

    are you planning to go for his 500th, if it might come at yankee stadium? yankees-sox? i know you’re a big fan from the world series post last year..


    There was a Mets commercial at the isles game that called Billy Looper (Wagner) the Sandman. C’mon. He’s terrible, yet he steals the nickname of the greatest closer of all time? do any Mets fans actually call him the Sandman?


    well no, not really…but i do have a picture of the board at shea calling him that once…during bp…


    yea noone calls him sandman…and you cannot seriously continue to call one of the greatest closers in baseball of all time “terrible”

    2.40 ERA 358 saves 39-36

    dont even begin to say that hes a bad closer…hes certainly a hall of fame closer and one of the most feared in the game even today so saying that hes “terrible” is terrible on your part


    Yeah, but he’s like trevor. he’s been bad when it matters. his ERA is 9.58 in the playoffs, and 9 in the ASG. Mariano’s Era in the Postseason is .77. Wagner may be a hall of famer and only MO has a lower carrer ERA, but he is not the Sandman, nor should he or the Mets think he is.


    Thanks for taking us along, as you always do. Baseball collectors get more lovin’? I gotta try this…:)


    he is an elite closer in the game…i dont care what they call him

    btw…all star game stats count for jack $h!+



    Thanks for saving me!! Mark Ellis. My bad. Who the heck is Hunter Ellis? That just stuck in my head for some reason. The mind is a terrible thing….to waste. Ha ha.

    Puck Collector…

    Good call on Trevor. He can’t come through when it COUNTS. I can’t wait for him to retire. Mariano Rivera is WAY BETTER. He’s clutch.



    haha no prob, theyre early games. i called manny ramirez hanley a good 10 times

  19. Zack

    I’m leaving for the airport in 112 minutes. I’ll try to post an entry or at least answer comments from the road…


    From a USA Today article published earlier this afternoon: “The Yankees will mark [the final season at Yankee Stadium] with commemorative baseballs for every home game. They feature a logo of the stadium’s original entrance, and the Yankees will wear a patch with the same emblem on their left sleeves. … Over in Queens, the New York Mets will do a similar thing at Shea Stadium, which opened in 1964 and will close after this season. … The ready-made souvenirs will get put into play at Yankee Stadium on Monday against Toronto and be used through the finale Sept. 21 versus Baltimore.” Cool.

    In other news, I’ll be at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday night against the Blue Jays. I’ll do my best to get a game-used baseball.

    Puckcollector – I can’t believe I almost wrote 3,200 words in that comment.


    Greg, i will also be at Yankee Stadium on Wed., but C;mon, i thought i would have the whole place to myself. Look forward to meeting you.


    Well, two baseballs games in two days. Tomorrow I am leaving around 4:30 to catch the O’s @ Nats for the first MAJOR league game to be played there. Then on Sunday I want to leave at 3:30 for the 8:05 game because I need to get there very very early. I should get there then about 4 hours before game time. Bush is throwing out the first pitch, I’m calling that if he throws a strike, a Republican is going to win the next presidency, and if he throws a ball, a Democrat is going to win the next presidency. One of my Grandma’s coworkers (well, her boss) also has season tickets to the Nats, but his seats are a little better than mine ;-), so he is going to take me. Hopefully he will be willing to see some BP and a long line.

  23. Thomas

    Hey Zack, was watching the ‘Stros and they interviewed a kid in the stands who was wearing a Tigers hat because he was on the tigers side (at MMP in Houston) so he could get autographs. Not sure if he got the idea from you or not, just thought it was worth mentioning.

    Good luck with the move.

    ‘Stros Bro


    Puckcollector – Cool. Should be fun to finally meet you. Will you be there early? I’ll be outside Gate 6 by 4:30, so if you’re there too, we could always play catch, etc. Are you going alone?

  25. gjk2212

    whoa! whats up with this new mlblogs thing??

    haha, im not sure i like it, but i guess itll take some getting used to..

    civil rights game is on…only game all year i can understand that the announcers havent said one word about whats going on on the field.

    greg and puckcollector-i was considering yankee stadium wednesday, second game of season always has a low crowd, but i cant get season wont start til april 8th home opener at shea.

    db3par-i think i posted it here a while back, that nationals park will open 4 hours before the game on the first night. just an fyi.

    anyone else think its weird they are playing one game tomorrow night there, then they go to philly the next day?? why not stay for a series?

  26. padreleigh


    Scored 4 balls at the Padres exhibition game vs the Angels. Caught two and picked up two after they hit the seats. Pretty good practice. Got to see TC too. I’m sure you had a good time in Louisiana. Hope the bride and groom weren’t related. Looking forward to Monday.


  27. thomasb.

    Woah, your blogged has become “pro”. Anyway, just got back from the Nats first game in their new stadium. My gramps and I took a wrong turn and ended up in the players’ tunnel where they go to the clubhouse and a Nats player passed us and nodded at me. The stadium has a place called “StrikeZone” where there are two batting cages with a machine pitched and it has a projector that shows a video of a pitcher pitching to you. I took a go at Pedro. I was kinda scared though because the kid before me got hit twice in the legs. Ouch. There were also two pitching things where you could try and strikeout various batters. Bonds hit one out on me. 66 mph fastball up and in. It was actually more up than in. The fastest pitcher there threw 74 to A-Rod, who ended up hitting one out on him. The stadium has the best food by far. Dippin Dots, Five Guys, and then various other park owned concession stands. Tomorrow is opening day, and I gotta tell you, the metro was already crowded with about only HALF of whats going to be at opening day, so that is going to be interesting. A little side note, my grandma is claustrophobic, so that should make it even MORE interesting…. This park is also more pitcher friendly, like RFK. Anyway, I have to go to bed, early morning tomorrow. Try outs for this travel team, then leaving at 5 p.m. for the game. Couldn’t go at 3:30 like I had planned.

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