In my last entry, I mentioned that I’d been asked to write the foreword to a baseball book that’s coming out this spring. Well, as soon as I agreed to do it, I was told that my name would be added to the book on Amazon (among other places).
It’s finally there.

Now, if you search for me on Amazon, you’ll see Watching Baseball Smarter as well as this other book called Major League Baseball: An Interactive Guide to the World of Sports. And if you click the title of the other book, this is what you’ll see (minus the red arrow which I added for effect):


I hope everyone’s enjoying Spring Training. I’m still overwhelmed with a few other things at the moment, but I’ll get back into baseball(s) mode soon.



    Just got back from Yanks @ Twins game. Very disappointing. First off, the Twins did very very bad and lost 6-4. Second, my camera ran out of batteries, so there are no pics of today’s game. Mauer didn’t start so I was also disappointed in that, but hey, I’d rather have him for the season than Spring Training. There were more Yankees fans than Twins fans, even though it was a Twins home game. There was a BoSox fan walking around with a sign that said “This is Red Sox Nation”. Loottsss of boos and curses. Boofie did pretty bad letting up 2 earned runs I believe it was. This stadium (Hammond Field) was the nicest minor league ballpark I’ve ever been to (home of the Miracle, the Twins A club). It had a waterfall entrance, speed pitch (I got marked up at 71), and the field was really nice. Where should I post pictures? How would I get them on the internet? I have a mac so it’s pretty easy to load all of the pics on, its just getting them onto here is what I don’t know.


    First of all, thanks for the Korean, Zack. Secondly, no, we shouldn’t count my Spring Training balls in our friendly competition (but they do count in my season stats).

    db3par – I’d really like to see your pics of Hammond Stadium (I’ll be there next Sunday).


    Hi Zack….

    Good call on the MLS. I almost made it to 2. I’ll work on that. That’s about my average per game. I’ll try to up it this year. I was checking you out on Amazon. Looks like there are none of your first book available again. I’m glad I found mine. After you sign it, I should put it on Amazon and make some coin. Then again, I could just keep it. Hmmmm.

    Tracey Collins Becky…

    I saw you almost get Kouzmanoff’s HR today. So close.

    Puck Collector…

    Nice snag on the stick and puck 98.


    Sounds like you’re having fun in my home state of Florida. Have you snagged any balls yet? Any more autos?

    Take care everyone…



    i am very depressed to be back in new jersey after a great spring training trip. i hate new jersey!


    Hammond Stadium is really nice. Who are you going to see there? If it’s any of the big teams, Mets, Yankees, or Red Sox, then you need to get there wayyy before 1:00. We got there at around 12:55 and there was a 30 car line to get into the stadium. I was getting dropped off so we luckily didn’t have to deal with parking. The stadium is foul ball friendly. The net only goes to each dug out and doesn’t go up to the press box horizontly (sp). The best place to get foul balls would be in sections 104-102 and 112-114. Foul balls usually fly off the bats if they go in those directions, so be alert. Yeah, sorry, I don’t have pictures because my camera ran out of battery (like i said in previous entry).

    I am going to to be depressed when I get back to Virginia. Cold, rainy, school (especially). I still have 2.5 days left in this perfect weather.


    Oh yeah… Today is the O’s vs (or @, idk which) Dodgers. I’m not too excited about this one because it might rain. My mom and I are leaving here pretty soon to drive across the state to Fort Lauderdale. I went over the spending limit yesterday. Woops. So I most likely won’t be getting as much money ;-). I bought a Twins spring training hat, peanuts, a Twins t-shirt (I don’t have nearly enough of those), and Gatorade.
    Well I have to go get ready to leave for ft. Lauderdale. Have fun in ST everyone!


    db3par – Thanks for the tips. I’ll be there on Sunday (the 16th) for a noon game against the Blue Jays. And I’ll probably be there by like 8am. The foul ball scene sounds good. Hopefully I’ll be able to sit in one of those sections you mentioned.

  8. Nick

    db3par- you can load your pictures onto my mlblog… ill email you the information and whatever


    Hey Zack,

    I haven’t been around in a little while. Very sorry to hear about Jona’s mom. My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

    Congrats on the foreward. Very cool.

    The Colts are selling parts of their stadium on their website. Two random seats are going for $395. That means 2 Mets seats from Shea will probably go for $750!!! Two Yankees seats will probably soar over $1,000!

  10. Zack

    Rule Number One: Always charge the battery before heading out (unless you charged it the day before and hardly used it). Sorry to hear that your Twins game was overrun with Yankee fans. Better luck today…


    You’re welcome. (What ever became of our competition last year? Shouldn’t there have been a ceremony at which I was crowned the winner?)


    Feel free to use me to make some coin, but I might make you buy me a hot dog in Orlando. :-)


    I’d probably hate any place compared to Spring Training.


    Wow, that is a LOT of money for a seat. Makes total sense for the teams to sell them. Personally, I’d pay NOT to have a Shea seat in my home. Yuck. Thanks for thinking of Jona and her family. I’ll pass that along (if she doesn’t see it herself in the comments), and good to hear from you again.


    close only counts in horseshoes leigh,,i m watching the white sox comcast video its braking up


    Heh. Funny about the ceremony. I think if *I* won, there should have been a ceremony! But you were expected to win.


