Citi Field — 13 months to go

I went to Citi Field yesterday, and here’s what I saw, starting with the view from the #7 train as it pulled into the station:


One of the main ramps from the elevated station had been removed–a ramp that once provided an excellent view–but I still got a good look from a familiar staircase:


Let’s go Mets, indeed.


Citi Field was surrounded by a chain-link fence. Sometimes I stuck my camera through or held it high above for a clear shot, but not here:


Behold Citi Field’s main entrance–the Jackie Robinson Rotunda:


The clockwise trek around Shea/Citi was underway…


Shea never looked so old and tired:


Light at the end of the tunnel:


Another look at both stadiums:


There were flatbed trailers ALL over the place, loaded with pre-assembled brick arches and beams (and there wasn’t anyone telling me not to walk right up to them and take pics):


Fun in the Flushing sun:


North side of Citi Field:


The upper deck still needs some work:


East edge of the Citi Field complex:


I have no idea what this is going to be, but I think it’s in deeeeeeep right-center field:


The surrounding neighborhood welcomes Citi Field to its thriving community:


Yo, dat’s brite!


Future parking lot:


View from underneath the elevated subway tracks:


Thirteen months until I get to snag there:


By the way, if you want to see how fast the construction has been moving, here’s what Citi Field looked like 11 months ago.



    Hey Zack:

    Spring is in the air… Thanks for posting the excellent photos of the new stadium. I can tell that your just itching to snag!


    Hi Zack…

    What’s all that white stuff on the ground? Also, I think you were there 14 months ago, not 11, but I graduated from UCF so my math could be suspect.



    I can’t believe you brought your glove ;-)

    And I like the name of that first picture. “John Rocker Express”


    leigh- i think the white stuff is snow…

    anyway i love the “and the surrounding area welcomes citi field to its thriving community”

    thats priceless


    Should’ve taken a picture of the signs those chop shops and junk yards have up that say “Stop eminent domain abuse” I always look at them and think “This is the exact purpose eminent domain was created for”


    ohmygoodness my Nats season tickets come tomorrow!!!!#@Q#$^#@$%$# They actually came to today, but my dad wasn’t here to receive them. So the UPS wo/man left a sticker at the front door. So my dad is going to be here to receive them tomorrow and I will open the box/envelope. It will be the first time ever, I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!! Only about 35 days until Nats have an exh. game against the O’s. Oh, and I looked at their schedule again, they DO have their home opener on March 30th at 8:05 PM on a SUNDAY. That is just ridiculous.


    citis really coming up fast. it seems like their just starting to put the metal beams up (exageration people) on the new twin to the original yankee stadium. the new yankee stadium looks almost identical to the old one. they just have more suits. but yeah, its crazy to see that citi field looks basically finished from the outside


    bring back rickey 1st base coach/bonds to devil rays? in orlando barry? you should go back to citi and make baseball snowballs play catch with that hottie girlfriend do snow angels ,go put your initials in bricks ,,how can that subway be on those toothpick poles one car can knock it down.climb up that red crane for pictures….


    I got my Nats tickets today!!!! I’ll post pictures of them. It was my first experience with opening season tickets. That was a wonderful experience. Fresh tickets, hot off the copier. There is a special one for opening day.


    Never mind, the photo booth application on my macbook isn’t very good for taking pictures. All of the lettering is backwards and there is a glare on the tickets and stuff when it flashes for the pic.

  11. Zack

    Yes, even with the snow, Spring IS in the air.


    That “Florida education” comment cracked me up. That white stuff? Too bad it wasn’t vanilla ice cream. I could go for summa that right about now.


    I actually got a pic of the chop shops, but I don’t see the sign you’re talking about. Thanks for noticing the name of that first pic.


    Oof, that’s pretty bad. Is THAT what we’re gonna have on all our commemorative balls next year?


    Thanks, dude.


    It’s probably just as well that you didn’t post pics of the tickets; I would’ve gotten extremely jealous and probably started crying.




    Whenever I went to Yankee Stadium last year, I noticed that construction on the new ballpark didn’t appear to be moving along as fast as Citi Field.


    Oh no! That link didn’t work. Try again?


    If there’s one thing I can guarantee, it’s that Bonds definitely won’t be playing for the Devil Rays. (The Rays, on the other hand…that’s another story.) The “hottie girlfriend” was, in fact, with me on this Citi Field exploration, but we weren’t about to lay down in that sooty snow, nor was I going to risk getting arrested for the sake of providing better pics for this blog.


    The official countdown until I run through the gates at Hammond Stadium in Fort Pierce, Florida:

    17 days, 11 hours, 48 minutes and 2 seconds


    Sorry, that’s Fort Myers, not Fort Pierce. Heh heh … wrong coast of Florida.


    Hey Zack…

    Two days until Arizona. I’m definitely ready for some baseball. 79 degrees in the Valley of the Sun yesterday. Nice. Is anyone out there that posts on this blog going to Arizona this year? I know Tracey Collins (TC) is already there. Wondering if anyone else is going? Any of the LA posters? GREAT NEWS!!. I came across my copy of your first book buried in a strange place. I haven’t seen it in years and thought I lost it. I bought it at my daughter’s school at a book fair in 2001. I read it once and never saw it again. I had already been snagging for two years and the book did actually teach me a few things. Seven years later….here we are in blog land talking baseball and snagging. I’m glad I found it anyway. When I see you in Florida, I’d like to have you sign it? Just don’t let it go to your head that an old guy wants your autograph. I’m way more famous than you. I’ve been an extra in THREE movies, been awarded three medals by the United States Coast Guard AND I caught Ryan Braun’s first Major League Home run. Ha ha. Just kidding. It be great if you could sign my book. Have a good one.


  15. Zack



    Hooray for countdowns. (Gotta love those seconds.)


    Man, that sounds like SOME incredible mess. I don’t care about ugliness, but if I don’t have a place to park, that’s going to bad.


    That was seriously funny. My dad and I used to have “Who’s More Famous” contests all the time, except we would each argue that the other person was more famous. I will absolutely sign your book. Cool about the Coast Guard. Not too many people can say that.


    The bridge in right center is exactly that; a bridge. It’s so fans can literally walk completely around that level of the stadium. Pretty cool stuff.

    Thanks for the cool pics.



    Anyone planning on going to the Final Game (at least final regular season game) at Yankee Stadium on September 21st? I just bought my tickets on stub hub–a ******** $1200! Do you know where I’ll be sitting? Tier Reserved MVP! OK-so that’s a bit of an exaggeration: each ticket cost $270 (I bought 4). But STILL…

    Oh Well, I’m CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m SO EXCITED!!!!!


    I have two pairs of tickets to the final friday game of Yankee Stadium that I’m hoping to turn a profit on. haha.


    Maybe they took the sign down. We parked in the alleyway there in the end of the september and I saw it.

  19. Zack

    Delayed reply…sorry.


    Whoa, that IS cool. Thanks for schooling me, and you’re welcome for the pics.


    Wow, that’s a LOT of money. Now do you have to root for the Yankees to miss the playoffs?


    Good luck using the Yankees to make a few bucks. :-)

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