For months, there’s been an all-out manhunt for the fan who snagged Barry Bonds’ final home run ball. (If you need proof, click here and here and here; even the LA Times ran a story about it last week). The news is that my own story should be running later today and I’m being flown to Denver for tomorrow’s press conference. Not sure if I’m allowed at this point to give any details, so just be on the lookout…



    jake from sf dropped it, who has the golden ticket ? colorado ballhog 1 2 or 3?


    I think i remeber seeing the guy who I think has it when i went to Denver. Man I feel bad for Jake. He heard the footsteps.


    I was talking to my mom while I was going to the game at Hammond Stadium the other day, and she said she would ride the metro with me to the stadium so I could get there early, and then she would ride back. I’m sure you could act like you have the 762nd ball. You have 3200+, you could get a ticket from a Colorado game, scan it, change the date or something. It could work (I know it can’t)!


    Since everyone posting here has an account, you can look up Bonds’ game log from last year and view 762. Three guys were fighting for the ball.



    Going back to the previous entry, we were at the Cooperstown Hall of Fame traveling exhibit in Philadelphia last weekend, and they had an exhibit stating that the Cubs were the first to allow fans to keep baseballs in 1916. That seems like a really good source to me. You can also check it out here, where the precise date is listed as April 29, 1916.

    Another source is National Park Service’s historic landmark program.

    You, of all people, should be ashamed!!!!!!!!!!


    hahahahahaahhaahahahaha goislander I find your youtube name a bit amusing. Zackhampleforpresident


    Are all of you guys (and gals) out there aware of how freaking exciting this is?! Oh My God. I want the details, Zack… HURRY! ( I think I just peed on myself…)


    Hi everyone. I’m confused. What do you mean by “The news is that my own story should be running later today.” What story do you mean? Did you write a story about the ball? I don’t get it? Help?



    well i hope i didnt ruin the suprise…but now that i look you wrote the article!!!!! holy $#!+

  10. Zack

    I just posted a new entry with everything you need to know.


    Yeah, basically.


    It’s been a looooong process.


    A golden ticket, indeed.


    Don’t feel bad for Jake. He’s a bully.


    No deception here. I’m just the guy TELLING the story.


    Good stuff, as usual.


    Good point. Everyone should definitely check out the footage, if possible.


    Hmm. I don’t know what to think. I’ve seen lots of stories that state otherwise.


    Thanks for the Gustavo news, and congrats on being the first person on this blog to find my story. How’d you do it?


    Ewww. But good, I think, given the context.


    You were exactly right. I wrote a story about the ball.


    While I’d love to post a new “Gustavo Watch” and describe your latest failure, I’m kinda busy right now with more important things. Have a safe flight to Syracuse.

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