    I don’t have much time since my mom and I are in Fort Lauderdale now and we are going to head to the beach before it gets dark. I am going to post all of my pictures tomorrow or later tonight from my brother’s (Nick) mlblogs account. I’ll put his link in a comment here when I post the pictures.


    The last game at Yankee Stadium, might not be by the Yanks. Intresting.

    I read The MLS entry, and greg said that you only count game that you tried to snag at in your average, but my question is if you miss BP and you only try to snag DURING the game (ie. foul balls, end of inning balls) does that count as half a game, maybe a quarter of a game, or should it count as a full game? How bout a commentter snagging contest, cuz Zack will probably outsnag us all.


    puckcollector – I’m not really sure what you’re asking, but all I was saying is that I don’t figure in all the games that I went to before I even knew about the world of snagging, simply because I have no idea how many games I’d been to before I started collecting (and documenting my collection).


    Greg, I get waht ur saying.

    i was trying to say that since i can’t take the subway alone(ughh!)i can’t attend BP for most Yankee games. Therefore I significatnly lower my chance at a ball. If i stay in my seat the entire game, and dont go for balls, then it doesn’t count against my average. Bt, if I sit behind the dugout and go for foul and warmup balls but don’t het any (or even if i get 15)does that game only count as half a game against my average because i didn’t attend BP? Of maybe it should count as a quater of a game depending on how many balls you average before and after BP.

    Hope that cleared it up


    One last thing. When I was in Philly, there was an exibit straight from the hall of fame. They had tons of stuff, including A CUP TRICK! maybe i can get into the hockey hall of fame.

    Also, what was the first team to let fans keep balls, and what year was it. You better know this zack.


    OK. I have found a way to put all of my pictures (well, the first day) into the world wide web. I used the iWeb feature on a mac, and just made 3 welcome pages (they have the most space and less stuff to delete). I had to make three different sites in order for it work. Here they are:

    There is the first day of spring training. Yes, yes, hate me, but my camera didn’t have any batteries for day two against the Yanks. I was very saddened. I have some photos of day three that I will put on after I’m done doing my make-up homework (BLEH).

    PS: The camera I used stinks because my mom got it for her trip to Bangcok via her company. It’s a Coolpix3100.

  19. Zack

    Well said.


    Yeah, and the Mets were “expected” to win the NL East last year.


    Nice pics! Birds heckling fans…classic. Also nice to see a pic of you. Fine looking jersey you got there.


    If I couldn’t make it to a game in time for batting practice, I wouldn’t bother going, so the “partial game” stats are irrelevant as far as my collection is concerned. But I feel your pain with the whole subway situation. I didn’t get permission to ride the subway to games by myself until I was 14. I forget how old you are, but I figure you’re pretty close to that. As for the the answer to your question: 1921 Giants.


    Get ready for something big big BIG within the next 24 hours or so…


    db3par – You went to McKechnie Field too? I’ll be there on Monday. Any tips?

    Zack – Touche.


    My grandma doesn’t want to go to opening day 1 hour before gates open like I do (Nats opening day). So she decided that I should get dropped off at the metro station nearest my house, ride it to the new Nats ballpark (I’d have to change lines a couple of times). My mom doesn’t want me doing that. So I don’t have permission to ride, and I’m 14. But as to the getting to the ballpark an hour before gates open, is that too early or late? I would like to be one of the first one’s in line. Also, the exhibition game is the day before, so will they do BP? If they are, I want to get there early too. If you don’t know about BP, then it’s ok. I will survive.


    so i got bored last night and went back and read the entire series at chase field that you went to where you broke the records

    good times


    Sorry about Jona’s mom. Losing a mom *****…you only get one! And when it rains, it pours…good luck with the move–I want pics of the rubber band ball rolling up Bway. Fla was lots of fun, as Clif has mentioned. Next year?

    db3par–tell your grandma to be cool…go early! it’s only one day. good luck!


    Well acording to the HOF it was the 1916 Cubs.

    And the Dc subway is probably safer (and cleaner) than the 4 train through Harlem and the Soth Bronk. At the New Stadium, there are adding a Metro North Yankee train, so i can take that from my house alone, but next year, my parents better let me ride the subway, so it only makes a differnce at CitiField.

    An hour before the first game in a stadium is WAY too late


    db3par – Is there any chance that you noticed where the umpires entered from/exited the playing field (not the stadium, just the field) at either Hammond Stadium or McKechnie Field? Also, any tips in general for McKechnie? Seems like a nice place.


    I completely agree with you, but she likes things the way she wants. Compulsive, I know.


    Yeah probably since it is the opening of the new stadium. I’ll see what happens day of.


    Umm, the players had to get to the club houses through the outfield (this is McKechnie). I would assume they go out of the home club houses. The whole stadium is accessable. Hammond is way more officially run. It is pretty much like a regular game. Yesterday’s game at Fort Lauderdale stadium (O’s home) was probably the easiest stadium to get balls at. I wasn’t really there to get balls or autos (just Mauer), so I can’t help you at all there. It is easy to just sit back and have fun.

  27. Zack



    That’s a real bummer about not getting to go early.


    VERY good times. Thanks for taking another look.


    Thanks, yeah…I’ll pass along your words to Jona. Next year? Could happen…


    I question the source!



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